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World Wide Radio

January 6, 2009 @ 08:49

It was the most joyous of Christmas's thanks to my kids.

Every year they become mildly annoyed when Christmas approaches and I don't give them any ideas about what I want for Christmas.

I usually come up with the usual dad thing and say "nothing, save your money for something important."

This year was a little bit different, while driving back and forth between Brampton and Peterborough I kept hearing a Bay-Bloor Radio commercial on the Edge talking about "internet radios'.

I found this intriguing and I wanted one and I let it be known.

I spend a lot of time checking our radio stations on line from all over the world. I think it's so cool to be able to call up any station anywhere, and within seconds be listening to it.

The problem is, or was, that do this you have to be by a PC or have your laptop open. Even the mobility of a laptop made listening to internet stations a bit of a chore because you have to find the station, then click on the listen live feature and then stream the player.

With an internet radio, there's none of that.

It sits on your night table and remains ready for action either manually or with a remote.

For it to work, you have to have wireless capability in your house, but that's the extent of it.

You simply configure the radio like you would your laptop. You lock onto your network, punch in your WEP and the radio is ready to go, and when I say ready to go, I mean ready to go.

You can choose a country by scrolling through literally every country on earth, and then you can choose a genre. Thousands of radio stations are at your disposal without having to use a computer.

Somehow this wonderful little box by-passes everything and takes your directly to any radio stations streaming system. It buffers like it does on a computer but in makes cases it takes mere seconds and offers eight pre-sets which allows you to move quickly and freely between your favourite stations.

I love the bloody thing.

Since Christmas I've listened to live talk radio out of Jerusalem, following the on-going conflict over there.

Saturday night I found a sports radio station out of San Diego that was celebrating the Chargers victory over Indianapolis.

I enjoy listening to talk radio out of New York on WABC, the Fox Radio Network and hundreds of other stations spread across this earth.

It's also handy for my work situation. While in Brampton I can listen to The Wolf and The Kruz, and while in Peterborough I can listen to Toronto radio stations. Every stinkin' one of them.

When I opened this wonderful package on Christmas morning I was "tickled pink" to begin with, but since then my love for this contraption has increased tenfold, and sometimes I just look at it and stroke it without even turning it on.

And sometimes I wonder where the saying "tickled pink" came from.

Anyway, if you're a radio junkie like I am, and you love to surf the radio net, this is the thing for you, and from what I understand, Bay-Bloor Radio is about the only place you can get them right now.

Mine is a Sanyo.

Thanks Mel, thanks Dan - you made Christmas the most joyous occasion.

Who uses the word "joyous" anymore?

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Have A Good One

December 31, 2008 @ 10:11

I can hardly believe it. I can hardly believe that this is the last day of the final year of the first decade of the new millennium.

At least I think it is.

Will 2009 be the final year of the first decade of the new millennium, or was 2000 the final year of the 1900's? If it was, then 2009 will be the second last year of the first decade of the new millennium.

Regardless, I think you get my drift. Where does the time go?

It seems almost impossible that nine years ago tonight I was in my buddy Darren's basement as we all stood around and wondered whether the lights would stay on.

Remember that load of bullroar that was fed to us in the late 90's. It was called Y2K and there were quite a few people who made a lot of money off throwing fear into society by planting the seed that computers would not function once the date flipped from "1999 to 2000."

To be honest, I didn't believe it and at one point it actually caused a little stress between me and Humble Howard.

Howie was totally in to Y2K while I was a bit of a skeptic and one day after we had Y2K booster Peter de Jager on the show we had a heated debate..

de Jager was a big benefactor of the Y2K scare writing books and giving speeches on the horrible things that were about to come upon us.

To me, it never made sense. I couldn't believe that we could be so vulnerable to something so simple and as it turned out, we weren't.

Midnight came and went and we all survived without a hitch - and the funniest part was, there were actually some people who were disappointed after all the build up.

Howard wasn't one of them. On the contrary, after emerging from his cold cellar where his wife Randi had stocked several pounds of dry goods and gallons of fresh water, he could be heard screaming like a Banshee through most of Oakville.

Anyway, we close out 2008 and what a year it was.

It's hard to pick a "big story".

The economy has been a world wide kick in the gazooni's, but on the upside the USA elected a black president. Going into year, I don't think anyone, anywhere, predicted either.

In Canada we had another election, an attempted over-throw and two car companies that teetered on the brink of disaster.

We also had a provincial election that was John Tory's to lose, and he did.

The country also lost far too many soldiers in Afghanistan.

On a personal note like most people experience, there was good and bad.

I became one of those people who lost a parent but I got back into the work force landing a great job in Peterborough.

