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Team Turd

September 28, 2010 @ 17:11

Admittedly, the Montreal Canadiens ridiculous run in last spring's playoffs was impressive. But there will be a down side to it if you're a Habs fan.

All it will do is frustrate this shit out of you this season. Granted, most Hab fans are not only aggravating, they're also delusional so that should help buffer their anguish, but come on people, this team is not that good.

If anything they're weaker than last year. No Halak... pip-squeeks Gomez and Gionta are a year older... and Plekanec has signed a long term contract - which means he'll go back to being a heartless floater.

And I don't even want to talk about Carmadooly. Ain't goona happen again.

Let's not forget, the Habs made the playoffs on the last night of the season by tying the Leafs, why should anything improve this season?

Already it's started with my good friend Freeway Frank out there in Calgary. He's yappin' on his facebook about how good this team is. Here are a couple of examples.

"Liking what I see so far. I still believe in Price. Mtl offense speedy plus Subban, Plekanec and White all impressive. Most heart I've seen since 1993."

"Price is the guy now and everyone needs to be on-board. Subban is a sweet player. He'll make mistakes but the benefits will out-weight the errors. STAR."

It's wasn't so pathetic it would be funny.

Listen to me, the Leafs will finish ahead of the Habs this season. I know I said it last year, and a lot of you have jumped on me for being incorrect, but let's review

The Leafs won just nine fewer games than the Habs last season, but after the trade with Calgary, they actually had a better record. In fact they had the sixth best record in the East.

The Habs were life and death to make the playoffs and in some ways it was the worst thing could have happened. Yes the playoff run was groovy and all that, but all it will prove to do is make this year's disaster look even worse

Coming soon. Why Neighbour John is the ultimate anti-Hab. Even more than me.

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July 29, 2010 @ 08:19

Just when you think you've seen all the stupid you need to see, along comes a guy like Argos offensive lineman Rob Murphy.

His imbecilic tweets have landed him in hot water with his team, the Canadian Football League and anyone else who has a brain in their head.

What would possess this idiot to make racially offensive tweets while a member of a professional sports team is something that nobody will ever been able to explain.

In this day and age where mindless social networking has caused pain and suffering for thousands of nitwits, how could such basic common sense escape this guy?

I guess the obvious answer is that he's taken too many shots to the head but that's too easy.

The answer is more like this, he's an asshole.

At this very moment there are people all over the world getting stung and stung hard by hitting a send button without using their heads. There are people losing jobs and friends and family relations because of dumb-ass things they've written on twitter, facebook or web pages.

How did Rob Murphy not clue into this?

How could this guy become a professional athlete with an increased profile and obligation to image of so many others and tweet about "smelly foreigners and Frenchland."

Here are the tweets. Pumped to be smelling foreigners this early in the A.M. They smell less offensive this way ... little known fact."
Another post by Murphy read, "OK ... the novelty of riding on a train thru Ontario and "Frenchland" has worn out ... get me off this damn thing!!!!"

It is so horrifically stupid you can only deduce that he really believes what he writes.

Some might argue that being a CFL player doesn't qualify has high profile, but it does, and more importantly it makes him a target. How did he not think about this?

There millions of offensive tweets being made as I write this by people who don't matter. They don't have a "name" or a special identity so in essence they get away with it or they're written off as idiots without really paying for it.

By pulling on an Argonaut jersey every week, Murphy has a unique status that changes the rules for him when it comes to stupid, but again, he obviously didn't grasp this.

All it took was one person to grab one tweet because it was coming from an Argonaut and the rest his history.

Murphy has defended himself by saying this - "Obviously my recent tweets have gotten blown out of proportion. I'm sorry if I offended anyone by my recent comments. I was JOKING around"

Sorry jerk off but that doesn't cut it.

You've not only embarrassed yourself, but a team and an entire league.

The Argos play in Montreal this weekend. I wonder if the fans will be able to smell your stupidity.

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June 22, 2010 @ 21:49

Let me try and get my head around this. Paul Henderson isn't in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but two women are?

It was with great surprise and disgust that I received the news that Canadian Angela James and American Cammi Granato were given the honour yesterday, which boils down to nothing more than a token gesture towards political correctness.

Neither one of these women have done anything to merit entry into the Hall. They haven't been inducted as builders, they've been inducted as players, and you may have noticed the greatest in women's hockey rank slightly above a male midget house-leaguer.

Sorry, but that's the truth.

The Hockey Hall of Fame doesn't exist to play goofy little games to appease an element of society that can't see straight. It's there to recognize good hockey players regardless of gender, not to appease a hysterical element that demands the unreasonable.

I understand there are a lot of happy women walking around Canada today, pointing towards the justice that has prevailed through the Hockey Hall of Fame, but that's bullshit. By inducting James and Granato the Hall has been immeasurably blemished.

