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Posting Of The Week - Goofy Grapes

March 25, 2007 @ 00:27

There were several posting with a lot of action last week. Anna Kournikova and the Sex Game got some big play, but the posting that initiated the most dialogue was Goofy Grapes.

This is a fascinating country when it comes to hockey. I can post things about politics, entertainment and religion, but what creates the most response is a posting about Don Cherry and what he thinks about parents who take their kids away from hockey teams on March Break.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, I think it's great. I also think it's great that I was on the losing end of this argument. It seems most of you think a minor hockey commitment carries a lot more weight than I do.

Well done people.

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It Was 25 Years Ago

March 25, 2007 @ 00:26

MSLE management sure loves to make themselves look like a buncha-fookin-idiots.

In a posting below I mentioned that I was at WEGZ Stadium Bar on Friday for a live performance of Leafs Lunch with Bill Watters and Jeff Marek.

While I was there, show producer Jeff Domet, aka Punch, aka Shwarma placed a call to Rick Vaive to see if RV would make an appearance on the weekend edition of Leafs Lunch and he obliged.

During the conversation Vaive told Shwrama that the Leafs were going to acknowledge the 25th anniversary of his first 50 goal season in 1982, and when Shwarma told me I thought "that's pretty cool."

Ha! Turns out all Vaive got was a quick mention during a commercial break in the second period, and he waived to the crowd for an exit tunnel. And if not for brief clip on Hockey Night in Canada, the television audience would have had no idea.

I ask you, are they retarded at MLSE? Rick Vaive was the first Maple Leaf "ever" to score 50 goals in one season, he did it three times, he was a captain and that's all he gets?

Some might argue it's better than nothing, but whenever the Leafs do something like this I go back to March 4th, 2006.

That was the night Tie Domi got that perverse 20 minute mega-production signifying his 1000th NHL game. If that hadn't of happened, then maybe last nights Vaive ceremony wouldn't look so bad. Neither would Dougie Gilmour's insulting ceremony back in 2003.

But when you consider what Domi got, then compare it to what two "real" hockey players got, then you have to wonder - what did Tie do exactly to get such special treatment?

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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It's All Over - ARGH!

March 24, 2007 @ 09:12

Holy Cow, it was a living nightmare.

When the Leafs took a 4-1 lead in Buffalo last night, and seemed to be in control of the game, I actually felt confident they could pull it off - but then it all came crashing down.

And it was the usual bullshit. For the most part Mats Sundin was invisible, Brian McCabe and Pavel Kubina gave the puck away, and the fourth Buffalo goal gave us an outstanding look at ARGH.

Losing last night in Buffalo is one thing, but losing the way they did is another thing and I don't this team will be able to overcome it.

It's over folks.

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Marcel The Magnificent

March 24, 2007 @ 09:11

I had a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday. I just happened to be in the area when I heard Jeff Marek and Bill Watters of Leafs Lunch on am 640 announce that they were at WEGZ Stadium Bar in Vaughn.

I hadn't seen Marek or Leafs Lunch producer Jeff Domet in a while, and I had never met Watters so I decided to make the stop. And then I got really excited when I heard the great Marcel Dionne would be a live guest.

I always liked Marcel Dionne, but not nearly as much as neighbour John likes him, so I made a quick call to Bolton where John has is business and he dropped everything and met me at WEGZ.

What an afternoon. It's a great bar, it was great to see Jeff and Shwarma, it was wonderful to finally meet Uncle Willie and it was fabulous to meet Marcel Dionne.

Dionne is your typical Canadian hockey player and then some. He was gracious and polite, accommodating and warm. We had a nice conversation with the man who scored 731 career goals and then had our picture take with him. (with a camera phone)

Neighbour John has a great argument on why Dionne was a greater player than Wayne Gretzky. He can break down the numbers while considering Dionne spent most of his career with a bad team in Los Angeles, and it all makes sense.

Marcel lives in the Niagara Falls area and has a sports marketing and promotions business.

When you meet someone of his stature it's usually a little intimidating, but this guy really is a gem, and he probably has no idea how much he thrilled a couple of knobs from Brampton.

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The Toronto Montreals

March 24, 2007 @ 09:10

Maybe I think too much, but don't you think it's just a little odd that Toronto's team in the Major Soccer League is sponsored by the Bank of Montreal.

