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Another Idea

April 24, 2008 @ 08:55

I read with interest the idea by the TTC to start selling naming rights to large corporations for subway stations.

Instead of getting off at Queen, you'd get off at Home Depot, or McDonalds are whatever.

Personally, I'd have no problem with it because it's become painfully obvious that the current regime at City Hall has no idea how to run a city, so why not generate some revenue for public transit through advertising.

They'd just have to make sure the money didn't up going to general revenue for things like free lunches and trips to China.

I've often though the Canadian Football League should do something similar. Why not have individual players sponsored by corporations based on their worth and positions.

For example, the Argos new quarterback Kerry Joseph wants three hundred thousand dollars a year, why not sell him jersey to a corporation. The corporation pays the three hundred thousand and in exchange they get their name on the jersey of the highest profile player.

It would go down from there. A receiver who makes a hundred grand would be sold to someone else willing to spend within that budget, right down to the lower paid linemen who might be sponsored by individual retail stores.

This way the CFL could use gate revenue for other things, or even top off the salaries to attract better players.

It might put an end to this year to year financial dilemma the CFL finds itself in.

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Go Flyers Go

April 23, 2008 @ 08:17

Read these stories about the hockey fans in Montreal who rioted after the Canadiens won nothing more than a quarter-final series. And to think goofy Leaf fans only honk horns. Rampage / Ashamed / Black Eye / Shame

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Ottawa Senators New Logo

April 23, 2008 @ 08:16

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Go Whoever The Habs Meet In The Next Round Go

April 22, 2008 @ 08:27

It didn't take long for the reaction to start coming into last night after the Habs beat the Boston Bruins in a game that wasn't really indicative of the score.

Hab fans wanted to rub my nose in it.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was really looking forward to this game and I fully expected the Bruins to play better, but they didn't and the result was another one of those disgusting songfests at the Bell Center, where Hab fans sing that ancient "Na na na na" bullshit song.

And all the while waving cut little while towels. The same crew that booed the American anthem in game five.

Yes, I would have loved to see the Habs fall but it will make it so much more enjoyable when they fall in the next round.

I expect Washington to beat Philadelphia in game seven of that series, which means the Habs will play the New York Rangers. My money and my heart will side with the Rangers.

Honestly, if anybody thinks a team with the profile of the Canadiens, (Koivu, Kovalev, Kostitsyn squared) can win the Stanley Cup, you're sadly mistaken.

The end will come, just a little later than I thought.

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Further To Which

April 22, 2008 @ 08:26

The irony is almost too delicious.

A favourite past time of Montreal hockey fans is to mock Leaf fans for street celebrations after winning playoff series.

Oh yea, during that long stretch when the Canadiens were missing the playoffs, Hab fans made a big point of laughing in our faces because Leaf fans filled the streets and honked horns after winning a something as insignificant as a Conference semi-final.

What a joke.

Last night the Canadiens completed a seven game struggle with the eighth seed Boston Bruins and what happens? There are riots in the streets.

A first round victory over a team they were expected to easily beat, and Montreal fans take to the street and among other things, torched five police cars while looting several stores.

Tens of thousands of Montrealers have had to move to Toronto over the past few years for economic, political and cultural reasons - thank goodness we got the civilized ones.

No wonder Montreal is becoming nothing more than a backwoods hick town.

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Non Gauranteed Bonds

April 22, 2008 @ 08:25

Sweet boy Toronto Mike had a piece on his website Sunday about the Jays acquiring Barry Bonds to replace Frank Thomas.

No way Jose!

Barry Bonds has a bad attitude at the best of times, can you imagine if he was forced to come to the only Canadian team for the league minimum because nobody else wanted to touch the guy.

I can’t help but thing he’d be a cancer in a locker room that’s already going sour with yet another mediocre season on the horizon.

The Jays have played 20 games and they’ve won ten. Typical of what they’ve done for most of the past decade and a half. Simply not good enough.

Already the Jays have settled in their familiar third place standing and they’re three and a half games behind the Red Sox. That might not sound like much of a deficit, but given the Jays win one lose one character, it’s extremely optimistic to think anything is going to change.

Barry Bonds would not help the situation. If anything, he’d become an instant distraction.

And not a positive one.

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Go Bruins Go

April 21, 2008 @ 07:41

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to a hockey game as much as I do this one.

It’s game seven between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins at the Bell Centre tonight, and we could be on the verge of a huge upset.

Check that. On paper it’s a huge upset, but the fact the eighth seed Bruins are giving the first seed Habs all they can handle doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

The Canadiens, thanks to a wild combination of good fortune and playing in a weak conference finished on top of the standings with no where near the best talent.