Forget about not being inducted as builders, which I might be able to get my head around; they weren't even given special designation as women, which also would have been reasonable. Their plaques will hang along side Gretzky, Hull and Howe, and that is ridiculous.

Hockey players? Are you kidding me? There are probably more players worthy of this designation playing inter-city in Brampton.

I don't mean to sound like a prick, but come one, the only way a woman should make the Hockey Hall of Fame is through a special section of the Hall designated specifically for women. No other way.

Tell me how you explain yesterday's decision to Henderson?

I'm sure the do-gooders who pushed for Angela James to get it used her contribution to international hockey as an argument, even though the competition Canada's national hockey team faced was almost non-existent.

How can James make it, yet Henderson is still on the outside looking in after scoring the most significant goal in Canadian hockey history?

Up until yesterday, the argument used against Henderson is that he didn't have a good enough NHL career to warrant entry into the Hall, but again, if that's the case, how does James get in? Besides playing for Canada's national team the highest level of hockey she ever played was in a failed ladies professional league that couldn't have competed with a men's old-timers league.

You got to feel bad for Henderson. Talk about being slapped around.

It started with the Hall of Fame inducting Vladislav Tretiak way back in 1989. This guy pops up and plays a few good games against an out of shape Team Canada in 1972 and is celebrated like he's some kind of superman.

In reality, once Team Canada got their legs, they made Tretiak look like an idiot over the final four games of the Summit series scoring 17 goals against him, including six in deciding game eight which included Henderson's winner.

After that, Tretiak came to North America a few times and was slightly above average, but he makes the Hall 21 years ago while Henderson still hasn't.

I'm disgusted by the whole bloody process, and yesterday only makes it worse.

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I Can't Take It

June 13, 2010 @ 12:35

No, I can't take it.

Honestly, I tried to take a more positive attitude towards this World Cup. There are so many things I don't like about soccer that it really is tough for me to suck it up and try to be one of the multi-millions around the world who get caught-up in this event, but I couldn't do it.

And I couldn't do it for the most unexpected of reasons. The vuvuzela.

It's that goddamn horn that everybody's blowin' in the stadiums across South Africa. It provides a constant din while you're watching a game, and I just can't take it anymore.

During the game on Friday I thought it might be an opening day thing that would eventually go away, but here I am on Sunday morning doing my best to watch Ghana and Serbia of all bloody things, and the vuvuzelas are still going strong.

Whose idea was this?

I guess its OK if you're in one of the stadiums and you're caught up in the excitement of the game ( I use excitement loosely), but to watch it on television and be fighting to hear the commentary over a high pitched and extremely aggravating sound is way too much for this hoser.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, I'm not a soccer fan. I find the sport to be horrifically boring and I admit it comes from never taking the time to fully appreciate the game. But I've never taken the time because it's never encouraged me to take the time.

The tie games and the low scores and the tedious nonsense of watching the ball slowly worked down the field only to be booted back to where it just came from is something I'll never appreciate.

The beautiful game they call it. How on earth can they call soccer the beautiful game less than one week after we were all treated to the Stanley Cup final? That my friends is the beautiful game.

And while most people get more excited at World Cup time, the aggravation only increases for me. It becomes a cheap way of promoting your heritage, even though in most cases the people cheering for their homeland have never been to their homeland.

To me, the game isn't the thing; it's what it represents that really matters to most people, a chance to put a Serbian flag on your car and drive around town like you're the President of that country.

And while I'm on that point, let me say this. I don't think the flag of any foreign country should be flown in Canada without the Canadian flag flying next to it. Even it's one of those goofy car flags. It's the respectful thing to do, but here in Canada we don't seem to encourage such behaviour.

Again, I went into this World Cup with the best of intentions. It's being held in South Africa and my wife is South African, she was actually born there.

I thought what the hell, I'll cheer for South Africa as a means of trying to bring some sense of passion to it, but it was all shot to hell very quickly.

Because of those goddamn vuvuzelas.

And spare me the solution of turning down the sound on the television. Soccer is boring enough without having to watch it in silence.

I think I'll go out back and watch some weeds grow.

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It Rightfully Belongs To Henderson

June 3, 2010 @ 08:16

It would be different if it was Paul Henderson who sold his Team Canada hockey sweater back in 1972, because then I wouldn't even be writing this post.

But Henderson gave it away. In an unbelievable gesture of generosity, as a thank you for all he'd done for Team Canada in the locker room, Henderson gave the sweater to trainer Joe Sgro shortly after historic game eight.

And then, a few years later, in an inexplicable gesture of ignorance, Sgro sold the sweater to a collector and it has ended up on a website called Classic Auctions.

At last view, the highest bid was 211 thousand dollars, and among those interested in this wonderful piece of Canadiana is Canadian Tire. They want to buy the sweater, show it off in their stores across the country, and then lend it to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

It's hard to argue with that strategy, but really, if anyone deserves to own this sweater it's Henderson himself. Still responsible for the most significant moment in Canadian hockey history, Henderson had no idea way back in 1972.