As a matter of fact I can't wait to get 2009 started on Monday morning. Peterborough is a great town, blessed with two great radio stations and they're both full of great people.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Thanks Al

December 17, 2008 @ 18:07

I'm happy to report that Vienna Meats will live on.

Vienna Meats is a delicatessen on Birchmount Road just south of Eglinton in Scarborough and it's a place I hold very near and dear to my heart even though I haven't set foot in the place in almost 30 years.

Vienna Meats was the closest store to my house while I was growing up on Chopin Avenue, which is about a five minute walk from Vienna.

When I was kid there were two variety stores within walking distance of our house. There was Scarborough Variety on Kennedy Rd. at Eglinton and there was Birch-Lawr Variety at Birchmount and Lawrence.

When I was a kid variety stores were important because they carried the widest variety of candy, so when you got your twenty-five cent a week allowance that's where you'd go.

The problem is both stores were about a half hour walk away.

Vienna filled the gap when time was a factor.

Often after having lunch at home, and having only a short window of time to get some candy before going back to school, Vienna represented a reasonable opportunity.

The selection of candy was slim, but it was still good enough when you needed a sugar fix.

Vienna didn't have jawbreakers or bubble gum or McIntosh Toffee or any of the real good stuff, but they did have Mentos , wine gums and chocolate encased in what looked like gold coins.

Nothing at Vienna was over the top and really inviting, but it was there when you needed it and I'm thrilled that it survived a five alarm fire yesterday.

Ironically I received the news from my buddy Alan Falkner who's a big shot District Chief with the Toronto Fire Department. Alan lived in my neighbourhood, he also went to Vienna on many occasions, and there he was yesterday directing his men at the fire.

Way to go Al, thanks for saving Vienna Meats.

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December 17, 2008 @ 18:06

Meanwhile, the Vienna Meats story reminded of another story, and it deals with haircuts and big boobs.

Shortly after become a teenager another variety store opened in our neighbourhood that was about half the distance of the variety stores that I mentioned in the Vienna story.

It was at Birchmount and Flintridge Rd. about halfway between Eglinton and Lawrence and it was called what else, "Flint-mount Variety."

Anyway also locating in this new strip mall was a hair cutting place called "El Dorado"and it represented the first "cool" hair cutting place in our district.

By this time if you didn't want to get your hair cut at the local barber shop, you had to go all the way downtown to a place like the "House of Lords" or some other over-priced rip off joint.

"El Dorado" became the favourite of all my friends and me because of the "extra" it offered.

None of us had ever had our hair washed as part of the hair cutting process. You just went to the barber shop, jumped in the chair and let Harry snip away.

"El Dorado" was a little more expensive but before you got into the chair you were directed to a sink to have your hair washed by a women. A young woman who always wore a very short skirt, painted herself up with lots of make-up, and made sure you noticed her enormous breasts.

You couldn't help but notice her big and bouncy boobatats because after you leaned back so your head would go into the sink, she would lean forward so her upper womanhood would engulf your face.

Word spread quickly and all of a sudden our neighbourhood went from a collection of pimply faced greasy longhairs to a collection of pimply faced not-so-long-hairs with beautiful gleaming shiny manes.

I was a brilliant marketing move by the owner of "El Dorado."

Don't kid yourself, it was all planned, and I had the boners to prove it.

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Food For Thought

December 14, 2008 @ 09:23

Hey Fred,
Just thought I would share this, may be worth the read!
Neighbour John

Letter to the editor from a Ford dealer.

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Toronto Mike For Hire

December 6, 2008 @ 10:06

Hey everybody, do you like this website? Have you ever thought of having your own website or blog?

If you have, then let me recommend the Booner. Toronto Mike. Mike Boon.

Even though rankles a few of you, if it wasn't for Mike Boon, this website wouldn't exist.

The guy is unbelievable. He know it all, he does it all. If I have a problem, no matter how big or small, Mike is right on it - bingo, bango, bongo it's solved!

He's a darlin'.

And don't worry about the dough, Mike is extremely reasonable and you can dictate the level to which you want to become involved.

Blogging is fun, blogging is rewarding and sometimes blogging can cause people to call you names, but I highly recommend it.

Beyond that Mike has put together some pretty neat websites for businesses. I know, I've seen them.

If you're interested, here's what Mike can do for.

-securing the domain name
-securing the appropriate web hosting
-installing Movable Type
-writing the XHTML / CSS and working to get the right site design
-mapping out navigational structure
-optimizing output for search (SEO)
-education transfer to teach how to manage own site / blog
-doing it all on budget and on time with a guy who's super easy to work with

You can contact Mike right here.

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December 3, 2008 @ 07:40

I received a lot of response to my postings yesterday and as usual there was no censoring.