Now its coming back to bite them in the ass.

Hab fans were quite confident going into the playoffs, they looked way beyond the Bruins who just managed to slip into the playoffs, but all of a sudden its life and death, and if Boston continues their “stifling” system, the Habs could fall in the first round.

Wouldn’t that be sweet? Oh yes, and it will be even sweeter next year when the Canadiens find their proper level and probably miss the playoffs all together.

Teams that depend on players like Alexie Kovalev don’t win Stanley Cups. End of story.

I really can’t wait for the game tonight, I’m anticipating an Bruins victory, but even if it doesn’t happen, no sweat.

Judging by their performance so far, the Habs will definitely fall in the next round.

à bientôt

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And It Was Good

April 17, 2008 @ 09:02

I wish it was different. I wish I didn’t feel this way.

I’d like nothing better than to be able to adopt a team from Ottawa as “my” or “Canada’s” team in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

But I can’t. They’re too creepy.

Prior to the creation of the Ottawa Senators, and for a few years after they entered the league, I had no problem with the city of Ottawa or its people.

It was those damn playoff series in the early part of this century that turned me off like some many others.

Not only was the team creepy, made up of several spineless losers who excelled at the art of choking, but their fans quickly became creepy as well.

Out of nowhere came this hate and disdain for Toronto that was inexplicable in the early going. So anti-Toronto, so anti-Maple Leaf it was shocking. Back in 2000 when it started, there wasn’t enough history to the rivalry to create such vitriol.

Ottawa fans were smug. They thought their team was so much better than Toronto’s they could say or do anything they wanted.

And they did, and it was ugly, and it grew.

As the Leafs systematically knocked off the choking Senators on four occasions, rather than direct their disgust at their own sorry team, they came to hate the Leafs and their fans even more.

Thus, Toronto fans could take no more and they grew to hate not only the gutless Senators, but their weirdo fans as well.

It really would be nice for Leaf fans to be able to support the Senators in the playoffs, it would be so convenient, and if not for the profile of their team, and the behaviour of Ottawa fans, it might have happened.

Instead, we have a situation like last night.

As the clock ticked down in Ottawa, Leaf fans had huge smiles on their faces. For a lot of Toronto fans, the playoffs were made last night. It was our own little spiteful Stanley Cup.

All those weasly Ottawa fans had to watch Team Choke get swept away by the Pittsburgh Penguins. They crumbled again.

And it was good.

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Unsightly Act

April 17, 2008 @ 09:01

During the Ottawa – Pittsburgh game last night, I was reminded of one of my least favourite things about sports.

The Worship Bow.

Just before Antoine Vermette's goal was disallowed late in the second period, the camera panned a euphoric crowd and you could see two Senator fans doing the bow.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. An athlete makes a remarkable play and then fans will start to do a full bow from the hips with their arms straight up.

It’s sickening and I for one would never lower myself to such a level.

What a pathetic statement that anyone would give themselves in such a way to a measly hockey player, or baseball player or any athlete for that matter.

Because a person can swat a puck with a stick or bash a ball with a bat they deserve to be worshipped?

Maybe you think I’m over reacting or reading too much into a simple act, but think about it. What kind of a goober goes out in public and bows down to another man simply because he completed a play of some sort.

How feeble, how insecure, how embarrassing to be seen doing such a thing, and what would motivate anyone to do it. I mean really, what is it saying?

It says you’re a submissive wimp who’s got your priorities way out of whack when it comes to what’s really important in life.

If you want to “worship bow” someone, go down to Sick Kids Hospital and look for a brain surgeon.

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A Tale Of Two Cities

April 16, 2008 @ 11:30

The NFL released its 2008 schedule yesterday and it didn’t go over well in Buffalo.

The Bills game in Toronto on December 7th will feature the Miami Dolphins as the opposition and Buffalo fans are pissed.

The Dolphins may be the worst team in the NFL, but they are the Bills number one arch rival and Buffalo fans love to squish the fish. Not only that, but a December 7th game meant the Bills would get a huge weather advantage.

Not now.

For what ever reason, the Bills in conjunction with the NFL decided to put this game in the Skydome which means Buffalo fans have been robbed of arguably their favourite date on the schedule.

Meanwhile, the reaction is completely different in Toronto. Football fans that were looking forward to this game are disappointed that they’ll be forced to pay king sized prices to watch a horrible football team.

There’s no hatred for the Miami Dolphins in Toronto, so it comes down to bang for your buck, and a lot of people who’ve committed to this game feel like the NFL more or less dumped it in Toronto.

What do I think?

By the time the game rolls around there will be a huge buzz and given that Bill Parcells is now running the show in Miami, it just might be better than anticipated.

I’d go.

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