I understand sponsorship is sponsorship and the prize goes to the highest bidder, but don't you think this is stepping over the line just a tad. And maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the Bank of Montreal logo was plastered across the front of Toronto FC's jerseys.

The jerseys were unveiled yesterday and those in attendance were surprised with the logo aspect. Of course MLSE was quick to point out this wasn't so much a money grab, as it is adopting a tradition from European soccer. It just so happens to be a lucrative one.

But sponsorship ship aside, there's something that doesn't sit right with having a Toronto pro sports team wearing uniforms with a Montreal logo on them.

Granted, it's only the letters BMO, but we all know what BMO stands for and it's the "M" part that I find bothersome.

Again, I may be thinking too much but I just wonder what the reaction would be if the situation was reversed. I don't think it would be too well received.

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Stormin' Norman

March 23, 2007 @ 09:01

Late last night I was listening to good guy "Stormin' Norman Rumack" on the Fan and he was interviewing some wank from Channel Four in Buffalo.

During the interview, Rumack said this:

"Given where they've come from, and where they've been, considering they were almost out of business a couple of years ago, how can you "not" be a Buffalo Sabres fan?"

Well actually it's very easy Norm. All you have to do is consider their long and choke filled history, the sappy media coverage they get and their aggravating fair weather fans and it's extremely easy "not" to be a Buffalo Sabres fan.

Rumack apparently bought Sabres season tickets last year, so he's hopeful they go all the way this spring - which does nothing but give me the creeps.

The only time I've ever cheered for the Buffalo Sabres is when they played Ottawa in the conference semi-final last year. Ottawa is the only team I could place above the Sabres on my personal list of professional sports most distasteful teams.

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Not A Pretty Sight

March 23, 2007 @ 09:00

Fighting in hockey is an interesting issue the way it can pull you both ways.

Like most other hockey fans I love a good fight and I'd be reluctant to see it banned from the NHL because it would probably lead to other nastiness.

But when I see someone like Todd Fedoruk get flattened by Colton Orr it makes me feel sick to my stomach and wonder if there really is any place in the game for fighting.

I realize on average the incidences of someone actually getting hurt in a hockey fight are few and far between, but I can't imagine anyone really likes to see anything like this.

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Leaf Stuff

March 22, 2007 @ 08:50

Despite the Leafs win over Jersey on Tuesday night, yesterday I received a couple of e-mails from visitors who offered these pictures.

Kelly Doan sent this insult, and my friend Bruce Mallory sent me this.

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Hard To Figure

March 21, 2007 @ 09:13

Yes, it really is hard to be a Maple Leafs fan the way they run you through the wringer with their bi-polar behaviour.

On Friday and Saturday Leaf fans were in the depths of despair following the hockey clubs two losses in Washington and Montreal. Four points that looked like a sure thing going in turned into one point coming out.

But then last night Leaf fans left the ACC in the throws of ecstasy. Not only had the Leafs beaten the formidable New Jersey Devils 2-1, but Wade Belak had achieved a certain degree of revenge in a long and tiring fight with Cam Jannsen.

No doubt the most popular phrase of Leafs fans is "what if." After last nights victory you're left wondering "what if" they had beaten Washington and Montreal - They'd be tied for sixth place this morning, but instead they're tied in an eighth place log jam with Montreal and Carolina.

It really is frustrating, but at the same time it gives you hope. If they can beat Jersey, why can't they beat Buffalo? Two weekend games against Buffalo this weekend looked hopeless 24 hours ago, but now there's actually a flicker of optimism.

Man we're suckers.

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Captain Fantastic

March 21, 2007 @ 09:12

On the Leafs post game show on am 640 last night there was a brief discussion with Alex Steen about Mats Sundin.

Andy Frost asked Steen if he could figure out why Leaf fans are so hard on the captain when he's such a fantastic player. Steen replied in the predictable manner claiming he had no idea.

Well I have an idea - it's because of games like last night. Mats Sundin played a fantastic game and was probably the difference when all was said and done. Sundin was the leader, the captain, the hardest working player on the ice.

When Sundin does that, the Leafs usually win. Problem is, he doesn't do it often enough, and whether he likes it or not, or whether his team mates like it or not, the captain of the Maple Leafs has to come through more often. The fans demand it.

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