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Three Day St. Paddys Bash

March 16, 2007 @ 09:29

Just a reminder to everyone that the "Three Day St. Paddy's Bash" gets underway at Yonge and Dundas Square at noon today.

It features great Irish Music and unbelievably great beer prices.

It's brought to you by the Pat Marsden Foundation which provides financial help to needy kids who want to join clubs and sports groups.

Drop by if you can, or make a donation on line. It would be much appreciated.

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Honest Fella

March 15, 2007 @ 09:04

I can't figure out this latest story about problems at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

The OLGC has yanked more than a million Super Bingo Scratch Cards out of circulation after a customer complained that you could tell if a card was a winner without scratching it.

Some might argue that the OLGC is over-reacting to the complaints of one man, but I argue that the man who complained is an idiot.

I've got to be honest, if I noticed flaws in Super Bingo Scratch Cards that allowed me to detect winners before I purchased them, I'd be off on a province wide tour visiting every goddamn variety store between Toronto and Thunder "freakin" Bay, and I wouldn't say a word to anyone.

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March 15, 2007 @ 09:02

I was shocked again yesterday by the while driving from Brampton to south Mississauga. The litter is unbelievable, and I'm well aware that it's the same way right across the GTA.

Driving down the 410 is absolutely shameful with wall to wall litter in the grassy area between the two highways.

It was bad last year, and now that the snow has gone, it's even worse this year. But I'm not about to blame the province or the municipalities for letting this get out of hand, I blame the citizens.

There's no way the province or any city can keep up with the filthy and selfish habits of day to day commuters. The litter on our streets and highways is mostly coffee cups, water bottles and disgusting cigarette butts.

All things that you know have been thrown directly from a car onto the highway. Things that could easily be kept in a car until you arrive home and then placed in the garbage can.

But for some reason attitudes have changed. People want to get rid of their garbage "now" with absolutely no regard for the environment, and to expect the city or province to keep up with it is way too much to ask.

It all falls on the shoulders of the people.

The off-ramp from the 403 to Erin Mills Parkway is grotesque. When did it become acceptable to stop your car, open your door and empty your ashtray onto the road? And who are the type of people that finish a McDonalds meal and then throw everything out the window.

The hypocrisy amazes me and only serves to highlight all the insincere bullshit that surrounds global warming.

Everybody's concerned about the environment as long as it's convenient, as long as somebody else actually has to do something about it.

But when it comes to keeping the inside of a car tidy - screw the world.

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Thankyou Everyone

March 15, 2007 @ 09:00

Yes, thankyou for contriubting to the through the "discuss" bottom on the bottom of every story, it's much appreciated.

You may have noticed that I haven't responded to most of them because I haven't felt the need to. I think it's great that my stories have created such dialogue between other people, so I'm not going to intervene unless I have to.

I also want to thank those people who've e-mailed me directly through the "contact" page. I try to answer all the e-mails but I get so many it's hard to keep up.

But please don't stop.

Thanking your own self.
Freddie P.

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Screwed At The Pumps

March 14, 2007 @ 08:35

The price of gas is up again this mornings and nothing will be done about it.

We're getting screwed in this country and all levels of government just stand back and watch it happen while the oil companies prove how powerful they are.

The excuses for price fluctuation have grown tired and predictable because we all know it's nothing but lies.

It's collusion and price fixing in it's purest form and these monsters are allowed to continuously break the law and beat up on hard working Canadians with no accountability.

It happened under the Liberals and now it's happening under the Conservatives and the silence is deafening.

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Sweet Smell Of Spring

March 14, 2007 @ 08:34

What a fabulous day yesterday was. Not only was it sunny and warm, it also provided that undeniable smell.

It's one of those spring time indicators that make you feel all warm and fuzzy. You walk along in the therapeutic sunshine and listen as the snow melts and the water rushes into the catch basins.

The yellow grass begins to appear along the edge of the sidewalks as it looks up at you with hope.

And then you catch a whiff - an undeniable and oddly acceptable smell of early spring.

The smell of melting dog poop.

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Saddam Hanging

March 14, 2007 @ 08:33

My mother sent me this startling picture of the Saddam Hussein hanging. It's rather graphic so I caution you before having a look.

It was taken just moments after the trap door dropped and before he was taken away for burial.

Again, if you have a weak stomach, don't look.

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

March 13, 2007 @ 09:10

Below is the BBC documentary called the Global Warming Swindle that was aired on British TV last week.

In flies in the face of the global warming hysteria that we've been subjected to over the past several months and addresses how global warming has moved from an environmental issue to a political issue to a morality issue.

It doesn't dispute global warming; it simply questions the prevailing science and gives proof of other factors that are contributing to it. Factors well beyond our control which means there's nothing we can do about it.

And most of all it attacks those arrogant bastards who claim the debate is over, those who make you feel like you're an enemy of the planet if you raise a few questions and disagree with KYOTO.

It provides the other side which has been suppressed by too many left wing loony tune losers.

I'd like to get a copy in a format that I could conveniently shove up David Suzuki's ass.

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Cry Us A River

March 12, 2007 @ 08:16

Read this story from yesterday's Star and then tell me how I'm supposed to feel.

Am I supposed to feel, guilty? Am I supposed to feel ashamed? Am I supposed to feel sympathy?

I'll tell you one thing, after reading the article I don't know how I'm "supposed" to feel, but I know how I "do" feel. Pissed off.

I'm pissed off that someone who had a child in another country and then brought him here without a father and apparently no skills has a sense of entitlement when it comes to earning a living.

What exactly are we supposed to do for this woman who came here from Jamaica thinking Canada was the land of milk and honey only to be shocked that "she'd have to work so hard and live pay cheque to pay cheque."

And once she the reality set in, why would she have another kid, obviously by a different father who apparently isn't around either.

Too freakin' bad lady, you make your bed and you lie in it, just every other person who makes bad decisions in their life. Don't look for Canada to bail you out, look to your own family and you might want to start with the fathers of your two kids.

And how predictable that Olivia Chow would throw a few logs on the fire with her socialist NDP crap when she complains that in Canada children are seen as a woman's responsibility and not a government responsibility.

Children are the responsibility of the people who choose to bring them into the world.

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I'm So Tired

March 12, 2007 @ 08:15

I've always been amused by the "losing an hours sleep" issue that comes up every spring.

Listening to the radio this morning I heard the predictable "streeter bits" where young reporters go out and ask people if they've been affected by the time change.

And predictably, a good number say they have. How bizarre.

I've never been able to buy into this line of thinking and I'm a guy who used to get up at 3:30 in the morning. How can anybody say they've been directly affected by one hour of sleep once a year?

How is it any different than any other night where you might toss and turn for an hour, or a night where you went to bed an hour later than usual?

Yesterday morning when it was eight o'clock it was actually seven, but unless you had to get up, you probably stayed in bed till nine when it was actually eight.

But even if you didn't, last night when you went to bed at eleven, it was actually ten so you still got your eight hours if you got up at seven this morning.

It's all so ridiculous. If a one hour time change that steals an hour once a year is an issue in your life, then maybe you have other issues.

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