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May 14, 2008 @ 11:48

There is no excuse for assaulting any one under any circumstances, and the thought of someone suffering physical and emotional injuries while fishing is unconscionable, but complaints from several areas of the province about certain fishermen not following angling laws, continuously fall on deaf ears, and are conveniently written off as racism.

Again, this is no excuse for violence, but enough complaints, spread out over a large province should be enough to initiate an investigation by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Unfortunately, because of budget restraints and political correctness, neglect by the Ministry has turned into an issue for the Ontario Human Rights Commission and it's whacked out leader Barbara Hall.

Because of cutbacks, fishing decorum goes virtually unchecked in the province and its become a passionate issue for those who care about our lakes and steams.

I find it amusing that the Ontario government refuses to even consider that there might be a problem with the abuse of angling laws in the province, but doesn’t hesitate to crack down on those who feel there is.

We must repeat there is no excuse for racist remarks or violence because no man has the right to lay his hands on another. However, we do have the right to have an issue examined from all sides and dealt with accordingly.

Barbara Hall is a real winner through all of this. She quickly grasped this issue and turned it into a racial thing as a method to justify her existence as head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, yet at the same time she's allowed literature to printed reminding certain people of angling laws, including catch limits.

Obviously she realizes there's a problem with some groups. Obviously she's talking out of both sides of her mouth.

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Can You Do A Guy A Favour

May 9, 2008 @ 09:56

Over the weekend I was wondering if you could help me?

Can you look to the right and click on and take part in the dialogue?

I'd like to get this baby up and running and it would be cool if you could click through and get the numbers up while giving your two cents worth.

Beyond that, it would be exceptional if you could spread the word about, because don't forget, even if you disagree with some of the postings, you have the opportunity to respond.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Frederick Richard Patterson,

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The Madness Continues

May 8, 2008 @ 11:13

Yes, the madness continues in Toronto where a return to segregation is well underway and threatening to grow.

Now that an Africentric school has been approved for kindergarten to grade five for the fall of 2009, the push is on to expand it to a high school for the fall of 2010.

It’s got to be one of the most bizarre situations in the history of Canada.

A country that has prided itself in multi-culturalism and accepting just about anyone from anywhere in the world, is now being pressured into taking a huge step backward by dividing kids by colour in our schools.

We're not fooled by the smoke screen that suggests these schools will be open to all kids of all colours and backgrounds. They will be occupied by black kids who have parents who choose to blame the school system for the scholastic failures of children.

This is political correctness in its worst form.

The idea of Africentric schools is wrong but the concept lives on because too many people are afraid to say no.

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Heartless Timmy's

May 8, 2008 @ 09:24

The story of the 27 year old London woman who was fired from her job at Tim Horton’s should be enough to make the entire country boycott this corporate monster.

Talk about hypocrisy.

Here’s a company that spends millions dollars a year producing cheesy commercials about being a fixture in communities across the country. Commercials about compassion and generosity. Commercials about family and friends.

Obviously, when you get right down to it, it’s a load of bullshit flung at the Canadian public by the corporate weasels who make tens of millions of dollars a year on the backs of people who patronize the coffee chain in a disturbingly cult like fashion.

27 year old Nicole Lilliman gave one stinkin’ Tim-Bit to an 11 month old child and for that she was fired. She didn’t even receive a warning.

A single mother of four, Lilliman was accused of theft and was told to sign an accusation before she left he store.

This is corporate greed of the highest level. It represent a big problem in our society today, all rationale is lost when it comes to the all mighty dollar.

Of course an employee shouldn’t give food away. But consider the entire situation and the extent of the actual damage before throwing someone onto the street.

"Employees aren't allowed to give out free products and that's the bottom line," she district Manager Nicole Mitchell. "She gave out free product and it doesn't matter if it is a Timbit or a coffee or a doughnut or 10 sandwiches or what."

How heartless is that. What a dumb ass.

From what we can gather, Lilliman did something that possesses all the qualities that we usually see in a Tim Horton’s commercial.


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Something New

May 6, 2008 @ 09:51

Hey everybody, check this out.

In conjunction with technical whiz Toronto Mike I’ve developed a new website called

It’s like the national version of, but I’d like it to be even more interactive.

There are several websites in the United States that act as national forums for people to state their opinion on domestic affairs, and that’s the role I hope Canadian Thinker will play.

Not only do I want your comments, but eventually I’d like readers to initiate thought and file stories or comments about things they see in the news, with a slant towards pushing back against political correctness.

I’d like to become a daily visit for people right across the country. will feature links to stories that affect the lives of all Canadians, and course, it will feature comments from the editor.

Welcome to

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Lousy Lax Laws

May 6, 2008 @ 09:49

In Canada, the highest priority should be given to our children, especially when it comes to predators and perverts.

Yesterday in a Toronto court room, actor Robert Smith pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing child pornography on the internet.

He’s the guy who embarrassed the hell out of the brewers of Alexander Keith’s because he was their loud mouthed, kilt wearin’ spokesman for a few years.

But here’s the unbelievable part. Despite possessing and distributing child pornography, the maximum this “perv” can get under the Canadian Criminal Code is two years.


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Just Like The States

May 5, 2008 @ 08:34

A growing problem in the Toronto area and stretching out across the land is graffiti.

It’s another one of those things that we could always take pride in when compared to the United States, but no longer.

So called “urban art” is taking hold in larger Canadian cities and unless we want to give in like large American cities, it will cost millions to clean up.

It’s a selfish crime.

To take a spray bomb or a pain brush and deface someone else’s property is the height of ignorance and disregard for the visual environment.

To inflict your beliefs or thoughts or slogans on the property of others without their permission should be considered a serious crime and perpetrators should be dealt with severely.

