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William Houston

November 28, 2009 @ 12:09

I was the halls of Corus Toronto last week and during a chat with John Derringer he brought it to my attention that former Globe and Mail sports columnist William Houston had launched his own website.

He calls it Truth and Rumours, just like the popular column he wrote for the Globe for many a year.

I've been visiting it daily and I really enjoy it. Especially the way Houston isn't afraid to take shots at his former employer and guys he worked with.

But one thing I really enjoyed this week was a simple line attached to a column in which Houston slammed former colleague David Shoalts.

"Hockey Night in Canada should drop its on-going discussion about the NHL Players' Association. Nobody cares. It's inside baseball, it's incomprehensible and it's boring."


For the past several weeks while watching Hockey Night in Canada both Neighbour John and I have made the same observation.

Who gives a flyin' fuck. Ron Mclean and the rest of the fellas on the second intermission panel seem fascinated by the NHLPA and its troubles, but the average guy could give a shit.

Not even union guys who can't relate to a union that really isn't a union.

I can't believe that the powers that be at HNIC haven't clued in told them to knock it off because as Houston intimates, it's a huge tune out factor.

Or a good time to go and have a pee.

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Comments We Like - Damien Cox

November 25, 2009 @ 15:24

Cox: A son's secret, Brian Burke's love

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Leafs / Habs Watch

November 7, 2009 @ 22:08

Leafs 5 Detroit 1
Lightning 3 Habs 1

Leafs trail Montreal by five points with two games in hand.

The Leafs could over-take Montreal faster than I thought.

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October 31, 2009 @ 23:15

Holy cow, if in the minds of Montreal fans the Leafs suck, what does that say about the Habs?

There's a big difference between the Habs and Leafs right now, and that's direction.

The Leafs are headed in the right direction, while the Habs are blowin' their load early in the season with a one dimensional team that will definitely run out of gas, guts and goals by mid-season.

Mark my words people, the Toronto Maple Leafs will end up with more points than the Canadiens by the end of the year and the tide will start to turn within the next couple of weeks.

I know what a lot of you are thinking, I must out of my mind, but remember I'm the guy who predicted to the demise of the Habs last season, and this year's team isn't as good as last year's.

Look at Habs results so far this season. They've really only got two victories. One over Buffalo thanks to a fluky overtime goal by Brian Gionta and they beat the Rangers in overtime, other than that, its two desperate victories over the Leafs, one against Atlanta and two against the Islanders.

Of course a Hab fan will counter with this. "What have the Leafs done?" Well actually they've had a much tougher schedule than the Habs, and they've gotten progressively better over the past couple of weeks.

All I can say is, "we'll see." Habs fans are rejoicing tonight, even though they had that nauseating "na na na" song shoved down their throats, but it won't last long. Gomez, Gionta and Cammellari will be reduced to nothing when the dog days arrive, while the Leafs will have found their stride by then.

And let me repeat. I'm not predicting the Leafs will make the playoffs, or even play .500 this season. I predicted before the season started that the Leafs would finish with more points than the Habs and tonight's game, even though it was another "Toskaloss", only reinforces that belief.

And remember something else. This isn't about inflating the Leafs, it's all about giving Hab fans a reality check. It is they who claim the Leafs are awful, and that their pip squeak team is a contender, but that just isn't true.

Then again Hab fans are the most disgusting in all of pro sports.

Over the long stretch it will be proven. The Leafs will be the better team.

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Five Down - Seventy Seven to Go

October 13, 2009 @ 18:06

I'm writing this before the Leafs game against Colorado tonight. I've got some laundry to do and shirts to iron before heading back to Peterborough tomorrow morning.

I also have a spaghetti sauce to make for tomorrow night. My good friends Dan and Jackie Duran have invited me for dinner for the third time in two weeks so I thought it appropriate for me to bring the grub this time.

Dan and Jackie have bought a beautiful house in the hills of Cavan just east of Peterborough so it gives me a place to go from time to time when I don't feel like being alone.

They make me feel like family.

Anyway, back to the Leafs. I notice several people have started to pollute my inbox with questions.

Questions like - hey Fred I notice you're pretty quiet on the Leafs, are you embarrassed.
And - Hmmm.. intersting that Fred is silent on the whole Leafs issue. What are your thoughts now on the Leafs success this season compared with the Habs?

There are several more but I'm sure you get the idea. The Leafs have been sucking the hind tit so Hab fans are coming out the wood work to rub my nose in it. But that's typical of Hab fans.

To be honest, I really don't have a lot to say about it so far. The only thing I predicted for this season is that the Leafs would finish ahead of the Habs and I'm still pretty comfortable with that.

The Leafs are 0 and 5 while the Habs are 2 and 3. They lead the Leafs by three points with the season hardly out of the snatch. There is still lots of time.

Put it this way, both these clunkers will probably miss the playoffs. Remember on several occasions while predicting the Leafs would finish ahead of the Habs this year I said I wasn't sure if the Leafs would make the playoffs.

