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What's The Deal

September 21, 2007 @ 09:21

This is a shout out to a couple of American readers of "Mike (Buffalo Boy)" and "Jon from Buffalo."

What do you guys think of the Canadian dollar now being on par with the American.

For the better part of 30 years Canadians have had to take shots from Americans about our weak dollar. It was great fodder on American television with the likes of Letterman and Leno making jokes about our loonie.

Well what do you think now, or do American's even realize that your economy is going into the shitter while ours is thriving?

Tell us what you think or does it even matter.

Meanwhile, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes for prices to be adjusted to the new Canadian dollar.

Like books and magazines which are still priced at roughly 30 percent more in Canada.

What about greeting cards and the tolls at the Peace Bridge and Rainbow Bridge, are they all going to be brought into line?

All these things should be adjusted, but I don't suggest you hold your breath.

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Blonde Bimbo

September 20, 2007 @ 09:01

I watched the OJ Simpson court appearance yesterday and I found it fascinating.

Not the fact that he got bail and it was only 125 thousand dollars; I was fascinated by a blond woman sitting in the court room.

It was 31 year old Christie Prody and she's OJ's girlfriend. Can you swallow that one? OJ Simpson's girlfriend? And there's a creep factor built in because she looks shockingly like Nicole.

What kind of a whacked out tool is this woman? What kind of a groupie, star chasing wing nut must this woman be?

She's not a bad looking woman so it's not like she "had" to scrape the bottom of the barrel, she could probably have her pick of men, but instead she chooses a man who almost sliced his wife's head off.

According to police reports, they've been called to Prody's apartment no less than four times over the past couple of years on domestic complaints involving Simpson.

Think about it. What would possess a woman to make this choice? How could she be so gullible as to buy "any" explanation that OJ could give her? Her mother says OJ has convinced her that he didn't kill anybody and his DNA that was splattered all over the scene was planted.

What do her friends think? What does her family think? I think of my own daughter and wonder what her father thinks?

There's no explaining it. Apparently Paul Bernardo gets lots of fan mail or love letters and countless proposals.

There are some sick bastards out there, and there was one sitting in a Las Vegas courtroom yesterday.

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Chris Crocker

September 19, 2007 @ 09:17

This is a follow up to yesterday and I admit, I was way behind on this one.

He goes by the name Chris Crocker and he lives with his grandparents in a small town in the southern United States.

Apparently Crocker is not his real last name and he doesn't want anyone to know the name of his town and that's a stipulation for anyone who's been granted an interview.

He's 19 years old and he's gay. But more importantly he's become an internet star with his pathetic ranting videos and is quickly gaining attention in New York and Hollywood.

This week he was a guest on the Howard Stern Show.

Chris Crocker is just another one of those kids who's blasted to stardom through You Tube. It started with MySpace and grew from there.

Meanwhile, if you visit this website often you know I guest on the "The Rock" morning show in Windsor every Wednesday morning with Craig Venn and Matt Dumouchelle.

This morning after making my weekly appearance, which dealt with unruly kids, the election, farting on airplanes and crocs.. they offered me something from their morning show.

It's a parody of Chris Crocker defending OJ Simpson - and its well done.

Click here and wait a few seconds while it downloads.

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FreddieP Poll

September 18, 2007 @ 09:30

Last week I posted this video assuming it was a young woman, but several e-mails I received suggested it was a young man. Have a look and tell me what you think.

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It's A Beautiful Thing

September 17, 2007 @ 09:05

Like millions of others I was absolutely thrilled with the OJ Simpson arrest in Las Vegas yesterday.

This time he's going to get nailed. I'm sure this jury won't make the same brutal mistake the first jury did and they'll put this bastard away until he needs diapers.

Talk about the height of stupidity. Why would someone in his position even flirt with the law? He's right up there with the most hated men in America, yet he went about life like he was a real swell guy and leaving the impression that he was actually above the law.

Over the years several psychologists have suggested that OJ is so delusional he's convinced himself that he actually didn't do the crime and that's why he carries on the way he does.

Well it's all caught up with him and he's in deep shit and he's going to wish he never went to Las Vegas for that wedding.

Which brings us to another point - OJ was the best man at a wedding on Saturday. Who in their right mind would choose OJ as their best man, and how did he get his bride to agree to it?

Don't you might think it would make the wedding a little distracting for everyone having a double murderer as part of the wedding party?

A man who came within centimeters of cutting his own brides head off.

Holy shit!

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September 14, 2007 @ 09:40

Hey Fred,

How's it going? You have created quite the controversy with your comments about full funding for faith-based schools.

I had the rep for our local Conservative knock on my door and thanks to you, I was able to floor the guy with facts, figures, opinion... he was stunned, thinking holy shit this guy is informed. I would know nothing if not for the work you're doing Fred.

George Carlin's 'There Is No God" is one of my favourite bits on religion.

I also recommend the American Athiests Society site which is never ending with its information and discrepancies on all religions. They basically believe that religion should have ended once the first person graduated from the first University.

