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Habs Watch

April 15, 2011 @ 07:51

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April 11, 2011 @ 17:08

Holy cow Frankie, you know I love ya, but the release of this lame video stains you with exactly what you accuse me of. Delusional with no credibility.

The Stanley Cup is coming home? Really? To freakin' Montreal? This year? I assume you're talking about this year or you would have mentioned something more appropriate like 2022.

And come on fella, you're rappin' is pretty weak. You should have talked to your buddies Humble and Fred before doing something like this. We're veterans of the parody song, we've done a ton of them and you've gotta have more strength in your voice.

You've gotta let er go! You've got to commit! You've gotta use your balls!

Then again I guess that doesn't make sense. Why promote a weak, pretender hockey team with strength and balls when the hockey team doesn't have strength or balls.

Frankie, it pains me to write this but you've left yourself open. You've put yourself in the bullseye. You've made Freddie P. call it as it is and you've made me hate the Habs even more.

By the way, does that clown suit give you a rash?

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Still A Fine Line

April 10, 2011 @ 10:47

There is an upside to the Leafers missing the playoffs and the Habs making it, at least I have some degree of focus when the post-season kicks off this week.

I'll admit, I miss having the Leafs in the playoffs. Those years when they made it and did well made the spring a lot more fun. Every game was an event and it made you clock-watch all day anticipating the next one.

Without the Leafs my focus reverts to the Habs from a polar opposite standpoint. When their series against the Bruins begins mid-week I'll be there in front of my television, anxiously anticipating the game with the hope of a Boston massacre - even though my heart will go out to the people of Montreal who will be affected by the inevitable unrest in the streets.

I'll sit here on the edge of my seat like I would for a Leaf playoff game, but instead of cheering on the good guys, I'll be cheering against the Hab guys.

I could honestly care less about the Boston Bruins. They seem to be a good team with a bunch of good guys, but if they weren't playing the Habs they wouldn't be on my radar.

During last years playoff I was a hockey slut, jumping from bed to bed depending on who the Habs were playing. Washington, Pittsburgh and then Philadelphia, I loved em all for two weeks at a time - and then after the Flyers deliciously knocked them off, I became a Black Hawk fan.

Hopefully this year will be a little different. The Bruins will shove the pip-squeak Habs out of the way; shut the mouths of professional sports most aggravating fans, and then I can totally focus on Canada's real team, the Vancouver Canucks.

Before I go, I should address one thing. Some time ago I wrote a piece called A Fine Line where I displayed the slim difference between the Leafs and Habs, and how some minor tinkering could easily result in them switching "sides" of that line.

And I make this point because delusional Hab fans piss all over the Leafs like they're dirt while pretending their collection of midgets are world beaters.

Yes, the Habs finished with eleven more points, but over 82 games the Leafs lost just four more games in regulation time and they lost a pile by one goal which often comes with having the youngest team in the league.

Since the all-star break, the Leafs were decidedly the better team, and although I realize that gets you diddlysquat it sure as hell gives reason for optimism.

With the way the Leafs are coming along, with some of the kids they have in their system, the huge amount of cap space they have and two first round draft choices I'm looking forward to next season.

Tack on a decent coach and you know as much as it excites me, it scares the shit out of Hab fans - who know if thier aging little team doesn't come up with a miracle this year, it could be a long time before they get the chance for another one.

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Banish Wilson To Habfanistan

April 10, 2011 @ 10:46

In the above posting of brilliance I mentioned the Leaf coaching situation.

Word is, based on the Leafs finish Ron Wilson will receive a contract extension and that's terrible news.

As good as Brian Burke is at building hockey teams, one character flaw is the refusal to admit mistakes. Don Cherry alluded to this last night.

James Reimer sat in the minors all season because Burke didn't want to admit to the Jonas Gustavsson mistake and the same applies to Nazim Kadri. He toiled with the Marlies while they forced the Tyler Bozak thing.

Burke also over-looked the obvious coaching deficiency and Wilson's bizarre motivational techniques.

The coach took shots at Kardi while ignoring the obvious shortcomings in others, and he downplayed the significance of Reimer - which leads us to a very interesting situation.

As Cherry said last night on Coaches Corner, Reimer saved Wilson's ass and it will be extremely ironic if Wilson gets another contract because of it.

If he does, half of it should go to the kid.

From all accounts, Marlies coach Dallas Eakins has developed into a solid mentor who works well with kids.

It's time for a change.

