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Here's The Deal

August 28, 2007 @ 08:02

I think it's only fair that I answer all the enquiries I've received about a posting I made, and then withdrew on Friday.

It dealt with a column by Dean Blundell is last weeks

Entitled "Radio People Are Weird" Dean uses his column to describe some of the more distasteful people he's met in the radio business since he came to Toronto about seven years ago.

Call me naive, but I figured if the column had been written and then published in a Toronto newspaper it had been cleared and it would be totally acceptable for me to have some fun with it.

In the column Dean describes people, but he doesn't name them, so I thought it would be fun on to play along and get my readers to actually guess who he was talking about.

Crazy me, I never dreamed that half the people Dean was talking about were people he works with at One Dundas West, including a couple I think quite highly of.

Needless to say a little bit of shit hit the fan over the Eye article in a corner office and I guess it didn't help that I had perpetuated the thing by asking my readers to play the "name game."

Hey, I'm not stupid, somebody in my position can't be pissing anyone off, so when I received an e-mail asking me to withdraw the posting, I did.

The person who asked me is a long time friend and colleague, dating back to the CFNY studios above the strip mall in Brampton, so as a favour to him I did what I thought was right.

And just so you don't have to play the name game in this case, I'll let you know that it was Edge Program Director Alan Cross.

I guess Alan didn't want anyone to suffer any further embarrassment and I can respect that.

I feel bad that what I first thought was an amusing and edgy article had become a bit of an issue between some people I know and respect..

On the flip side, the rapid response that got from someone of the stature of Alan Cross actually makes me feel pretty good.

And that's the truth.

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Tomorrow On The Rock

August 21, 2007 @ 11:15

In case you didn' know former Q-107 guy Craig Venn has invited me to be a regular on this morning show in Windsor/Chatham

After leaving the Derringer Show, Craig moved to Windsor to front his own show on 107.1 The Rock, which has a repeater in Chatham at 95.1 - Craigy works with a fine fella named Matt Dumouchelle.

Craig is a big fan of and has decided to bring it to radio through his show every Wednesday morning at 8:40.

Tomorrow we'll talk about a few things you've seen on this blog over the past week.

You can listen live. Please do so.

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Any Scotch Any Time

August 20, 2007 @ 08:32

Last Thursday I co-hosted the new Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek on am 640.

I was filling in for Bill who was up at his cottage hosting a birthday party for Cliff Fletcher, who was general manager of the Maple Leafs during their "glory" years of the early 1990's.

Bill wasn't expected to be on the show but in the six o'clock hour he opened the line from his cottage in Orillia and he joined in.

It was fun to share some time with Wilbur and during our conversation, we got onto the topic of Scotch. Watters is a scotch drinker, by he only likes the expensive single malt stuff, and he especially enjoys a brand called Macallan's.

When I told Bill that I loved scotch as well, but my taste wasn't that discerning he made me an offer.

When I told him my favourite scotch was a blended type called Bell's, and it cost only 35 dollars for a 40 pounder, he said he could fill a whole desk top of blended scotch at his cottage and I was welcome to have it all because he doesn't like it.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good expensive single malt scotch, but I don't have to have the best stuff all the time. I can compromise.

Jeff Marek is completely different. He told me on the show he can't bring himself to drink a blended scotch at which point I called both he and Watters "scotch snobs."

They refuted the label but the fact remains there's a whole whack of scotch sitting in a cottage in Orillia that nobody will drink.

It seems like a huge waste to me, and now I'm in the position of wanting to take Wilbur up on his offer, without actually having to ask or remind him.

It would be embarrassing.

But I have two goddamn tiki bars and I have a lot of friends who are willing to drink any scotch of any brand of any quality at any time of the day or night.

But in such situations, how do you re-visit such an offer without sounding like a snivelling weasel. I need an intermediary.

Maybe I'll get Marek to remind him.

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It Ain't Gonna Happen

August 17, 2007 @ 10:16

It's happened again. For the second time in less than a year I've had to field calls and enquiries about Jack-FM and Humble and Fred.

Not from the people at Jack mind you, from friends and colleagues who fully expected Humble and Fred to show up as the morning show on Jack.

Yesterday morning after their shift, Ben and Kerry were shown the door. Their morning show stint at Jack lasted less than eight months.

Once word got out that they had been bounced, I started getting calls to the house e-mails to my website.

Many felt the announcement of Humble and Fred on Jack was imminent.

Sorry folks. It ain't gonna happen.

From what I understand, the job goes to Jeff Chalmers who's been around the Southern Ontario radio market for several years, including a few at Q-107.

Congratulations and good luck Jeff.

And congratulations to Jeff Brown who's not only the new program director at Jack, but he's also the new afternoon drive guy.

He and Carly Klassen have hooked up again and will do their thing beginning in early September.

Jeff and Carly are good people. I got to know them when Jeff was at Q-107 and Carly was a producer at MOJO.

A small world this radio world.

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Just A Reminder

August 16, 2007 @ 10:27

Yes, just a reminder that I'll be guest "Wilburing" this afternoon on am 640.

Due to prior commitments, Bill Watters can't appear on the "Bill Watters Show" today so I'll fill his place. Not his shoes. Just his place, which just happens to be in the same chair at the same position I sat before I left MOJO.

Jeff Marek and I will shoot the shit about sports for three hours with guests and callers starting at four o'clock.

