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No Interest

May 14, 2008 @ 12:01

Wayne Gretzky was very diplomatic, but he quickly downplayed rumours that he'd be interested in becoming President and General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Gretzky is arguably the greatest players in the history of hockey, but that image has been somewhat tarnished as coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. It's been a struggle.

Taking on the paramount job of running the Leafs would definitely have an upside, but given the horrific modern day history of this club, Gretzky is not about to take any chances.

Being the latest Leaf management failure could go a long way in clouding his wonderful playing legacy.

Thanks but no thanks.

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Maurice Gets The Boot

May 7, 2008 @ 16:59

I was in the halls of Corus Entertainment Toronto today when word broke of the firing of Paul Maurice sometime around 11 am.

People were scurrying up and down the halls.

Young Steve Dankoff, who hosts Leafs Lunch Weekends was there, News Director Stephanie Smyth was there, and Program Director Gord Harris was there.

When a story like this breaks, and you're the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, decisions have to be made about how you're going to handle the story and it was fun to watch the team go into action.

On air at the time was the marvelous Mike Stafford and no surprisingly, Mike morphed from newsman to sports analyst in a matter of seconds.

Within minutes Mike had Bill Watters on the phone, and the he spent the rest of the hour taking calls from passionate Leaf fans.

I so desperately wanted to bust through the studio doors and sit with Mike and take calls, but it wasn't may place.

It used to be, but not no more.

What do I think of the Maurice firing?

I'm not surprised. As screwed up as the organization is, there were too many nights over the past couple of years that the Leafs appeared "not ready to play."

I realize that motivation for players who make millions of dollars a year shouldn't be an issue, but that's not reality.

If a professional coach has any angle to his job that shouldn't be necessary, it's motivation, but pro athletes are nothing more than big dumb kids and quite often they do need to have a fire lighted under their ass, and Maurice simply didn't deliver on that front.

Will anything change? Probably not.

This organization has a woeful history of plowing through players and coaches and not having much of anything change.

You know the story. Until the top changes, the bottom will be a familiar place.

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Twice Too Big

May 5, 2008 @ 08:33

No doubt it’s nice to have the World Hockey Championships being played in Canada for the first time in its history, but you have wonder about the size of the field and whether it’s necessary.

What is the point of having countries like Latvia, France, Italy and Denmark in the tournament?

They travel thousands of miles to have their doors kicked and it really is pointless.

It’s like the IIHF feels the tournament isn’t legitimate unless there’s a certain number of team in it. Even if it means several games between clubs that don’t stand a chance or teams that nobody cares about.

When you look the schedule, it’s heavily weighted with games that mean nothing compared to games that will actually hold some interest.

Team Canada’s 7-0 exercise against Latvia yesterday was a waste of time and bordered on cruelty, while several other games were lopsided and featured some teams actually backing off to save their opponents embarrassment.

A 16 team field for an International hockey tournament is far too ambitious and takes away from the flavour.

Eight would be enough and grab the interest of fans long before the current format does.

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Message To Hab Fans

May 3, 2008 @ 10:15

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Three Down One To Go

May 1, 2008 @ 10:18

Over the past few days I've been battered and bruised by many because of my stance on the Montreal Canadiens.

I predicted they couldn't beat Philadelphia, mainly because I couldn't see how this "soft" team could win at the Wachovia Centre.

Well, don't look now but the Habs trail the series 3-1 and in order to win they'd have to still find a way to win in Philly while sweeping the other two games at home.

It ain't gonna happen.

And you know what else ain't gonna happen. The Habs ain't gonna make the playoffs next year.

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What Would I Do

May 1, 2008 @ 10:17

I realize money isn’t everything and money definitely doesn’t guarantee happiness, but as the father of a 25 year old woman, I can’t help but wonder it would be like to have her walk in the door and tell me she was marrying a 37 year old rich guy.

That was it was like for the parents of 25 year old Swede Josephine Johansson who was yesterday officially introduced as 37 year old Mats Sundin’s fiancée.

