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Mike Stafford

April 30, 2009 @ 21:18

Toronto's best talk show host wrote this on his am 640 blog yesterday. Thanks buddy.

"For some reason April 30th always brings a smile to my face.

It shouldn't. It's tax deadline day. Not fun. But it is payday. That's fun. Except when you see the amount of taxes you've paid for the first four months.

April 30th makes me smile because of something that happened 23 years ago. When I worked the morning news shift on CFNY. It was called the "Pete and Geets Breakfast" and it aired on Rogers Cable 10 throughout the Ontario network.

I'm sure the audience count reached triple figures. But it didn't matter because Peter Griffin and Geets Romo, along with yours truly and Toronto radio stalwart Fred Patterson brought our goofy morning show to the parking lot at Rogers Cable 10 in Mississauga, hard by your 1979 train derailment site.

Rogers in Mississauga back then worked in tandem with Maclean Hunter to bring Peel Region local news and entertainment with a spirited staff of volunteers, many of whom have moved onto professional careers, including Lance Chilton up in Barrie.

I remember it as a warm spring morning with Fred and I dressed as gay emcees from the movie "Cabaret". Pete was, God bless him, the anchor of the show while Geets would disappear at times to dress in his assortment of characters...climaxing with an appearance of "Lardette" as the show reached its conclusion.

Again, the show was loose and maybe we were the only people who thought it was funny. But 23 years ago seemed a somewhat more innocent time in radio and in local television. The Toronto Sun's Jim Slotek gave us a tepid thumbs-up review by suggesting the show worked without a net and nobody was killed or seriously injured.

I was a happy boy that morning because Claude Lemieux of the Montreal Canadiens had scored an OT winner over Hartford to move onto the second round of the playoffs which, you'll remember, Montreal won over Calgary.

That night, the Leafs lost in seven to St. Louis. But I didn't see that game because after the Pete and Geets Breakfast Show Fred and I and our producer Kevin went back to Fred's and kicked the top off a bottle of Crown Royal to celebrate our "network" premiere.

I'm a huge fan of nostalgia because, to tell the truth, there's not much these days you can look ahead 23 years and remember as "the good old days".

On that note, for my buddy Fred, he and his long time radio partner Humble Howard will get together this Saturday at the Dominion on Queen (500 Queen Street East) at 1:30 PM for a good old Humble and Fred podcast. No heavy lifting, nobody's going to get hurt. Humble and Fred worked at the former CFNY and were appointment tuning for many in the 1990s followed by our days at MOJO radio until that thing imploded.

I can't make it Saturday but I thought I'd mention that it might be a great time to hoist a pint and enjoy two pros who know how to do morning radio without the worry of process servers outside the studio door when they're finished.

April 30th, 1986.

What a great day."

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It's Over - For Now

April 30, 2009 @ 12:30

"You guys can't push us off," screamed Lexie Thambinayagam, 19. "You only care about protecting certain kinds of people."

Isn't that a wonderful thing to say to the cops who stood back and let these people block off a main artery for the better part of four days? You knew the race card had to be played eventually.

Tamil protesters moved off University Ave.

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Fun With Water Cannons

April 30, 2009 @ 08:12

The Tamil protest went over the line yesterday. Police had to deal with a mob that broke through a barrier and in the end were forced to make 21 arrests.

Ain't that just freakin' wonderful. Several Toronto police officers went to work yesterday and literally had to put their safety on the line for something going on half way around the world.

Is it just me, or is that beyond ridiculous?

A mob of Tamils who live in Toronto are pissed off at something going on in Sri Lanka so it becomes the problem of Metro Police. Somebody slap me upside the head so I can wake up from this disgusting dream.

Why should one cop suffer so much as a scratch because of something going on in a country that hasn't known peace in a quarter century? With so many other things going on in the city, why should our police force have to spend one second dealing with a pack of assholes who are probably professional protesters.

And don't kid yourself, a good measure of the creeps on University are there for nothing more than the fun of it right now. The novelty of it. Getting a rush from the attention. And not one of them seems to care that they're blocking easy access to three hospitals.

Well enough is enough.

Yesterday I was reluctant to say it but today I have no problem. Bring in the water cannons and literally spray the bastards back to wherever they came from.

If they were born in Sri Lanka, deport them. If they were born in Canada, jail them.

But I've got to tell ya, the over-riding thing that keeps coming to my mind is David Miller, the spineless weasel of a Mayor who the left side of Toronto voted into office not once, but twice.

Where the hell is he and what is he going to do about it?

This guy is unbelievable. Not only is he running the city into the ground through bad management, but he doesn't have the balls to step into a crisis like this because he's deathly afraid to deal with the ethnic aspect of it.

He's chickin' shit and this in just another indication of what a stroker he is. He and his buddy Police Chief Bill Blair should be ashamed of themselves.

