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An Inconvenient Wind

November 25, 2008 @ 08:24

I can only laugh at what's happening in Scarborough. A proposed plan for wind turbines off the shore of the Scarborough Bluffs is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of most green plans and why they'll never work.

Everybody puts on a good face. Everybody wants to save the planet, and everybody claims they want to buy into anything that will save the environment.... until of course, it affects them directly.

Those who live along the Bluffs over-looking Lake Ontario are digging in their heels. Yes, they realize Canada should get away from fossil fuels, and yes they'd like wind power to become the wave of the future, but no, they don't want to look at windmills placed a couple of miles out in the lake.

At first they just told the truth. The windmills will be an eye sore and could affect property values. But once they realized that story was a little on the selfish side and made them look like enemies of the planet, they turned to a bullshit story about bird migration being disrupted.

Whatever it takes to preserve their view of the lake.

Hey, I don't blame these people. If I lived on the Bluffs over-looking the lake I'd probably be pissed off too, but I'm not one of those wieners who buys into advanced global warming hysteria and I don't claim to be ready to do what David Suzuki tells me do while making hundreds of thousands of dollars telling me to do it.

I bet you could go all over North America and find the same thing that's happening in Scarborough.

The people who are directly affected by the windmills are probably the same people who when asked previously would say they would support anything that would help the environment, and the people who gathered at a meeting in Scarborough last night and fall in favour of the windmills, probably live nowhere near the area.

And if the roles were reversed, the opinions would be reversed. Those who don't want them now, would, and those who do, wouldn't'.

That's the reality of the situation and the reason I laugh at all those people who use "An Inconvenient Truth" as reference to the world's so-called environmental crisis.

Everybody wants to save the polar bears. Until they have to go out into the cold.

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Comments We Like - Mike Stafford

November 21, 2008 @ 08:32

Enough Auto Talk

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Another Report

November 17, 2008 @ 09:35

It's amazing how all levels of Canadian government throw money at "reports" only to make sure those reports are politically correct first and accurate second.

The latest is a provincial report released by a couple of old sticks of dead wood named Alvin Curling and Roy McMurtry. They deliver the same old stuff.

Youth violence it seems is the fault of everybody under the sun except those who irresponsibly blast their sperm all over the province to willing recipients, with neither having any intention of dealing with the consequences.

It really is tiresome.

Racism is blamed, so is poverty, housing and the school system. In other words, it's the white establishment that's to blame for everything that ails Toronto's troubled youth.

Apparently it's government, society and the racist attitudes of white Canadians who force some segments of our community to have children without really thinking about it or having the financial means to deal with it.

That's what blows my mind about this stuff.

It's seems too simple, but its not. Youth violence in Toronto can be traced back to the home 99 percent of the time. It's the breakdown of the family unit and it's a huge problem in the black community with far too many fatherless homes, and if people want to dispute that, then let's start keeping statistics.

Let's keep statistics and release reports that ignore political correctness and uncover what's really going on out there. If there's nothing to hide then there's nothing to worry about.

It's a lot better than throwing good money at bad, toothless reports.

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November 12, 2008 @ 08:10

I've got to admit some of these breastfeeding issues piss me off so much I can't see straight.

The latest story comes out of York Region, where a breastfeeding mother thought it would be a good idea to pop a boob in a public pool and feed her kid where everyone else was swimming.

She was asked to leave the pool and offered two other locations in the facility with comfortable chairs, but that wasn't good enough.

Like so many of these self-centered wing nuts she had to take it to the next level by organizing a protest whereby dozens of breastfeeding women would invade the same pool.

Luckily, the owner of the pool got wind of the protest and hired security which prevented the disgusting protest from taking place.

Sorry, but I really can't get my head around the thinking of a lot of these women. Yes, we all know that breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural and healthy thing but there are certain times and places and a public swimming pool isn't one of them.

I'm not allowed to eat in a pool, so why should a baby? It's unsanitary and really isn't fair to anyone else in the pool who might find it objectionable. What about drips of lactate or vomit entering the water. Why should I have to put up with that?

Who in their right mind would risk having their darling little child ingect chlorinated water with a healthy dose of urine added to the mix?

What is the big goddamn deal about leaving the pool for a few minutes to feed your child instead of making it a front page issue? It's ridiculous.

The attitude towards breastfeeding has come a long way in the past few years and deservedly so, but there are lines that have to be drawn and when they're crossed it shouldn't be considered intolerance or a human rights issue. It should come down to common sense, but to some people, their own bloody self interest trumps everything else.

What a wonderful life Cinira Longuinho must lead if she has so much time to devote to this nonsense.

Listen lady, I wouldn't want to swim in your breast milk either.

