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Four Down None To Go

June 7, 2007 @ 08:49

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Bullshit Baffles Brains

June 7, 2007 @ 08:48

Gary Bettman is a piece of work.

The NHL commissioner is largely responsible for the NHL's excessive and wreckless expansion but that didn't stop him from a little self promotion last night.

As he stepped onto the ice to present the Stanley Cup to the Anaheim Ducks he paused for a second and greeted the frenzied crowd with this.

"It looks like hockey is doing well in California."

Who's he trying to kid? The only hockey fans in California were the 18 thousand in the rink.

From all reports the interest in Southern California in the Stanley Cup final was less than it was in Tampa Bay and Carolina.

It was downright shocking with many residents of Anaheim having no interest or no idea what was going on in their city.

In restaurants, bars and hotels there was no buzz at all and festivities were held to a minimum.

The game is not taken seriously in California and has virtually no following - and nobody is more aware of its failure than Gary Bettman.

Meanwhile, my good buddy Robbie J. who's creative director at the Edge sent me this aggravating article from the Los Angeles Daily News this morning.

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Whacky Plagaki

June 6, 2007 @ 10:12

One of the highlights of doing the Humble and Fred Show through the 1990's was working with Sandra Plagakis.

Funny, informative, talented and especially sweet. When we made the move to MOJO, leaving Sandra behind was one of the hardest parts.

Eventually she left the Dean Blundell Show and went to Ottawa where she's closer to her husband's family and part of a successful morning show on Kiss 105.3

Sandra's also a good sport and this press release proves it.

"Started as a way to show support for the Ottawa Senators' run for the Stanley Cup, an Ottawa radio morning show co-host now sees her so-called ``playoff pits'' as an eye-opening social experiment.
Sandra Plagakis has been growing her armpit hair in support of the team, and says she'll only get rid of it when the Sens win the Cup, or are out. That should be tonight. She says men have their playoff beards so why not?"

She's a beaut. There aren't many women who'd have the "balls' to do something like this.

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June 6, 2007 @ 08:42

There are those who still question how anyone could cheer against a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup final and I've got to admit, sometimes it's hard to defend against.

Ideally you'd love to see the Cup come back to Canada, but definitely not as the property of the Ottawa Senators.

This is one vile hockey team. They're creepy. Always have been and it seems always will be.

Take Monday night for example. Just when you might be having some feelings for this distasteful team Daniel Alfredsson deliberately shoots the puck at Scott Niedermayer near the end of the second period.

Make no mistake about it, Alfredsson shot the puck "at" Niedermayer. He may not have intended to actually hit him, but this frustrated little goof, who's obviously upset that he's not going to win the Conn Smythe trophy now, directed the puck at the Ducks captain.

Very interesting. Last year in the Conference semi-finals Alfredsson let Jason Pominville go around him for the series winning goal, and now this year Alfredsson commits a bone head play that may prove to be the turning point in this series.

The game was tied 2-2 after two and when the Ducks came out for the third, they seemed inspired by what Alfredsson had done.

Way to go Alfie.

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Save The Money

June 6, 2007 @ 08:41

On the subject of hockey and Swedish captains, I wonder if there's anything Leaf fans can do about the huge mistake that's about to be made by MLSE.

Apparently the Leafs are very close to signing Mats Sundin to a two year contract worth eleven million dollars.

What a waste. Why spend eleven million dollars on a 36 year old player who's never taken you anywhere, a player who's actually stumbled every time the team has really needed him.
Why not pat him on the head say thank you and send him on his way. And then use the eleven million on somebody new, somebody younger.

Hey, you could probably get two players for eleven million - maybe two players who could score more than one goal in the last twenty games of the season when you're in a playoff race.

And one more note. I continuously hear that Mats Sundin's biggest problem in Toronto is that he's never had decent wingers to play with.

Well I counter with this. If Mats Sundin is such a great player, why has he never been able to "make" the wingers that play with him?

Retaining Sundin could prove to be one of the worst signings in Leafs history.

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Three Down One To Go

June 5, 2007 @ 10:32

It happened again last night, for a few brief moments I felt emptiness at the end of the hockey game.

Even though I don't want the Ottawa Senators to win the Stanley Cup, it bothers me that for the third time in a row, the Stanley Cup will be captured by a team from a market that just doesn't care.

Tampa Bay, Carolina and now Anaheim - three markets that have hockey teams, but markets that wouldn't care, and for the most part, probably wouldn't even know if you took their team away tomorrow.

Compare that to the Canadian markets and even a market like Buffalo that would go absolutely "nutso" if their team won the Stanley Cup.

I have friends in Ottawa and they say it's been fabulous for the city. Everyone has gone Senators crazy and it's been nothing short of a blast to be part of it for the past week or so.

