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O Canada

June 29, 2007 @ 07:00

This will be my only posting today and it will be my last until Tuesday.

I'm up north and I'm about to head to Apsley where I'll play my first nine holes of the season at Marvel Rapids.

It's a marvelous little golf course that's very narrow and challenging, but it's a course I've grown to love because I'm so familiar with it. I know every hole like the back of my hand and I often lie in bed at night and replay every one of them in my mind.

After golf, I plan to put a little tender loving care into my boat. I just had the lower unit replaced and while it was in the shop, it got pretty dirty. It's time to give it a good vacuuming, shampoo the carpets, clean the fiberglass and then go crazy with the Armoral.

It's all a set-up to a nice long weekend with family and friends as we celebrate Canada's 140th birthday.

I've just put a new Canadian flag on the end of my dock and it's one of my favourite parts of being at the lake. Just watching the flag flutter in the breeze and appreciating what it means.

We live in the greatest country on earth.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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June 26, 2007 @ 09:12

Next to the word coffee, I bet the most uttered word within the Tim Horton's closest to my house is "goldmine."

It's at Mayfield and Hurontario or Hwy 10 in the far reaches of Brampton. It borders Caledon and catches traffic southbound from Orangeville. It's the also the beneficiary of at least four or five new housing developments in the area and Mayfield is the quickest east/west route to Heart Lake Rd which takes you south to the 410.

A lot of the people who bought the new houses still work in the city I presume.

Anyway, every time I go into my local Tim Horton's it's packed and without fail at least one person can always be heard saying to another, "this place must be a goldmine."

And no doubt it is. It doesn't matter if you go there at seven in the morning or seven at night, there's always cars lined up at the drive through and people lined up at the counter, and there's always a reference to "goldmine."

I was there the last two mornings and to join the line inside you actually had to stand in the area leading to the washrooms. Needless to say this prompted the odd comment from your average Brampton Bob but once the toilet humour was out of the way it got back to the same thing.

People attempting to make small talk, look up and down the line and say, "this place must be a goldmine." or "talk about a goldmine" or "is this a goldmine or what?"

This morning I had it said to me twice and it got me to thinking. Has a Tim Horton's ever gone out of business? Has one ever failed? Is it possible to fail, and if one has failed, would that person be considered the biggest loser in the history of losers?

And then that leads to another thought I'm sure I share with thousands of others.

Maybe I should look into gettin' one of these here "goldmines."

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Better Idea

June 26, 2007 @ 09:11

What if I wanted to avoid all the franchise fees and bullshit associated with opening a Tim Horton's, but I still wanted a "goldmine?"

Could I open a Tim Morton's?

Think about it. I could officially change my name to "Tim Morton."

I open a coffee shop with the same style and similar décor to a Horton's.

I offer basically the same crap that Timmy's does which isn't decidedly unique but I step it up a notch in quality. I also offer a coffee that's just a little richer, with a little more body.

But what will work for me is the name. Don't you think opening a "Tim Morton's" would get a lot of attention? I do.

It would be so cool to quickly say you owned a "Tim Morton's" while avoiding all the corporate crap.

People would chuckle as they drove by and I'm sure most people would be inclined to try it just once - and if the product was there, you'd hook em'.

I'm sure the attention from the lawsuit wouldn't hurt either.

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Loving Lovely Lipstick Lesbos

June 25, 2007 @ 07:56

Once again, let me preface this posting by saying what you have to say before commenting on gay people. I have nothing against homosexuals and they should be free to do as they please.

However, I have to laugh at militancy of some.

On Saturday they held the Dyke March downtown and from all accounts it was a hoot with good times had by all.

But yesterday in the Toronto Sun there was a quote from one of the dykes who requested the Dyke March not be confused with the Gay Pride parade.

Here's the quote.

"This is different from the parade because we are here to make a political statement," said Tricia Lacroix, who said she has marched in every Dyke March since it started in 1996. "This is about getting our own space and letting everyone know that we are proud of who we are and we aren't going anywhere."

Now don't get me wrong. I have no problem with lesbians. Especially lipstick lesbians, in fact they're one of my favourite things on earth.

But tell me Tricia Lacroix, what kind of politic statement are you talking about? What exactly is the statement?

And who exactly has denied you any space? As a matter of fact I think Canadian society has bent over backwards to accommodate gay people and give them their space. Whatever and wherever that is.

And lastly, you don't feel like you have to "go anywhere" because nobody has asked you to leave.

I think we're all pretty good with the gay thing in Canada and especially here in Toronto so you might want to stop looking for problems where there aren't any.

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Teach Your Children Well

June 22, 2007 @ 09:31

I wouldn't give anything to be a teacher today. I know a few of them and I really can't believe what I hear.

What goes on in the average classroom in 2007 is enough to blow your mind. Things that someone of my age just can't relate to, and it's all discipline connected.

