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Radio Gems

I visited Pete Griffin of the Pete and Geets Show in Ottawa this summer. I love this man.

Bob McCown's Letter About Fred

This is one of my favourites. It's a letter of recommendation I received from Bob McCown in 1979.

How about this gem? Danny Kingsbury dropped by the trailer this summer 06.

Danny was my favourite CFNY program director, and is currently the general manager of the Rogers cluster in Ottawa. He's a good fella.

On this night, Danny enjoyed a good portion of a bottle of rye that I keep at the trailer for my mother.

BNL at Kingswood

A priceless gem. Humble and Fred with the Barenaked Ladies.

Kingswood Music Theatre 1992.

How about this gem? It's a caricature of the legendary Pete and Geets commemorating their sixth anniversary at CFNY in 1986.

Pete and Geets were radio pioneers in Canada. The did Stern style radio before Stern was out of college. But they did it without the tits and ass.

Another gem. Mike Stafford and I at the 1984 U-Know Awards.

#1 in '97

The is the cover from the Humble and Fred CD #1 in 97.

It sold 2000 copies and was certified "tin."

I love this gem - the 1984 edition of the CFNY Wankees.

Humble and Fred's really tough contest 1998. A man licked a pigs ass, and he didn't win.