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January 2, 2008 @ 19:12

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Jenny Grows Up

November 20, 2007 @ 09:36

I used to watch Beverley Hills 90210.

Back in the early 90's I was drawn to 90210 by the girls. I was in my 30's and the girls were in their late teens, but it was OK. I was approaching middle age, but I still noticed a good looking female when I saw one.

Tiffini Amber Theisenn was stunning with those eyes, Gabrielle Carteris was perky , Shannen Doherty was dirty (in a good way) and Kathleen Robertson was Canadian.

Heck, I was even attracted to Tori Spelling. She may have had a puppy dog face, but her body was quite remarkable.

But of all the girls on 90210, my favourite was Jenny Garth. She had it all as far as I was concerned. She was cutie pie, she played a nice and considerate girl on the show and her wholesome image was contained in a healthy and curvy body.

A few weeks ago I was channel surfing, on one of the many Canadian specialty TV channels - that was licensed by the CRTC despite offering nothing more than American re-runs - I happened upon an old episode of 90210.

Almost immediately Jenny's face popped up on the screen and I couldn't help but thinking, "what ever happened to Jenny Garth."

Well smack my ass and call me Henry, last night I walk into the house after hosting the Bill Watters Show on am 640 Toronto and my wife was watching Dancing With Stars, and guess who was spinning her now 35 year old body on the dance floor?

Jenny Garth. And I've got to be honest, she still looks pretty good. (not that she shouldn't considering she's only in her 30's, but have you seen Tori Spelling lately?)

Jenny still has that cute face, she still has that warm disposition and she appears to have kept herself in good shape. In fact Jenny told Us Weekly magazine recently, "I'm So Comfortable with My Body, I Can Go Out There Half Naked!"

I got the same feelings for her last night that I got 17 years ago. Only this time it was little more acceptable.

A lot of guys in their 50's are doin' chicks in their 30's…. aren't they?

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Writers Cramp

November 5, 2007 @ 10:03

The strike by the Writers Guild of America won't affect this fella.

There's only one show I watch on a weekly basis and that's Dennis Leary's "Rescue Me", but apparently the entire season is already in the can so the strike would have to drag on for months before it would affect this show.

Even then, I wouldn't really care because it's not like I can't live without it.

I'm not one of those people who build a whole day around "my show" and then spend a good portion of the next day talking about it.

For the most part, all I watch on television is news and sports and these fall outside of the strike.

As an old radio guy I often laugh of the idea of TV writers. In radio you don't have any so it's amusing when you hear how and entire industry will crumble with a writers strike. Especially shows like Leno and Letterman.

These guys are comics who I'm sure climbed their way to the top by writing their own stuff.

You'd think they might take the initiative and write some new shit for their shows - after all, if they don't these shows will go into re-run and there's nothing worse than an out of date re-run of a talk show - you know what I'm sayin?

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You Can't Argue With Success

October 2, 2007 @ 09:52

No, you can't argue with success. James Blunt is the British singer song-writer who inflicted the song "You're Beautiful" on the world back in 2004.

I can't stand the song and every time it comes on the radio if I have control of the unit I dash for the volume knob. It's sappy, syrupy and nauseating from my perspective, but it became an anthem for millions of others.

It's about a guy who sees his ex girlfriend with a new guy. Definitely a chick song, and lucky for Blunt, one of the chicks who got moist listening to it was Oprah Winfrey.

The song was selling well at the time, but after an appearance on Oprah, in which she sat in the crowd and sang all the words, yuk, sales exploded and Blunt's debut album "Back to the Bedlam" has now sold over eleven million copies world wide.

I have to admit, I'm a little biased. Back in 2004 and most of 2005 I worked at a radio station that played "You're Beautiful" a lot. Like every other goddamn hour in the morning show.

It was good business for the station, but it gave me morning sickness and who knows, it may have led to my demise.

James Blunt is in Toronto right now. Last night he appeared at the Pheonix to support his second album and tonight he'll be a guest on MuchMoreMusic.

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Chris Crocker

September 19, 2007 @ 09:17

This is a follow up to yesterday and I admit, I was way behind on this one.

He goes by the name Chris Crocker and he lives with his grandparents in a small town in the southern United States.

Apparently Crocker is not his real last name and he doesn't want anyone to know the name of his town and that's a stipulation for anyone who's been granted an interview.

He's 19 years old and he's gay. But more importantly he's become an internet star with his pathetic ranting videos and is quickly gaining attention in New York and Hollywood.

This week he was a guest on the Howard Stern Show.

Chris Crocker is just another one of those kids who's blasted to stardom through You Tube. It started with MySpace and grew from there.

Meanwhile, if you visit this website often you know I guest on the "The Rock" morning show in Windsor every Wednesday morning with Craig Venn and Matt Dumouchelle.

This morning after making my weekly appearance, which dealt with unruly kids, the election, farting on airplanes and crocs.. they offered me something from their morning show.

