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Habs Watch

February 20, 2009 @ 00:38

The Montreal Canadiens are shitting the bed so often these days you'd think writing these updates would become tedious.


It happened again last night, the Habs lost another road game, this time 5-4 in Pittsburgh.

Sergei Gonchar's first goal of the season, in the eighth minute of the third period, proved to be the winner as the Habs lost their 12th game in the last 15.

Twelve of their last 15, not even the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs can make that claim, and they apparently don't have half the talent the Habs do. (something I might argue)

The Habs have settled to a place where they belong, a rag tag bunch of mediocre strokers battling for a playoff spot that's quickly slipping away.

Get a load of this one.

I'm sooo pissed off.......
I had two Montreal Canadiens tickets sitting in plain view on my car dashboard.
Some bastard broke my window and left two more.
What an asshole!

Actually, this is a Leaf joke making the rounds, but hey, I like it better this way.

Let's review shall we. The Habs conclude a six game road trip with a record of one and five. They managed only three of a possible 12 points. They've lost nine of their last ten road games and seven of their last ten over-all.

The playoff situation is enough to make a big mouth Hab fan soil his jeans from fear.

The Habs remain sixth in the east, just one point up on Buffalo and Florida, but Carolina won last night, so the ninth place Hurricanes trail by only four. The tenth place Penguins are only five points back.

It was sad.. it was sad.. it was sad when the great ship went down..

Tomorrow the Habs host Ottawa as part of Hockey Day in Canada.

Gulp! Go Sens Go

Penguins add to Canadiens woes.

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Habs Watch

February 19, 2009 @ 08:30

It could have been worse; the Habs could have gotten two points.

Instead they continued their horrendous road streak with a 4-3 shootout loss in Washington - this after blowing a 3-2 lead late in the third period.

Tell me I wasn't thrilled when the Caps Dave Steckel scored at 17:21 forcing overtime.

Let's add it all up.

The Canadiens have now lost eight of their last nine road games, four of five on the current road trip, seven of their last ten and eleven of their last fourteen over-all.

Ugly stuff.

The standings. No doubt last night's single point comes in handy.

The Habs have sole possession of sixth place in the east with 67points. One point behind the Rangers, and one point ahead of Buffalo and Florida.

The ninth place Carolina Hurricanes are six points back, and the tenth place Pittsburgh Penguins are seven points back.

Montreal plays in Pittsburgh tonight.

Go Sidney Go!

Shootout heartbreak for Habs.

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The Guy's A Bum

February 18, 2009 @ 12:04

I hate to tell you I told you so, but I told you so.

If you search "Kovalev" on this website, you'll notice that on more than one occasion I have made the point that as long as Alex Kovalev is the face of the Montreal Canadiens, they aren't going anywhere.

Let me update that a bit. The Habs are going to somewhere this week, they're going to Washington and Pittsburgh - but Kovalev won't be with them.

Yesterday Canadiens General Manager Bob Gainey told Kovalev to stay home and take some time away from the club.

Gainey explained it to the media this way. "The team has no need of (Kovalev's) services the way he's currently playing. He's tired and he isn't playing with any emotion."

Well surprise, surprise.

Kovalev is a king-sized stroker who has to have everything going his way and if he doesn't he pouts and puts himself before the team. Just what you don't need when you're sinking like rock in the NHL standings and the playoffs are no longer a sure bet.

You can read about the situation here, but there's no need. It's a simple case of a player reverting back to the reputation that made him an NHL reject before Gainey took him on as a special project prior to 06 / 07.

As long as things were going OK, Kovalev made Gainey look like a genius, but as soon as things got tough, Kovalev went south and it culminated in yesterday's decision by Gainey to tell the guy to stay home.

He's of more use to the team by not playing, and word is, he could be finished in Montreal.

I told you so.

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February 18, 2009 @ 12:03

Damien Cox wrote an interesting piece in today's Toronto Star about the return of Mats Sundin on Saturday.

Cox chastises Leaf fans for their treatment of other former players who've returned to Toronto and he thinks there's no place for it when the Vancouver Canucks are at the ACC on Saturday night. The former captain should not be booed.