Sports merchandizing and auctions and paid autograph signings didn't exist to the extent they do today so when he gave the sweater away, he had no idea what he was sacrificing.

And I'm sure he had no idea the recipient would turn around and slap him in the face.

There's talk of the federal government buying the sweater for heritage reasons, but I doubt that's gonna happen. Even though our Prime is a hockey nut, peeling off a quarter million dollars for a hockey sweater wouldn't sit well right now.

I sit here wishing I was Jim Balsillie or someone else of that ilk. I'd love never better than to buy the sweater and then hand deliver to Henderson, who's one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

For a lot of you reading this blog, you weren't even born in 1972 or you were too young to remember those four crazy weeks in September that made a country stand still.

Henderson by the way scored the winning in the last three games. All must wins for Canada.

The only other way I can think of getting the sweater into Henderson's hands would be to have a national wide thank you drive. Even if donations were restricted to those who actually remember the unforgettable Summit Series, and to just one dollar each, it would be more than enough to establish the winning bid.

Part of Canada's charm is our simple history. We don't beat our chests and we don't always equate heroism to war because we don't have to.

And we don't have to because of people like Paul Henderson.

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Comments We Don't Like - Damien Cox

May 30, 2010 @ 12:27

Political correctness really blows. Like a lot things, it starts with good intentions and then the do-gooders get a hold of it and take it over the moon.

Political correctness practiced by the wrong people has put us where we are today. In some cases you can't even compliment someone without being called a racist, and often the person being protected by the PC professional doesn't even want protection.

The most recent example is an article written by Damien Cox in the Toronto Star entitled Offensive Blackhawks logo has got to go.

Believe me, having written this blog for the past four years, I know all about pushing buttons and getting a reaction, so I would hope that was the intention of Cox's column, but if it wasn't, well then consider him just another wannabe hero.

Without going into a lot of detail, I'm sure you get the drift. Cox thinks the Blackhawks logo which features the head of an Indian warrior is insensitive, racist and extremely out of date.

I'll give Cox this much. To choose such a logo in this day and age would be wrong and generally unacceptable, even if it was meant as a complimentary gesture.

But that's political correctness for you.

The problem here is that Damien Cox thinks the Blackhawks should actually change their logo now. A lot of high schools and universities have backtracked he argues, so why not the NHL team?

Here's why, because the Blackhawks have been around for nearly one hundred years and they were given their name with the best of intentions, but most of all because there has never been a mass of "Indians" lined up demanding that it be changed.

And apparently, according to Cox, they're the ones who should be offended.

The original owner of the Blackhawks chose the name and the logo as a tribute to Chief Black Hawk of the Sioux Nation, who fought on the side of the British in the War of 1812.

It was chosen as recognition of strength and bravery.

With today's twisted thinking that still makes it wrong. In a bizarre way, we've painted ourselves into a PC corner that says you can only receive such a tribute if you're a white guy, which actually makes it even more racist.

Ever thought of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

My question is this? What exactly is wrong with the Blackhawks logo? Is it something that native people should be ashamed of? I don't think so. It was put there for positive reasons, and although the attitude towards such recognition has changed in recent years, does that mean the history of this logo should be wiped away like it never existed?

When it comes to articles like Cox wrote, I'd really like to see some feedback from the people mostly affected.

For years the PC brigade has been trying to eliminate the nicknames of the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves, but its never gotten off the starting blocks because the people who should care the most, don't.

Of course Redskins is an archaic name that would never even be considered today, but it was installed as a tribute just like the name Braves was.

Again, by today's over-reactionary standards it would never happen, even I'm sure, if native people wanted it to. But with the Blackhawks, Redskins, Indians and Braves we're talking about history and definitely not negative history.

If the imaging is questionable, then let's leave it up to those affected to decide whether it should change.

Not someone from the ever-increasing over the top politically correct tribe.

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Telling It Like It Is

May 29, 2010 @ 08:59

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Comments We Like - Jamie Bell

May 27, 2010 @ 18:51

Who do you think is Canada's team now?

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Habs Watch - A Great Run

May 24, 2010 @ 21:34

Hats off to the Montreal Canadiens for giving their fans a fabulous spring.

Unexpected and downright unbelievable.

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Habs Watch - Three Down, One To Go

May 22, 2010 @ 18:50

I have to give the Habs credit, the goals they didn't score tonight were a lot nicer than the goals they didn't score in games one and two.

Obviously, as I pointed out, game three was the Flyers let down game.

Maybe the Habs should use Lapierre's mouth in goal, at least they wouldn't get scored on.

With any luck this nonsense will be over on Monday night and we can look forward to a Stanley Cup final with two legitimate teams.

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