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The Trailer - Week Nine - July 4-7

July 7, 2008 @ 07:50

This is my friend Mike Kimber. He’s sitting on Dan Duran’s dock, enjoying a wonderful day in paradise.

Talk about a wonderful weekend.

It started with a round of golf at Hawk Ridge in Orillia, before a fabulous dinner at the Ossawippi Express Dining Cars, and then on to the Steely Dan concert at Rama.

The Steely Dan concert was fabulous. I won’t go on too much about it, because it’s one of those things. You had to be there to appreciate it. Two hours of solid entertainment.

I’m a lucky guy. I’ve been blessed with so many things in my life, and this weekend was just another indication.

I spent Friday night with a three of my closest friends, and then after everything I mentioned above, we drove from Orillia to the Kawarthas on Saturday morning to spend the rest of the weekend with more friends and family.

The weather was perfect, which allowed us to enjoy our first "raft party" of the season.

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The Trailer - Canada Day Weekend

July 2, 2008 @ 09:00

We had another fine Canada Day weekend at the trailer. The party took place on Saturday night, and I’m happy to report nobody brought a gun. Imagine that?

We combined the countries birthday with the 50th birthdays of our good friends Jerry Richard, Dan Duran and Jill Ramsay.

We gave er’

Other than that, we did what most people did; we danced around the weird weather.

Right up until Tuesday, the weather in Kawartha changed every ten minutes. From beautiful sunshine and warmth, to grey ugly unsettled skies that brought frequent bouts of rain.

But we made the most of it and yesterday I finally got to uncover my boat for the first time in a couple of weeks and it was nice to get the little skiff out on the water and have some fun.

I should also mention a flu bug I had over the weekend. Apparently, it’s going around, so beware.

No runs, no vomiting, just a nauseous feeling with achy joints. I took Gravol which seemed to help a bit, but it wasn’t until I popped a couple of Advil Liqui-Gels that things were brought under control.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends celebrating a wonderful country.

Life is good.

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The Trailer - Week Seven - June 20-22

June 23, 2008 @ 08:23

The big moment of the weekend came on Saturday during a bocce challenge on the beach.

After taking a shot I noticed something in the distance, and it made my heart flutter. It was red and white and round it looked an awfully lot like something I had been looking for.

A couple of years ago, for my birthday, my buddy Darren bought be a life preserver with the name of our lake on it. He got it custom made on-line. It was the perfect compliment to the Tiki Bar, and looked great hanging from the roof.

A few weeks ago, when we were decorating the Tiki Bar again, we couldn’t find it. The life preserver was missing. We looked high and low, in every cupboard and cranny, but came up with nothing.

It became obsessive with me. I looked under the dock, under the deck and even checked at home thinking I may have brought it home accidentally, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

We finally accepted the fact it had either been stolen late last year and we didn’t notice when we were closing down, or it had somehow blown off and again, we didn’t notice it was gone.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Darren, and that’s why I lied to him when he asked where it was last week.

Thinking quickly, I told him it was at home, and he quipped that “at home isn’t up north” and it didn’t make any sense.

But I wanted one more week to look and I even went on line to see if I could find where he bought it so I could order another one.

But then Saturday happened.

I took the shot, looked in the distance and there was the red and white circle, lying on the sand near the fire pit. As I approached I prayed it was my life preserver and not some other life preserver that looked like my life preserver.

It was mine. The one I had been looking for, for weeks. Lying there, a little scuffed up and dirty, but having survived the winter after obviously blowing off the Tiki Bar last fall, floating down the lake about a quarter mile before beaching itself where somebody picked it up and left it on the beach thinking it was an actual life saving device.

A great moment in trailer history.

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The Trailer - Week Six - June 12-15

June 16, 2008 @ 09:15

It was a great weekend at the trailer.

Me and my sweet headed up late Thursday night so we'd have the whole day Friday.

We woke up to the rain on Friday morning so we bolted into Peterborough to pick up my new barbeque at the Friendly Fires on Hwy 7.

Back the fall I had done a favour for my barbeque pal Naz Cavelarro during Grey Cup Week, and the return gesture was a Weber 320 which is the perfect barbeque for me.