Why not? What's the big deal?

Even though I'm guilty of it from time to time, hero worship of sports stars is something that bothers me. They just aren't worth it.

Cox argues that Sundin meant far too much to the Leafs and on Saturday night, they shouldn't boo the guy, on the contrary, they should give him a standing ovation.


Let's wrestle this back to reality and call it for what it is. It's only a hockey game and Mats Sundin is only a hockey player.

If the fans that've paid hundreds of dollars for the privilege of watching the game prefer to forget about he did for the Leafs, and remember what he failed to do at the trading deadline last spring, then fine, boo the big fella.

It's no big deal. It's a man playing a kid's game and the very fact that we flock in huge numbers and pay gigantic bucks to watch it happen says everything.

It's silly, it's goofy, and it's shameful.

Booing just adds to the mix.

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Habs Watch

February 16, 2009 @ 09:34

The Montreal Canadiens got back to their losing ways last night with a 4-2 loss to the Vancouver Canucks.

Even though it's the new home of the Mats Sundin, you've got to love the Canucks and the way they dominate the Habs. Vancouver has now gone 11 straight games without losing to Montreal . 10-0-1.

That's right; the streak stretches way back to when the NHL still had ties.

Let's add it all up. The Canadiens have now lost seven of their last eight road games, four of their last five, three of four on the current road trip and seven of their last ten over-all.

As for their plunge out of the playoffs, it's getting so juicy I can't stand it.

The Habs remain fifth in the Eastern Conference, but they're tied with the Rangers, just two points up on Buffalo and Florida. Look at it this way; the Habs are just one loss away from eighth place in the east.

The playoff situation shapes up like this, Carolina sits in ninth place just five back of the Habs, and Pittsburgh is seven back, however, the Penguins did the expected yesterday and fired coach Michel Therrien which means they'll probably surge much like the Ottawa Senators have after firing their coach.

Montreal plays in Pittsburgh on Thursday, but first they'll suffer the embarrassment of losing in Washington on Wednesday.

Habs still winless in Vancouver

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Habs Watch

February 14, 2009 @ 14:40

Just to be clear because I've had a few inquiries, Hab's Watch does not include victories.

As outlined in the first edition, it documents the descent of the Montreal Canadiens. Nothing else!

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Habs Watch

February 12, 2009 @ 08:06

Ouch, the free-fall continues as the Habs get bombed 7-2 in Edmonton in Montreal's 3000th road game in history.

The rouge, bleu, blanc (and whatever other colours they have on those clown suits) has now lost four games in a row, seven consecutive road games, and eight of their last ten over-all.

Now let's have a look at the standings and how they pertain to this slumping 100 year old mess.

The Habs fall to sixth place in the Eastern Conference, one point behind the Rangers who beat Washington 5-4 in a shootout.

Montreal is just four points out of the eighth and final playoff position, and just five points ahead of Carolina and Pittsburgh who share ninth place.

The Habs play in Colorado tomorrow night, and then in Vancouver Sunday - can you say nine road losses in a row?


Maybe if Bob Gainey gets desperate he'll take Nik Antropov for Chris Higgins at the trade deadline.

I'd like that.

Oilers grease skidding Habs

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February 11, 2009 @ 19:05

This has got to be the case of a slippery lawyer going after a big pot of gold with nothing to lose.

A former girlfriend of Roberto Alomar, a woman named Ilya Dall, is suing the former Blue Jays second baseman because he allegedly insisted that they have unprotected sex for four years even though she suspected he had AIDS.


You suspected he had aids but you continued to have sex with the guy and now that's it's been revealed that he actually might have the disease you want to sue him for 15 million?

Nowhere in the lawsuit does it say Alomar "forced" her to have sex. It says he demanded sex, but that certainly doesn't mean she had to stick around for four years and give in to the guy.

Here's some of the news story.

Dall said the two began dating in spring 2002 and had unprotected sex for the next four years.

She said that on several occasions during that time, Alomar refused to get tested for HIV, despite severe fatigue, sores on his mouth and throat, a constant cough and an infection of the esophagus that is associated with AIDS.

