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The Trailer - Week Fifteen - August 14-16

August 16, 2009 @ 22:19

Wouldn't you know it, the best weekend of the summer and I wasn't at the trailer. I've been bitchin' about the weather all year and when the heat finally hits, I have my ass parked in East York on Saturday.

But it was worth it. My good pal and former CFNY colleague Ivar Hamilton hosted his 50th birthday party in his backyard and we had a great time. Another friend of ours, Frank Tamprile also celebrated his 50th.

Like most houses in the city, Ivar doesn't have a big lot, but that didn't stop him from inviting about 100 people to his house for a bash that featured a couple of live bands.

To be honest, I don't know what the name of the first band was, but the second band was the Slime Dogs, or, as we used to refer to them back in the 80's, the Slime Dogs from Hell.

I have a bit of a history with this band because they were the guys I used to perform Snow Removal Machine with at CFNY Christmas parties...... and I did again on Saturday.

Admittedly, I forgot some the lines, and my timing was a bit off, but it's amazing what you can pull off when you just scream words into a microphone and most of the audience is hammered.

I saw some good old friends at Ivar's. Like David Marsden (picture to the left), Kevin O'Leary, Jim Reid and his wife Pauline. Freddie Ball and Pete Griffin's son Dylan. I saw the sweet Leanne Baumann and my American buddy John Elleffson.

Darren Wasylyk and Dan Duran were there as well, but I see those fuckers all the time.

Good food, good booze, good friends, good fun and good weather. It made for a great day.

CFNY boys - Kevin O'Leary, Ivar Hamilton, David Marsden, Jim Reid, Me and Darren Wasylyk.

Performing with the Slime Dogs.

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The Trailer - Week Fourteen - August 7-9

August 10, 2009 @ 13:45

Huge weekend. The weather wasn't actually too bad, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Both of my kids made the trek north with their mates this weekend and we were enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon when my daughter's boyfriend Josh nestled in beside me and asked me a question.

Could he marry my daughter?

Wow. Talk about an avalanche of emotions. Josh told he loves Mel, she means everything in the world to him and he'd find it an honour to be part of our family.

It didn't take me long to respond. Delyse and I love the guy and have always felt comfortable while Melanie was with him. I told him parents always have concerns about who their kids end up with, especially fathers with daughters, and in his case, we feel like we've hit the jackpot.

After this noble jesture, Josh and Mel jumped into a paddle boat and set off for a little island on our lake which we've nicknamed Diamond Island. It's nothing more than a big rock but has a steep facing on one side that's great jumping and diving off of.

I spent a good portion of my child-hood on this rock and so did both of my kids. Josh thought it would be the best place possible to get down on one knee and ask my little girl to marry him.

And that's what he did.

Needless to say when the paddle boat touched the dock on the return journey, Melanie was a different person. She got out of the boat, came up onto our deck and called for her mother to come outside.

At that point she announced something that I already knew, her and Josh were engaged.

We had a big group hug and tears were shed as Mel showed everyone her ring and it was at that point that it really hit me. We had reached a huge milestone in our lives. One of our kids was getting married.

Where did the time go? How could this be? It seemed like she was born yesterday, it couldn't be possible that we've reached this point so fast. But we have. And we're extremely happy.

And now we get on with the process of wedding plans. Apparently its going to happen next summer at a place not very far from Diamond Island.

I'll keep you posted.

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The Trailer - Week Fourteen - July 31 - August 3

August 3, 2009 @ 13:33

The long weekend, and finally something to report, and it was a howl.

My buddy Jason Wooley went fishing on Monday night but he wasn't out on the lake for long.

On his second cast he pulled the rod behind his head and whipped it forward but the lure never made it to the water. It got stuck in the back of his head, and I mean big time.

The barbed hook was deeply imbedded in his scalp and there was no way anyone but a doctor was getting it out.

He came back to the trailer park and we all gave it a look and a tug, but there was no way it was coming out, so off he went to Peterborough Hospital for a visit that lasted about six hours.

