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Prime Minister Super Fan

March 2, 2010 @ 13:12

One of the most surprising aspects of the Olympics to me was how the Prime Minister came out of it relatively unscathed.

He really seemed to enjoy himself while spending a good portion of the two weeks in Vancouver supporting our athletes.

He was everywhere, at hockey games, the speed skating track, the curling rink and the ski slopes. He always had a smile on his face, was dressed in red and white and seemed genuinely involved.

I kept waiting for the shit to the hit fan. I kept waiting for all the Harper Haters to come out of the woodwork looking for reasons why this was a bad thing, but it really didn't happen.

I expected he'd get roasted for being in Vancouver while Parliament was prorogued, and be accused of watching sports rather than running a government.

But what do know, it seems patriotism ran so deep for a couple of weeks that Liberals laid off and gave the guy a break.

Of course now that the party is over, the Toronto Star is back on the attack.

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On His Shoulders

February 28, 2010 @ 09:47

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Excuse Me, But I Think We Do Own The Podium

February 27, 2010 @ 21:46

A lot has been said and written over the past couple of weeks regarding Canada's "Own the Podium" program and how it supposedly crapped out.

Not so fast.

When Jasey-Jay Anderson won the Parallel Giant Slalom this afternoon, it gave Canada 12 gold and clinched the over-all gold medal title at the 2010 games.

Germany has ten and the United States only nine.

When Canada won curling gold just before nine o'clock eastern time, it gave us three gold on the day and helped smash the previous record of ten won by a host country.

But there's more. If Team Canada can beat Team USA tomorrow afternoon, 14 gold medals will set the all-time record for a Winter Olympics.

So the obvious question is this, how do you measure success and at what point do you "own" something?

You know what they say, you don't win silver, you lose gold, so using that criteria I'd say Canada has it nailed. I think we've got a pretty good argument for owning the podium and all those detractors who were throwing it into our faces should have another look.

When you're watching an event, at the end, even if it's a Canadian, does a silver or bronze have nearly the impact that a gold does? When all is said and done and the Olympics are over, will we really remember who the silver and bronze medal winners were?

I think you know the answers to those questions.

Gold is where its at baby. They don't play your anthem for placing second or third, and so far in Vancouver, "Oh Canada" has been played way more than any other anthem.

"Cause we own the podium."

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Thanks.... For Not Showing Up Last Night

February 25, 2010 @ 08:30

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Comments We Laugh At - Pravda

February 25, 2010 @ 08:13

Get a load of this crap from Pravda. It was written before Team Canada chewed up and spat out the Russians in Vancouver last night.

Please note - Vanoc has no say in drug testing or figure skating judging.

Vancouver: Mutton Dressed as Lamb .

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Comments We Like - Kelly McParland

February 24, 2010 @ 12:44

Why we need to get boys out of hockey.

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Erik Nails It

February 24, 2010 @ 08:04

I got his email from a guy named Erik who takes exception with my "Start Fleury" posting from yesterday. He disagrees with my comment that Roberto Luongo hasn't won "the big game" and then he conveniently goes on to display exactly what's wrong with Team Canada.

We reach too far back to make our selections.

Here's the email and my response follows.

"Thank God you're not the head coach, Freddie.
By the way, do you fact check ANYTHING you say? You mentioned that Luongo "has failed to show that he can win the big game." Utter nonsense!
Since this is an INTERNATIONAL tournament I will bring up some of Luongo's accomplishments in INTERNATIONAL play.
After a World U-17 Hockey Challenge and back-to-back appearances at the World Junior Championships, Luongo has played in four World Championships, one World Cup and one Winter Olympics for Team Canada. He has won two gold medals at the World Championships, one silver at the World Junior Championships and a World Cup championship.
In the 2003 World Championships Luongo made 49 saves in the Gold Medal game which Canada WON 3-2 in overtime!
The next year Canada WON the Gold with Luongo in net.
That same year he replaced Broduer in the semi-final of the World Cup of Hockey and won a 4-3 OT game against the Czech Republic.
So don't give me this BS that Luongo has failed to win the big game".


Hey Erik... you're kidding aren't you? Under 17's? World Championships? One victory in a World Cup game against the Czechs and that's supposed to be glittering resume?
The guy hasn't won a big game in the NHL, in fact he's been part of the major disappointment that have been the Vancouver Canucks in "RECENT" years.
The guy is OK. But Fleury has answered the call, performed and delivered a Stanley Cup in the past year.
He went to a game seven the year before as well.. with a very young Pittsburgh team.
Don't capitalize "INTERNATIONAL" to make your point because that's bullshit. This "INTERNATIONAL" tournament on NHL size ice is nothing more than an NHL all-star event and you know it.
Fleury is clearly the best choice for Team Canada, but the same politics that have Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger on the team won't allow it.
Do I check "ANYTHING" I say?
Yea, and believe me, your examples are weak. I was aware of them, but when the pinnacle was a victory in the watered down World Championships six years ago, I chose to overlook it. I think a few things have happened since then.
Your logic is exactly what's wrong with our Olympic strategy. Too much history.

