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Thank You Sir

November 1, 2007 @ 09:46

This is Dan Duran's son Colton. He also belongs to his mom Jackie and last night he went out for Halloween as a spy, although I'm sure I didn't have to tell you because it's obvious.

Colton is four, which is prime time for trick or treaters.

Yesterday at about 6:15 the first kids came to my door and it was two little kids about five and six with their mother.

Turns out they were the only "kids" who came to my door.

After that there were some ten and eleven years olds, but for the most part most of the kids I serviced last night were big kids, really big kids.

I know they're growing them bigger these days but I had trouble connecting these kids to age and size.

When I was young fella the cutoff for Halloween was grade eight. It was tough to take but that's just the way it was.

Last night I had many kids who came to the door who were taller than me and had deeper voices than me, if these people were 13 and under, then maybe we should take a long hard look at additives and what's the water because something just ain't right.

I will say one thing however; all the kids that came to my door last night were extremely polite. The words "thank you sir" never sounded so good.

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Disturbing Weekend

October 29, 2007 @ 10:08

As I mentioned on Friday I spent the weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan and it was awful.

I was totally appalled at the behaviour of the young female students. Talk about not having any self respect.

It just so happened that Friday night past was designated at Halloween party night in Ann Arbor so the streets were filled with hundreds of young and healthy women walking the streets in their so called Halloween costumes but I choose to call them something else.

To my mind it wasn't Halloween in Ann Arbor. The young female students from the University of Michigan turned it into nothing more than an outdoor brothel, a disgusting display of trashy clothing and lots of skin.

Who wants to drive up the street only to see someone in fishnet stockings that stop mid-thigh only to be met by the bottom of firm butt cheeks barely hidden by something that tried to pass as a skirt?

Why should anyone be exposed to cleavage created by a low cut bustier that's obviously causing damage to the mammary glands.

How demeaning to the city of Ann Arbor and its tourists to have the streets filled with young women using Halloween as an excuse to promote their sexuality and human forms.

Me and the fellas were so appalled we did several sweeps of the student residence area just to make sure we had enough proof that society was caving in around us.

Believe me, it is. What we saw on the streets was so disturbing we thought we should go into a couple of loud and popular bars to escape such filth, but unfortunately you couldn't escape it there either.

Why should I have to eat a dozen parmesan garlic wings while watching a Marilyn Monroe clone flit around the bar displaying what was obviously a perfect body under that white mini-dress.

At the same time I felt sorry for the girl because she appeared to be very clumsy. She kept dropping things and bending over to pick them up.

I'll tell you, I didn't like it. I didn't like any of it and that's exactly what I told my wife.

I want to say I'll definitely never go back, but that wouldn't be fair to Ann Arbor or the decent young women of this University town.

I'll probably give it one more chance next Halloween just in case this year was an anomaly.

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No Brainer

October 29, 2007 @ 10:07

I love this story about the lottery retailers and their opposition to proposed new rules by the Ontario Lottery Corporation.

Back in August the OLG set September 17th as the cut off date for retailers to buy lottery tickets at their own stores. The OLG wanted to address the problem of retailers winning a disproportionate amount of money compared to the average customer.

The retailers screamed bloody murder so the OLG backed off the September 17th date but claim the idea is still on the table, and so it should be.

But the retailers claim they're being painted as the bad guys in this situation and they're concerned about their reputations.

What a pile of bullshit.

If anything, the retailer's reaction only raises suspicion. Why are they so concerned about buying tickets at their own kiosks? Why is it so important to maintain that right given the blow to public confidence that took place over the past year?

If anything you'd think the retailers would "want" this rule in place to absolve them of any suspicion. By not allowing retailers to buy at that own stores the issue would go away immediately. It makes nothing but sense.

Such strong opposition from the retailers only serves to make me smell a rat.

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Stop Screwin'

October 29, 2007 @ 10:06

Here's another fascinating story. It's out of Peel region where I live and it deals with "affordable housing" and the attitude of some that it's a right and not a privilege.

It's amazing how someone 31 years old can have three kids and have her husband take off and then claim it's the responsibility of the government to look after her family.

Yes I know, there are some legitimate cases out there. People have had the world gang up on them and there's no way out, but in this day and age of education and birth control, you'd think a lot of people would be equipped to avoid these situations.

But really, how does this work? How does somebody father three kids and take off leaving the responsibility of raising those kids to the taxpayer?

According to provincial statistics these situations are exploding. Sixty-one percent of all requests for affordable housing in Ontario are by single mothers and it's growing.

Where does it end? As long as the government is there with handouts, including cheap or free housing, where is the incentive for people to start being accountable for their own lives and the lives of people they bring into the world? At one point to we put the onus of sperm sprayers to start taking responsibility for their carelessness?

Not everybody is on the take, but there are enough to create the situation we're in today.

The province could probably handle legitimate cases, but those who choose it as a lifestyle are wrecking it for all.

