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I Don't Think So

October 12, 2007 @ 10:17

Sorry, but I feel extremely uncomfortable about Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to spread awareness about global warming.

There's no doubt he's been spreading awareness, but there are so many proven holes to his facts and figures it takes away from the message.

Not only that, that his hypocrisy borders on hilarious. His air travel in outdated planes, the electricity he plows through in his many homes and several other things he overlooks to make his point.

However this is one of those issues you have to be careful with. You can't be too critical or you're accused of everything under the sun including being an enemy of the earth.

Meanwhile, if it was up to be "An Inconvenient Truth" would be taken out of our schools and put in the drama section at Blockbuster.

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Give Us A Break

October 10, 2007 @ 10:16

The reaction to the latest road racing murders leaves me incensed. There are some people who actually believe the province should built road racing tracks for these pea brained neanderthals.

Most crime is the result of selfishness, but it doesn't get much worse than road racing when your need for speed and beating the other guy trumps the safety and future of everybody else on the road.

No wonder our society is going into the shitter at breakneck speed. We have people that look at the results of road racing and come up with ideas like racing tracks for the pathetic little pukes who have total disregard for those around them.

We don't need racing tracks. We need more jail cells and a provincial government with enough balls to take away drivers licenses for life.

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The Other Side

October 4, 2007 @ 10:11

You know what they say, there are always two sides to every story, but when the most battered and bruised word in the English language is used as a tool, one side usually has to back down even if their side of the story is valid.

The word is racism and it was quickly used in recent stories about Asian people being attacked while fishing in various parts of the province.

Although the world is full of evil people of all races, it was hard to believe that attacks on Asians were totally unprovoked. This doesn't mean that the attacks were justified; it simply means that upon hearing of these attacks one couldn't help but think there must have been a motive regardless of its validity.

As I said in a posting earlier this week, no one has the right to lay a hand on another person and pushing them into a lake is stupid and dangerous and no one should take the law into their own hands, however there is more to this story and it may not lie in racism.

I hope I've explained this clearly enough, although I've been doing this long enough to expect the usual response from some. The "R" word is loaded and the gun is cocked.

Please read this story and judge for yourself.

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October 3, 2007 @ 10:00

I keep looking at the front page of the Toronto Star this morning, but I can't believe what the motivation would be for plastering the front page with a picture of an eight year old who was accidentally shot by a Canadian soldier in Kandahar yesterday.

It's not on the front page of, you have to go to the Canada section to see it there, but on the hard copy edition that I received at my door this morning, it was a picture that stretched the width of the paper and filled about one quarter of the length.


There's no doubt this is a worthy news story and deserves to be conveyed to the people of Canada, but for the Star to sensationalize it with a huge tear-jerking photograph on their front page is shameful.

It's shameful because although it displays the type of thing that can go wrong during war, it serves to do nothing but undermine Canadian troops who are doing a lot more good than bad in Afghanistan.

It's no secret what the Toronto Stars position is on Canada's participation in the war in Afghanistan is, and we all know they love to make the Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to look bad, but to use this huge picture on the front page is just another slap in the face to our troops.

The Toronto Star doesn't want Canada in Afghanistan and they'll do whatever they can to tie the baggage to the Harper government, and they'll obviously stoop to any means to get their point across.


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Fiscal Justice

September 28, 2007 @ 08:44

Sometimes you can perfectly understand why people lose faith in the Canadian justice system.

You know what they say, money buys justice and it's often played out in Ontario court rooms on drunk driving charges. As the saying goes, if you've got ten thousand dollars to spend, you're pretty well guaranteed to get off your impaired charge.

We might see a bit of that happening in a Newmarket courtroom where former Maple Leaf Rob Ramage has pleaded not guilty to five charges including impaired driving and dangerous driving causing death.

In December 2003 with former NHL Keith Magnuson as his passenger, Ramage crossed the divided line on Rutherford Rd. and hit another car head on. Magnuson died, the other driver survived.

