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Toronto Daily Rag

June 14, 2007 @ 08:40

The Toronto Star has really outdone itself today.

Toronto Police already have a tough enough job with the thugs and lowlife that lives in our city, but now they have to deal with this. has added a video feature recently that often highlights the story of the day.

Today it's a story interviewing children who were in some of the homes raided by police in the Jane/Finch area yesterday, and it does nothing but open the door for police criticism.

The cops had to bust into these homes and they had to do what they had to do, but after you watch this video you'd think they were nothing but a bunch of yahoo outlaws.

If any of these kids were traumatized the blame lies solely with the gang members who live amongst them. The gang members of who show total disregard for these kids on a day to day basis while they traffic in guns and drugs.

It's a violent cut-throat lifestyle that invites trouble and death, yet they live with and around children who at any moment could be caught in the crossfire.

The Toronto Star's lead story this morning was "Raids terrify children" which is absolutely ridiculous.

Of course the raids terrified children but don't blame the police. Blame each and every creep they threw into a cruiser yesterday.

And then look it this way. A little fright now pales in comparison to the prospect of having these kids grow up with drug dealin', gun totin' criminals.

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Canadians Gettin' Screwed

June 13, 2007 @ 09:11

This is the price code from a Carlton Card purchased recently from a Shoppers Drug Mart.

The card cost a ridiculous $6.49 in Canada, yet the same card costs $5.00 in the United States.

Of course I could write an entire posting about the unreasonable cost of greeting cards today, but that's not my point.

This is. With the Canadian doing so well right now, and having done pretty well over the past couple of years, why are we still paying roughly 30 percent more for things like greeting cards?

You could go to Buffalo today and buy the same card for $5.35 Canadian.

I understand things will always cost a little more Canada, but a 30 percent difference, while our dollar is threatening to go par with the American greenback is nothing less than gouging.

It's the same thing with books with totally unreasonable gaps in pricing between Canada and the States.

It's interesting that shortly after the Canadian dollar went into the shitter about 20 years ago price adjustments were made quickly to reflect the difference in the dollar.

Lets see how long it takes before it goes the other way. Don't hold your breath.

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Stool Sample

June 13, 2007 @ 09:08

I need some bar stools, preferably metal ones that can withstand the weather.

As I told you a couple of weeks ago, not only do I have a Tiki Bar up north, now I have one beside my swimming pool at home, but I don't have enough stools to go around them.

I could use at least six for Tiki Bar South, and probably three or four for Tiki Bar North.

If you happen to know where I could buy some send me an e-mail, it would be much appreciated.

A few people have told me they've seen bar stools at garage sales, and others have told me to watch out for restaurant liquidation sales, but so far I've come up empty.

Stools that you can buy at Home Depot or Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire just don't cut it.

I'd like some good "used" durable metal bar stools, and the taller the better.

Thank you people.

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June 12, 2007 @ 09:33

Last week I had a posting entitled "Blame The Cops" about 15 year old Chevon Josephs who stole and car and killed two teenagers girls after a police chase.

This prompted a ton of response from readers including this e-mail from a friend of Chevon's.

Notice who gets the blame.

"You all are talking about black males, and stereotyping as if Chevon was a horrible kid. NONE OF YOU knew him, whether it was a few years back or whether just recently, NONE OF YOU knew him. I personally GREW UP with him. His MOTHER taught my sister and brother at school. He was a good kid, if he wasn't getting educated he was working, if he wasn't working then he was hanging around Woodbine usually.
When I hear about him being the driver of that car, I just couldn't believe it. After seeing all the pictures everywhere and everyone talking about it, it's finally setting in, that Chevon is dead. And we'll all have to live with it.
Nobody could EVER take responsibility for this, who wants the blame for the death of three kids, kids whom were acquaintances/friends themselves. Chevon's life was not a "coddled" life, he himself made his money, got his education he went to camp he wasn't always there hanging around the corner, getting high or drunk. Many of his teachers, and people who have worked with him will tell you what a social and amazing spirit Chevon was, evidently he just fell in with the bad crowd, and he fell fast.
If he was on the street at 2 AM, it's NOT your place to judge whether or not his Mom knew because face it kids sneak out, I've done so. I'm sure others have too, and maybe your OWN kids have too, but to even TALK ABOUT HIS FAMILY as many of you are, talking about a lack of parenting skills, and shit like that, you have NO RIGHT to assume or even place blame on the mother, aunt or any of his guardians.
I personally blame the POLICE, who reporting to a gun call would turn around for a speeding car? WHO? What sense does that make... Easily another squad car could be buzzed to attend to that issue, they're chase was unnecessary, and it cost Chevon his life, and the lives of Monique and Aleisha.
Do you not have ANY sympathy for these families? For Chevons family? To call Chevon a killer…. His actions I'm sure were UNINTENTIONAL, to murder, requires intent and motive, both of which he did not have. It brings tears to my eyes because it will forever be said this is the boy who stole a car, and killed two other young girls.
There's so much more to this story and so much pain accompanying it, you cannot begin to understand, and to continue to press the issue just further bring tears and pains to the eyes and hearts of the many who were close to him. In less then a month people who were friends with Chevon, have now lost him, and Jordan Manners."