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Other Stuff

October 29, 2007 @ 10:05

Here's a great story about former U.S. President Gerald Ford and what he thought about Bill Clinton.
It's nothing for Clinton to be proud of, but given how screwed up the U.S.A is today, I'm sure most Americans would love to have the horn-dog back.

And here's a story about a guy I've never been big on and I thought a lot less of after Princess Diana's death.
I wonder if the inquiry into her death is causing Prince Philip's heart to flutter just a little too much.
Call me whacked, but I buy into the conspiracy theory and I think this guy had a lot to do with it.

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Other Stuff

October 26, 2007 @ 09:10

Like most other people I love the Daily Show with John Stewart when I can stay awake that late.
There's nothing like a well crafted joke that's simple yet funny and there's a lot of that on the Daily Show. This week he had a humdinger.
"The new Airbus plane, the A380, is capable of holding 800 passengers. Or, 400 Americans."

I was found this article in yesterday's Toronto Star to be rather useless. Stats Canada has determined that beer is still the drink of prefernce for Canadians. Really.

And here's a story that drives me nuts. Another example of how the "R" word has been battered and bruised and rendered meaningless.

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Not For Old Dudes

October 23, 2007 @ 10:01

I realize that nothing should really be age specific because when you get right down to it you're only as old as feel.

But what's with the word "dude" and its use by anyone over the age of forty?

It really came to light again for me the other day when I was watching "City Line" and Marilyn Dennis had a guest on named Greg Behrendt.

He's a stand-up comic who wrote a smash hit book called "He's Just Not That Into You." To tell you the truth, I really didn't follow what it was all about because he kept using the term "dude" and it annoyed me.

Greg is well into his forties and there's something weird to me about the word "dude" coming out of the mouth of anyone who appears to be established.

I realize its crazy to set an age limit on anything because it doesn't matter how old you are some things suit you and some things don't but to me the word dude suits someone in their late teens or early twenties who is still finding themselves, not someone with hair starting to grow out of his ears.

If you go to there is a vast definition of what it means.

Originally it referred to a city person who spent time on a ranch, but now it's morphed into the slang for "any person of either sex", and to me that's frightening because it opens the door for wider use of the word "dude" and we've already had enough of it.

Even those who are of an age where it's still acceptable, it seems the word "dude" is grossly over used.

I've heard some kids ram it into a sentence where it doesn't even belong and it curdles my blood. But that's nothing compared to hearing a middle aged person use it.

It's like that middle aged fat guy in a bar who still thinks he has a chance with the young waitress, or that forty-five year old woman with her skirt hiked up to just below her ass cheeks.

It just doesn't work for me.

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October 22, 2007 @ 09:58

It was a noble gathering at Mel Lastman square yesterday when a group of mothers got together to protest the "silence."

The group is called "UMOVE" (United Mothers Opposed to Violence Everywhere) and organizers have all lost sons to gun violence in Toronto over the past several years.

The protest included a minute of "noise" to symbolize the community breaking the wall of silence that prevents many homicides from being solved.

It was extremely refreshing because from what I read and what I saw on television there was no finger pointing at the so called establishment. Nobody blamed the cops and nobody used the "R" word, it was strictly a gathering to protest the silence that so often follows killings.

Young people die and police get no help. Killings happen, sometimes with several people at the scene but nobody ever sees anything and that's why several killings in the city have gone unsolved.

Audette Shephard is one of the main organizers of UMOVE and although she disappointed with yesterdays turnout, estimated at about 200, she won't give up until the silence ends.

Six years ago Shephard's son "Sheep Dog" was gunned down in the north end of the city and his killer has not been caught.

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October 22, 2007 @ 09:57

Meanwhile I'm considering starting my own group called "USTOP." It doesn't really stand for anything other than a message. The message is this and it's a message to all mankind.

Why don't "USTOP" dropping sperm all over the city without taking responsibility for the results.

Why don't "USTOP" accepting sperm from anyone who comes along, reducing yourself to nothing more than a baby factory.

Why don't "USTOP" depending on government and taxpayers to pay for your carelessness with sperm.

Why don't "USTOP" blaming everyone else for your decision not to use a spermicide or a goddamn condom.

Why don't "USTOP."

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Buffalo Boy

October 22, 2007 @ 09:55

Since I started doing this blog in March of 2006 one of the most faithful readers has been a guy from Buffalo named Mike. He calls himself Buffalo Boy.

Well it seems that Buffalo Boy has started his own blog and he asked me if I could give it a mention and put it on my links page.

I've got to tell you, Buffalo Boy has done a pretty good job and what I like about his blog is the variety.

He offers news, sports, pop culture and comment and the cool thing is it's written from the perspective of an American who's not ignorant when it comes to Canada.

Mike loves his neighbour to the north and his favourite baseball team is the Blue Jays.

Please, do Mike a favour, do me a favour. Visit Buffalo Boy's Blog.

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