Blair especially for letting this candy ass Mayor drag the reputation of his force through the mud. I imagine all the cops who have been placed on duty during this protest are embarrassed that they can't flex the muscle necessary and end this stupid bloody thing once and for all.

But you can bet the pansy Mayor has given strict orders to hold off because he doesn't want the Tamils to accuse him or the police force of racism.

Who gives shit? It's gone way beyond that now. We all know it's the expected and presumed reaction of ethnic groups in Canada. If you don't get your way, use the "R" word. We all know it's going to happen anyway, so hook up the hoses, turn on the taps and start blastin'.

What should piss off most Canadians is the double standard here. I made the point yesterday, if this was a protest involving Joe Whiteguy it would have been over long ago, no doubt about it.

I don't know about you, but that drives me nuts.

Think about it! For the past four days protesters have shut down University Ave. to protest something going on in Sri Lanka, and every day they've become a little more disobedient and every day Mayor Miller has done nothing.

Never allow anyone who comes from another country to refer to themselves as second class citizens because they aren't.

We are.

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Please Move

April 28, 2009 @ 21:43

On Monday I wrote a piece about a growing problem in Canada, government inaction against "certain" groups.

In Brampton the city is terrified of the South Asian community because of their growing numbers and political strength. They can get away with things that Joe Whiteguy couldn't dream of getting away with.

Spineless politicians put self interest before their city, their province and their country which is nothing short of despicable.

The same can be said about what's going on in front of the U.S. Consulate on University Ave. in Toronto. Tamil protesters have forced traffic to be re-routed for the past two days.

Let's use the word despicable again. It's absolutely despicable that that Toronto's Tamil community can disrupt the lives of so many because of something that's happening half a world away, something that has nothing to do with Canada, nothing to do with Canadians and shouldn't have anything to do with someone who left Sri Lanka to make Canada their home.

Am I a horrible person for saying I don't care about what's going on in Sri Lanka? Should I be spat upon for not losing sleep over what the Sri Lankan government is doing to Tamils? Am I an evil man for thinking if it means that much to somebody they should get on a goddamn plane and go fight Sri Lanka's battles in Sri Lanka?

Why should one bloody person who has no ties to Sri Lanka be one minute late for work because of something that's going on in a country that's been screwed up for the better part of 25 years? Why should one person miss a doctor's appointment, a dental appointment or a cheap rub and tug because of something going on in a country that wouldn't give a second of consideration to Canada if the roles were reversed?

It's bullshit, and what makes it a heaping, steaming, stinking pile of bullshit is the fact that if this was a protest by Canadians, about something going on in Canada, University Ave. would have been cleared fifteen minutes after the protest started.

It's another prickish double standard that people who put Canada first should find totally offensive.

And how dare some of the protesters criticize Toronto police for converging on the crowd.

Some had the audacity to point to little scratches on their bodies and accuse Toronto police of brutality, meanwhile they're protesting about something going on in a country that would literally snuff them out for walking on the wrong side of the street.

Talk about ingrates.

Toronto police inspector Gary Meissner said this. "So long as public safety is not at risk, then these people are lawfully entitled to voice their dissent."

Can you imagine these people being given the same rope in Sri Lanka? I think not. The only rope they'd get is the rope that would be used to hang them from the closest tree.

Canada is an immensely compassionate country and we should always have our door open to those in danger and those in need of this big wonderful place for safety.

However, a line should be drawn about protesting in Canada about something that is happening in a foreign country when it starts to disrupt the lives of those who live and work here. The same line that would be readily drawn if it were a domestic protest.

Get off the f**ckin street.

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20th Anniversary Podcast Of Memories

April 28, 2009 @ 08:44

Don't forget kiddies, the Humble and Fred 20th Anniversary Podcast of Memories is coming up this Saturday at the Dominion on Queen.

We'll gather sometime around 1:30 and then start recording the podcast at two o'clock.

Everyone is welcome. The place seats about one hundred, but don't be influenced by that, chances are there will be lots of room, but even if there's not, over-flow will only add to the atmosphere.

We've got several people lined up to make an appearance but I won't give their names in case they have to back out at the last minute. But let me put it this way; they're all people you came to know and hopefully love during the run of the Humble and Fred Show.

There's something else I should explain. We are recording the show on Saturday, but it you're not there you won't be able to hear it until early next week. It won't be broadcast live.

Dan Duran will package the show, and then Toronto Mike will upload it to his site, Howard's site, my site, i-tunes and various other places.

It should be a good time as we regale with stories that seem like they happened yesterday, and others that we'd rather forget.

See you Saturday.. or not.

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He's No Neighbour John

April 27, 2009 @ 17:01

The story out of Brampton involving the rich guy Sikh and the weekly prayer meetings at his mansion is explained very easily.

There's a combination of two things that have made live hell for other taxpayers who live on the street. The rich guy is a lousy neighbour and the city of Brampton is ruled by fear.

Let's push all the bullshit aside and admit right off the bat that if the Sikh guy was a white protestant living in the same house on the same street these prayer meetings would have ended long ago.