It's a parody of Chris Crocker defending OJ Simpson - and its well done.

Click here and wait a few seconds while it downloads.

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Life Is Good

September 13, 2007 @ 09:24

Yes, life is good when this is your biggest concern.

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Lauren Caitlin Upton

August 30, 2007 @ 07:32

I've received a few e-mails about Lauren Caitlin Upton, the 17 year old girl from South Carolina who gained world wide attention last weekend when she answered a question at the Miss Teen USA contest.

A few of you want to know why I haven't commented on it, assuming I guess that I'd be ready to jump all over her.

I can't do it and I think it all comes back to fatherhood. I keep thinking what if that was my kid - how horrible I would feel for her.

No doubt when someone puts themselves in the position Lauren Upton did you have to be prepared for anything, but at the same time she is only 17 years old and obviously really didn't understand the question.

Or more likely, she was so nervous in front of a live audience and a huge television audience that she really didn't "hear" the question.

So she botched it from every angle imaginable and I'm sure she'll never live it down.

At the same time I'm sure this incident will push her to the front of the line as far as notoriety goes, but I still have trouble making fun of her.

Her looks are an asset but when you're that good looking the critics are waiting to pounce.

She's just a kid and she was caught up in a moment that turned terribly wrong. If she was 21 or 25 or 30 I might find it a lot more amusing.

But right now I just feel bad for the kid and I think of how painful it must be for her dad to see this happen to her.

If you haven't seen the video and want to - go somewhere else.

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Amy Winehouse

August 30, 2007 @ 07:31

I found another "dad" story to be very amusing.

Several months ago my good friend Darren introduced me to British singer Amy Winehouse, who's only 23 years old.

She'a fabulously talented and her latest album called "Back to Black", featuring the hit single "Rehab" has sold over a million copies despite her not getting a lot of mainstream airplay.

I have the CD and whenever I play it at the trailer, it never fails that someone asks me who it is. It's infectious.

Problem is, Amy has a severe drug and alcohol problem and it's become a major issue in her family, especially for her father and father in law.

Her dad has almost given up. He says he's tried to get her help but she doesn't want it.

He says there seems to be only one solution for Amy, and that's for her to hit rock bottom before she finally decides she doesn't want to "do this" anymore.

A tough stance for a father to take because it must be excruciating to have a kid with such talent only to watch her attempt to throw it all away.

Her father in law has a different solution and he made it public this week. He says everyone should boycott her records until she gets off the junk.

Giles Fielder-Civil says Amy and his son Blake both are in abject denial over their cocaine and heroine use. They think they're nothing more than recreational users when it's painfully obvious they aren't.

Two fathers who are watching their kids literally kill themselves when there's so much to live for.

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Andrea Roth

August 30, 2007 @ 07:30

I'm not much of a television guy. Outside of sports and news, I'm not really one for sitting down and watching dramas or sitcoms or crap.

One show I do enjoy however is "Rescue Me."

It's the brainchild of Dennis Leary and you can catch in Canada Tuesdays nights at ten o'clock on Showcase, and the new season started this week with a rather lethargic episode.

Apparently Leary lost a relative on 911 and it inspired him to write, produce and star in a series about New York City firemen and it's into its fourth season.

The show involves several intriguing characters including Andrea Roth who plays Leary's wife Janet.

Ever since I started watching the show I've got to admit Roth has grabbed my attention and I can't let go. She's beautiful in a unique and natural way and she's a solid actress.

Ok, I'll say it. She's a baby come on, lets be doing it, touch me where it counts kind of gal, and yesterday she became even more attractive when I found out she's Canadian.

I was googling some stuff about "Rescue Me" when I came upon Roth's bio and pleasantly surprised to find out that she's not only Canadian, but she keeps a home just north of Toronto.

She was born in Woodstock and came to Toronto just after high school to intern at an advertising agency. While there, someone hooked onto her country girls looks and got her into modeling.

From there she took acting lessons and the rest is history.

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I Saw Merv

August 14, 2007 @ 10:12

I received the news of the passing of Merv Griffin with a heavy heart yesterday because I saw the man live and in the flesh just over a year ago.

I was in California for a holiday, doing the coastal thing from San Francisco to San Diego.

While in Los Angeles I managed to get tickets to the "Leno Show" and I've got to admit, I was actually a little disappointed when I learned that Merv would be one of the guests.

When you have the opportunity to see the "Tonight Show" live, you hope it will be the ultimate experience with top headliner guests and to me, Merv Griffin didn't really fit the bill.

And to be honest, something made me think he was already dead at the time.

Anyway, he turned out to be great. I sit here right now and I can't remember a couple of the lines he came out with but Merv Griffin was a fabulous guest and you could tell he had a great relationship with Jay Leno.

I would assume that at the time, Merv was battling the prostate cancer that took his life on Sunday.

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