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Leaf Fans Rule

November 23, 2008 @ 10:11

Wow, quite the response to the Wendel Clark posting from Thursday. It really doesn't me something about Leaf haters, they're actually more delusional and extreme than Leaf lovers.

It's amazing how people across this country can spit venom at Leaf fans while continuously going back to the same old argument, that being 1967.

Although it's disappointing, embarrassing while bordering on shameful, it really isn't unique in professional sports.

The St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings joined the NHL the season following the Leafs last Stanley Cup and neither has won a championship.

Buffalo and Vancouver joined the league in 1970 and they've never won a Cup. The Chicago Black Hawks, who beat the Leafs last night, haven't won a Cup since 1961.

I'm not going to compile a huge list here because it would be boring. But take the time to look at all the pro leagues and see how long its been since a lot of teams have won a championship. Teams like the Chicago Cubs, Detroit Lions and New York Knicks.

It's amusing how I can write a posting about Wendel Clark, who could have played for any team in the NHL and been their leader, and then see the reaction from Leaf haters who can't control their vitriol.

I often wonder what it is. Is it people out west who are jealous of Toronto, is it people in central Canada who change allegiances like they change their underwear. Is it Ottawa Senator fans who have been subjected to probably the most vile team in the history of NHL. A constant collection of spineless strokers.

Ironically, the probably least hateful fans are those in Quebec who've been treated to an extremely unusual success rate over the decades. They love their team, but they don't seem to hate the Leafs as much as those sickening Hab fans that've never lived in Montreal or Quebec, but due to their flimsy commitment to most things in life have latched onto them only because it makes them feel good.

Not for past 15 years mind you, but their superficial loyalty does not go unnoticed.

As a long time Leaf fan I make no excuses because I don't think I need any.

The Leafs won the Cup in 1967 when I was ten years old. Since then they had a pretty good run in the late 70's, were horrible in the 80's, became one of the best teams in the NHL through the 90's and early 2000's, and then struggled over the past three years.

OK, it could have been better, but it also could have been a lot worse. When leagues expand and eventually enjoy some degree of parity, it's much tougher to win championships.

Just ask Hab fans who are now in the midst of the longest Stanley Cup drought in their history. A drought which I'm convinced will last for several years to come because they won't win the Cup this year, and next year they're going to lose several players because of salary cap implications.

When I read the crap from Leaf haters, it's always angled the same way. Leaf fans are stupid for loving their team. Like Leaf fans should all of sudden wake up one morning and decide they don't like the home team, or ignore the history of most sports franchises and pretend we should be different.

That my friends would be the wrong thing to do, because it displays weakness and lack of commitment and Leaf fans aren't like that.

Leaf fans are great fans because they stick with the blue and white through thick and thin, regardless of the situation. That's why when the Leafs visit any city in Canada, there is just as many or more Leaf fans in the stands than fans of the home team.

Anybody with guts wouldn't have it any other way.

And to wrap this up, let's make this clear. There is a lot more to a hockey player than points, and that's why Mats Sundin ranks well below Wendel Clark when it comes to judging the best Leafs of all time.

Sundin would be lucky to make the top ten because whenever the Leafs really needed him, he failed to deliver the goods.

Look it up.

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Wonderful Wendel

November 20, 2008 @ 17:32

I got this note from my buddy Darren today.

Here's the legendary Wendel Clark, mild mannered Saskatchewan boy off the ice, but one of the toughest Leafs ever when he laced up the skates.

I got all choked up watching this. It's very moving and emotional. I started to cry !

The Leafs are paying tribute to him this Saturday night by raising a banner to the rafters where it will hang forever with the other Leafs Legends.

Also, first 10,000 at the game get free Wendel moustaches !

I'm going to the game !!!!

Watch this video and then tell me why Mats Sundin belongs to be mentioned in the same breath as Wendel Clark. Or Doug Gilmour. Or Darryl Sittler.

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Another Good Sign

November 11, 2008 @ 08:08

It's crucial for the future of the Maple Leafs to have Mats Sundin go away.

Sundin unloads lavish Forest Hill digs

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Over-rated And Dirty

November 9, 2008 @ 11:00

Leafs 6 Canadiens 3

The Montreal Canadiens are going to be a fun team to watch this season. They're the typical flashy team with no balls or guts. The type that die early in the playoffs. Much like the Ottawa Senators.

Now when I say "fun to watch", I mean from a Leaf fan perspective because Hab fans are convinced this collection of weasels actually have a shot at something this year, and they really enjoy the predicament of the re-building Leafs.

Last night revealed quite about about "Le Suckatants". When a team can skate with them, they don't like it. Nothing but high sticks and dirty tricks.

Enjoy your team Montreal.

Penalty Summary

1st Period
07:03 MTL Tom Kostopoulos : Roughing - 2 min
07:03 MTL Tom Kostopoulos served by Georges Laraque : Boarding (maj) - 5 min
07:03 MTL Tom Kostopoulos : Game misconduct
10:18 MTL Robert Lang : Slashing - 2 min

3rd Period
01:01 MTL Andrei Markov : Boarding - 2 min
05:24 MTL Alex Tanguay : Hi-sticking - 2 min
17:01 MTL Sergei Kostitsyn served by Georges Laraque : Charging - 2 min
17:01 MTL Sergei Kostitsyn : Misconduct (10 min) - 0 min

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Stay Away

November 1, 2008 @ 22:16

It was early in the third period last night, before the Maple Leafs remarkable comeback against the New York Rangers. A thought ran through my mind and then I made it verbal to Neighbour John.