There is a mechanism on my site that blocks certain comments until I can review them, but rarely do I choose not to post them.

This one came in yesterday and it's a fine example of how some people, in their pathetic attempt to defend the seperatist coalition, will stop at nothing.

The men who fought in the World Wars were fighting for freedom. To say that they were fighting for Canada is a bit naive. When you get right down to it, they were fighting for their lives. Fighting for the hope of seeing their loved ones again. To try and wrap the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag around these guys, when the Flag hadn't yet been introduced is laughable.

I highly doubt that my Great Uncle who fought in WWII gave a rat's ass about the future of Canada and Quebec's stance in the dominion.

Poor argument Fred.


Hey Kram, if your uncle is still alive, go ask him what he fought for, and if he's not, you should go to his grave today and apologize.

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December 1, 2008 @ 09:56

This is one of those weird situations where you don't want to bring attention to somebody, but at the same time you want to make a point

In this case it's David Frost who was acquitted on four counts of sexual exploitation in Napanee last week. In my opinion he got off thanks to some suspect work by the Crown and the fact that in Canada we seem to go out of our way to protect those who abuse children.

I probably shouldn't do this because it could actually help Frost make some money down the road and that would be wrong.

But here's the deal, Frost has started up a new website called

I won't link it because I'll let you decide whether you want to go there. But I think it's important to know it's out there because it helps expose Frost as the type of person he is..

Just one week after being acquitted he has the balls (apparently three of them if you followed the trial) to publish a website that not only features a "Mike Danton" section, but it also features something called "Hockey Hottie."

Danton is the former Mike Jefferson who under Frost's guidance had his life literally destroyed over a five or six year period. Danton currently sits in a U.S. jail for conspiring to have Frost killed.

And if that's not bad enough, on the heels of a trial that heard all kinds of testimony about Frost's sexual involvement with teenage girls, he slaps the world in the face by including a section that offers prizes to young women who send in pictures of themselves wearing almost nothing but hockey sweaters.

Nice eh.

Again, writing this piece actually brings attention to someone who doesn't deserve it, but maybe we can make something of this.

On the site, Frost doesn't allow comments on his postings because he knows what they would probably be. People would take the opportunity to tell him what they think of him and his wonderful past.

However, on the "Hockey Hottie" page there is an active e-mail address that you could use to send the classy Mr. Frost a message, so why don't you.

If you've got the stomach, go on over to and tell Frost what you think of him, and then come back here and tell us what you wrote.

And I'm going to do my part. I'm going to expose anyone who contributes content to his site, and publish the name of anyone who might decide to advertise on it. Hopefully at that point, the thousands of people who visit in a week can let those advertisers know how they feel about their involvement with such a swell guy.

Let's be doing it!

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When The System Fails

November 28, 2008 @ 18:55

We can only hope this becomes an OJ Simpson situation, whereby this scumbag gets nailed for something else. David Frost has destroyed so many lives, yet he walks away.

For the record, lawyer Marie Henein defended Frost and Ontario Court Justice Geoffrey Griffin acquitted him. Assistant Crown Attorney Sandy Tse blew the prosecution.

"Griffin also smacked around the prosecution - led by assistant Crown attorney Sandy Tse -for failing to convince him on the crux of the case. The judge expressed amazement the Crown hadn't called players' parents, sports psychologists and police investigators, or subpoena cellphone records."

David Frost acquitted of sexual exploitation charges.

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Goofy Buggers

November 26, 2008 @ 16:39

Is this political correctness gone too far? I think so, as a matter of fact I know so.

But given the new Canada, despite it being racist and over the top, it's not too hard to believe.

It's what we've become, a nation of over-reactive politically correct nitwits desperately trying to come up with the next thing that will save the world, or at least put the white Canadian male in his place.

Can you imagine if anybody in this country ever came out with the declaration that they were going to dis-continue something based on the fact that someone was black, brown, yellow or olive?

The student union at Carlton University has decided to discontinue their support of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because somewhere in their whacked out world they latched onto the unfounded belief that CF affects mostly white adult males.

This is not true, in fact there is more than enough proof that this disease does not choose its victims on any level, but that didn't stop the Carlton gang from plunging forward with their a righteous gesture that does nothing but do what they're apparently trying to prevent.


These feeble minded little twits are beyond comprehension, they go to bloody university but they weren't smart enough to think this thing through. Apparently the motion was kick-started by a few radicals who became delirious with the thought of killing something that supposedly benefitted only the white guy.

They actually issued a statement that boasted they supported a motion to withdraw support because they want fundraising to be as "inclusive as possible," and "CF has recently been revealed to affect white people and primarily men."

Aren't white males included in inclusive?

Not in the new Canada.

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