It's sem-portable with a huge cooking surface and it fits on my deck nicely without taking up too much space. And talk about performance, heat the main responsibility of any barbeque and this baby gets up to 600 degrees in no time flat.

On Saturday night we did a couple of racks of lamb and some lamb chops and they were done to perfection because I was able to slap the bastards on with the grill clipping somewhere between 500 and 550 degrees.

Wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you Naz and thank you Danny at Friendly fires.

The weather turned out to be a bonus. Better than the forecast, so I was finally able to get my boat into the water. She's a beaut.

A 1987 Thundercraft with a 60 Johnson on the back. I've had the boat for 16 years but she's still going strong. Last year I put new seats in it, and this year I updated the cushions in the bow.

I don't spend a lot of time in my boat, so I don't see the need to invest in a new one. Not only that, but I've grown attached to this one and by making small improvements it's starting to get a vintage feel to me.

I'm keeping this boat for as long as I can. I should have taken a picture, but I forgot.

Instead, I offer the two "above" pictures of my friends. The first one is a close up of my buddy Dan Duran. Normally, he's a handsome brute, but I must say, in this picture he looks like a geek.

But let me tell you, the man is a wizard with a camera and my house if full of framed "Dan Durans."

The picture beside the "geek" picture is my friends Darren and Bruce. This picture was taken at night, with no flash on my little Nikon Coolpix 13. I didn't think such things were possible, but Dan Duran showed me it was. He's a wizard.

The picture was taken during the first "official" trailer party of the year. It took place at Duran's and featured good friends, good food and a couple of women who drank too much.

But I won't mention Pam or Jackie.

Instead, I'll leave you with this video.

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Trailer - Week Five - June 6-8

June 9, 2008 @ 09:54

In Arizona.

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The Trailer - Week Four - May 30 / June 1

June 2, 2008 @ 10:06

I was in Arizona, but my sweet darlin' daughter Melanie invaded the tin shack with a whack of girl friends.

I'm sure there are some stories to tell, but that's up to them.

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The Trailer - Week Three - May 23-25

May 26, 2008 @ 09:21

That's more like it.

What a difference a week makes. The weather this weekend was near perfect for late May, and it made for an enjoyable weekend at the tin shack.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to play golf at Glen Abbey and I kept everything in perspective.

The weather was perfect for golf, and was playing with a couple of my best buddies and I wasn't horrible, just the usual bad, but not horrible.

It's a tough golf course for someone of my ability, which made me remark to the fellas at one point, I don't call this place Glen Abbey, I call it Glen Abacus, because that's what I need to keep track of my score!

Anyway, after 18 and a cold refreshing beer I headed back to Brampton where I picked up my lovely and we continued on to paradise.

After arriving we sat by the fire and I got into a global warming argument with my good friend Dan Duran. I take a more realistic, more rational Stephen Harper type approach to global warming, while it's apparent that Duran, prompted by the hysterical rantings of CBC radio and such, would have everyone on bicycles tomorrow.

At one point Friday night I told Dan I didn't want to continue our conversation, which isn't always the best tact.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore" I said.

"That's no way to debate an issue." Said Dan.

He's right, but I've been up this road with Duran so many times over the years, and we get nowhere, that all it serves to do is put a knot in my stomach, so I'd prefer to relax and talk about things like "culling" the bastard Canada Geese that are shitting all over my lawn.

Saturday was another beautiful day and it started with me and my sweet going for a long walk to the end of our lake. There are several steep hills along the way, but it's great for exercising the legs and removing an unwanted portion of my wife's ars.

Saturday afternoon was Tiki Time. A few of us got together and decorated the Tiki Bar for the 2008 season. It's a fun process because there's really no "set" format. We just grab strings of lights and start going round and round until we run out of them.

We throw up some signs and knick knacks, put the roof on and we're ready to go.

By Saturday night we were all gathered around the bar watching game one of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Too bad the game sucked.

Sunday was a day for finishing off some planting, going for another walk and noticing how much Dan Duran's son Colton reminds me of his dad.

He's like a mini-me to his old man without all the unrealistic and socialistic baggage.