Why not give us a listen. Why not give us a call.

Loving you... each and every one of ya's.

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Wilbur For A Day

August 14, 2007 @ 10:13

I received a great honour yesterday. In the only second week of the new Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek I've been asked to co-host.

On Thursday, Wilbur can't be there so I'm gonna sit across from Marek and have some fun for three hours.

It's an exciting new venture for 640 and once again, thanks to some great co-operation, the way has been cleared for me to talk sports between four and seven Thursday afternoon.

Please listen if you can.

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Wednesdays On The Rock

August 14, 2007 @ 10:13

In case you didn' know former Q-107 guy Craig Venn has invited me to be a regular on this morning show in Windsor/Chatham

After leaving the Derringer Show, Craig moved to Windsor to front his own show on 107.1 The Rock, which has a repeater in Chatham at 95.1 - Craigy works with a fine fella named Matt Dumouchelle.

Craig is a big fan of and has decided to bring it to radio through his show every Wednesday morning at 8:40.

You can listen live. Please do so.

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Mondays On The Hawk

August 14, 2007 @ 10:12

Jeff McArthur is the morning man at The Hawk in Woodstock/London and he's another guy who'd like Freddie P. to spend some time with him on a weekly basis.

Starting this coming Monday, August 20th I'll join McArthur and his sidekick "Face" at 7:15.

The subject matter will be wide open. From sports to politics to florching. Just like you get on

The program director at the Hawk is Michelle Dyer who I used to work with at MOJO. She's a smart young woman with a very nice bum.

Monday morning on the Hawk - 7:15 - you can listen live.

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Happy Capitalism

August 7, 2007 @ 10:57

Lou Schizas is a very interesting man. He's an analyst on the Business News Network, and for lack of a better term he's the money man of am 640.

I first met Lou at Humble Howard's wedding way back in 1989 and even though he lived in Calgary until the end of the 90's, through Howard I saw Lew periodically and always enjoyed his company.

Lew is a man of many interests and informed opinions and it was welcome news in 2001 when it was announced that he would be part of the original lineup on MOJO radio.

It's a big week for Lou. Not only has he launched his own website which I highly recommend to everyone, but Lou will also serve as a contributor to the new Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek which makes its debut this afternoon at four.

Lou Schizas is a good boy.

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Let The Battle Begin

August 3, 2007 @ 10:23

Off the top let me say what a big fan of Mike Stafford I am. When I'm by a radio in the afternoon, it's usually tuned to 640 so I can hear Mike's wonderful mix of humour, intelligence and irreverence.

Having said that, I must admit that I'm excited by a radio war that's about to take place in Toronto.

640 had decided to go head to head with the Fan 590 in the afternoon drive period and for a radio fan, a sports radio fan it could be intriguing.

Mike Stafford will move to mid mornings where he'll have no equal, while Bill Watters and Jeff Marek will occupy the 4pm - 7pm slot and go right up against Bob McCown on the Fan.

McCown has dominated the male 35-54 demographic on the am band during afternoon drive for several years. Ironically, the last time he wasn't number one is when Stafford was hosting the MOJO afternoon drive show.

Whether anyone likes to admit it or acknowledge it, Mike actually beat Bob, but in McCown's defense his numbers were also fragmented to a small degree back then by the launch of "The Team."

Now the lines have been drawn for another battle and nobody should sell Watters and Marek short. They are going to cause all kinds of problems for the Fan and probably force McCown to talk about a lot more hockey than he'd like to.

Needless to say, as Toronto's home of the Maple Leafs "The Bill Watters Show" will lean heavily towards hockey and in this market that's "gold" and it's going to force a lot of cross tuning in the afternoon.

To McCown's credit, he loves to talk about all sports and all issues and he does a fabulous job with it. McCown enjoys "not" talking about hockey and is often aggravated by those who insist on talking hockey when there are so many other things to talk about.

Well things are about to change. Instead of having the afternoon sports audience all to himself and being able to feed that audience with anything he wants, McCown will now have to deal with an established hockey show just a short distance up the dial.

All of a sudden he'll have to share the market of adult males because when he's not talking hockey, there will be a lot of buttons being pushed.

You can't argue with reality. Toronto is a hockey market, especially a Leafs market and if that's the subject people listen. Call us puck heads or hockey hacks or anything you want, but we love our Leafs and we want to hear about them to a nauseating fault.

Why do you think The Fan counter-programmed Leafs Lunch with their Hockey Central Show a few months ago. It's because sports fans were leaving Mike Hogan's show on the Fan and listening to a show about hockey and nothing but hockey.

Now we're about to enter another phase and it's going to be very interesting.

Bob McCown does a fabulous interview and Prime Time Sports is a quality show, without a doubt the best sports radio talk show I've heard anywhere in North America, but starting next week and especially during the hockey season, while McCown is doing an in depth segment on the NBA or talking to a doctor about steroid use in baseball or interviewing a boxing expert, sports fans will now have an alternative.

Listen to a segment they're sort of interested in, or flip the dial and get exactly what they want. Hockey talk and hockey talk done very well.

Here's the deal. This battle will not create any more listeners for sports talk in the GTA, what it will do is change the distribution, and going in, that could be bad news for The Fan.

It's going to be fun to watch. I only wish I could be part of it. And I'd play for either team.

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