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Tomorrow On The Rock

September 18, 2007 @ 09:56

Just a reminder I'll be doing my weekly bit on the Rock with Craig Venn and Matt Dumouchelle tomorrow morning at 8:40

We'll be talking about all kinds of neat stuff.

After leaving the Derringer Show, Craig moved to Windsor to front his own show on 100.7 The Rock, which has a repeater in Chatham at 95.1

You can listen live. Please do so.

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Well Done

September 14, 2007 @ 09:41

Yesterday I talked about a promotion by CHUM-FM called "Play at Work. It's one of those deals where they dangle half a million dollars in your face but to have any chance at it, you have to listen to the station every goddamn minute of the day.

It's currently ratings and it's a way of buying your loyalty.

These types of promotions always bothered me because they did nothing to attract listeners through more interesting or better programming.

Compare that to Q-107's ratings promotion, "the funniest person with a day job."

It's brilliant. For the several weeks John Derringer will travel to different Jack Astor's restaurants throughout the GTA on Friday mornings to find the funniest person with a day job.

Contestants have to qualify and then they get five minutes to stand up in front of a live audience and do their thing. Each week a winner is crowned and they move on.

This morning they were in Brampton and it was a great show and nobody died.

It's fantastic because it delivers on so many levels.

First of all, it's not a bribe that asks you to listen all day and listen for your name and then when you do call a number and come up with a correct answer that qualifies you to maybe win something if you promise to keep listening more and call back later.

It's pure entertainment that's good for the listener, and by visiting different locations in the GTA it allows Derringer fans to see him live.

It's also works from the contestant standpoint. These are all amateur comics and you can bet when they're scheduled to appear every member of their family, every friend they have and everybody they work with is listening.

It's a solid bit and it fits perfectly with the Derringer Show which by far is the best morning show in the city, well equipped with fabulous marketing and promotion.

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The Jim Richards Show

September 12, 2007 @ 09:31

While driving home last night I caught a segment of the Jim Richards Show on CFRB and as usual it was interesting.

Jim's question was this. Why are there tip jars at Starbuck's?

His reasoning was very simple. What happens at Starbuck's that deserves a tip? They don't even add your milk and sugar, so why should you tip them for simply pouring you a cup of coffee that's horrendously overpriced to begin with.

They don't have tip jars at Tim Horton's or Country Style or McDonalds or any other fast food outlet, so why would they have them at the place that sells coffee that always tastes like it's burnt?

Jimbery is against it and refuses to comply and I don't blame him. I don't do it either.

At some point the consumer has to take a stand and in this case it's easy. Starbuck's is so wildly expensive to begin with why should the customer have to supplement the income of the workers on top of that.

Let Starbuck's pay their staff for standing there and pouring coffee.

Of course this initiated all kinds of calls and surprisingly there was a lot of support for the tips jars - obviously from those who have worked in the service industry.

And the conversation spread from there. Why should we have to tip at all? There are all kinds of other services out there that don't include tipping, but the restaurant industry is built around the assumption that the customer will pay within fifteen or twenty percent of their bill towards the servers wages.

Why does this happen and where did it start?

Jimmy pushed another hot button when he brought up the practice of "automatic" tipping. Where it's added to your bill whether you were pleased with the service or not. These places should be avoided.

It was some solid radio and I'm disappointed I didn't start listening earlier because I just caught the tail end of a segment on how much Jim hates tomatoes.

The Jim Richards Show. Weeknights - 7-10pm.

Thanks for the video link Swampy!

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Marek Departs

September 12, 2007 @ 09:30

Jeff Marek checked-in with readers yesterday to convey his thanks for their kind words.

I had a posting last week about a great opportunity for Jeff. He's leaving am 640 and the Bill Watters Show to front the new Hockey Night in Canada radio show on Sirius.

Marek will also appear on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday night and take other assignments with the CBC.

Yesterday he said his goodbye's on 640 and among those he thanked were Humble and Fred. He did news on our show in the early days of MOJO.

Here's what Jeff had to say to readers yesterday.

Thanks Freddie, very kind words. And thanks to everyone else... I feel like Sally Field all of a sudden.

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Marek Moves On - Update

September 7, 2007 @ 12:48

I had the opportunity to talk to Jeff Marek this afternoon and to say he's pumped would be a huge understatement.

Marek has accepted a job with the CBC to front their new Hockey Night in Canada radio show on Sirius satellite radio.

I thought I should update my posting from this afternoon because there were a few more details that are very exciting for Jeff.

First of all, this is a job with the CBC not Sirius, which means a whole new world is open to Jeff and it's going to be very exciting.

In addition to hosting the radio show, Marek will also appear on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights, and let's be honest, what young Canadian fella wouldn't love to do that?

Of course the downside to all of this is that he'll be leaving Leafs Lunch and the new Bill Watters Show on am 640.

Needless to say Marek was a huge piece of that pie and he'll be hard to replace. But great talent usually attracts great offers and that's the situation with Jeff Marek.

His hosting ability and interesting perspective the game of hockey caught the attention of the big guys at the CBC and the rest is history.

He's movin' on up and starts his new gig on Sirius satellite radio October 1st between four and six pm.

Yup, Toronto's loss is North America's gain.

Way to go Jeffy!

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Monday On The Hawk

September 7, 2007 @ 09:19

Jeff McArthur is the morning man at The Hawk in Woodstock/London and he's another guy who'd like Freddie P. to spend some time with him on a weekly basis.

Monday morning I'll join McArthur and his sidekick "Face" at 7:15 and the subject matter will be wide open.

