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Vancouver Assholes

June 16, 2011 @ 08:46

Make no mistake about it, those assholes that ran wild in Vancouver last night weren't Canucks fans, or hockey fans.

They were just assholes, plain and simple. They used the hockey game as an excuse to run wild in the streets and take and damage what isn't there's.

These punks don't care about hockey; any more than most of the G-20 protestors cared about politics. They're just bad people who look for any excuse to push back against "the man" and exercise their frustration with the way society works.

I'm willing to bet that most of the slime that was causing havoc on the streets of Vancouver last night would be the same ones that would attend rallies against violence and war and Canada buying fighter jets.

They don't really understand why they have a problem with society, other than its hard to get your ass out of bed in the morning and go contribute. They think Canada should be more socialistic and there should be less government and less policing.

They stand for a just society.... Until they see a broken window and there's a free I-pod to be had.

As I watch the video from last night I can't help but wonder how such creatures are raised. Who raises a kid that uses a hockey game as an excuse to cover his face and then smash windows and burn cars?

What kind of upbringing results in a young man standing in front of a burning car with his arms raised in the air and a look of extreme exhilaration on his face? There are lower forms of life on this earth, but not too many.

There's something about a covered face that turns my stomach!

To live in the greatest country on earth in one of the greatest cities on earth, and then turn around and deface it both publically and physically is despicable, and it's a whole lot of stupid.

These creeps are of an age group that is supposed to right on top of social media and the networking, yet they do things in the wide open in front of snapping camera phones. Does it get much dumber than that?

As I write this, there are several websites being created to identify the lowlife that has made Canada and the city of Vancouver world news this morning. I hope every last one of these jerk-offs is identified and then kicked in the ass to the full extent of the law.

Of course this is Canada, so they'll probably go easy on them. Slap on the wrist and send them on their way to bitch and complain some more about what a shitty society "the man" has created.

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My Brush With Scum

June 9, 2011 @ 12:14

When I saw the TV clip of the Newmarket guy who was attacked by the scumbag squeegee (kid?) on Spadina Ave. Monday , it brought back memories of something that happened to me about ten years ago on Yonge St.

I was driving north from the Edge studios when I stopped for a light just south of Bloor. A panhandler came out of nowhere and tapped on my window. At first I actually didn't know it was a panhandler so I rolled down the window just in time for him to ask for "any spare change."

Rarely in these cases did I oblige but it all happened so fast, and the light was changing to green so I reached into my ashtray and grabbed what change there was. It turned out to be a couple of nickels and some pennies, but I didn't have time to count or even think.

I just grabbed it and handed it to the guy.

At that point he took one look at it and threw in back in my face with pretty good force and it hit me in mouth and cut my top lip.

In retrospect, thank goodness the light had changed and my instincts made me step on the gas and move forward because as what had just happened sunk in, I wanted to kill the fucker.

I wanted to stop the car and run back and kick his ass. But again, thank goodness it didn't happen for a number of reasons.

First of all, he probably would have kicked my ass, and secondly it would have probably taken me down a road that I would later regret.

But for a long time afterwards whenever I thought of the asshole creep I got this burning rage within that made me want to go back to the intersection and look for him.

I never did, and that's probably a good thing too, but from that point on my attitude towards panhandlers and squeegee kids and any other able bodied, go get a job leech changed dramatically.

I don't give a dime on the street and more than once I've waved squeegee kids away from my car.

I realize it's not fair to generalize, but sorry, I look at the guy in this picture and I don't feel so bad.

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Next Step, Realignment

May 21, 2011 @ 17:58

With the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, one of the pressing issues that the NHL will have to deal with is re-alignment.

Word is, it's too late for the upcoming season so Winning, as bizarre as it seems, will have to play in the Southeast Division, a simple case of changing cities, but not divisions.

However, if something could be done immediately, or even if it's pushed off for a year, here are a couple of scenarios for re-alignment.

