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Dan In Real Life

April 14, 2008 @ 08:15

At the urging of my sweet daughter Melanie I sat down and watched a movie last night, and it was well worth it.

“Dan in Real Life” was released last October and to be honest, before Melanie mentioned it I hadn’t heard of it before.

It stars Steve Carell who plays the widowed father of three daughters.

He’s a newspaper advice columnist, who during a family get together at his parents ocean side home, through a twist of fate, falls in love with his brothers girl friend.

It’s not a great film. It’s a nice film and Carell once again brings that engaging and warm character of his to the screen.

If you’re looking for a film that doesn’t feature blood, guts, gangs, guns, huge tits or the tedious Will Farrell, this a goody.

Check it out.

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Grapes - The Movie

March 26, 2008 @ 10:06

When I first heard they were going to make the "Don Cherry Movie", I thought, what's the use.

We already know all we need to know about the guy. He's been in our living rooms every Saturday night for the past 24 years and he didn't hide much.

We learned what the guy was all about, and more. Or so we thought.

But it runs out this CBC project could be worth while. The script was written by Don's son Tim it deals with Cherry's life prior to Hockey Night in Canada.

The early years, his life in the minors and how it affected his family.

Tim got to offer some insights that other script writers wouldn't, and he got to take some privileges that Don probably wouldn't have OK'ed from somebody else.

Apparently there are some scenes that are downright embarrassing.

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Carole Pope

March 20, 2008 @ 09:30

One of my favourite CFNY artists from the 1980’s was Carol Pope.

Carol and Kevan Staples formed the band Rough Trade way back when, and their album Avoid Freud still ranks as one of my favourites of all time, with High School Confidential being my favourite song.

One time many years ago, I saw Carole at a bar and while she was singing Crimes of Passion she tweaked her hard nipples through a white blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

I thought that was very cool and only added to the mystique of this professed lesbian in the days when lesbianism wasn’t as widely accepted, enjoyed and encouraged as it is today.

Back in the mid 80’s I was vacationing in Florida with my wife and while sitting by the pool I was playing Avoid Freud on a cassette deck when some kids from Philadelphia came over and asked me what I was listening to.

They loved it and later correspondence with them revealed the album was unavailable in Philly.

I made several tapes and mailed them down. Of course this was long before the days of I-pods, CD’s or anything digital.

2003 was the last time I saw Carole. It was the CFNY reunion at the Guvernment and Pope agreed to fly up from Los Angles as a thank you to the radio station that was the only one willing to play her music from the beginning.

She put on a great show and I stood front row centre stage, with enough beer in me to let loose and punch my fist into the air as she sang High School Confidential.

Carole decided to wear a bra on this night and she didn’t touch her nipples, so I did the next best thing and tweaked my own. It added to the moment.

Anyway, I mention all this because Carole Pope will be back in town this weekend performing with comic Elvira Kurt at Buddies in Bad Times.

I won’t be going because I can’t be bothered, but I still like her very, very much.

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Go Away Woman

March 18, 2008 @ 09:30

Those who defend themselves have a fool for a client.”

I’m not sure if that’s the actual saying, but it probably describes Heather Mills after yesterday’s ruling by a London judge.

Looking for upwards of 250 million dollars U.S. in her settlement with Paul McCartney, Mills ended up with a paltry fifty million.

A nice deal considering that Mills had virtually nothing to do with the 1.6 billion dollar fortune that McCartney amassed over forty years.

But you have to wonder if she blew it by representing herself. Even though she was married to McCartney for only four years, historically a lot of women in similar situations have done a lot better than Mills did yesterday.

The upside is this.

Fifty million is more than enough for Mills to run off and hide for the rest of her life because in the world of public opinion, she’s become dead meat.

A greedy witch who tried to put her claws into money that she had no right to.

Even if she writes a book I don’t think anyone will want to read it.

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Push Oprah Push

March 5, 2008 @ 10:50

Yesterday I wrote a piece about Oprah and how I watch her show most every night with my wife. It’s a bonding thing.

Well last night may have ended it for me.

Dr. Oz in one of her recurring guests and last night he came onto the show after swallowing a pill-cam. A pill that’s a camera and shows all your innards before you poop it out.

But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was Oprah.

Over the course of the conversation Oprah told everyone that she gets constipated when she takes too much calcium. That was it for me, I left the room.

Call me crazy, but the thought of Oprah sitting on the throne trying to force one out isn’t what I’m looking for when it comes to entertainment.

I’m one of those people who like to use the home-throne, and one who gives the courtesy flush when he can’t.

Back in the days when I was employed I wouldn’t go into a stall if someone I knew was in the next one. As a matter of fact, when I worked at One Dundas, I’d go down one floor to Canada Post where I could sit all by myself without anyone ever coming in.

(There you go Corus people –check it out)

I’m the first to admit I’m a bit of a hypocrite. When it comes to flatulence and the fun it can create and I’m all for it, but when it comes to actual movements I become an introvert.

When I florch, I’m caught somewhere in the middle.

But back to Oprah, I really think I’m done with her because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get the image of her dealing with constipation out of my mind.

I once saw a picture of her without make-up and that was hard to get out of my mind, now I’ll I can see is her without make-up and eyes bulging while she tries to make a poo poo.

Lord liftin’ Jesus.

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Jeff Healey

March 3, 2008 @ 08:49

I met Jeff Healey back in the 1980’s and I was immediately drawn-in by his attitude.

He was extremely positive for a guy who to my mind should have been extremely frustrated. I thought wow, the guy’s good looking, he’s got endless talent, but he’s blind, it must drive him nuts.

You never got that impression from Healey who not only lived with his handicap, but he spit in its eye and became one of Canada’s foremost blues and jazz musicians.

