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A New Season Begins May 8, 2008

October 9, 2007 @ 10:15

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The Trailer - Thanksgiving Weekend - October 5-8

October 9, 2007 @ 10:15

This picture says it all. The Tiki Bar has become the focal point of our summers and yesterday we had to dismantle it for the winter.

The lights and accessories come down, the roof panels come off and we pack it all away with heavy hearts.

Closing weekend it always a bit of a bummer, but this year it was made a little more palatable with the warm weather. We've had years when we closed down with flurries swirling around our heads. This year it was close to 30 degrees and humid.

We managed to cram quite a bit into the final weekend. A Tiki Bar get together on Friday night and our big Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night at the lodge. After the dinner we were in the hot tub and then jumped into the cold lake and it was the most exhilarating feeling you could imagine.

On Sunday we played some bocce ball and then barbequed steaks and salmon over the open fire - and yesterday we closed up - almost - some of the other guys are going up again next week so I left a couple of job undone so I could make one last trek before facing the fact that winter's coming.

I should also mention that we held our annual awards ceremony on Saturday night during our Thanksgiving dinner. We recognize those who've committed and accomplished over the summer.

This year's big winner was my lovable neighbour Jerry Richard. He set an awards record capturing seven while eclipsing the previous record of six held my Brian Collins.

Jerry is quite the character with a heart of gold.

You have to be a pretty good sport to take the pounding that Jerry did Saturday night, but he took it all in stride and I'm sure looks forward to next year when we make someone else the target.

Dan Duran is begging for it.

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The Trailer - Week Twenty-Two - September 28-30

October 1, 2007 @ 09:20

What a great weekend at the tin shack. I took a slow drive up on Friday and stopped off in Peterborough for lunch. A place called Girdy's on Hunter Street.

It's neat little place with good tasting food and good looking waitresses. I had their curried chicken wings and a Heineken and it was quite enjoyable, although they glaze the curry on the wings and I'd rather they be dusted.

On Friday night we had a gathering at my friend Dan Durans trailer for a nice dinner and then several different cocktails. The night ended with a couple of women drinking tequila off my breasts.

Saturday was another fine day that afforded me the opportunity to get my boat out of the water. It's always a sad time when the little skiff comes out of the water because it's another thing that marks the end of the season.

Just prior to taking my boat out of the water however, my friend Dan Bonchek got me to inspect a pile of shit that was on his dock. He wondered whether it was from the mink that had been living in my boat.

It wasn't. The pile of shit was much bigger and it looked like it had pine nuts all through it.

We determined it either had to be something bigger than a mink but we could't figure out what it might be. Dan was terrified it might be human shit and someone was leaving a message.

But another guy from up the lake put his mind at ease when he confirmed it was beaver shit. Beavers had been doing a lot of damage around the lake and one just happend to take a shit break on Danny B's dock.

Saturday night me and my buddy Darren cooked steaks over the open fire and sat by the campfire till midnight. We all took it easy and nothing transpired like the night before.

Sunday it was a mid morning nine holes at Marvel Rapids in Apsley and then I headed for home where my wife made some delectable meatball sandwiches.

mmmmm. Meatballs.

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The Trailer - Week Twenty One - September 21-23

September 24, 2007 @ 09:31

It was a very low key weekend. Good weather, good friends and good food.

Just a lot of hangin' out sitting the in sun with a little bocce thrown in and a couple of good campfires.

When I first arrived on Friday I had a few tense moments. I hadn't been up to the trailer for three weeks and I had left my boat covered, so I was anxious to see if that rat bastard mink had returned to his favourite place on the lake.

I slowly pulled back the cover with great apprehension. The last thing I wanted to do was clean up three weeks worth of mink shit and all hundreds of crawfish shells.

Wasn't I the happy hoser when I looked in and saw nothing? The boat was clean as a whistle and it actually smelled great.

On the recommendation of someone I placed "Bounce" fabric softener sheets throughout the boat. I was told rodents don't like them.

