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Stafford's Irish Stew

March 10, 2007 @ 09:32

Yesterday I wrote a piece about Mike Stafford on am 640, and encouraged you to take a few minutes this weekend and listen to a segment of his show from Thursday.

Well it turns out Mike was quite thankful for my remarks and wrote about it on his 640 Blog.

Now I encourage you to read and then bookmark. Thankyou very much.

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The Mike Stafford Show

March 9, 2007 @ 08:22

If you've browsed around the website for any time, you know I'm a big fan of Mike Stafford who does the afternoon drive show on am 640.

Yes, Mike and I have a history. We started working together back in 1979 in, in the little yellow house in Brampton and from the moment I met the guy I knew there was something special about him. (the picture is of me and Mike at the 1984 U-Know Awards)

Yesterday while sitting in my office in Brampton, trying to pass another day without radio, I listened to the Stafford Show and I was treated to five minutes and 20 seconds of some of the most compelling radio I've heard in a long time.

The Canadian radio market is funny, especially the "talk radio" market. To be blunt, it doesn't have a lot of bite.

But Stafford? Mike Stafford has bite, and intelligence and skill and guts - everything that talk radio needs in Canada.

I'm glad it's Friday because if you don't have time now, I want you to set aside five minutes and 20 seconds over the weekend to listen to a segment of Stafford's show from yesterday.

He was addressing the United Nations report that chastised Canada for using the term "visible minority", and I found it gripping. The Stafford Show

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Kelly Cutrara

March 8, 2007 @ 08:36

I've got an update on the sweet and lovely Kelly Cutrara. I spoke with her yesterday and she's adjusting to unemployment as best she can.

For those of you who don't know her, Kelly was the mid-day announcer at the Edge before accepting a job at the MIX and then moving over to do talk at CFRB

Her association with ‘RB ended about a month ago.

Kelly is kickin' back, and planning her next move while spending some down time at her in-laws farm near Georgetown.

No doubt she'll surface somewhere in the not too distance future.

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The Leslie Roberts Show

March 7, 2007 @ 08:26

I caught the Leslie Roberts Show on CFRB yesterday and the topic was circumcision.

This subject fascinates me because I can't understand why it's even an issue - why anyone wouldn't have their kids circumcised is beyond me.

Rather go on about it here, you can go to this posting from last June when I wrote out it and you can gain an appreciation for how I feel.

Having said that, there was a compelliing moment on Leslie's show yesterday when a guy named Roger phoned in to say he was sorry his parents had him circumcised as a child.

He actually became emotional when he talked about friends of his who still have their foreskin and he threw me for a loop when he said. "I often think about it, I wish I still had mine."

Roger could be the poster boy for the hysterical anti-circumcision crowd, although I got the feeling that maybe, just maybe he has a few other issues.

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Out Of The Mouths Of Jocks

March 7, 2007 @ 08:25

The circumcision issue reminds me of a precious moment on the air at the Edge about ten years ago.

I was working with Brother Bill when the subject came up in a conversation with sweet Sandra Plugakis.

At one point I turned to Brother and said "are you circumcised?"

I shit my pants when he came back with "I don't know."

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March 6, 2007 @ 09:03

Toronto has one less Leaf hater. Freeway Frank the evening jock at Mix 99.9 will be leaving the station to do mornings at the new CHUM station in Calgary.

In the brief time Frank and I worked together the focus of most of our conversations was the Leafs and Habs. Being from Montreal he loves the Habs, and therefore hates the Leafs.

And I mean hate. He thoroughly enjoys Leafs fans 40 year plight and never wastes an opportunity to remind you of it. And really what can you come back with when you're talking to a Hab fan.

But as Frank told me yesterday, as much as he dislikes the Leafs he loves Toronto and leaves with a heavy heart. He met a lot of great people and built up a loyal and sizable following on the MIX

But like a lot of radio guys the lure of doing mornings was just too much to resist.

However once he gets to Calgary hockey talk isn't going to be quite as much fun for Frankie.

The Flames have an impressive recent history and Freeway actually likes them.

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XM Dumps Bullard

March 5, 2007 @ 08:43

This could only happen in Canada. On the same day there's a newspaper feature on Mike Bullard's radio show on XM Satellite radio, word breaks that the show has been cancelled.

In today's Toronto Sun Joe Warmington talks about how wonderful life has become for Bullard since he took control of the only live show on Canadian satellite radio that isn't sports.

Bullard tells Warmington how great is to do a show that's uncensored and available to millions of American listeners and how much he enjoys working with fellow comedians Judy Croon and Lawrence Morgenstern.

But as a Friday the show was axed with the news being delivered by Croon on her personal website. It's no secret that satellite radio has struggled everywhere let alone Canada, so it comes as no surprise that Croon sites "monetary constraints" as the reason for the show being discontinued.

Apparently the proposed merger between XM and Sirius in the United States won't be as clear cut in Canada with a lot of questions still needing to be answered. In the mean time it's a huge money drain for those who control it.

Bullard went on the air October 26 and I wrote about it October 19.

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She's A Darlin'

March 5, 2007 @ 08:42

What really sucks about the demise of the XM Bullard Show is the silencing of Judy Croon again.

Sure Judy has a steady and lucrative stand-up career but she enjoys radio and she's a joy to work with. I got to do it for about 18 months.

She's a darlin' who's got a lot to offer but the right situation just hasn't come along at the right time.

In this case I feel especially bad for her because she describes the Bullard experience as "the most fun she's ever had on a show." What a drag.

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Counter Sue

March 2, 2007 @ 08:51

News Item

Tim Hortons has launched a double-double of a lawsuit, seeking $105 million in damages from two of Canada's largest media companies and a popular Toronto radio talk-show host. The coffee chain giant filed a defamation suit against Standard Radio and CFRB talk-show host Bill Carroll, along with CanWest, which owns Global TV, alleging they falsely stated that Ottawa footed the bill for a franchise serving Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Standard and CanWest should launch a counter suit on behalf of all Canadians charging Tim Horton's commercials cause emotional distress.

Especially this one featuring the old prick who refused to let his son see him at his hockey games. And the one featuring the aerobics class and the big plump berries isn't much better.

And don't get me going about that "steeped" campaign. As if the old lady wouldn't know what "steeped" meant. Even Mrs. Chan looked like she couldn't believe it.

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March 2, 2007 @ 08:51

Without a doubt the most refreshing, most compelling radio personality in Toronto right now is actually not really a radio guy.

Bill Watters works on the radio but his roots are in big people stuff like management and finance and negotiation.

But since he's become a regular on Leafs Lunch with Jeff Marek on am 640, his constant and cutting attacks on upper Maple Leaf management have not only been compelling, they've been hilarious.

As a former executive with the Leafs Watters was on the inside and knows the real story, and his willingness to throw it onto the table and back it up with facts makes Leafs lunch a must listen for a Leaf fan.

And I can feel it escalating. Earlier in the season Watters would simply pass his opinion in a controlled manner with a consistent tone.

Over the past couple of weeks the volume has been turned up and the passion has increased, Watters has a big problem with Larry Tanenbaum and Richard Peddie and he's letting Toronto know it in an informative, intelligent and extremely amusing way.

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