It was nice to see the cops kick some ass over the weekend.

It’s property damage plain and simple and costing innocent victims money that could be better spent elsewhere..

Without getting too dramatic, I really believe scribbling on street signs, traffic signs, mail boxes and walls etc. is indication we're losing control as a society.

It's like nobody gives a shit about any one else any more.

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Bruised Brampton

May 1, 2008 @ 10:16

My heart sunk yesterday when I heard of the double murder/ attempted suicide in Brampton, not far from where I live.

It must have been a horrible scene as a man plunged a knife into a woman, and then did the same thing to a good Samaritan who tried to help her out. After killing those two, he started to slice his own throat before police arrived a tasered him.

A horrible incident that could have happened anywhere, but something that puts another knife into the heart of Brampton.

It's another one of those things that will leave non residents of Brampton shaking their heads this morning, thankful that they don't live here.

I don't think I have to explain the reputation that Brampton has acquired over the past several years, much like Scarborough. And much like Scarborough, it's undeserved.

I've made the point before, Brampton gets tagged with a lot of what it doesn't deserve because the Peel Court House is located here, and whenever anything happens its usually reported with the tag line "in Brampton Court."

It could happen anywhere in Mississauga and Caledon, but it always comes back to Brampton because of that damn court house.

I've lived in Brampton for close to 30 years now, and I can only tell you that its been a fabulous place to raise a family and continues to be a safe and peaceful community.

I don't know exactly what happened at that Brampton Mall yesterday, I don't even think the police know at this point.

What I do know is that Brampton dropped a couple more notches in public opinion yesterday and it's getting to the point where its reputation is probably beyond the point of recovery.

Sad, but true.

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Bernardo's Purpose

April 24, 2008 @ 08:56

I realize our society is envied around the world and Canada probably leads the way when it comes to humanity and social justice, and for that I am thankful and proud.

Canada has a rich history of being fair, almost to a fault, because human rights come first and virtually everything else comes second.

This country is so obsessed with looking after “everybody” that it becomes downright bizarre. This is often played out through our justice system when criminals are actually treated better than their victims.

Victims fend for themselves, while in jail; criminals are well fed, given complete medical attention and free education.

Sometimes this bothers me and sometimes I think we should make exceptions to these rules. Sometimes I think we should consider the crime and the criminal and change the rules, and that’s why I think Paul Bernardo should be put to good use.

Let me explain.

If you’ve been following the news lately you know that Robert Baltovich has been found not guilty of killing former girlfriend Elizabeth Bain 18 years ago. Meanwhile, it’s widely believed that Bernardo may in fact have been the killer.

But word out of Kingston Penitentiary reveals Bernardo won’t talk about the Bain murder because he actually believes he has a shot at early parole and admitting to another killing would affect that.

He’s delusional of course. He’s been declared a dangerous offender and that status will never change and that means he’ll breathe his last breath in Kingston. He’ll never get out.

So here’s my idea.

Elizabeth Bain’s family has no closure. There’s no body and there’s no resolution at this point so the Bains continue to suffer while Baltovich is free and Bernardo rots in prison.

I really believe there should be an exception made in this case. I think the way should be cleared for the truth to be squeezed out of Bernardo. Apparently there are all kinds of methods to get people come to come clean, why not try a few on Bernardo.

Hell, there may be a few methods that are unproven but need a little more practice, why not use them on Bernardo. He’s no better than a laboratory rat.

It may involve pain, or it may not. Hey it may involve a few of Elizabeth Bain’s larger male family members spending a few minutes with Bernardo, all alone if need be, but I really think this is the chance for Paul Bernardo to finally serve a purpose with his miserable life.

Using Paul Bernardo in a way that would still be more humane than the way he used his victims, could provide a breakthrough for criminal investigations in the future and save families a lot of undue stress and heartache.

You know what I'm sayin?

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Poverty Canadian Style

April 21, 2008 @ 07:42

It never ceases to fail, whenever you read stories about Canada's alleged poor, usually in the Toronto Star, there's always something to piss you off.

Such was the case yesterday when I opened the Star and read "Trapped in the spiral of easy debt" by Star social justice reporter Tanya Talaga.

It's typical of so much of what the Toronto Star is all about. Hard luck stories slanted with an accusatory tone towards the so-called rich.

The online story doesn't have it, but the hard copy features a graph displaying what poor people can't have, and what rich people can have. What it proves is beyond me, because it's not hard to figure out that rich people can afford what poor people can't.

However, yesterday's article contained one of those paragraphs that leaves you shaking your head.

We learned about Mary and Don Oxley of Brampton who have hit some tough times because of Don's disability and how they're swimming in a sea of debt.

But get a load of this paragraph.

"The Oxleys can't afford either to rent or go to the movies. But Mary's line of credit is maxed out at $19,000 because of a used vehicle she bought. To make things easier for Don, at home all day, and to give the family a source of entertainment two years ago, she bought a large-screen plasma TV and made payments on it for two years.
"You have to have some entertainment for him," she says.
The $3,800 TV is now paid for. But they still have their monthly cable bill of $176, which includes the Internet, cell and home phone."

Sorry, but it lost me right there.

If the Oxley's are Canada's example of the poor, then we're doing pretty well. If Oxley's could find the means to buy a 38 hundred dollar plazma TV, then I have no sympathy and I wonder what the hell they're doing in the newspaper.

Call me crazy but I think Don could have been "entertained" just as easily by a 32 inch tube television that costs about four hundred dollars. Believe me, I know, because I still don't have a flat screen TV and the hockey game looked pretty good to me last night.

This article fills an entire page of the newspaper and its written like affluent people are supposed to lose their hearts and minds by the details.

Personally, I just lose my patience.

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