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Start Fleury

February 23, 2010 @ 07:37

I'm I missing something, or has my love of the Toronto Maple Leafs severely affected my thought process when it comes to hockey?

Why isn't Marc-Andre Fleury starting tonight's game against Germany?

He's young, he's solid and he's already a proven winner. Holy cow, he just won a Stanley Cup in a game seven against the Detroit Red Wings. What more do we want?

To my mind, Fleury should have been named the starting goaltender from day one, and screw not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.

Martin Brodeur is still a fine goaltender, but he's over the hill, and Roberto Luongo, although one of the best in the business as well, has failed to show that he can win the big game.

Fleury has been there and done that and he still hasn't reached his prime.

From reports I'm reading today, there's a mini goaltending controversy on Team Canada right now. Brodeur is pissed that he was yanked, and apparently, he's not hiding his feelings.

This could have been avoided from the very start. Brodeur could have been given a great big thank you for past service, Luongo could have been named back-up and the Stanley Cup champion could have been given the nod.

I'm convinced we'd be farther ahead right now.

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Newspaper Guy

February 23, 2010 @ 07:05

I read Chris Zelkovich's column in the Star yesterday and it gave me a chuckle, that's what happens sometimes when newspaper guys write about the electronic media.

Zelkovich has jumped on the anti-cheerleading bandwagon. He doesn't think CTV should be leading the charge for Canadian accomplishment in Vancouver, preferring the old CBC way of playing it more up the middle.

What Zelkovich overlooks is that CTV is in this thing to make money, or at least keep the red as modest as possible. And it seems to be working because ratings are through the roof.

Zelkovich complains about "relentless plugs for upcoming medal ceremonies, reports on the wild-and-crazy pro-Canada crowds and a slew of commercials boosting this nation's hopes."

He wonders at times if he's watching the Olympics or a Tourism Canada infomercial.

I don't see the big problem.

CTV is doing what any private broadcaster has to do. They're playing to their audience to get ratings and I'll repeat, ratings have never been better.

Zelkovich thinks Brian Williams spent too much time on Saturday night telling us about Jon Montgomery's upcoming gold medal presentation and he thinks Jamie Campbell spends too much time talking about Canadian athletes on the ski slopes.

Sorry Chris, but I like it. When I sit down in front of my TV, and I can speak for my wife as well on this point, I want a clear indication of what my Canadian brothers and sisters are up to. I would have been pissed if I had missed Montgomery's medal presentation.

Thanks to Williams, I didn't

During the Olympics, Canadians tend to care about Canadians and I don't know about you, but that seem to be the most asked question from people I'm around when an event is unfolding.

"Is there a Canadian in this?" Or, "how'd the Canadian do?" How dare CTV actually give the people what they want.

But here was the most bizarre comment in Zelkovich's column. "A foreigner watching Saturday night's broadcast on the main CTV network might have wondered, whatever happened to all those self-effacing Canadians who avoid overt displays of patriotism?"

Who gives a flyin' turd what foreigner s think of a Canadian broadcast meant to serve Canadians? It's got to be one of the most ridiculous observations about radio or TV that Zelkovich has ever made, and believe me, there have been a ton of them over the years.

If anyone at CTV designed the broadcast to serve "foreigners" they would have had their ass kicked out the door long before the games started.

Are there flaws in CTV's presentation? Of course, you can't design anything of this magnitude without having some problems, but for the most part, the network has done a solid job and I'll repeat it one more time, if it's so bad in the eyes of Zelkovich, why are people tuning-in in record numbers?

Actually Zelkovich had to eat it a bit today with his latest column.

At the end, newspaper guy says, "call me a dinosaur, but I prefer the old-fashioned quiet Canadian patriotism."

Yea, and given CTV's ratings, you also subscribe to the old fashioned Canadian way of criticising success.

One thing I will give Zelkovich however, is this - following Jon Montgomery's medal presentation on Saturday night, during an interview Michael Landsberg for some ridiculous reason asked Montgomery to sing a few bars of O' Canada.

Montgomery had sung the anthem loud and proud on the podium so Landsberg's request ruined the moment. It was awkward, uncomfortable and stupid.

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Canada Zero

February 21, 2010 @ 14:08

For no other reason that I have this overwhelming premonition, I predict that Team Canada will not score a goal against Ryan Miller tonight. Team Canada will be shutout by Team USA.

It seems the same old problem persists that has dogged Canada in the past several professional international tournaments.... we ain't got no finish.

Hope I'm wrong.

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