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The Trailer - Week Five - June 5-7

June 7, 2009 @ 20:11

As I've said many times before, the best part of the trailer is the people. We've made some fabulous friends over the years and among those friends are children.

It's like a communal thing at the trailer. You spend so much time around other peoples kids you start to feel like they're yours.

Such is the case with Josh Bonchek and his brother Jordan. They very much different from each other, but very much the same when it comes to amusing us.

Jordan is the laid back senstive type, while his little brother Josh is somewhat different.

On Friday night just after they arrived, we found out that Josh had gone missing in a grocery store for a few minutes because he had decided to climb into an ice cube freezer.

Check this out. When I mention "Mel", I'm referring to my daughter Melanie who absolutely adores this kid.

Here's Jordan's reaction.

As for other stuff at the trailer this weekend. A beautiful Friday afternoon turned into scotch by the fire on Friday night which turned into a cool and windy Saturday, which turned into a drive back to Brampton Saturday night to find a good Jamaican after hours party.

Delyse and I enjoy random gun play.

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The Trailer - Week Four - May 29-31

June 2, 2009 @ 08:10

This weekend at the trailer wasn't really a weekend at the trailer. It was more a weekend with some good old buddies on a golf course near the trailer.

If you listen to the audio clips that I post on you know that I do a "hit" with Neil Morrison in Vancouver every Friday afternoon.

Neil does the mid-days at CFOX in Vancouver but most of your probably remember him as Brother Bill who used to do afternoons on the Edge during the latter Humble and Fred years.

Neil is getting up there. He's pushing 40 but he's about to get himself married. He met a wonderful woman in Vancouver named Gabrielle and they're getting "hitched up" on June 26th out on the left coast.

I'm thrilled for Neil because I never thought he'd get married. Hell, I never thought he'd get laid, so this comes as a pleasant surprise to all of us who love him. And that's a lot of people.

Because of his ties to the east (Neil grew up in Brampton) he came back for a stag weekend with a lot of his personal, radio and record company buddies.

On Saturday afternoon we golfed at a despicable little cow pasture in Norwood called Oakland Greens Golf and Country Club and then we went back to Scott Carmichael's impressive cottage on Stoney Lake which isn't far from the tin palace.

Scott has created quite a place on the lake. It includes a wonderful main cottage, and a so-called "barn" that acts as a practice studio for bands. It's freakin' awesome.

Scott's cottage was the location of a Molson Canadian Private Party a few years a back. I saw the fire pit where the Chilie Peppers entertained a few dozen people.

It was a great day with some great friends and we finished it off with some great food and booze.

Here's a picture I love. Me with some of my favourite people. At some time or another we all worked at CFNY together. From left to right.

Martin Streek, Big shot record guy Ivar Hamilton, Q-107 marketing Director Darren Wasylyk, Mineself, Neil Morrison and Edge creative and production manager Rob Johnston.

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The Trailer - Week Three - May 22-24

May 25, 2009 @ 22:42

Thanks to the shitty weather we've had this May, this was the first weekend we actually stayed at the trailer and it was productive.

I finished getting my lot in shape, and we decorated the Tiki Bar for another season. This year's most notable addition is a Blue Marlin that Dan Duran picked out of someone's garbage.

It looks like it's made of styrofoam but it's actually made of some kind of a plaster which makes it a lot heavier than you'd think. It's rather large, but it looks great.

Other than that, the Tiki Bar features the same multitude of lights hanging in basically the same places this year and although we put most of the other junk back up, there were several pieces that looked too weathered so the call has been put out for replacements.

If you're a fellow trailerite, you know the feel, so keep your eyes open for anything that will fit.

It was a gorgeous weekend, especially Sunday, so we wasted little time making our way down to the beach to play bocce. It was more or less spring training with most of the guys getting the feel for the ball and not really partaking in the usual immaturity of insulting each other through some creative trash talk.