R.I.P CHEVON; you will always be missed and never forgotten

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Weather Blamed for Latest Shooting

June 11, 2007 @ 08:23

The ongoing search for the root cause of the gun violence that plagues Toronto took another turn this weekend.

It goes without saying that government is to blame, systemic racism, schools and the police are the blame, but many believe it goes beyond that.

There are other causes for why a young man picks up a gun and decides to shoot another and in this case it appears the weather may have played a part.

Firing a shot from moving car to another moving car is no easy task, but when road conditions are perfect, visibility is perfect and you don't have to worry about a cold draft when you roll down the window of the moving car, hitting your target becomes much easier.

Hence an inquest will be held into Saturday's shooting in Rexdale.

An independent panel will study what can be done about Canadian summers to make them less attractive for firing shots from moving cars in broad daylight on crowded streets.

The killing must end.

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Paul Romanuk Checks In

June 4, 2007 @ 09:33


"You're just wrong here mate. Plain and simple. The science is
there - look it up.
The U.S. is by far the worst offender, even worse than China, which has, let me see, about FOUR TIMES the population (source,Global Carbon Project, US Energy Information Agency). I'm ashamed, as a Canadian, that out PM is taking up residence on this issue in Camp Moron
along with President Barney Fife rather than every other western nation in the industrialized world. It's sad.
If you really don't care, than at least be honest about it. Call it like it is: "I'm a selfish prick and I really couldn't care less about the long-term future of the world's climate because I'm going to be deadanyways."
At least that's honest. just don't give us "the science is inconclusive" garbage."

Hey Paul

I've never really questioned the science, I'm well aware that the planet faces some huge challenges.

What I question is Kyoto. It's wrong for Canada and generally unfair right across the board.

There are better ways to address the problems without getting sucked down the tubes of this bogus political football.

As it stand, Global Warming is a scam. It's become a fashionable catch phrase that's being used by too many hucksters and politicans.

Search "Kyoto" on my site and you'll appreciate my position.


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Not A Jamaican Salute

June 1, 2007 @ 09:28

What a wonderful send-off for Jordan Manners.

Yesterday close to a thousand people attended his funeral and the tributes for the young man were wonderful. He was a joy to his family and friends.

He loved art, the theatre, poetry, basketball, and nature. He planted trees in the ravine behind his school and hung birdhouses from the boughs of those trees.

He was confident boy who was going places.

His grandfather paid the ultimate tribute when he said "Jordan may have become a great leader in the community."

It was a sad but fitting end to a child who died long before his time in a senseless and cruel way.

But some never learn from these things.

Last night, not far from Jordan's home, police found 30 shell casings on the street.

Guns were fired in the air as a tribute to Jordan. They used to call this a "Jamaican salute", but you're not supposed to say that any more because it's racist and intolerant to say such things.

Now you just call them ‘salutes' - but in this case I prefer to call it an insult.

An insult to Jordan Manners whose death was connected to what "salutes" actually represent.

The reckless use of a hand gun.

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Tiki Bar South - Continued

June 1, 2007 @ 09:26

Yesterday I showed you this picture of the Tiki Bar that I'm building in my backyard.

It's somewhat different than the one I have up north because Tiki Bar North is made out of natural wood - stuff I found in the forest.

Tiki Bar South is made out of pressure treated wood and is a lot sturdier and permanent.

Yesterday I added the roofing structure and the skirting around the sides as well as the foot and drink rails along the front.

This is the way it will stay until at least Monday because today I have to head to the lake in order to enjoy Tiki Bar North.

Next week Tiki Bar South will get the finishing touches including a roof and maybe I'll do what someone suggested yesterday.

I''ll have a contest and invite someone over for a test run.

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Tiki Bar South

May 31, 2007 @ 09:21

Yea, I've been looking for stuff to do lately so I decided to build a Tiki Bar in my backyard beside the pool.

Why the hell not?

This one will be a little different than the one up north however. This one is framed with pressure treated wood and will be a little more permanent.

The picture you see is what I've done in about three or four hours over two days.

I'll publish pictures of the progress until it's completed - and who knows, if it works out OK and actually looks good, I may even sell the plans.

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Justice For Some

May 30, 2007 @ 08:14

Yesterday was a sad day for the Canadian justice system, and left the impression that money can pretty well get you out of anything.

The two punks who were speeding up Mount Pleasant in January '06 and plowed into taxi driver Tahir Khan were sentenced to house arrest by Justice John Moore yesterday.

Moore curiously rejected a call for prison sentences.

Instead they get two years probation, lose their license for four years and have to complete 150 hours of community work while living at their parents upscale homes near the Bridle Path.

Not much when you consider Khan who was 46 left behind three kids and was the innocent victim of street racing.

The lawyers for Alexander Ryazanov and Wang-Piao Dumani Ross deny the boys were racing, but that's just as insulting as the sentence.

They were both driving expensive cars belonging to their parents, they were traveling at a high rate of speed and they were heading for the same destination.

They weren't racing? What, are we stupid?

Whether we like it or not, affluence can accomplish quite a bit in our court rooms.

The situation was best summed up by Jim Bell, General Manager of Diamond Taxi who Mr. Kahn drove for.

"If it was a taxi driver who killed two kids in a Mercedes" Bell said "The outcome of this case would have been much different."

No kidding.

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