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Habs Watch - Yay Or Nay

April 8, 2011 @ 18:05

With the playoffs set to begin mid-week I'm I a bit of dilemma. Should I feature Habs Watch this year, or give it up?

I've received a lot of e-mails from people saying my Habs stuff is over the top, but like a great record or solid TV show it brings in the numbers.

But has it jumped the shark?

As you might have noticed, I despise the Montreal Canadiens and their beyond sickening fans, so I'd like to have some fun with it over the next week or so, but I'm just wondering whether I should bother.

I'll leave it up to you the great readers of

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Canada's Team

April 7, 2011 @ 08:21

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Crisis In Habfanistan

April 3, 2011 @ 09:23

The Montreal Canadiens excessively weak finish to the regular season is causing problems for the city.

With hundreds of thousands of Montrealers having moved to Toronto over past decade the cities tax base has been eroded to the point where budgeting has become a major concern.

That's where the Habs come in. Obviously, if the pip squeak team had played to their proper level all season long this wouldn't have been a problem, but now that the Habs have found reality had become one of the NHL's also-rans, Montreal Police have been left scratching their heads.

Do they go ahead and schedule over-time for their riot police, or do they hold-on and see if the Habs collapse during the final week. Granted, one Hab victory and one Carolina victory puts Montreal into the playoffs, but you know what they say, don't count your poulets before they're hatched.

Yes, the Habs have a game against Ottawa, but it's in Ottawa. Their other two games are against the much stronger Chicago Black Hawks and Toronto Maple Leafs.

According to insiders there's a wave of unprecedented thinking at Montreal City Hall. Some are actually hoping the Habs don't make it so they can save on policing the inevitable riots that coincide with any Canadiens playoff birth.

This year especially, city fathers realize the team is too small, too soft and too worn down to make a run, so they'd rather have them miss the playoffs altogether than spend a couple of million risking the lives of their officers and firefighters who will have to deal with smashed windows, burning cars and physical assaults should the Habs lose game one of the opening round.

The concern has escalated this year because the Habs are pushing towards two decades without a Stanley Cup and for some reason they think because they used to win a lot, that's supposed to continue, even with less than formidable teams.

As of Sunday morning the Mayor Gerald Tremblay and his staff were conducting a cost evaluation. Would it be cheaper to go ahead and schedule the riot squad, or bus in fans from Toronto who could school Hab fans on decent behaviour when things don't go entirely your way?

They're willing to pay for Toronto's class.

The city of Montreal is on edge this morning, anticipating an ugly scene in the next week or so.

A playoff birth is nice in theory, but what will it accomplish with zero victories and millions in damage?

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Cooke, Lumby And Layton

March 23, 2011 @ 08:07

I should have gotten to this earlier, but there really isn't a lot to say about the Matt Cooke suspensions.

The NHL blew it again, at very least he should have received the remainder of the season and "all" of the playoffs. But that's the NHL for you, even when they have an opportunity handed to them on a silver platter to set a clear cut example, they screw it up.

I don't see any need for further analyses because it's all been said. Everything I've read criticizing the suspension is valid.

As far as is concerned, what did come out of this story was another dimension provided by my good friend and sinister Hab fan Jeff Lumby.

Here's what he wrote.

Freddie, Agree with everything you said about Kook...ah Cooke. The point about a few ruining it for others is well taken. Other players need to step up...ex-players really need to step up....MARIO??? Freddie, can you do me a favor though, since you brought it up (and no I don't put a "u" in favor or color, it's stupid), stop saying Chara has no history with suspensions. It's immaterial. So because you have no suspensions the league can't give you your first?? Ridiculous. That fact has no merit in the conversation. By the way, the league stunk the joint out with the Cooke suspension. Wimps.

And here's how I replied.

@Lumby - History has a lot to do with it because, whether right or wrong, its a huge criteria for how the NHL hands down suspensions. Unless its a blatant case of intent to injure, which this wasn't, the NHL has to consider a player's character and history. And that's exactly why you're correct about Matt Cooke. Chara got what he deserved, Cooke didn't.

And one other thing.

The release of the federal budget yesterday reveals why it's time for this country to move on from a minority government.

When the likes of Jack Layton and his broken down irrelevant party is given legitmacy it's time for change.

I think the inevitable election is going to provide some dramatic change in Canada. If we get a Conservative majority, it will provide a stability that we haven't seen in years. If the Conservatives get another minority, I think you'll see Stephen Harper walk and go earn some real money. And if the Liberals get a minority, the country deserves everything it gets.