Compare that to what Gene Valaitis wrote yesterday. In Anaheim it's hardly getting any play in the press and there's no buzz on the street.

Last week an Ottawa radio station called several hotels and businesses around Anaheim and very few even knew the Ducks were playing for a championship.

So that's why I felt a little empty last night. For a split second I actually felt sorry for the fans of Ottawa as the game came to an end. They want it so bad, yet now there's no chance the Senators can win the Cup at home, and very little chance they'll win at all.

And now it goes back to Anaheim where nobody will notice and nobody will care with the Ducks one win away from joining Tampa Bay and Carolina as weak NHL markets that will get what so many of us "real" hockey fans so desperately want.

From that standpoint it sucks.

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Gene Valaitis Checks In

June 4, 2007 @ 09:34

"Gene Valaitis checking in from Southern California where the first two games of the Stanley Cup final were not offered on basic cable.
Koby demanding a trade is still the number one story, the Dodgers and Angels are tied for number two, the NBA final is third and anything USC or UCLA is fourth before you get to the Ducks. No one here cares.
I do of course. I scored a ticket for game two from someone who just didn't want to go.
And there is no talk of Canada's Team here, just where's "Oh-tow (as in cow) wah" Go Leafs Go."

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Bogus Patriotism

June 1, 2007 @ 09:29

This is a funny country. Isn't it amazing that while criticizing Americans over the top patriotism deep down we actually envy it.

We envy it because we rarely show it when it comes to things that really matter.

In Canada you don't see Canadian flags fly in the numbers that you do in the States.

We don't respect national heros like Americans do. We're low key in our response to losing soldiers in Afghanistan.

And probably the most maddening thing for me is our indifference when it comes to our national anthem. Rarely do you see Canadians sing it loud and proud like they do south of the border.

There are so many ways that Canadians could show patriotism but they don't - but all of a sudden, there's a national outcry to support a hockey team from Ottawa - simply because it's Canadian.

Let me correct that. It's not a national outcry, it's more pathetic whimpering from a few who don't really follow hockey in the first place but have decided this is a convenient way to make a point.

But lets be honest, this is not war or politics or national security or immigration or any other issue that really matters.

It's a hockey series.

And lets get this straight. The Toronto Maple Leafs recent lack of success has nothing to do with Leaf fans feelings towards the Ottawa Senators.

It's not jealousy, and any one who's bothered to follow the game over the past decade would know that. It's got nothing to do with jealousy but everything to do with rivalry.

That's all. Just a sports rivalry.

The Leafs have played the Senators in the Stanley Cup playoffs four times and on each and every occasion beat them while being considered the underdog.

At this point Leaf fans have nothing to be jealous of because up until this point the Senators have accomplished nothing and it look like they wont again this year.

Leaf fans hate the Senators because the Senators and their fans were far from gracious on the many occasions the Leafs knocked them out of the playoffs.

I assume anyone who's jumped on this "Canada's Team" thing has forgotten or doesn't know how Ottawa fans reacted after the Leafs eliminated their team.

Ottawa was firmly against the Leafs no matter who they played and it was trumpeted in Ottawa newspapers and their goofy little sports radio station.

Meanwhile, if we must turn this into a cheap form of patriotism, the fact that Anaheim has roughly seven more Canadians on their team than Ottawa does matter to some extent.

After the Stanley Cup is won, each player from the winning team gets to take the Cup to his home town and celebrate with the locals.

If Anaheim wins there will be a lot more of these parties - in Canada.

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Two Down Two To Go

May 31, 2007 @ 09:24

Let's do the math. In order for the Ottawa Senators to win the Stanley Cup on home ice now, they have to win four straight. It ain't gonna happen.

Beyond that, in order to win the Cup Senators would have to win four of the next five games and the final victory would have to be in Anaheim where they just resembled the choke machine that lost four playoff series to the Leafs in recent history.

Conclusion - The Stanley Cup isn't coming back to Canada and Daniel Alfredsson will not become the first European captain to win a Cup. For all intents and purposes folks, it's over.

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No Big Deal

May 31, 2007 @ 09:23

Meanwhile, I think we should cut Mayor Miller some slack.

There seemed to be quite the backlash to Miller agreeing to sign a peitition sponsored by Scotia Bank that officially declares the Senators "Canada's team."

Many believe this is a slap in the face to the Maple Leafs, but really it's not.

It's a goofy little Ottawa Senator style "suck ass" campaign to get the whole country behind this vile hockey team.

Miller's a Canadian politician, so how could he "not" sign the stupid thing. The Leafs are long gone so what's the big deal?

I wouldn't sign it, but Miller is sort of caught between a rock and hard place.

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