Yesterday, at St. Joseph’s hospital, the cancer that took Jeff’s eyesight before his first birthday, finally took his life. I’m sure the tributes will poor in today from people that who are a lot more qualified than I am, so I won’t go that way with this piece.

Instead I’ll question how one person is chosen to suffer so much pain.

Jeff Healey enjoyed a successful career and was loved by millions, but he had to deal with things that most of us can’t begin to appreciate. Imagine being blind as child, overcoming the handicap to become an exceptional musician, then to be cruelly cut down by a vicious disease before your 42nd birthday.

I’m sure if given a choice Healey would have traded his success for just one glimpse of his wife and two children.

In situations like this I really wonder about who makes these decisions.

I’m not much of a believer. I’d like to believe, I want to believe, it would be nice to believe.

But when it comes to situations like Jeff Healey’s, I can’t believe.

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February 12, 2008 @ 11:16

I’m all for women getting their fair share when it comes to marriage breakups, but Heather Mills is a piece of work.

She was married to Paul McCartney for four short years but she wants way more than the 50 million dollars he’s offered her to piss off and go away.

According to my tabulations it seems like a pretty good payout for four years, but she’s grabbed the bone and won’t let go, demanding at least 50 million pounds, which is 100 million dollars. Apparently she’d like ten percent of his fortune which would be 160 million dollars.

How dare she.

Most of McCartney’s 1.6 billion dollar fortune was made outside of their marriage, and anything that was made during their marriage was the result of royalties from things he recorded prior to getting hooked up with her.

Where does she get off demanding such a huge chunk of want he’s spent 45 years compiling?

It’s not only greedy but it’s ruthless. She did nothing within those four years to deserve anything close to 50 million dollars and any argument that she needs it to support their daughter Beatrice is bullshit.

McCartney has already said he will assume full responsibility for the kid; he just doesn’t want to be skinned alive by the old lady.

If ever there was an example for the need of a pre-nup this is it, but McCartney went out of his way to boast that it wasn’t necessary back when they got married.

If it ends up costing him, it will be an expensive lesson in stupidity.

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Only In Canada

January 29, 2008 @ 09:30

It there’s anything more obscure than the Gemini Awards in Canada, it’s got to be the Genie Awards.

These Canadian awards shows are held for no apparent reason because they are widely ignored by Canadians. They’re nothing more than a self-stroke for the industry in Canada.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you watched the Gemini Awards or the Genie Awards? Do you even know which one his which and which one represents what?

Probably not.

Well let me tell you. The Gemini Awards are for outstanding achievement in Canadian television and the Genies are for outstanding achievement in Canadian film.

The problem for the Canadian awards shows, unlike American shows, is that most of the nominees are obscure. The Canadian awards shows are a big deal within that community, but are of no interest or consequence to the general public because when you watch an awards show it’s nice to have at least heard of the nominees.

And that’s why you can only shake your head following the nominees for the 2008 Genie Awards announced yesterday.

Not among the nominees is a film that has a Canadian director, two Canadian stars and it was filmed in Vancouver. A film that ironically has been nominated for four Academy Awards

Juno is not eligible for the Genie Awards simply because you didn’t have to pay for it.

It was totally financed by Fox Searchlight an American company and that’s no good in the Genie world because they require that at least a portion of a film's funding come from Canadian sources, including government grants and other things that end up in the lap of the tax payer.

So imagine what will unfold in the next couple of months. Juno could end up winning an Oscar for best picture, but it’s not even eligible for a freakin’ Genie.

It's too funny.

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Yea Juno

January 23, 2008 @ 10:15

Earlier this week I wrote a piece about the movie Juno and the its Canadian flavour.

Yesterday the fine little film was nominated for four Academy Awards including Ellen Page of Halifax for best actress and Jason Reitman of Montreal for best director.

It's also been nominated for best screenplay which is a story in itself. It's the first one ever written by Diablo Cody of Chicago.

And if all that isn't enough, the low budget sleeper has been nominated for best picture.

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January 21, 2008 @ 08:01

I’m not much of a movie watcher or reviewer so excuse me for being shallow when it comes to my impression of Juno, the fine little film that’s taking North America by storm.

I heard my kids talk about Juno over the past few weeks because it stars Brampton’s Michael Cera who went to the same high school as they did. In fact Michael, despite great success with Arrested Development and Superbad still spends a lot of time in his home town.

But it wasn’t until I sat and watched another Oprah Show with my wife that I made an effort to see this film. Oprah loved it. She loved everything about it, although during the entire one hour show which she devoted to Juno, she didn’t mention Cera once and she didn’t mention how Canadian the movie is.

Filmed in Vancouver, besides Cera it features a Canadian director, Jason Reitman of Montreal and a fantastic performance by a young Canadian actress from Halifax named Ellen Page.

Page is excellent in the lead role of Juno and she works very well with Cera within a screenplay that was written by first timer Diablo Cody of Chicago.

A couple of years ago Cody was a stripper in Minnesota with a passion for writing and a good friend within the movie industry recommended she write rather than strip, and she came up with Juno. It was her first attempt at a screenplay and it’s only the second feature film that Reitman as directed.

Juno was shutout at the Golden Globe Awards this past week, but it’s expected to get multiple Academy Award nominations but I can't really say whether its deserved because I haven't seen anything to compare it to.

What’s Juno about? A 16 year old girl who gets pregnant but it’s considered a comedy.

I’ll call it a very good film. Not great, but certainly not a disappointment following Oprah’s extreme praise. I enjoyed it very much.

Check it out ya buggers.

* I watch Oprah with my wife as a bonding thing, so spare me the wise cracks, ya bastards.

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