Have a look at the damage. How can you not laugh.

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The Trailer - Week Twelve - July 24-26

July 26, 2009 @ 13:29

What can I say? So much of what we do at the trailer is weather related and this year, it just hasn't co-operated.

Cool, damp weather doesn't make for good stories.

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The Trailer - Week Eleven - July 17-19

July 19, 2009 @ 13:26

Another weekend of unsettled weather. We got in a game of bocce, but other than that, nothing too eventful.

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The Trailer - Week Ten - July 10-12

July 12, 2009 @ 22:46

Stayed home for Marty's funeral. Ivar Hamilton, Alan Cross and David Marsden were amazing.

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The Trailer - Week Nine - July 3-5

July 6, 2009 @ 15:07

Once again weather wise it was an unsettled weekend in the Kawarthas but the competition was hot and heavy as all the trailer fold got together for our annual bocce tournament.

It's called the Jeff Laird Memorial Bocce tournament and we like to hold it annually, but you might remember that last year sucked the big one as far as the weather went so it got washed out.

This year we decided to hold it a little earlier in case the same thing happened but luckily we were able to withstand the stiff cold wind and mostly grey skies to get 'er done.

I'm the only two time champion in the park having captured the trophy and golden shoes in 2004 and 2005. After a two year drought and then the rain out I bounced back this year and made it to the final only to lose to a good fella named John McLeod.

This was definitely a case of home field advantage. I like to play in one part of the park while Johnny likes to play in another. When it came down to the final we flipped a coin to see who would choose the starting point and McLeod won. I was forced to make the long trek up to the area surrounding his trailer and the battle was one.

At one point I was down 15-10, but I battled back to take a 16-15 lead before losing 21-17. It was a bitter pill to swallow but I have no excuses. I lost fair and square and had to settle for the silver medal and everything else that comes with finishing second.
There were some other highlights.

I spanked Dan Duran's ass 15-3 in my third match and then had to listen to excruciating whining about me delaying the match too often while I waited for other games to play through. I won't go into huge detail only to say with so many people playing, sometimes the road gets crowded and if you have control of the pallino (small ball) you can wait till they pass before throwing it.

Duran the big suck didn't like this. Especially after he was leading 3-1 and I took a 13-3 lead.

Another highlight was my wife's performance. Delyse doesn't have a long or rich history in this tournament but she did us all proud on knocking Mike Kimber out of the tournament in the second round. Kimber is a perennial bride's maid but I think we all have it in the back of our minds that one year he's going to break out and win it all. Not this time and that's more than OK.

A few shout-outs. To April Ansell. Her parents are new to the park and therefore new to the tournament, but this kid (26 years old) can play the game and she zoomed all the way to the semi-finals against me. I had to tame the tigress 21-15.

And again, thanks to Pam Kimber (Mike's wife) she's the organizer of the tournament and the sister of Jeff Laird, who the tournament was named after. She always makes sure that every last detail is looked after and that everyone has a great time.

Yes, Saturday turned out to be a great day and so did Sunday thanks to the pause in grey skies, rain and cool temperatures.

We all hung out, re-hashed the tournament and soaked in the precious sun.

This is a picture of my darlin' Delyse and MIke Kimber, the guy she knocked off.

This is a picture of two future bocce players. Riley and Josh.

And this is a video of the awards presentation after the tournament. It's about seven minutes long, but nobodies forcing you to watch it. Ya peckers!

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The Trailer - Week Eight - June 26-28

June 28, 2009 @ 11:16

Went to Las Vegas with Delyse and the kids.

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The Trailer - Week Seven - June 19-21

June 21, 2009 @ 11:15

Weather sucked again. Stayed in Brampton.

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The Trailer - Week Six - June 12-14

June 14, 2009 @ 11:12

We watched game seven of the Stanley Cup final at the Tiki Bar which was cool, problem is, so was the rest of the weekend. Cool, windy and uneventful.

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