"The Leafs better not bring Mats Sundin back to this team."

Even though the Leafs were losing 2-0 at the time, they were still playing a pretty good game, the type of game that's become standard so far this season, hard work and perseverance.

The Leafs have exceeded expectations to this point, and who knows, within a couple of weeks they could be mired in a horrible slump. But that doesn't matter, because either way they can't lose.

If the Leafs continue to play well, we've been entertained, but if they go into the dumper that's OK too, because it means they'll get a decent draft choice.

But regardless of what unfolds in the next few weeks, one thing is certain, the last thing they need is Mats Sundin.

If the over-rated former captain returned, he would probably have an adverse affect on the team. Like he did on a few playoff series where he was injured and then returned only to have the team play worse.

Good or bad it's a new era for the Leafs. They've dumped some baggage and taken on a new "culture" and whether they make the playoffs this year or finish dead last, it's something they have to do. Go forward and not look back.

They're a new team with a new direction with new leadership. The last thing they need to do is get stupid and think that re-signing Sundin will take them to a new level or make them into something they aren't.

Sundin screwed the team last spring by not accepting a trade, and he's currently screwing around with several teams by not making a decision about a return.

It bothers me that the Leafs haven't named a new captain yet. They're naming monthly captains and right now the title belongs to Nik Antropov. I have the feeling they won't commit to a full time captain because it's in the back of somebody's mind at MLSE that Sundin might return.

Let's hope not. It would be a giant step backwards.

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I Guess I'm An Atheist

October 23, 2008 @ 08:02

Are the Canadiens a religion?

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Ain't Gonna Happen

October 22, 2008 @ 12:04

The big sports story yesterday was that nonsense about the NHL board of governors considering another NHL team for Toronto.

It's much ado about nothing.

There's no way MLSE would allow this to happen. At any price.

It all comes down to ego, and there's no way the fellas at MLSE would risk having another team in town that would almost instantly be as good or better than the Maple Leafs.

The story suggests that the "new" team would actually become a tenant of the Air Canada Centre, and that's what would make it attractive to MLSE. They'd make millions off concessions and rent.

But to my mind, that wouldn't be enough. There's no way they'd take the chance of being the second best team in town. It would only underline how incompetent they are.

Yesterday's story suggested this wouldn't necessarily be an expansion team, in fact it would probably be an existing team from a troubled market.

Well have a quick look at the qualifiers, and just about all of them are currently better than the Leafs.

Richard Peddie and Larry Tannenbaum love money, but not that much.

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Trial Of A Slimy Bastard

October 17, 2008 @ 18:58

Frost used intimidation, former players tell sex trial

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Keep The Change

October 17, 2008 @ 08:10

Starting in March, Freddie P. will be increasing his gratuities throughout Southern and Central Ontario.

If there's anything worse than talking in the third person, it would have to be receiving a loonie as change with the Montreal Canadiens logo on it.

There's been a long-standing policy in my house that no Montreal Canadiens paraphernalia is allowed to come through the front doors. I don't care how rare it is, valuable or cool, when it comes to Hab junk I'm not interested.

When my son was a little fella I had strict orders for friends and family. If you were going to buy Danny something "hockey" it couldn't be anything with the Canadiens log on it. That policy would later include the Ottawa Senators.

It was pretty well 100% successful over the years and it's still in place as I sit here and write this.

However, come March it's going to be a little more difficult to avoid the Habs logo.

In March the Canadian mint, to commemorate the Habs 100th anniversary, will issue ten million loonies with the Habs logo on it. Super.

Now unless I keep a close eye on every bit of change I get in the spring, I could end up walking around with the Habs logo in my pants. A dreadful thought.

The logo could end up in my house, and if I don't watch it, it could end up all over my house. In drawers, in jars and down inside the couch never to be removed.

The thought is so upsetting that I've decided to adopt a generous new policy come March.

"Keep the change!"

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Mish Mash Of Regular Season Flash

October 14, 2008 @ 07:06

Before all the messages come pouring in from Hab fans, let's establish this.

If you guys think that team has any chance of winning the Stanley Cup, or surviving beyond one round once the playoffs begin, you're sadly mistaken.

The Montreal Canadiens are nothing but a "mish-mash of regular season flash."

Yea bring it on. I know what's coming.

40 years without a Cup and the Leafs stink, and Habs are great and they have a future while Toronto's is bleak.

I keep hearing it from the same blowhards who were conspicuously quiet from the mid-90's, right up until a couple of years ago when the Leafs consistently iced a better team.

The make-up of the current Canadiens is all wrong.

Have fun Hab fans, enjoy you're goofy little team that will play hard during the regular season, but believe me, once the rigors of the playoffs begin, If they make it, they'll be steamrolled.

Like last year.

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