Thank goodness I spend a lot of time with this lad during the summer. Hopefully I can have enough influence on this kid before he wants to do something stupid like become a member of the NDP.

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The Trailer - Week Two - May 16-19

May 20, 2008 @ 10:10

I guess I’m getting soft in my old age.

A Victoria Day weekend came and went and I didn’t go north. I just can’t handle shitty weather any more.

It used to be, I didn’t care what the weather was like, I just loved being in the Kawarthas even if it meant being huddled inside watching movies.

Not any more.

My wife and I got up on Friday morning and we weren’t going to be fooled by the nice day that was unfolding. We put an eye towards the forecast and it wasn’t too encouraging, so we made a call.

We’d stay home on Friday and if the weather forecast proved to be wrong on Saturday morning, we’d head up north.

Saturday arrived and we still weren’t convinced there would be any major turn around so we decided to stay home, and it proved to be the correct choice.

Saturday was unsettled and cool, Sunday provided a steady downpour and Monday was downright frigid.

We stayed home, enjoyed our spacious home, entertained some relatives, watched a lot of hockey and planted a tree. Yes, a tree.

My sweet wife Delyse has always wanted to plant a birch tree in front of our house, so on Saturday we went and bought a little sapling.

It will take years to mature, and we’ll probably be long gone before we can actually enjoy its full splendour, but that doesn’t matter, we accomplished something on the weekend that gave us both a small measure of pleasure and warmth.

We’ll watch it grow as long as we’re here, and even after we’re gone it will give us a reason to drive by the “old house” and see how much the birch tree has grown.

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The Trailer - Week One - May 9-11

May 12, 2008 @ 08:59

This is my friend Bruce Mallory. He’s a magician with a barbeque.

How is it that some guys have the touch and others guys don’t. I have to admit, that for every half dozen steaks that I barbeque, maybe one of them turns out exactly the way I want it.

Bruce bats .1000, and it doesn’t matter where the meat comes from. On Saturday night we had our first barbeque of the season at the trailer and Bruce took control of the Broil King and he was given steaks from three different places, and all three we exceptional.

Bruce isn’t one of these guys who keeps flipping a steak, he get the barbeque really hot and then leaves them alone, flipping them once and testing them with his thumb, never does he have to cut into the steak.

It really is an art. It’s a talent, it’s a gift and he’s got it.

Saturday night followed a hard day of work about the tin palace. There was stuff to move out of the shed, lots of leaves to rake and other small jobs that add to one big effort.

It’s the same thing every year. I had up there for the first weekend having convinced myself that’s there’s not really that much involved to open up, but once you get going, you realize that people who own cottages must have a bitch of a time.

I arrived at the trailer late Friday afternoon and it was good to see my buddy Brian Collins with his usual collection of fishing buddies. They love to fish – almost as much as they love to drink beer and eat. Brian also likes to make frequent references to “the big guy”, which is exactly what you think it is.

Dan Duran was there. He forgot to bring beer and Bailey’s again. But he’s got a lot on his mind these days.

And what’s left of my good friend Darren was there as well. Darren dropped about 30 pounds over the winter and he’s a new man. Long and lean and extremely conscious of what he puts in his mouth these days. He eats a lot of berries.

It was also a bitter sweet weekend for the group.

Out beloved park managers Shawn and Brenda have decided to move on and that can be upsetting. Good managers are like your favourite pair of jeans.

You like the way they fit and they’re very comfortable. That’s the way Shawn and Brenda were and we’re going to miss them.

A few years ago we had a terrorist named Jim running the park, and you’ve always afraid there could be more than one of him on earth.

Surely there can’t be.

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A New Season Begins

May 8, 2008 @ 11:27

Hey everybody, I probably be won’t be posting anything on tomorrow, because later this afternoon I plan to head north and open the tin palace and start trailer season 2008.

It’s my favourite time of the year. A new beginning and reengagement with a bunch of great people who’ve been a big part of my family’s life for close to the last two decades.

It doesn’t take much to open up.

Turn the water on, take a bunch of stuff out of the shed, make the beds, hook up the satellite and give her.

Once again this year I’ll keep you posted on the week to week happenings. I realize its not of interest to all of you, but its there if you care.

Loving you.

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