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Don't Call Me Lobster Boy

April 4, 2007 @ 09:17

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning. Former colleague and fellow Bramptonian Craig Venn has invited me onto his show in Windsor.

Venn left the Derringer Show on Q-107 last year to take up the challenge of hosting his own show and things are going well at 95.1 the Rock.

Craig wants FreddieP the blogger to come on with him and side-kick Matt Dumouchelle and talk about the Leafs run for the playoffs and my take on the Tie Domi situation.

It's gonna be fun and I plan to do all I can to make myself worthy. They have live streaming so you can listen in at 8:35.

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Stafford And Me

March 28, 2007 @ 10:03

I'm a little late posting today because I turned the clock back about 25 years yesterday and I didn't get out of bed until 8:30.

Back in the old days at CFNY when Mike Stafford and I did the news and sports on the Pete Geets Show we'd often spend beautiful spring days suckin' back a few beers and shootin' the shit.

The station was in Brampton, we lived in Brampton and we were a couple of young guys always looking for something to do with the remaining hours of the day.

Mike is on holidays this week and I was thrilled when he called me and asked if I wanted to hook up for lunch. His fabulous girlfriend Linda lives in Brampton and he was going to be in the area.

We ended up at the Keltic Rock in Heart Lake, it was the only bar I could find that had their patio open yesterday and that was vital for Mikes smoking habit. Turns out the patio is a little fenced off area in the back, where the dumpsters are, but that didn't matter.

We got there about 2:30 and we didn't leave until well into the first period of the hockey game. And believe it or, we really didn't drink that much. We had lunch and nursed a few beers, and then we did something I've never done before, we had a dinner at the same place - lunch and dinner without moving.

But why would we? It had to be 23 degrees yesterday and the sun was like a magic medicine penetrating our bodies and all the other Brampton Bob's around us. It was a great afternoon and early evening.

There's nothing like a beautiful day to put the world in a good mood - and it didn't hurt that the Leafs capped things off by blasting the Hurricanes 6-1.

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Gene Valaitis Checks In From Southern Cal

March 28, 2007 @ 10:02


"I've just caught up on what's been happening back at home thanks to your wonderful blog-o-la and it hit me. Toronto is living in some sort of strange time warp where nothing changes.

It's been more than 4 years since I left Toronto for Hong Kong, Dallas and now California, but I could have easily dated items from this week's Freddie P Blog from 3 or 4 or even 5 years ago.

Think about it. Here they are in a "nutshell"

-The Leaf suck
-Mats Sundin makes a lot of money, but see the above point
-Leaf Management blows it again. This time with Rick Vaive
-An NHL player is knocked out in a fight and people wonder out loud if
fighting in the NHL will ever stop. Within weeks or another good fight we
could care less
-Restaurant Reviewer Chris Zelkovich is still writing about sports media
which makes as much sense as William Houston in The Globe who hasn't left
his basement in years
-Another election in Quebec? Are you kidding me? Stop it, I'm killing
myself laughing. Outside of the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City
corridor, no one covers it or gives a crap
-God Bless Stormin Norman. He continues to outlast everyone of us who
wishes we could still make a killer pay cheque in radio
-John Oakley remains one of the most intelligent, talented, articulate,
word-smiths in radio who can't get an audience
-I suppose Peter Mansbridge is still hosting The National
and I would hope by now that CITY-TV finally has a blind reporter

What year is it???????????"

-Thanks as always for your GREAT Blog-


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Dick Smyth Checks In

March 27, 2007 @ 08:36

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to open my inbox and see an e-mail from the great Dick Smyth. And I don't say "great" with any sarcasm.

I grew up listening to Dick Smyth and I absolutely adore the guy but having said that last week I took issue with the content of one of his commentaries on am 640.

Dick compared Stephane Dion and Stephen Harper and I didn't think it was completely fair, so I wrote about it, and as you can see this prompted lots of response from visitors.

And this didn't escape Mr. Smyth who happened upon and offered this.

"Have read the comments with interest. Two points.

1)The Liberal attack ads were under Paul Martin's leadership, not Dion's.

2)I addressed the possibility that Dion might sanction attack ads while expressing the hope he does not.

And, by the way, Steph is a dear friend and valued colleague but she is not my daughter."


I sent Dick a note thanking him for his contribution and to tell him I enjoy his work on 640 and he replied with this.

"Thanks for your note. Actually a friend in Virginia drew my attention to the dialogue in the blog so I looked it up. Your comments are very much appreciated.

I've got mixed feelings about being on the air in Toronto. But then it's more fun than curling."