The easiest thing to do would be to put the Columbus Blue Jackets in the Southeast, and move the Jets to the Central division. Geographically it aligns pretty well for time zones as well.

But it does not address the Red Wing factor. Since the early 80's Detroit has been parked in the Western Conference and apparently owner Mike Ilitch has had enough. They're in the Eastern Time zone and the travel is punishing.

Ilitch has big time pull in the NHL and he could force a move east.

If that happens, here's what I'd like to see. The Wings move into the Northeast Division with the Leafs, Habs and Senators and either Boston or Buffalo gets the boot, probably Boston.

The Bruins could easily slip into the Southeast with Washington, Carolina and the Florida teams. As a Leaf fan I don't like losing the Bruins, but we'd still play them four times a year.

Out west, Minnesota would take the Wings spot in the Central Division and Winnipeg would be grouped with Colorado and the other three Canadian teams.

Another thought could see the NHL switch from six five team divisions to five six team divisions. This would be great.

Division 1 -Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Detroit, Buffalo, Boston.
Division 2 - Rangers, Islanders, Jersey, Philly, Pittsburgh, Columbus.
Division 3 - Washington, Carolina, Tampa, Florida, Nashville, Dallas.
Division 4 - Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Chicago, St. Louis
Division 5 - Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Jose, Colorado, Phoenix, Minnesota

If you can think of something better, leave it with us.

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Damian Goddard

May 17, 2011 @ 19:41

While in Texas I kept in touch by checkin' out the Toronto papers online and I was blown away by the Damian Goddard story.

In the end, I can't figure out whether he was fired for his tweets or because his contract ran out. I guess it's one or the other, or ones connected to the other. But it really doesn't matter.

What matters is how a guy gets crushed for having an opinion. It's scary stuff.

Before I let go, let me say this. I am not against same sex marriage. I could give a shit who marries who.

If two men or two women want to get married, great, go for it. That's my opinion.

I've always found it amusing that just as there's a clamoring around the world for same sex marriage to be accepted, heterosexuals are destroying the institution by quitting on each other at an alarming pace.

More than 50 percent of marriages in North America don't last, and more and more, heterosexuals aren't even bothering to go through the goofy exercise. But hey, if you want to do it all the power to you, no matter what you've got lurking between your legs.

Here's my problem with the Damian Goddard controversy. It bothers me how quickly being a supporter of the traditional definition of marriage immediately turns you into a homophobe.

It's bullshit.

I read the comments attached to the articles written in the papers. There was a mad rush to turn this guy into some anti-gay monster.

Marriage is an archaic institution. It's not a race, colour or creed. None of the things that if you fuck with, people jump all over you. Marriage is a thing.

So if a guy like Damian Goddard thinks this thing should remain the way it's always been that's his right. It's an opinion on a thing, it's not an opinion on the people who practice it.

Damian Goddard paid a price because he holds the opinion that the institution of marriage should remain as we've traditionally known it. It should remain the union of a man and a woman and nothing else - like it is in 90 percent of the world, and like it was in Canada less than a decade ago.

That's his opinion to which he has a right and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

What the hell happend to freedom of speech?

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The Practice Is Wrong

April 17, 2011 @ 09:16

Bob Barker was in Toronto this week and he had a valid message. Elephants at the Metro Zoo should be freed to a sanctuary in Southern California.

Barker claims the climate is too cold in Toronto and the pen that the elephants are kept in isn't nearly big enough. Seven elephants have died at the zoo since 1984, and the deaths are tied to conditions.

To me the issue is a no-brainer. We've come so far with human rights, gay rights and basic rights, but for some reason we haven't been so great with animal rights.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no PETA whack job, the only reason I've backed off beef recently is because my system can't handle it any more, but right in there with chicken, fish and goat, and I could really care less if somebody wears a fur coat.

But when it comes to taking animals out of their natural environment and putting them in pens, I get uncomfortable.