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Cooke Is A Creep

March 21, 2011 @ 08:25

After this latest assault on a fellow player, Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins doesn't need a suspension, he needs an examination.

He needs to be examined by the best the psychiatric field has to offer, because Matt Cooke has moved beyond just being a dirty, slimy back stabbing little prick of a player, he's moved into mental illness territory.

How can there be any other explanation? After what Cooke has committed over the past couple of years, and given what the NHL is currently going through when it comes to head shots, Cooke's blatant shot to the head of the Rangers Ryan McDonagh yesterday makes him the undisputed king of NHL imbeciles.

Cooke has been suspended three times over the past three seasons for illegal hits. He also delivered a hit on Boston's Marc Savard in March of last year that resulted in a severe concussion and prompted the NHL to adopt a new rule that bans blindside hits to the head.

So this is it, it's time for the NHL to step up and show that they're genuinely serious about the rash of head injuries. They should consider this skunk's pathetic recent history and suspend him for the rest of the season and the playoffs - and maybe a few games into next year.

Hell, given his recent history and total disregard for his fellow workers, they should consider throwing him out of the league for good, but anything short of the remainder of this season and the playoffs will be a joke.

And it should go beyond the league. How ironic that Mario Lemieux yapped about head shots in the league just a few short weeks ago when he employs public enemy number one. Nice try at diversion Mario.

Cooke's teammates should show some class as well. Yes, it's a fast, hard hitting competitive game, but Cooke has crossed the line too many times and even the Pittsburgh Penguins should be disgusted at this latest incident, and while we're at it, its time for the rest of the players in the NHL to speak up and indentify the handful of idiots who are putting negative pressure on the league and affecting the over-all product.

To support Matt Cooke going forward as teammate or a workmate will do nothing but put a deeper blemish on the league.

I'm sure there are those who will want to compare this to the Zdeno Chara incident (Hab fans) but that's ridiculous.

Chara has no history and that hit was of completely different circumstances. In this latest assault by Cooke, he charged at Callahan and then deliberately raised his elbow.

It was calculated, it was disgusting, it was dirty and it was his fourth offence in a relatively short period of time? What else does the NHL need to make a statement?

As for Cooke, I stand by my opening statement. For him to do this again, given the current atmoshpere, the man (?) needs professional help.

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It's Over

March 15, 2011 @ 07:45

I received a message on my Facebook page from Freeway Frank last night. All it said was fooooooooooooooooore.

I get it. It's an old and tired line, and I hope he updates his act before becoming morning man at Virgin Radio in Montreal, but what he's referring to is the Leafs. Their goofy little run at a playoff spot came to an end last night with a 6-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Before I get to the Leafs, let me say this. Despite the sparring back and forth with the likes of Frank and other aggravating Hab fans this year, I really am impressed with what the Canadiens have done this year. I didn't expect it going into the season, and it only became more impressive as the season went along and they maintained their excellent play despite some key injuries.

You look at their roster and you scratch your. How did that lineup provide those results?

Well, I think the answer is coaching and to my mind it exposes the biggest gap between the Leafs and Habs. Yes, the Habs have better players than the Leafs, but not that much better. As the season draws to a close I think it's safe to say Jacques Martin got a lot more out of his players than Ron Wilson got out of his.

During the Leafs half decent run since the all-star break the point was made several times in the media that Wilson had probably earned a new contract. We can only hope that's not true.

If this season has proved anything, it's that Ron Wilson is not the coach for this team. As Brian Burke improves the roster, the same can't be said about key coaching elements like the power play, penalty killing and blatant give-aways which are usually tied to a loose system.

Over the past week or so, when the pressure was the Leafs to elevate their game even more and reach for the reachable, they've lost four of their last five. Obviously, other than the Buffalo game, they weren't ready to play, and that too can be tied to coaching.

Ron Wilson gave it a shot, but I think we can safely say, he failed. It's time to move on and Brian Burke should not only continue to build the roster, he should continue to build the coaching staff and the next move should be the main man.

But back to the Habs for a second. They've played very well this year, but I'm hoping this aggravation will end in the playoffs. They're small and soft and understaffed and should be handled quite easily in a playoff atmosphere.

With any luck, the Habs should end up in the tee-box right behind the Leafs and the Montreal Cup drought will reach 18 seasons.

I realize it's not 44, but its still a long time. Long enough to shut-up the goof balls.

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