I’ve got to admit, if my daughter brought at 37 year old guy into the house and I didn’t know his financial situation, I’d probably be pissed.

I’d wonder what this old bastard wanted with my little girl and I’d be concerned for her future. What about having kids and her retirement. The old prick will probably be useless down the road.

However, once it was presented to me that he was worth tens of millions of dollars I wonder how I’d react.

To be honest, I’m sure it would lessen the blow and allow me to get my head around my little darlin’ marrying someone who comes across as a cradle snatcher.

All of a sudden I wouldn’t worry so much about her future knowing that even with a pre-nup she’d be set for life before life had really even begun. I’d realize the burden of child rearing would be made that much easier and who the hell cares about retirement because retirement would start the day she tied the knot.

And I’ve got to admit, it wouldn’t hurt that along with the money came the profile of my daughter marrying a freakin’ Toronto Maple Leaf for cryin’ out loud.

I might even overlook the fact it’s Mats Sundin, although I’m sure at family dinners I’d be all over him for not accepting a trade at the deadline and for keeping company with the likes of Tie Domi.

And get his opinion on why, still to this day, a team has never won a Stanley Cup with a European captain.

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April 30, 2008 @ 11:00

"Hey Freddie Boy, found this, wanted to pass it on."

By The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - A new poll suggests the Montreal Canadiens have overtaken the Toronto Maple Leafs as Canada's team.

The Canadian Press Harris/Decima survey found 40 per cent of Canadians identified the Habs as the nation's hockey team of choice, compared with 24 per cent for Leafs.

A similar poll last year had the Leafs on top with 24 per cent and the Canadiens trailing with 22 per cent.

"Ha ha ha, your Maple Laughs suck!"

Guy Lafleur

Not so fast Guy, put down your cigarette and listen to me. This dumb poll was taken after Calgary was eliminated from the playoffs, so really Montreal was the only active team at the time.

Let's see what happens next year when the Habs don't make the playoffs.

Two down and two to go!

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Two Down Two To Go

April 29, 2008 @ 09:18

Actually, it should be three down one to go.

I’m sure Hab fans will lament that their team should have won last nights game, but much like game one, all that matters is the final score.

Yes, the Habs put on major pressure in the third period, widely out shooting the Flyers, but hockey ain’t horseshoes and so the Canadiens find themselves firmly behind the eight ball, although hockey ain’t billiards either.

Montreal must win tomorrow night, but let’s hope they don’t.

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Roger's Rocket

April 29, 2008 @ 09:16

I don’t know about you, but I could smell a rat through the entire Roger Clemens steroid controversy, so I’m not surprised there are now accusations of him diddling country singer Mindy McCready for over a decade, starting when she was a shocking 15 years old.

Clemens was married at the time and had two kids.

Needless to say, Clemons, through his lawyer, has denied anything inappropriate, but according to the New York Daily News the story carries weight, and rather than supporting Clemons story, McCready’s lawyer issued a “no comment.”

It’s funny, but during his time with the Blue Jays, when I was handling the sports beat at the Edge, I head many a story about the “creep” that was Roger Clemens, but never thought much about it because I found most baseball players to be jerk offs.

None of this comes as a surprise to me and usually, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

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One Down Three To Go

April 28, 2008 @ 08:14

Actually, it should be two down and two to go.

Saturday night’s victory over the Montreal Canadiens was extremely refreshing on one hand for Hab haters, but frustrating on the other because the Flyers could have easily won the first game as well.

I realize on not the most proficient analyst when it comes to hockey, but I really can’t see how the Habs will win a game in Philly.

The Flyers are too physical and too willing to go where the Habs won’t and I think this will be magnified in Philadelphia.

Look for the “K Boys” to disappear at the Wachovia Centre and the Flyers to win decisively. Hopefully we can finally put this Montreal fantasy to rest.

By the way, don’t forget, I’ve predicted the Habs won make the playoffs next year.

*K Boys – Koivu, Kovalev, Kostitsyns.

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