Ask my kids, I've taken them to Wonderland, Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studio and every goddamn water park between her and Florida, but I never took them to the Metro Zoo.

I don't like monkeys in cages and whales in pools. If we're going to make a buck off them we should keep them in conditions are close to their natural environment as possible and for this reason I should mention I have taken my kids to African Lion Safari.

I really think society has outgrown the idea of the zoo. With high def big screen televisions and a million channels, I don't think there's any problem exposing kids to wild-life. It's there every day of the week.

And please don't argue it gets them away from the television and out of the house, because I'll point to the other zillion hours most of them spend mesmerized by video games.

Zoos are expensive, unfair and in some cases embarrassingly cruel.

I applaud Mr. Barker for coming all the way to Toronto to make a point and even offering to pay part of the cost to have Toronto's elephants transported to California.

He's made us all more aware, hopefully to the point where we'll look beyond elephants.

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April 4, 2011 @ 17:26

I'm still trying to figure out what that "SlutWalk" was all about on Sunday in downtown Toronto.

Several hundred people organized a march from Queens Park that protested remarks by a Toronto Police Officer that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing provocatively.

In late January, during a forum at York University, Constable Michael Sanguinetti said "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized."

Given his position it was a stupid thing to say, no doubt about it. But it happened in January and now it's April and a lot of other things have happened since then.

Like a formal apology from Sanguinetti, a total denouncement by Metro Police and disciplinary action against the officer.

Apparently that's not good enough in the "we can dress as sluts if we want to" world. Even though it was the comment of a single man, they refuse to accept the apology saying "It's not about one bad apple cop; it's about an institution that is permeated with these kinds of notions and beliefs."

Wow. Talk about taking one man's slip up and turning it into a huge generalization.

I compare this to the NOW Magazine controversy. The very magazine that you would expect to not judge a man by his girth, judged a man by his girth. NOW promotes itself as this wonderful and righteous institution, yet turns around and whacks a guy because he's fat.

It's like the crowd at Queens Park yesterday. Casual observation of this group would expect them not to generalize under any circumstances. You can't blame an entire race, religion or gender because of the actions of one. It's just not right. But they want to attack an entire police force for the words of one officer.

Because one woman dresses like a slut doesn't mean all women are sluts they say, but on the other hand, because one cop says something, they must all think it.


I can see an adverse response if the officer refused to apologize, or the police force ignored it, but none of that happened. Unfortunate words were met with the appropriate reaction.

We could debate all day long about the truth in what he said. The world is filled with nuts and when you make the decision to leave the house dressed in a certain way, as unjust and unfair as it is, you never know when one of those nuts could be around the next corner.

Sad but true. No one should ever be judged by their looks, weight or what they're wearing, but guess what people, it happens.

To me that wasn't the issue of the "SlutWalk." The issue was not accepting a genuine apology and generalizing an entire police force.

Something tells me they wanted that "SlutWalk" come hell or high water. But they waited till the weather was warmer so they could dress like sluts and be comfortable.

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Count Me Out Again

March 25, 2011 @ 18:08

(Re-posted from last year, with a couple of changes.) Earth Hour arrives at 8:30 Saturday night, and chances are, when it arrives I'll probably be doing what I always do on a Saturday night around that time, watching the hockey game in my rec-room.

There won't be a lot of lights on in the rec-room, but it won't have anything to do with Earth Hour, it's got everything to do with the fact I don't like a bright room when I'm watching television.

Meanwhile, the lights will be on upstairs in the kitchen and the foyer and probably the living room because we like them on in those rooms at night. The lights at the front of the house will be on also because I like the way my place looks when it's lit up.

If a load of washing needs to be done, it will be. If my wife wants to bake something in the oven, she will, and if my son wants to crank his electric guitar, he will.

Earth Hour is just another one of those goofy symbolic things along the way that makes me shake my head and laugh, and here's why.

Because day to day my family doesn't use a lot of electricity or waste a lot of energy but I'm willing to bet a lot of the people that will take part in Earth Hour tonight, "do" waste a lot of energy.