I still haven't moved off that.

The Leafs suck. I just hope the Habs suck more.

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Number 4

October 2, 2009 @ 11:34

It was a great couple of hours in the studios of Corus Peterborough. The great Bobby Orr was in town to promote his association with Chevrolet and their Fair Play program and he stopped by the studios of the Wolf and Kruz.

We thought we'd have him for an hour, but we had him for two.

Bobby Orr is what every pro athlete active or retired should represent, class, compassion and humility.

Needless to say, all human beings should offer these qualities, but let's not kid ourselves, famous people are often held to a higher standard and much too often they fail the grade.

Having said that, as someone who covered a lot of pro sports over the years, it's amazing how Canadian professional hockey players are in a league of their own when it comes to being down to earth, decent nice guys.

Bobby Orr was simply fantastic today. He was great with our morning shows, he was great with the staff and he was wonderful with the people who showed up to catch a glimpse and an autograph.

He talked about the Fair Play program that he initiated and he also took the time to talk all aspects of his hockey and his career. He even showed me the scars on his knees.

Number four, Robert Gordon Orr.

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No Darryl, Doug Or Wendel

September 30, 2009 @ 16:45

I don't want to spend a lot of time on this, so I'll let you slide over to Toronto Mike's site for all the tear jerking details.

Mats Sundin retired today. Big Deal.

If you've been reading this website for any length of time you know I've never been a big Mats Sundin fan. I had many an argument with many a Sundin-sucker over the years but I felt totally vindicated when he left Toronto the way he did.

Even though he had a no trade contract, he slapped Toronto fans in the face by not accepting a trade which would allow the Leafs to get something in return. Then he finishes out the season and skips town.

He screwed all the people he claims to love.

Not only that, he was a king-sized miserable failure whenever there money on the line. He was a playoff poof who never took us anywhere.

Gary Roberts was the man.

Bye Mats. Bite my clank.

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I Haven't Forgotten

September 30, 2009 @ 12:10

From - April 23, 2009

"I guarantee for at least the next five years the Toronto Maple Leafs will finish ahead of the Montreal Canadiens in the standings. Do you hear me? Do you comprehend Hab fans, the next five years."

No I haven't forgotten and I'm not backing down.

Hab fans are all revved up over the off-season acquisitions of Bob Gainey, but Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta are a couple of under-achievers whose best days are behind them.

They're a little on the small side too, which means as the season drags on they'll slowly disappear much like Alex Kovalev did on many an occasion for the Habs.

However, I must say. Gomez and Gionta have a lot more heart that Kovalev, who fittingly became an Ottawa Senator during the off-season. Talk about the perfect fit.

I will give the Habs credit for one move during the off-season. Mike Cammalleri, although a little on the small side like Gomez and Gionta is a fine hockey player.

Problem is, he aint' too bright. Apparently he could have signed with the Leafs but chose to Montreal instead. I hope he doesn't mind getting pushed around.

Can you imagine? He had the opportunity to join the Leafs and be surrounded by some size, but instead chooses the Habs who are headed in the opposite direction of the Leafs.

I guess he wants to be a big fish in a leaky pond.

And just so it's clear I ain't backin' down, let me say it again.

"I guarantee for at least the next five years the Toronto Maple Leafs will finish ahead of the Montreal Canadiens in the standings. Do you hear me? Do you comprehend Hab fans, the next five years."

And the crazy thing is, I'm not sure the Leafs will make the playoffs this year.

Baby come on!

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Crawling Through The Desert

September 25, 2009 @ 12:55

This is a paragraph from Damien Cox's column in the Toronto Star today, and it just about says it all.

"Right now, had the NHL seen the future and cut a deal with Balsillie, the sport would be abuzz over the arrival of a new Hamilton franchise, with all those young players gathered by the Coyotes organization finally having a meaningful place to showcase their talent.

It's so true. Just think if the NHL had done the right thing and allowed a billionaire to buy a trouble franchise and move it to a rich and hungry for hockey market.

A Balisillie take-over of the Coyotes makes so much sense on so many levels the current situation has only done damage to everyone concerned.

The Coyotes, because they're a like a ship without rudder. The league because they look petty and silly and incompetent for rejecting such strong ownership. And to Canadian hockey fans who have been nothing short of insulted by the whole process.

The team belongs in Hamilton, has the building, money and ownership to be Hamilton, but the league says no simply because it is Hamilton.

Damien Cox makes a great point. What if. What if the league had taken the logical route by recognizing the failure in Phoenix and giving the team to the rich Canadian guy who wants to put it in a city that would absolutely adore it.

Gary Bettman could have looked brilliant rather than as Cox puts it - "a man whose lost his mind over this disaster and become nearly delirious, like a man crawling through the desert unable to distinguish reality from mirage. He doesn't seem to know what it's fighting for any more, just that it's fighting against Balsillie."


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Comments We Like - Hamilton Spectator

August 14, 2009 @ 08:06

Integrity? NHL governors live in glass house.

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