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Habs Watch - One Down, Three To Go

April 30, 2010 @ 21:39

Interesting that Don Cherry made the point that Washington made Halak look good.

Who's Halak? The guy who got pulled in the third period tonight.

And who's Maxim Lapierre? A diving weasel whose hip is apparently connected to his neck.

And spare me the stuff about Matt Cooke. I admit that he's a dirty little prick, but that hit on Markov was clean as a whistle.

6-3 Pens. Not enough. Let's win the next one by four.

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Today With Neil Morrison

April 30, 2010 @ 18:16

What else? More hockey.

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No Mercy

April 30, 2010 @ 08:47

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Habs Watch With Freeway Frank

April 29, 2010 @ 15:48

As promised, an audio version.

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April 28, 2010 @ 22:32

The debate can finally be put to bed. We can no longer compare Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin because there is no comparison.

However, while Ovechkin failed to lead his team to victory against an eighth seed and deserves criticism we must keep a little perspective on this. Remove the goaltenders from mix and although Ovechkin and the Capitals didn't play very well, they still dominated the Montreal Canadiens.

Montreal didn't win this series, the Capitals lost it, and Ovechkin, as leader of the team and arguably one of the best players in the world failed to get it done. Just like he failed to get it done last year, and just like he failed to get it done in the Olympics.

Make no mistake about it, what happened to the Ovechkin led Washington Capitals in the first round will not happen to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round because Sidney Crosby will not allow it to happen.

Ovechkin crumbles under pressure, Crosby thrives on it.

In some respects it's extremely unfortunate for the NHL as a whole. Pittsburgh will dominate Montreal like Washington did, but the puck will not be as friendly to the unbelievably lucky Jaroslav Halak when coming off the sticks of the Penguins.

If anyone thinks Halak is really that good, I feel sorry for you.

It will be a pointless series against Pittsburgh and deprive us what probably would have been a great series if the Pens and Caps had eventually met. Not good for the league.

Meanwhile, rejoice Hab fans, you have every right to, but again, let's keep this in perspective, the Habs managed to upset a better team while actually being dominated by them. It's whacky, and I'm sure the vast majority of you never dreamed it would happen.

Even Freeway Frank gave up on the Habs after game three. You can read it on his facebook. But at that point he had no idea that the Caps were poised to give it away.

Yes, enjoy it Hab fans because it almost ranks up there with the Leafs upset of the Islanders in '78, and their upset of Detroit in '93, but not quite because at least those Islander and Wing teams had some backbone.

It's interesting, while I write this posting there is a huge mob in downtown Montreal blowing horns and waving flags, which is rather ironic when you consider Hab fans have criticized Leaf fans for first round celebrations is previous years.

At least they're not rioting. Not yet anyway.

I invite you to listen to an audio version of "Habs Watch" Thursday afternoon with Freeway Frank as my special guest. It should be posted in the late afternoon.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this. It's a (typical?) Hab fan calling a phone in show after game four. Again, ironic when you consider how Hab fans criticize Leaf fans for their behaviour.

I apologize for displaying a clean Hab logo. I'm actually breaking policy.

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Go Pens Go

April 28, 2010 @ 21:44

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Habs Watch - Freeway And Fred

April 28, 2010 @ 14:09

The contract details have been hammered out, and now the event can be confirmed - tomorrow's Habs Watch, hopefully the last one of the season, will be an audio version featuring a debate between yours truly and one of the Montreal Canadiens more passionate fans, Freeway Frank.

You might remember Freeway as the former MIX 99.9 evening announcer who left Toronto for Calgary where he became the morning man at one of those irritating Energy stations that caters to 15 year old girls.

Once there, it didn't take long for him to get his ass fired. Two years. Precisely the same amount of time it took me to get my ass fired at the MIX.

Watch for Habs Watch tomorrow. It may not be posted until later in the day because Frank still lives in Calgary, and the time change, combined with his new unemployed, poker playing lifestyle, means he probably won't drag his butt out of bed until noon, which is two our time.

Here's a picture of Frank. Bad enough he's a Hab Fan, he likes Nickelback too.

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Habs Watch - Anthem And Diving Shame

April 26, 2010 @ 21:57

I'm sure Hab fans will want to talk about their hapless hockey team's obscenely lucky victory over the Washington Capitals tonight, but that really isn't the story.

Let's forget about the 50 mostly feeble shots that bounced off the chest of Jaroslav Halak and talk about what really matters. How disgusting the Habs and their fans are.

Wasn't that nice the way Hab fans had to be reminded "not" to boo the American anthem tonight. It's been a habit with these low life imbeciles for several years now, but they don't seem to get the message.

During the first two games of the series Hab fans booed the anthem in their usual low-class way, but it was refreshing to hear Cap fans respond by taking the high road an actually cheering the Canadian anthem during game five.

But hey people, we shouldn't be surprised. Hab fans are the most disgusting in all of sports and its obvious it filters through to the players.

How about Maxim Lapierre? Quite the competitor he is. He gets caught twice for "diving", the first performance was not only an insult to the game, it was offensive to anyone who calls himself a man. But again, consider the sweater he was wearing and it all makes sense.

And further to manhood, did you catch those Hab fans towards the end of the game bowing down to the over-rated Jaroslav Halak. Grown men actually bowing down to another man, it actually gave me quivers of creepiness. But again, consider who was doing it.

All in all it was an aggravating night. Aggravating to hear Montreal morons have to be reminded that four players on their team are from the country whose anthem they like to boo. Aggravating to see the Caps shoot countless pucks at Jaroslav Halak's chest. Aggravating to watch Lapierre dive all over the ice like some two-bit soccer player and aggravating to see grown men bow down to a goaltender like subservient weaklings.

But most of all it will be aggravating to listen to Hab fans talk about their team like they actually competed tonight and there is actually something there to be proud of.

This nonsense cannot continue. Go Caps Go.

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Habs Watch

April 23, 2010 @ 21:49

Not available.

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Habs Watch - Three Down, One To Go

April 21, 2010 @ 21:38

One can't help but wonder if the National Hockey League should adopt a rule whereby a series is cancelled prior to being played if one of the teams involved is widely outclassed.

The Montreal Canadiens have now lost 11 of their last 12 playoff games including six in a row at home.

Give them credit for competing for short spurts and actually holding a lead against a bona-fide NHL team, but when their goaltender intentionally shoots a puck at a group of celebrating opponents, you lose what little respect you can muster for such a hapless team.

One can't help but wonder in the National Hockey League might have been better off bending the rules by elevating the Toronto Maple Leafs into the playoffs in place of the Montreal Canadiens. It probably would have made for a better series, after all, the Maple Leafs defeated the Canadiens three of the last four times they met this season.

I can only give you the facts.

How many Hab fans does it take to screw in a light bulb? 3001. One to screw in the bulb and three thousand to riot on St. Catherine Street.

I love this shit!

Capitals take command of series. Habs blow hogs

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