Threats, swearing, refusal to do the work.

How is a teacher expected to teach if a kid learns nothing at home, and I'm not talking about reading and writing and ‘rithmetic.

I'm talking about manners, respect and consideration. There's a big problem in this area and teachers have to deal with it every day.

If a kid has no direction, discipline or consequences at home, how can we expect them to magically acquire them the instant they walk into a class room.

In many areas of the province today, hundreds of teachers will spend a good portion of their day trying to get control of their class before any learning can begin and it's only getting worse.

And in a lot of cases, if the parent/parents are brought into the mix they become defensive for their child and blame the teacher.

Somewhere along the line, over the past ten or 15 years teachers have been forced to take on the responsibility of not only educating, but baby sitting and parenting as well and so many suffer for it, including the kids who are obedient and who do want to learn.

The crazy thing is, teachers are expected to be all things to all kids today, but the minute they attempt to discipline their hands are tied by the schools, the government and the law.

And what about the homework issue? I think this can be tied directly to behaviour as well. If a teacher has to spend countless hours trying to get simple control of a room, that time has to be made up somewhere.

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule and there are bad teachers just like there are bad kids. But the ratio has shifted dramatically over the past few years.

I know I beat the same drum on this website a lot, but I see it before my eyes and I can't help but say my piece. Most of what ails us as a society today all comes back to the home.

Send good people to school and good things will happen.

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You Don't Have To Be Gay To Be Gay

June 22, 2007 @ 09:30

It's Gay Pride Week in Toronto.

I'm not gay, but I've known many gay people over the years and I find that for the most part, gay people are gay.

Gay is a good word for gay people because it seems to describe their personality and disposition. Gays tend to be gay as they do gay things in their gay world.

When I first broke into the radio business I worked with several gay people and they seemed very gay to be gay. I loved my gay co-workers like my non-gay co-workers, but there was no doubt my gay co-workers were a lot more gay than my non-gay co-workers.

Some people have a problem with Gay Pride Week because they feel threatened or something.

But you've seen it before. The whole time Gay Pride Week is happening, gay people are gay and how can you be threatened by someone who's gay while they're being gay.

Have fun everybody. Especially my good buddy Dave the Gay Guy who once gave me a shirt with a rainbow insignia on it - it didn't make me gay, but it made me gay if you know what I mean.

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Tiki South

June 21, 2007 @ 09:21

Here's another update - a couple of weeks ago I wrote about building a Tiki Bar next to my pool in Brampton - and then I updated the progress - and now here's the finished product.

I call this one Tiki South.

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I "Assaultah" All The Time

June 20, 2007 @ 09:04

It will be a while before all the facts are in, but really, if ever there was anyone ripe for something like this it was Frank D'Angelo.

The Steelback Beer man has been charged with sexual assault following accusations from a 21 year old woman.

Needless to say, D'Angelo denies all charges and says he has faith in the Canadian justice system, but it's still a smear that will be hard to shake.

D'Angelo has quickly become a Canadian icon with his meteoric rise in Canadian business and the cheesy commercials to support his ventures - it's also made him a target.

If the charges aren't true, someone should have her bum smacked.

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Ignorant Kuntz

June 20, 2007 @ 09:00

Just so you know, since I put a call in to Fred Kuntz at the Toronto Star last week I have not heard from him.

I presented myself as a life time reader who'd like an explanation as to why the paper chose to print last week's story and video about police terrifying some kids during the Jane-Finch raids.

No response. Not even from one of Kuntz's minions.

Call Fred Kuntz - 416-367-2000

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Call Fred Kuntz - 416-367-2000

June 14, 2007 @ 11:09

I made only one posting prior this one today because I'm in no mood to write anything else

What appeared on today is maddening and should be the only focus for all people who live in the GTA.

How a major publication in a major Canadian city can be so careless and so vindictive as to demoralize a police force in such a ruthless manner is frightening.

I'll be honest, I have a call into Star Editor in Chief Fred Kuntz right now, and I'm anxiously awaiting a reply. (I'm not holding my breath)

I want to know what the point was.

The day after a major operation in the city, which was remarkably fast and quick and clean, what purpose is served by questioning police tactics in such a perverse manner.

It serves to do nothing but rile up every bleeding heart arshole in the city and perpetuate the real problem in this city - failing to identify the root cause of this violent gang culture.

So what if a few kids and mothers had the shit scared out of them yesterday, it was a lot better than having some of these kids be continuously subjected to drug dealing, gun play and murder.

The Toronto Star should be ashamed of itself - it was not a very good citizen of the city today, doing all of us, but especially our police force a huge injustice.

I realize newspapers subscriptions are plummeting world wide, but this is no way to get attention.

The Star did nothing more than offer ammunition to the very people who are turning this city upside down.

Way to go Fred Kuntz. 416-367-2000

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