The city would have answered the call, the cops would have been dispatched and there would be thousands of tax dollars being earned through traffic and parking violations.

But not in Brampton. Not in Brampton where the South Asian population is exploding and local politicians know where their bread is buttered.

Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell wasted no time letting people know where she stood. She responded by saying there was nothing wrong with inviting a bunch of people over to your house to pray. Then she raised the question, "what's the difference between this and having a large Superbowl party?"

The difference is, Brampton Sue, is that you don't have a Superbowl party and over a hundred cars on your street every week.

I convinced that deep down she knows this, but she'll do whatever she can to side with the South Asian population because she knows they control her future. You don't cross these people because they carry too much clout in Brampton and its only getting stronger.

A South Asian mayor in Brampton is inevitable and Fennell knows she's on borrowed time, so ironically, the best way to maintain is to sustain her relationship with the community that will eventually topple her.

She and a pack of other weasels on Brampton city council are terrified of this community and they aren't going to do anything that will ruffle their feathers and set the stage for the convenient use of the "R" word. That's a politician's worst fear.

But everything else aside, this issue could end tomorrow if Ramesh Ahluwalia was a decent neighboour.

All if would take is for Mr. Ahluwalia to listen to his neighbours, face the fact that he's inconveniencing them and use some of his enormous fortune to make other plans.

I mean really, why wouldn't the guy consider "other" people for just a second and realize that what he's doing isn't fair to those he shares a neighbourhood with?

Seems pretty simple to me.

No, he's no Neighbour John.

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Send The Prick To Mexico

April 25, 2009 @ 11:31

So let's get this straight, one of the scumbags responsible for the murder of Jane Creba is found guilty of second degree murder, is sentenced as an adult and gets a life sentence, but he could be back on the streets in less than four years?

Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong with this country?

Forget all the bullshit that led up to this, because it doesn't matter now. What matters is this, and it should piss off every decent citizen of Canada - Jane Creba will never get a second chance, but Jorrell Simpson-Rowe will.

This brazen little turd was only 17 when he decided to fire a gun on a crowded Yonge Street on Boxing Day 2005 and to many a bleeding heart his age at the time should have played a part in his sentencing... but thank goodness it didn't.

From a courtroom standpoint justice was only partially served. JSR as they call this waste of air was convicted as an adult, which is good, but in this whacked out system we have a life sentence turns into parole eligibility after seven years, and that's pathetic.

He's already served three years and four months, so it means he could be out in less than four years.

Granted, given his history, his attitude and his total disregard for human life, there's a good chance that JSR won't make parole in 2014 but it's the principle that bothers me.

How do we allow this? How are Canadians supposed to have faith in their justice system when little pukes like this get to walk after seven short years? Hell, it's been almost four years since Creba was shot to death but it seems like yesterday.

I hate to make sports analogy in a situation like this, but it's something that keeps coming back to mind whenever I read about this story. How the world got the short end of a very bad trade on December 26th, 2005.

During a gun battle between a group of thugs who aren't worth a kennel of dogs, we lost Jane Creba but got to keep the likes of Jorrell Simpson-Rowe.

Jane Creba would be 19 years old now and as a contributing member of society, at her own expense, would probably be finishing her first or second year of university.

But she's dead.

JSR meanwhile, if he chooses to, can now pursue a university education in prison - at your expense.

Yea, it's a great system.

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Toronto The Good

April 25, 2009 @ 10:25

We left 20 wallets around the GTA. Most came back.

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Habs In The Rearview

April 24, 2009 @ 10:18

I realize that I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of months writing about the Montreal Canadiens and their fans, but I had to.

Even though it bothered some, I had to keep it going for the same you reason you keep hearing the same song on the radio.


You know what I'm talking about. Every time you turn on the radio you hear the same hit song and it gets to the point where you don't want to hear it anymore and you assume everyone else feels the same way. You wonder why the radio station keeps playing it.

Well here's the deal, they keep playing it whether you want to accept it or not, because the demand is still there. The song is still charting well and keeps getting tons of requests so rather than fly in the face of good business, the station keeps playing it.

Same thing with my Habs Watch and Countdown, believe me, long ago I wondered if I was over doing it and that's why I held an on-line poll a few weeks ago.

I was getting lots of response and my daily visits were increasing dramatically, but I still wondered if I was going over-board.

Obviously I wasn't because the written response I got supported what my numbers were saying. People were diggin' the Hab stuff and that's what was bringing them to from coast to coast.

Yes, coast to coast.

That's why it continued and that's why I have no regrets, although having said that, I'm absolutely thrilled the Habs were eliminated the other night and I can move on.

Which brings me to another on-line question or poll - If you're a regular visitor to this website what kind of things do you like to read about? What are the things that keep you coming back?

Click on the "discuss" button and let me know.

Ya buggers.

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Did You Know

April 24, 2009 @ 10:13

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