I would bet you any amount of money that if religion was no longer tax deductable and all churchs had to pay tax on their properties and incomes, it will disappear before the Toronto FC soccer team.

Here is a beautiful Catholic tidbit that you never hear.

Priest's used to be able to marry, however the church became embroiled with trouble when a priest died, his wife would not move out of the home the church provided causing big problems for the new priest moving in.

It got to the point where the heads of the church said that priest could no longer be married and that solved all the lawsuits. How holy is that?

Anyway Fred, great to read your blog. Keep writing.


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Think First Screw Second

September 13, 2007 @ 09:26

I don't think any of us should be surprised by statistics released yesterday that reveal one in every four families with children in the GTA is headed by a single parent, and of those 83 percent are females.

It's a growing problem in our society and the results are being felt out on the streets. It's amazing how the profile of troubled youth almost always leads back to a fatherless home.

What's even more amazing is how men continue to dip their peckers with absolutely no regard for the consequences, and once their seed is planted they have no intention of meeting their end of the responsibility.

Not that we should let women off the hook, especially those women who continuously spread their legs for different men and then look to the government, not the men, for financial support.

It's a recipe for disaster that's unfolding before our eyes.

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TImes Have Changed

September 12, 2007 @ 09:33

It was 37 years ago last week that I first made the walk from my house on Chopin Ave. in Scarborough to my new high school.

I remember the day well. I was nervous about being a grade niner, but my sister had gone out with me to buy back to school clothes and I felt comfortable in my brown wide cord bell bottoms, bright red long sleeved T-shirt and Grebs.

It was that summer that my parents had finally allowed me to grow my hair long and it was dancing on my shoulders. Chicago was my favourite band at the time and 25 or 6 to 4 was the big hit.

It was 1970 and about the only thing you had to worry about at high school was whether you were going to fit in, be accepted and be able to handle any razzing you might take from the older kids.

I was lucky. When I entered grade nine my sister Nancy was in grade 12 and she was a bit of a babe so all the older guys treated me especially nice.

There was the odd fight at school after class but nothing extreme. A few punches would be thrown, a winner would be declared and everyone would be on their way, but never in a million years would it ever have entered our minds that someone could be stabbed at school, let alone be murdered. The closet thing to a weapon back then would have been the steel toes in your work boots but nobody would have had the stomach to inflict that kind of pain on another human being.

That's why I was so bummed out yesterday when I heard about the stabbing and murder outside Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute in Scarborough.

Churchill was my school, the school I described in the first few paragraphs. It's where I spent grades nine and ten before moving on to an arts school, Stephen Leacock in grade eleven.

But Churchill has and always will have a special place in my heart because that building represents a few benchmarks in my life.

It's where I met some great friends, friends I still have to this day. It was on the football field that I failed to make the football team but succeeded in getting drunk for the first time. It's where I gained the reputation for being a jokester by pulling prank after prank in Mr. Saba's math class and it's where I met my beautiful wife Delyse.

Winston Churchill was a wonderful place with wonderful people but most important of all, it was a safe place. It was school, so it was expected to be safe.

At this point I could go on and on about what's gone wrong with our society and how the profile of the people who commit these crimes are so consistent and how parenting has gone into the shitter and how teachers are supposed to perform miracles today, but I won't.

I can't be bothered. I'm too pissed off at what happened at my school yesterday.

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Almost Perfect

September 7, 2007 @ 09:20

This is an interesting sign that I pass every time I drive up north. It's on highway 7, east of the 115 split.

The place is called "Almost Perfect Frozen Food Outlet."

I often wonder how they arrived at this name. It's cute and everything with the letters not fitting perfectly on the sign, but why would anyone want to associate a food product with the phrase "almost perfect."

I not very picky, in fact I'm the type of guy who subscribes to the five second rule. You know when you drop some food on the ground and if it doesn't lie there for more than five seconds it's still alright to eat.

My wife on the other hand is completely different. She's creeped out by just about anything when it comes to food and she's already made it clear that we'll never be stopping at "Almost Perfect" regardless of their prices.

I write this piece knowing it's only half a story because I have no answer to the question I raised at the beginning.

Why would anyone who sells food products call their business "Almost Perfect."

Over the next few weeks I'll stop in and ask them.

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The Mink - Continued

September 4, 2007 @ 11:46

I've had a lot of people reference last weeks story about "the mink." To tell you the truth, I don't really know where I stand.

When I arrived on Friday night the little bastard had returned and picked the trap clean.

I think the trap was a little too small so when he went and grabbed the fish guts, the trap door couldn't close so he simply backed out.

But to add insult to injury he decided to eat the fish in my boat, and of course follow that up with a big dump.

However, from what I could tell this probably happened early in the week because the poop was dried out and there was no other sign of him.

As a matter of fact I went right through the weekend without seeing him and there was no further mess in my boat.

Then yesterday I got report of a mink like rodent that was found further down the lake, floating dead with his back ripped open. He had either been hit by a boat or chewed by a muskie.

Whatever, I can only hope if it was a mink, it was my mink and this story has come to an end.

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