Anyway, the boat was not only clean but it smelled like a fresh load of laundry
On Saturday I spent a couple of hours fixing my satellite system. It was taken out during an electrical storm during the last week of August so I had to install and new dish and receiver.

Everything is back up and running better than ever.

Saturday night I barbequed a couple of pork tenderloins to go with some sweet potatoe fries Delyse had bought at one of our favourite restaurants in Peterborough called "Hot Bellie Mama's" on George Steet.

I also grilled some calamari that was frozen in a bag but was surprisingly good when dipped in balsamic vinegar.

After dinner me and my buddies Darren and Bruce cracked open a bottle of Jack Daniels and we sat by the fire to midnight.

Sunday I hardly moved my ass. It was a good weekend.

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The Trailer - Week Twenty - September 14-17

September 17, 2007 @ 09:00

Stayed home.

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The Trailer - Week Nineteen - September 7-9

September 10, 2007 @ 09:30

Stayed home.

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The Trailer - Week Eighteen - Labour Day Weekend

September 4, 2007 @ 11:45

A fabulous Labour Day Weekend weather wise, but it was a bag of mixed emotions at the trailer.

Last Wednesday night an electrical storm blew across the lake and some big time damage for a few of us.

I lost my satellite dish, my satellite receiver and a new television set. From what I can gather, lightning hit the dish on top of a hill behind by trailer and traveled down the line through the receiver and into my TV.

It doesn't amount to a lot of monetary damage because I have a spare receiver and spare dish and there's a pile of television sets around my house. It's more the aggravation.

My buddy Darren lost his satellite system as well but it was my friends Mike and Pam Kimber who took the worst of it.

The entire 12 volt electrical system in their trailer was knocked out and it cost several hundred dollars to replace.

This storm was so violent it blew out strings of lights at Kimbers site that weren't even plugged in. They were just lying on the ground, but the combination of the rain and the lightning bolt sent a pulse through the air that wiped out everything.

My misfortune had an attachment to it on Sunday. While riding my bicycle between my place and buddy Bruce's to test some equipment, I lost control of my bike on a hill and wiped out.

I was left with the road burn, or gravel burn or whatever the hell you want to call something that usually happens to seven year olds.

I was going down the hill, not very fast, and I could feel myself losing control in the soft dirt but before I could correct myself it became apparent that I was going lose it, so I put my arm out to brace my fall.

The result is an ugly scrape and a sore muscle in my chest that hurts every time I get up, or laugh, or cough or fart.

I should tell you there were some good points to the weekend besides the weather.

On Saturday night we put my new natural barbeque to the test and it was great.
It's a fire pit that has a removable grill above it and you can cook big hunks of red meat over naturual firewood. It was great.

On Sunday we used the smoker again, the one I featured on video a couple of weeks ago.

This time we did a leg of lamb and we removed it at precisely the right time. It was so good, I got permission to pick up the ravaged leg at the end of the night and gnaw on it much like a dog would.

I'll leave you with this. One of the best features of my piece of paradise, but time is running out.

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The Trailer - Week Seventeen - August 24-27

August 28, 2007 @ 08:00

Yes, it was a huge weekend at the trailer. To some, the most important weekend of the year.

It was The Fourth Annual Jeff Laird Memorial Bocce Tournament. A unique brand of bocce played on a gravel road and introduced to us by our good buddy Jeff who passed away suddenly in 2004 at the ridiculous age of 41.

It involves both genders and to the winner goes the most coveted title a trailerite could ever want. Even those who've won Stanley Cups.

I've mentioned a few times that Boston Bruins assistant coach Craig Ramsay is among the friends I have at the trailer.

Craig bought a beautiful unit three years ago, right after he won the Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and since then has fit in quite nicely.

Over the past week or so I took it upon myself to work with Ramsay on his game in preparation for the touranment and it culminated with his winning his first round match.