But Earth Hour will make them feel better about themselves. You know, like carbon credits make Al Gore feel better about the gross amount of power he uses in his seven houses.

The CN Tower will go dark. Big deal. What about the other 364 days of the year - same with lights at Niagara Falls, government buildings and all the huge skyscrapers in town.

Call me a cynic, but Earth Hour is a pointless event that only serves to feed a new industry, the industry that the likes of Gore and David Suzuki are getting rich off, the business of Green Hysteria.

Don't kid yourself people, it is big business and it is filled with con artists and hypocrites who don't see a safer or cleaner planet, all they see is opportunity, the opportunity to spread fear through nonsense while selling their act to every gullible goof on the block.

Here's what really makes me laugh. We have the likes of Gore and Suzuki selling us snake oil while tons of people are still throwing their Tim Horton's cups out their car windows. Just check out any off-ramp.

We're supposed to live in the dark for an hour, but there won't be any fewer cigarette butts laying on the ground.

Millions of suckers will take part, pat themselves on the back, and then go about their business as they always have.

I wonder how many Earth Hour T-shirts have been sold?

Last year I put new windows in my house that cost roughly half of what I bought my first house for. I'm also looking at a new high efficiency furnace and one of those tank-less water heaters. To some I may look like a hero because of all this, but really, it's got nothing to do with Green hysteria or wanting to help the environment, it's got everything to do with wanting to help Fred Patterson.

I'm doing this because I don't like a drafty house, I'd like an unlimited supply of hot water and I'd like my gas bill to be lower.

I also bought a couple of flat screen TV's in the past year. Very energy efficient, but that's not the reason I bought them.

It just so happens that all these products are now made with conservation in mind and by wanting them or needing them I will be doing my part for the environment by purchasing them - not necessarily by choice I might add, because just about everything we buy is more efficient today.

Cars run cleaner, appliances don't use nearly as much electricity and industry is being forced conform. Generally speaking we're doing a pretty good job of helping the planet through advanced technology and buying the products attached to it.

It's the realistic non-hysterical approach because when you get right down to it, considering our busy lives, there's not much more we can do other than bending over to pick up some litter or turning off our lights for an hour every goddamn night for the rest of time - and you know that ain't gonna happen - anywhere.

Yea, spare me the symbolism and the guilt trip and the hypocricy of everything connected to Earth Hour and the fear of an impending environmental disaster.

Take just half the bullshit attached to Earth Hour, dump it into the Atlantic Ocean, and that my friends would be an environmental disaster.

earth hour may be losing steam

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Biker Season

March 25, 2011 @ 08:13

My good friend Donny Patterson, whom I love dearly, wrote a posting on his facebook this week pleading with motorists to prepare for the motorcycle season.

Here's what it said

LOOK TWICE--SAVE A LIFE, MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE!! Repost this to your status to remind all of your family/friends that it is motorcycle season, and taking a few extra seconds to take a second look will save lives of our loved ones. Give them their fair share of the roadway!!!!!!!! PLEASE REPOST, EVEN IF YOU AREN'T A RIDER - YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT IS.

I appreciate the spirit of this plea, but I'd like to talk about the other side because it's definitely a two way street.

I tend to group cyclists and motorcyclists together when it comes to road behaviour, and although motorcyclist aren't quite as bad, they too need to think about a few things before pulling on the leathers and jumping on their hogs.

If you want to respect from cars, act like cars. If you want all the consideration that cars get, then you too must abide by the same rules.

That means lining up for a right turn like a car. Don't cruise up on the inside. Cyclists are great for this.

If it's a two lane road, don't make it three by squirming up the middle, and then get mad if someone opens their driver's door.

If you're on the highway and there's grid lock, be patient like a motorist has to be. Don't zig zag up the highway and use the shoulder. Cars can't, why should you?