The only real drawback to our bocce session was the goose shit. As I told you many times over the past few years, Canada Geese have invaded the Kawarthas and they're getting out of hand.

The beach was covered with crap which made me go into one of my anti-Canada goose rants. It was rather colourful and once again included my insistence that I would offer no mercy while strangling one of the shit machines with my bare hands.

There should really be a culling of the bastards with the meat used to feed the helpless, homeless and hungry. But of course, that makes too much sense.

Speaking of the homeless, Dan Duran almost lost his summer home.

Dans's trailer is rather aged and he arrived this year to discover the front end of the prick had pretty much rotted through to the frame.

Anybody else would have dragged it out the park and lit a match to the fucker, but not Dan.

Where others see work and aggravation, Dan Duran sees challenge and purpose. He literally gutted the thing and rebuilt it.

Have a look. I shot this video just before Dan took some goose off the barbeque.

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The Trailer - Weeks One And Two - 2009

May 15, 2009 @ 08:58

For those of you who frequent "The Trailer" page of this website I should give you an update.

Yes, the trailer is open, but I haven't slept there yet and I don't plan to until the weather gets better.

I've turned into a weather suck and that's why like a lot of other weather sucks I won't be by a lake this weekend, I'll be near a television in my spacious comfortable home watching hockey.

There was a time when I didn't care what the weather was like, as long as I was up north the rain or bugs didn't bother me at all. I could hunker down in the tin palace and be very content, and I didn't mind throwing on a rain poncho to do a little visiting either.

That has all changed.

I don't want to be anywhere near the trailer when the weather is shitty. I get bored and think of all productive things I could be doing at home.

And I've got to admit, my shitty weather threshold is pretty thin. Not only can I not tolerate the rain that is being forecast for tomorrow, I don't like temperatures cool temperatures with gusty winds, whether the sun is shining or not - and that's what they're calling for on Sunday and Monday.

Yup, I'm a weather suck and that's why there won't be any trailer updates until next week, and only then if it's warm enough for me to step outside, remove my shirt and let the winter flab ooze onto the pressure treated deck.

For some reason my neighbours prefer the cooler weather.

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A New Season Begins May 8, 2009

October 15, 2008 @ 08:27

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The Trailer - Week Twenty Three - Thanksgiving Weekend

October 15, 2008 @ 08:27

I love this picture because it represents what Thanksgiving is all about. Friends and family.

This is a picure of my kids and their mates. From left to right is my daughter Melanie's boyfriend Josh, Mel, my son Danny's girlfriend Shawna, and Dan.

It's not too often that we all can be together in one place. Young adults have very busy lives and to get everybody together up north at the same time is pretty special.

It's also a lot of fun. Squeezing six adults into the tin palace is a challenge, but its becomes a lot easier when the place is filled with laughter, like it was all weekend.

And it doesn't hurt when the temperature is in the 20's like it was all weekend.

Friday night we had a large campfire, Saturday we hung out and prepared lots of food for our big Thanksgiving dinner at Forest Hill Lodge on Saturday night.

On Sunday, the kids took off to have dinner with Josh and Shawna's families while Delyse and I closed down our little piece of paradise.

The Tiki Bar was dismantled. A lot of stuff was crammed into the shed. I blew out the water lines and then locked the doors.

Game over. Till next May.

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The Trailer - Week Twenty Two - October 3-5

October 6, 2008 @ 12:01

It has started. The preparations for closing the tin palace got underway this weekend with taking my boat out of the water.

I don't use my boat a lot. I didn't even use one full tank of gas this season. It used to be, when my kids were young and adventurous, we'd go through a tank of gas in an afternoon while tubing or skiing or just cruising around the lake.

Now it sits there week after week until I make a point of going out onto the lake, just to say I did.

And I'm happy to report I went through another summer without any creatures taking up residence in my boat. You might remember a couple of years ago a mink took a liking to my boat and created quite the mess.

He'd crack crawfish at one end, and then shit the other. Sickening.