Both Craig and I lost in the second round and it was especially bitter for me, because after winning the big prize in both 04 and 05 I've been ousted in the early rounds the past two years.

This year I lost to Pam Kimber. Yes, Pam is a woman but there is no shame in losing to this gal, she can bring it. If there's any shame it should go to her husband Mike who I beat in the first round.

I contemplated my setback with my good friend Dan Bonchek who lost in round one and we realized the key to failure.

The two finalists were my good friends Bruce Mallory and Dan Duran.

Bruce has been nipping at the heels of the front-runners for years, while Dan Duran has made an early exit every stinkin' year since we started this thing way back in 1996.

But this year, Dan played steady and he played patient and he mastered the weight of his ball all afternoon until it came down to this.

Here is the gracious loser.

And later that night The Fourth Annual Jeff Laird Memorial Bocce Tournament ended with the presentation of the Golden Shoes and the Murial Batley Trophy.

The Golden Shoes have become emblematic of the tournament - the shoes were actually worn by the first ever champion, Donny Patterson. (no relation)

We took the worn out sneakers off his feet, painted them gold and from that day on they've been the most coveted object in the trailer park.

The Murial Batley Trophy was added a couple of years later. We have no idea who Murial Batley is - we just found a softball trophy at a garage sale and rather than take her name of it we thought it would be cool to leave it on.

Here's the presentation - and please note, John McLeod finished third.

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The Trailer - Week Sixteen - August 17-20

August 20, 2007 @ 08:30

This is my friend Sylvia Grove. She is the wife of my friend Peter Grove and they are the parents of Christie Grove. The Groves are nice people.

It was a big weekend for Sylvia because all her trailer friends got to acknowledge her 50th birthday. Fifty isn't easy to take, so we all lent our emotional and spiritual support.

Part of the festivities included an evening "booze cruise" around the lake. Women only.

All the gals from the trailer park got together on a pontoon boat equipped with lots of coolers and shooters and such, and they toured the lake well beyond dusk.

Please let it be known at this point that the driver did not drink and was well equipped from negotiating the lake at all hours of the day.

Furthermore, although this so called "booze cruise" started with the women "mooning" those on shore, it ended with none of the women feeling the effects of intoxication to the point of showing their tits.

The weekend, although unseasonably cool for the most part, provided plenty of sunshine and the opportunity for a wonderful barbeque on Saturday night.

While the women set sail for laughs and merriment, the boys stayed back to eat big hunks of meat while scratching our nuts.

The following is a series of videos to let you appreciate the evening that was - Saturday, August 18, 2007.

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The Trailer - Week Fifteen - August 10-12

August 13, 2007 @ 09:15

Small victories. On Friday morning I golfed nine holes at Kathiwano and I broke 50.

I needed a 25 foot putt on the ninth to do it, but I did it and I'm so glad I did because I basically stink at the game and 49 establishes a new benchmark for me.

Golf is an extremely aggravating game that can play on you hole to hole. So often what you did on the sixth hole can affect what you do on the seventh. If you play the game at any level you know what I'm talking about.

On Friday I had a three foot par putt and ended up with a five, and on another hole, a par four, I was on the fringe in two, but ended up with a six.

Each time I carried these woes to the next hole. Point being, if I hadn't - if I had shaken off the anguish like I should have, I could have probably done better than a 49.

Other highlights from the weekend. My wife learned how to make fantastic fresh Tai Spring Rolls and a great drink called "After Eight." It involves rum, Baily's, creme de menthe, club soda and chocolate ice cream.

I got a deep sliver a week ago and I spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to dig it out to no avail. And while I was doing this, a spider bit my foot and it's still puffed up this morning.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to send out best wishes to my friend Gus who's not a trailerite, but a cottage owner on our lake.

Wednesday night he tripped on a dock and fell and smashed his elbow. It needed surgery. Poor bugger.

And I'll leave you with this. This is my friend Colton who's the son of my good friend Dan Duran.

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