She said Alomar had purple skin, was foaming at the mouth and was too sick to walk, which caused her severe emotional and mental distress and fear she may one day test positive for HIV herself.

She called the conduct of Alomar "outrageous with wanton reckless disregard of the health, safety and her well-being, claiming Alomar tested positive for full blown AIDS in 2006.

Excuse me?

If anyone's conduct was outrageous, it was Dall's who continued to give into the guy even though she was highly suspicious of his condition.

You'd think that maybe, just maybe that when Alomar was foaming at the mouth she might have said, "not tonight Robbie."

Or when the skin beyond his pecker turned purple she might have said, "I have a headache Robbie."

Hey, I don't mean to make light of this because aids isn't funny and I hate to think this woman could end up with a ghastly disease, but if anyone is guilty of anything, she's guilty of "stupid."

If Alomar had sex with other women without telling them of his condition, then fine, nail his ass the wall, but I think they have a word for the lawsuit in question.


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Habs Watch

February 10, 2009 @ 08:53

From now until the end of the season, will document the descent of the Montreal Canadiens.

After last night's 6-2 pounding in Calgary, the Habs have now lost three games in a row, six consecutive road games, and eight of their ten games over-all.

The Habs are just six point ahead of the Florida Panthers who sit ninth in the east right now, but the Panthers have two delicious games in hand.

Montreal plays in Edmonton tomorrow night.

By the way, the cool little graphic is a toilet flushing - and spare the Leaf shots, we knew they were going to suck.

Struggling Canadiens stuck in reverse.

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The Habs Head South

February 8, 2009 @ 11:25

Last night's hockey game gave me new focus on the NHL season.

Before last night, I had lost interest in the Leafs and therefore hadn't kept a close eye on what was going on.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Leafers, but it's distasteful to find yourself in the situation where you actually want them to lose.

It's tough to swallow, but given their situation, its better to plunge to the bottom of the standings rather than finish mid-pack every year and not really gain any ground through the draft.

Yes, I want them to lose but when you're in that mind frame its difficult to watch.

However, I will say this. My "wanting them to lose" policy goes out the window whenever the Leafs play Montreal or Ottawa. On these occasions I want my Leafers to kick ass. Much like they did last night.

It was glorious.

And this brings me to my new focus for the remainder of the NHL season. I know the Leafs aren't going to make the playoffs, and I'm cool with that, as a matter of fact I want them to free-fall from now till the end and I'm sure that will happen after Brian Burke blows it up completely at the trade deadline.

But of equal importance to me now, is the obvious and delicious crumbling of the Montreal Canadiens. From now till the end of the season, what will keep my interest is the continued fall of the Habs, hopefully out of the playoffs.

It could happen. Montreal is just five points ahead of the Florida Panthers who hold down the final playoff spot in the east, they're just six points ahead of the Carolina Panthers and just seven points ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Given the Habs play of late, their wonky goaltending the and the loss of Robert Lang, the Habs could easily drop out of a playoff spot over the next few weeks.

They've lost seven of their last nine games and show all the signs of a soft team that depends far too much on the likes of Alex Kovalev and the Kostitsyn brothers, well accomplished strokers who will definitely fade down the stretch as they put more value on their summer vacation than they do the Stanley Cup playoffs.

It will be a thing of beauty.

Big mouth Hab fans who rejoiced through the first half of the season will be brought back to reality as this crew of part-timers takes their foot off the gas and lets a few other teams pass them by.

Happy centennial!

And next year could be even better. The Habs have some major salary cap issues which means they could be torn apart this summer and quickly find themselves in the position the Leafs are in right now. Rebuilding.

And this leads me to a tandem of predictions.

It's already been documented on this website that I predicted the Canadiens wouldn't make the playoffs this year, and although that prediction looked flimsy up until Christmas, now its well within reason.

Here's my second prediction and I've already shared it with my good friend Freeway Frank who I thoroughly enjoyed working with during two years at the MIX.

Frank is now a very successful morning man at a station in Calgary, but he's also a Hab fan who often e-mails me about how much he loves his team that hasn't won the Stanley Cup in 16 years.

I'll say it again Frank.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will win their next Stanley Cup before the Montreal Canadiens win theirs.

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