Because he was injured in the accident Ramage never received a breath test, but blood samples taken at the hospital revealed a drug alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit and there were several empty beer cans found in the car.

But here's where a good lawyer comes in. Ramages attorney Brian Greenspan has argued that the alcohol swab used to take the blood sample could be responsible for the high reading if it was administered improperly and the beer cans could have been full but exploded on impact during the accident.

It sounds far-fetched but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that Greenspan is raising doubt to the jury and he's doing a pretty good job.

It may not result in justice, but that's our justice system.

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Bruce Allen Update

September 27, 2007 @ 09:58

No doubt about it, free speech is slowly being eliminated in Canada because the agitators, whiners and special interest groups are slowly winning.

Yesterday I wrote about Canadian music executive Bruce Allen whose commentary on Vancouver's CKNW turned into a shit storm because he had a few things to say about immigrants.

Yesterday Allen caved in a bit and he met with leaders of the Sikh and Muslim communities in Vancouver in an attempt to diffuse the situation. It was sad really because it does nothing more than play into the hands of those who want to eliminate freedom of expression.

What Mr. Allen had to say, although harsh and a little rough around the edges, was well within his right to say it and should have caused nothing more than healthy debate.

Instead it turned into intimidation with some people calling for Allen's job, the cancellation of his contribution to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, not to mention the smear to his reputation with the predictable use of the race card.

Here's the problem. From now on if any commentator across the country writes a piece that even borders on controversy, they may look at the Allen experience and decide "what's the use" and throw it into the waste paper basket.

So very very sad.

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Sukhpreet Singh Update

September 27, 2007 @ 09:57

Over the past twenty four hours I've been thinking about what I heard on the John Oakley Show yesterday and I've been doing a slow burn.

One of Oakley's guests was Sukhpreet Singh of the Canadian Organization of Sikh Students. Singh has emerged as one of the most vocal in calling for the demolition of Bruce Allen.

During his flippant and arrogant interview yesterday Singh called into question Canadian culture. He used the same tired argument that there is no such thing as Canadian culture a debate I won't even enter in to.

Canadian culture isn't so much a visual thing, something you can see or touch or wear or even describe. It's more a feeling, a spirit, a way of life that Canadians cherish and want to protect.

But it means nothing to Sukhpreet Singh who on the Oakley Show dismissed Canadian culture as nothing more than hockey and the word "eh."

A cutting description that Singh as a minority in Canada will get away with, but also a description that leaves you wondering what the reaction would be if the roles were reversed.

What if a someone wrote off Indian culture as nothing more than turbans and curry? I'm sure the reaction would be much different.

Sukpreet Singh exposed himself yesterday. He exposed himself as the intolerant racist that he's accused Bruce Allen of being.

There was a distinct attitude to Singh's interview yesterday. He's got an agenda, an agenda of promoting his culture and beliefs at the expense of anything that stands in his way, even if it means a double standard.

I got the impression yesterday that Sukhpreet Singh doesn't like Canada or Canadians and he's playing the system to get his way.

Sukhpreet Singh, you're a racist. How do you like that?

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I Like e-Bay

September 27, 2007 @ 09:56

I read with interest an article in the Globe and Mail this morning. Revenue Canada has won the right through Federal Court to go after big sellers on e-Bay Canada.

Rev Can is convinced it has lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue because of unreported sales on e-Bay and they want their share.

So the names, addressed, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of e-Bays biggest Canadian peddlers will be provided to the government.

It only seems fair. If the guy with a store on the street corner has to pay taxes, and the guy with a booth at a flea market is expected to pay taxes, then it's only fair that the same rules apply to the internet and the news has been welcomed by huge retailers who've been forced to pay tax on their internet sales since the get-go.

Meanwhile, I've got to say I love the convenience of e-Bay.

I made my first purchase this week and although I was a little apprehensive at the beginning, it turned out to be a pleasant experience.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a lightning strike at my trailer that wiped out my satellite dish, my satellite receiver and my LCD TV.