Monday morning on the Hawk - 7:15 - you can listen live.

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Tomorrow On The Rock

September 4, 2007 @ 12:18

Just a reminder I'll be doing my weekly bit on the Rock with Craig Venn and Matt Dumouchelle tomorrow morning at 8:40

We'll be talking about the Leafs, the upcoming provincial election and a few other things.

After leaving the Derringer Show, Craig moved to Windsor to front his own show on 100.7 The Rock, which has a repeater in Chatham at 95.1

You can listen live. Please do so.

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Stroke Job

September 4, 2007 @ 11:49

Nice stroke job by Steve Simmons in this mornings Toronto Sun. He devotes an entire column to the 15th anniversary of The Fan 590.

Last week I told you that this week marked the beginning of the all important fall "book" in Toronto radio.

So it doesn't hurt when you can get a columnist to give you what amounts to a free advertisement on the first day of ratings. It often happens if there's a good relationship between the columnist and someone at the station.

In this case Simmons reminisces about days gone by including his short lived time at the station when it quickly became apparent he had no business being on the radio.

Simmons also talks about others who've worked at the station but have moved on to bigger and better things.

Dan Shulman, Elliotte Friedman, George Stroumboulopoulos, Jim Richards, Jeff Marek and Jim Lang.

But there was one key omission. John Derringer. Derringer hosted the morning show at the Fan for five years, and next to Shulman is definitely the most successful former Fan guy.

You almost get the impression there might be some animosity between these guys.

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That Time Of The Year Again

August 31, 2007 @ 09:22

It's the third September since I was removed from the radio industry so I write this with a heavy heart.

In 2005 I was too shocked and freaked out to actually stop down and think about what was happening - but last year was a litte different.

There appeared to be an opportunity in the market which created some excitement but that vanished with more mind boggling head shaking radio logic.

Monday marks the first day of ratings, the all important fall book. That's why you'll hear a lot of "regulars" working on Labour Day.

Man oh man how I miss the competition. It was so much fun.

You came back after the summer and everything was in place for a run at an improved market share. Sure it meant goofy little contests, but there was more to it than that, a lot more.

As a matter of fact, I'm of the opinion that a good solid radio station doesn't need to throw money at listeners. That's not what people listen for. But somehow over the years it's become the norm, the thing to do, the safety net.

Over the years it blew me away how many listeners I met who "didn't" mention contests as the main reason they listened. Most of them, like 95 percent of them, didn't even take part in contests because they were of the opinion they didn't have a chance to win anyway.

The key to success and every announcer knows it, is being in the right place at the right time and delivering a product that best compliments a well run, well managed radio station with a solid marketing and promotions department and that's what has me thinking today.

I would love to be getting up Monday morning at 3:30 and heading for a radio station to do battle with the rest of the radio community.

To be honest, I'm jealous.

I'm jealous of the Dean Blundell Show. My best years in radio were spent at CFNY/The Edge so I know how much fun those guys are having under that format.

I'm jealous of John Derringer. He's doing a great show on a heritage station with virtually no competition.

I'm jealous of John Oakley who's doing exactly the type of morning show I would do if I could create my own show on a talk station.

I'm jealous of Erin Davis and Mike Cooper. Jealous of Erin, because she, more than anyone else in this market place has figured it out. Figured out what it takes to be successful. And I'm jealous of Mike because I know he's having the time of his life.

I'm jealous of Roger, Rick and Marilyn who've enjoyed close to twenty fall books at the same station under pretty much the same format - blowing to smitherines the attitude that age matters.

And I'm jealous of Don Landry and Gord Stellick at the Fan. I love sports. Can you imagine doing a morning show that deals with nothing but sports? I could be talked into that in half a second.

However, for the third September in a row, I'm not in the game. I'm on the outside looking in. And it sucks.

It sucks because to be honest. I don't know if I'll ever get to play again.

The logo at the top of the page stands for Bureau of Broadcast Measurement. (this is the company that deterimines the radio ratings.)
They send out diaries to entire families (you've probably never seen one or even heard of one.)
Then they get you to fill it out for an entire week. (most males never get around to it and then torwards the end of the week mom feels guilty and fills it out for everybody in the house writing down her favourite station or one she might of heard somebody else in the family talk about.)
At the end of the week the diaries are mailed back. (the return is woefully low)
That's how the ratings are deteriminted. (and that's how Toronto has been robbed of a lot of good radio over the years.)

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Bruce Barker

August 31, 2007 @ 09:21

I received a fantastic phone call earlier this week. It was from my good friend and former colleague Bruce Barker.

He was in town and wanted to know if I'd meet him for breakfast to catch up on new things and old times.

I said yes, name a place and I'd be there. So yesterday I met Barks at the "Stage West Hotel" and we had breakfast with a special person.

We talked about the old days when Bruce was at CKO and the Mix and those wonderful but brief days of MOJO Radio when we worked together.

MOJO radio by the way, was a fabulous idea that if given more time would have become the most successful AM talk station in Toronto. Bar none. Of that I have no doubt.

Currently Bruce is the morning man at Cam-FM in Camrose, Alberta and he's enjoying himself immensely.

He's a man of many hats this Barker. Last year for example he was the voice of the local Camrose Junior Hockey Team, and he flew into every Rock game in Toronto to be their PA announcer.

This year could be just as busy as Barks is currently in negotiation to do a whole pile of other stuff.

One thing however is already in the bag, and here's Barks to tell you about it and you can meet our special guest.

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