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Bingo Checks In

March 27, 2007 @ 08:30

Bingo Bob has been a very busy man over the past couple of months. He's heavily involved in launching Toronto's newest radio station where he'll be the morning show producer.

While brunching with Bingo at the Tulip a few weeks ago I instructed him to keep in touch with his Uncle Freddie, and look at this, he's a good boy.

"Hi Fred, Loving the blog as always...great stuff...I have a Muslim friend who sounds a lot like Abu...take the time and get to know him...Some of my most memorable conversations about religion and the world in general have taken place with Mo (my Muslim pal).

Anyway...103.9 PROUD FM is up and running...sorta...we are playing all music commercial free, I've been doing a whack of work in the programming department...take a listen if you have a sec. "What's For Breakfast with Ken and Mary Jo" is set to start on April 16th.

Should be fun.

Hope all is well with the family."

Talk soon!

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Stormin' Norman

March 23, 2007 @ 09:01

Late last night I was listening to good guy "Stormin' Norman Rumack" on the Fan and he was interviewing some wank from Channel Four in Buffalo.

During the interview, Rumack said this:

"Given where they've come from, and where they've been, considering they were almost out of business a couple of years ago, how can you "not" be a Buffalo Sabres fan?"

Well actually it's very easy Norm. All you have to do is consider their long and choke filled history, the sappy media coverage they get and their aggravating fair weather fans and it's extremely easy "not" to be a Buffalo Sabres fan.

Rumack apparently bought Sabres season tickets last year, so he's hopeful they go all the way this spring - which does nothing but give me the creeps.

The only time I've ever cheered for the Buffalo Sabres is when they played Ottawa in the conference semi-final last year. Ottawa is the only team I could place above the Sabres on my personal list of professional sports most distasteful teams.

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Record Executive Ivar Hamilton Checks In

March 22, 2007 @ 08:52

Yesterday I had this posting about Anna Kournikova. As usual, when depending on my memory I don't get the details exactly correct, so my good buddy Ivar Hamilton, former music director at CFNY, and currently a Vice-President at Universal Music sent me this note.

"I remember hearing it happen over the air. It was Dave Bookman who welcomed them into the studio with huge fanfare. I believe they were in town to see the band Bush X play and from what I remember Gavin Rossdale of the band was friends with Federov thus the appearance."


Thanks Ivar. Is there any chance you can hire the Fred Man as a record exec? I'm a good judge of talent, almost always saying what Simon Cowell says before he even says it.

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And Then Shwarma Checked In

March 22, 2007 @ 08:51

Yes, Shwarma checked in to make one correction on Ivar's posting.

"Wow what a day. It was a Bush interview that night with Strombo. We were told by Bush management that Gavin's friends Federov, Shanahan and Draper were coming by to surprise them.

Much to our dissapointment, Shanahan and Draper didn't show, instead, this tiny, perfect hot smokin shy babe came with the Russian superstar.

Needless to say, for the next few minutes, the operating and hosting of "Live in Toronto" got a little rough. I pressed the wrong buttons on the board, and Georgey "ummed and awed" his was through the rest of the interview.

It was awesome, and so is that that picture.

The meeting back in 1999 at the Edge at 228 Yonge and the picture are absolutely real!!"


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Say What

March 15, 2007 @ 09:05

I caught Stephane Dion's telephone appearance on the John Moore Show yesterday and it's not hard to figure out why Canadians are having a tough time connecting with the guy. You can't understand him.

I haven't looked in the manual lately to see if not being able to understand a French Canadian speaking broken English makes you a bad person, but there's no getting around it, it's hard to know what the guy is saying.

Pierre Trudeau spoke impeccable English while Jean Chretien spoke a unique kind of English, but at least you could understand him. I can't imagine Dion in an election campaign; he's going to get buried.

Dion's appearance on the Moore Show was predictable. Five awkward minutes that accomplished nothing, although we did find out that Dion doesn't want an election.

I guess not - talk about a death wish.

Dion was in town to deliver the Liberal platform on guns and crime and once interpreted it proved to be the same wishy-washy crap the Liberals have been throwing at us for the past couple of decades.

Bottom line, Stephane Dion's visit to Southern Ontario yesterday proved to be another great day for Stephen Harper.

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Stafford's Irish Stew

March 15, 2007 @ 09:01

After spending some time with the John Moore Show yesterday I spun the dial back to 640 just in time to hear Mike Stafford talk about the 2006 census.

Mike invited listeners to read his blog and then comment and it was very interesting.

I took the time to read Mike's blog from yesterday, and I think you should too. And as I recommended last week, you should bookmark it.

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