We had a nice fire and gathering at our place on Saturday night, immediately following a nice dinner of strip loin steaks and spicy beef ribs that we purchased a cool butcher shop in Lakefield.
It's called Flanagan's, and believe me, Flanagan has it nailed. Good quality meats and fish.

On Friday night we hung out in Peterborough. I have my new pad in downtown Peterborough and my wife got to check it out for the first time. Delyse approves. It's right downtown in the café district, extremely cool and very comfortable.

As I've mentioned many times before, Peterborough is blessed with a plethora of great restaurants so we've decided to visit every one at least once over the winter.

Friday night it was 38 Degrees on Water Street. Excellent. Try the Bombay Chicken.

Thanksgiving weekend is the final weekend of the season. We have our big Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge and then everything that has to, comes down.

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The Trailer - Week Twenty One - September 28-29

September 29, 2008 @ 06:45

Stayed home and closed the pool and hung out with Dol, Mel, Josh, Dan and Shawna.... and Bones.

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The Trailer - Week Twenty - Sept. 18-21

September 21, 2008 @ 21:19

It was another wonderful time in the Kawarthas.

After another fascinating and exceptionally enjoyable week in my new job, I welcomed the arrival of my sweet wife Delyse on Thursday night and it kicked off a great weekend.

I went to work on Friday morning, but in the late afternoon Delyse met me in downtown Peterborough where we had lunch at Girdy's and then strolled around the city that could become our home within then next year or so.

After that we made the trek back to the trailer where we threw on some warm clothes and then enjoyed a campfire with some our of trailer family.

On Saturday morning my daughter Melanie arrived and sat around before heading to the beach for a game of bocce ball under warm and vibrant glare of the fall sun. It was good.

On Saturday night we enjoyed another campfire before waking to a cool Sunday morning that turned into a gorgeous Sunday afternoon which featured a fish fry courtesy of my buddy Gerry.

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The Trailer - Week Nineteen - Sept. 8-12

September 15, 2008 @ 08:00

It was an interesting week because things have become ass backwards at the trailer. Usually in September, I'm home in Brampton all week and only at the trailer on weekends.

Not now. Because of the new job I was at the trailer all week and then came home on the weekend.

We were supposed to hold our annual bocce tournament at the trailer this weekend, but the combination of lousy weather and a depleted field forced us to postpone the Jeff Laird Memorial Bocce Tournament till later in the month. (I am the 2004 and 2005 champion - today's picture is the 07 winner, Bruce Mallory)

Once it was called off on Friday morning, I said to my sweet, who had driven up on Thursday night, that I wouldn't mind heading home to see the kids and enjoy some space.

I love the trailer, but when you're actually in the mindset of living there, and you have to do stuff like iron your clothes in the morning, it becomes a little tight and makes you long for the comforts of your brick palace rather than your tin palace.

The ironing board is tippy so when you move what ever your trying to press, the iron wants to topple off so I have to hold the iron with one hand while I maneuver the garment with the other. It's a pain in the ass.

Any, we decided to come home and had a great time seeing neighbour John who embraced me lovingly while blurting the words, "my buddy, I didn't expect to see you home this soon."

I had a fabulous dinner with my kids and their mates on Saturday night, and then we did it again for breakfast.

Yesterday I saw my sister Nancy and my mother Junie P. who, for some reason, didn't think she was going to see me until after Thanksgiving. The woman actually thought I'd stay up north during the week "and" weekends until the park close.

I could never do that to my mother.

Anyway, it's Monday morning and I'm about to jump into the car and head back to Peterborough where I'll tackle my second week as program director of the The Wolf and 980 Kruz.

I have several more meetings, a United Way Breakfast and the home opener of the Peterborough Petes, whose games we broadcast live on 980.

I'll be spending at least another fortnight in the tin palace before moving into a place in downtown Peterborough - but I'm happy to report my darlin' Delyse has ironed all my clothes for this week so I won't have to wrestle with a goddamn ironing board.

Life is good.

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