I easily replaced the dish and receiver but I couldn't find the same TV. I bought it last may at Costco and it was the last of the LCD TV's with a 4:3 aspect ration. 4:3 means "not a wide screen" which was perfect for my trailer.

It seems nobody is making 20 inch 4:3's anymore so I was in the position of going back to a tube TV or going forward to a wide screen. I didn't like either idea so a good buddy of mine, Danny Bonchek, looked around on e-Bay for me and found the exact TV I was looking for in a little electronics shop on Long Island.

It was brand new in the box and it had a fixed asking price of $299.00 American. Shipping to Brampton would cost $89.00 for a grand total of $388.00. Compare this to the $562.00, taxes in, that I paid at Costco and remember the dollar is at par.

Monday night at ten o'clock I made the transaction and my Wednesday morning at eleven o'clock the television was at my door, delivered by UPS, with no additional charges.

I like e-Bay.

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Bruce Allen

September 26, 2007 @ 09:27

Shit hit the fan in Vancouver last week.

Record promoter Bruce Allen, who handles the likes of Brian Adams and Michael Buble made a commentary on Vancouver radio station CKNW about immigrants, and although he may have been speaking for the majority, a vocal minority has made his life miserable.

Already there have been complaints sent to the CRTC and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. Some have called for Allen's removal from the 2010 Winter Olympics' creative team and others want him fired from the radio station where he does a daily comment.

Sukhpreet Singh of the Canadian Organization of Sikh Students said his group also intends to press for Mr. Allen's removal from the Olympics team.

"It is a public position, involving the spending of Canadian tax dollars, and his views do not reflect Canadian values. He is clearly not in line with what Canada is all about," Mr. Singh said.

So far the radio station has not fired Allen and the Vancouver Olympic committee has no intention of firing him either.

Mr. Allen, when pressed did offer a mild apology saying he didn't mean to offend anyone and it wasn't a personal attack on anyone.

It blows my mind. Bruce Allen has every right to say what he said, if there is any second guessing, it might be in the way he delivered the comment and some of the rough edges it contained.

But generally speaking, agree or disagree, there's no way he should be fired from any job or be the latest target of the overly used and terribly abused race card.

It's interesting to note that Governor General Michaelle Jean has voiced her opinion on the issue. A black Canadian born in Haiti, Jong says Allen's remarks spark healthy debate and there's nothing wrong with what he said.

What do you think? Here's the commentary. Have a listen and then post your thoughts.

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It Happened In Brampton

September 25, 2007 @ 09:56

I've had a few e-mails from people wondering why I haven't commented on a controversy at Brampton's new Civic Hospital.

A nurse who can fluently speak both of Canada's official languages was denied a job because she doesn't speak Punjabi or Hindi.

The hospital is located in that area of Brampton where there is a large East Indian population, so somewhere along the line it was determined it might be a good idea to have several nurses who will be able to converse with a good percentage of patients who come through the door.

A few of you suggested I avoided this story because it's Brampton and I wanted to protect my dear home town.

Not so. I don't think I heard about the story until Friday and then I didn't post again until yesterday and to be honest, I forgot about it.

What do I think?

Well like most of you, in principle, I find it hard to accept. It's pounded into us from an early age that we should learn French because it can only help when we're looking for a job, especially a government job. Nobody ever said anything about Punjabi or Hindi.

The Brampton story is so typical of what Canada has become. It's not a question of immigrants coming to the country and learning our ways, it's another example of Canada bending to immigrants and doing it their way, it's how we get along.

There's no use getting bent out of shape because thanks to Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada adopted a multi-cultural policy way back in the 1960's. We encouraged people to come to Canada and share their culture with us and from the very beginning the onus was placed more on Canadians to accept than it was for immigrants to conform and this is just another example.

It's what Canada is in 2007 and it's not going to change so get used to it.... and maybe it shouldn't change because it's still the greatest country on earth.

And it should be pointed out, there is nothing illegal about what the hospital requested, it is simply viewed as a condition of employment and in the end may save a few lives.

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