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Marolyn's Money

November 9, 2008 @ 12:36

As many of you know, I live in Brampton. But I live as far north in Brampton as you can go. As a matter of fact, when I look out my back window, I'm looking at Caledon.

Unlike Brampton, Caledon has a fine reputation. Wide open spaces, beautiful homes and money. But it also has a history.

It has a history of some horrific car accidents involving impaired teen-agers. There's a reason for this, not an excuse mind you, just a reason.

Caledon is rural and the only way for kids to get around is to drive. There's no transit system, so the majority of kids get their licenses early and take to the long and winding roads.

Again, this is no excuse for drinking and driving. I'm sure in many cases kids took their parents cars under the promise they wouldn't drink and drive but one thing led to another which led to tragedy. I'm sure many bad decisions were made along the way.

But how's this for a bad decision.

On Saturday night my daughter went to a party in Caledon and rather then drive home, she left her car on the street and took a cab home. The responsible thing to do.

This morning when I drove her over to her car there was a parking ticket on it and it wasn't cheap, it was thirty dollars, her reward for being responsible.

This was a wide but quiet side street and having her car parked there would have made no difference to anyone. Anyone but the Town of Caledon.

The Town of Caledon which has a terrible history of accidents involving young people. The Town of Caledon which rather than relaxing parking rules on a Friday and Saturday nights, would rather scoop thirty bucks off someone who chose not to drink and drive. The Town of Caledon which given its history should have enough foresight to figure this out.

I realize towns and cities depend on parking fines as part of their revenue stream, but sometimes common sense has to over-ride revenue. It was a Saturday night for cryin' out loud.

My daughter's car wasn't parked on a main street or highway. It wasn't impeding anyone's drive way and it wasn't parked next to a fire hydrant. It was left on the street because we continually drive it into the heads of our youth to not drink and drive because the consequences can be devastating.

But all of this has apparently escaped Caledon Mayor Marolyn Morrison, and by-law enforcement officer K. Louro, badge number 8356.

Well done people. Use the thirty bucks wisely.

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Inaccurate Reporting

November 1, 2008 @ 12:51

The following line was written in the attached article by Andrew Chung: Trained as a lawyer at his father's alma mater, Université Laval, he has become used to the limelight over the years and has honed his skills as an adept, funny and engaging public personality.

Excuse me?

Mulroney wedding a small, elegant affair

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You Say Zamboni I Say Sambuca

November 1, 2008 @ 11:17

Zamboni driver faces impaired charge

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October 28, 2008 @ 08:17

Court hears about threesomes with Frost

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Twenty Six Percent More

October 23, 2008 @ 08:16

I'm happy for Neighbour John. He runs a manufacturing company that does almost all of its business in the United States.

With the Canadian dollar dropping below 80 cents, John is a very happy man these days. Over the past couple of months, he got a 20 percent raise. How many people can say that?

Of course John would counter with this. During the brief moment in time that the Canadian dollar was strong, he wasn't so happy. Like many Canadian manufacturers, it put a lot of pressure on his business from top to bottom.

I like to think of Neighbour John and people like him whenever I get pissed off about the dollar. It makes me feel better.

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving on my third annual sports trip to Michigan and although it's only for two days, I 'm still not thrilled about paying $1.26 for an American dollar.

Thank goodness all our tickets were purchased when the dollar was in the upper 90's, so that makes it even easier, but all of a sudden a quick trip across the border will cost 26 percent more than it would have a month ago.

I've guess we've been spoiled over the past couple of years. With a dollar floating around par, it made trips to the United States a lot more enjoyable. Especially when you consider that besides smokes and booze and "some" clothing, prices in the States didn't seem to differ much from Canada.

Definitely not food - groceries or restaurants.

I admit, I'll probably only spend a couple of hundred bucks in Michigan this weekend, but that instantly means $250.00, and I don't know about you, but I don't like having 50 bucks disappear into thin air. Not only that, but a $240.00 dollar hotel bill will turn into almost three hundred.

Here's the deal. This trip was planned a few months ago, so we're on the hook to go. But honestly, if the dollar had been worth 79 cents when we were planning it, I probably would have declined, on principle. And it will definately make me rethink a planned trip to Florida in the spring.

It lets you appreciate how the United States will probably suffer over the next few months from a tourism standpoint. How many Canadians planning extended trips will decide to stay home? Lots.

But I go back to my original point. Guys like Neighbour John are happy today, and so is the Canadian tourism industry, and when you get right down to it, that's way more important than my trip to Michigan.

I think I'll check out Newfoundland in the spring.

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Comments We Like

October 22, 2008 @ 12:00

The Imminent Collapse Of Global Markets Is No Reason To Skimp On Four-Season Gutter Protection

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