When you make the decision to become a biker, whether you like it or not, most of the responsibility rests on your shoulders. You're seasonal occupants of the road and very vulnerable which means it's up to you to adjust to the roadways every bit as much as the motorists who use the roads every day.

You have to be more careful, cautious and courteous; you can't expect people to instantly adjust their driving habits to you. Keep your distance and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

For many, riding a bike is recreation more than its necessitation and too often that leads to trouble.

Donny, I love ya, and I want you to be safe on the road all summer, like I do all bikers, but again buddy, this is a two way street, and I think it might be more productive to issue a warning to other bikers long before I point at cars.

And please, lets do something about those loud exhaust systems.

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Cooke, Lumby And Layton

March 23, 2011 @ 08:07

I should have gotten to this earlier, but there really isn't a lot to say about the Matt Cooke suspensions.

The NHL blew it again, at very least he should have received the remainder of the season and "all" of the playoffs. But that's the NHL for you, even when they have an opportunity handed to them on a silver platter to set a clear cut example, they screw it up.

I don't see any need for further analyses because it's all been said. Everything I've read criticizing the suspension is valid.

As far as is concerned, what did come out of this story was another dimension provided by my good friend and sinister Hab fan Jeff Lumby.

Here's what he wrote.

Freddie, Agree with everything you said about Kook...ah Cooke. The point about a few ruining it for others is well taken. Other players need to step up...ex-players really need to step up....MARIO??? Freddie, can you do me a favor though, since you brought it up (and no I don't put a "u" in favor or color, it's stupid), stop saying Chara has no history with suspensions. It's immaterial. So because you have no suspensions the league can't give you your first?? Ridiculous. That fact has no merit in the conversation. By the way, the league stunk the joint out with the Cooke suspension. Wimps.

And here's how I replied.

@Lumby - History has a lot to do with it because, whether right or wrong, its a huge criteria for how the NHL hands down suspensions. Unless its a blatant case of intent to injure, which this wasn't, the NHL has to consider a player's character and history. And that's exactly why you're correct about Matt Cooke. Chara got what he deserved, Cooke didn't.

And one other thing.

The release of the federal budget yesterday reveals why it's time for this country to move on from a minority government.

When the likes of Jack Layton and his broken down irrelevant party is given legitmacy it's time for change.

I think the inevitable election is going to provide some dramatic change in Canada. If we get a Conservative majority, it will provide a stability that we haven't seen in years. If the Conservatives get another minority, I think you'll see Stephen Harper walk and go earn some real money. And if the Liberals get a minority, the country deserves everything it gets.

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What About Us?

March 21, 2011 @ 08:43

You may have noticed I'm a bit of a news junkie, and that's why I spend a lot of my time watching news shows.

I couldn't you a goddamn thing about CSI, no matter what city. I don't watch reality shows and I don't want some of the great stuff on HBO. If I'm not watching a game, I'm watching CNN, The Fox News Channel, MSNBC, W-5 and even some of the nauseating left wing shit that the CBC has to offer.

I've got to tell you folks; Freddie P. was blowin' smoke out his ears yesterday.

Flippin' between the American nets I couldn't believe how rude they were towards Canada's involvement in the international coalition.

It's not what they said that was insulting; it was what they didn't say. I must have heard twenty five references to the coalition yesterday and they might have mentioned Canada half a dozen times. Tops.

I realize when it comes to war Americans like to think they're the cat's ass, but for the so-called reporters at America's so-called news networks to give Canada much less than adequate respect yesterday is appalling.

This is not a shot at America's military. I'm sure uniform wearin' Americans are extremely pleased with Canada's involvement and I'm sure they're well aware of our long and rich history of going to battle with them.

It's the all the other goobers I'm talking about.

The newscasters and commentators who get so wrapped up in self strokin' they're oblivious to everyone else.

They need some education even though it will be tough to swallow. Because if you take the time to analyze all those involved in the coalition, top to bottom, all things considered, Canada has, and always has had, the best soldiers on earth.

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