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Stafford Smyth And Zerbisias

November 7, 2007 @ 09:52

There were three things in the local media over the past couple days that I recommend you read or listen to.

First of all, get a lot of what Antonia Zerbisias wrote in today's Toronto Star. There's no doubt she belongs at the Star with this spin on Stephen Harper's GST cut. It's amazing how some people expect the government to look after everything, including mopping up behind those who do a shitty job of running their lives.

Second. Read Mike Stafford's blog from yesterday. As usual Mike puts an issue into clear cut perspective.

And finally, listen to Dick Smyth's commentary from yesterday on am 640 Toronto Radio. He nails it with Dalton.

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Ripkin Checks In

November 7, 2007 @ 09:50

His name is Rick Loewen, but if you're familiar with Toronto radio you probably knew him as Ripkin and he was probably the most popular host of the short lived MOJO Radio.

It's amazing, wherever I go people (mostly guys) talk about how much they loved MOJO Radio and without fail, they mention Ripkin.

Ripkin did the mid-day show. He followed the Humble and Fred Show and his gravelly voice, coupled with his ability to make just about anything interesting made him the favourite of a lot of guys who found their way to MOJO between 2001 and 03.

In the spring of '03 Ripkin left MOJO and returned to his home province of Manitoba where he dabbled in a few things before finding his way back to radio.

Ripkin is now known as Roadhouse Rick on Hank-FM in Winnipeg. He's half of the morning team of Rick and Troy. Troy is known as Cowboy Troy.

It's the perfect situation for (Ripkin), he's back home, he always wanted to do a morning show, and he's enjoying some solid success.

He checked in to and said this.

"What the heck? What's up? Long time no hear. I heard you guys were on Mix for a while and then....?
What are you doing these days? I'm having great fun. I work with a good old friend of mine and we're pretty much free to do whatever we want - er, as long as it's only one minute at a time, which is an adjustment. But hey, they pay for my prescriptions.
I'm actually learning to like country music too which I thought I never would."

If you were a fan of Ripkin/Rick Loewen/ Roadhouse Rick, you can check him out here.

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Judy Croon

November 6, 2007 @ 09:20

I've had the pleasure of working with great people over the years and one of those is Judy Croon.

My relationship with Judy, although brief was very enjoyable. We didn't really get to develop much of an on-air thing because I was fired not long after she joined the Humble and Fred Show, but I certainly developed affection for her.

Judy is a very nice woman and extremely funny. She's also very compassionate and that's been displayed through her creation of "Laughlines" and the money it's generated for the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Judy also loves animals and is very good to her mom and dad.

She's also a solid radio performer and I was pleased to find out recently that she's landed on her feet in Montreal after a short stint at XM with Mike Bullard.

Judy is no the co-host of the Live Drive Show with Ken Connors and Sonia Benezra on Montreal's Q-92 between 4pm and 7pm.

Good luck Judy. You're a darlin'.

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Today On The Bill Watters Show

November 2, 2007 @ 10:42

Just a reminder I'll be hosting the Bill Watters Show again today on am 640 Toronto radio between 4pm and 6:30.

The Leafs play in Jersey tonight so that will be the main focus, but we'll touch on some other things like the Argo's quest for first place and the huge NFL game this weekend between Indianapolis and New England.

We had a few laughs yesterday. I found out that Bill once slept at Bobby Orr's condo, and that Bill loves his steak medium rare at Bigliardis. Medium rare with mushrooms.

Please listen if you can - 4pm - 6:30 - am 640 Toronto Radio.

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Today On Am 640 Toronto Radio

November 1, 2007 @ 09:47

Just a reminder I'll be returning to host the Bill Watters Show on am 640 Toronto Radio between 4pm and 7pm today and Friday.

I'll love hosting this show. It's great to work with Bill, it's fantastic to sit in the old MOJO studio's and it's exhilerating to walk the halls and see so many people that I consider family from all those fabulous years at the Edge.

Please listen if you can. Call in if you can.

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This Week On The Watters Show

October 30, 2007 @ 10:01

On Thursday and Friday I'll be returning to the am 640 studios to host The Bill Watters Show between 4pm and 7pm.

Needless to say there will be lots to talk about. The Leafs don't play again until Friday night in Jersey so the fodder will be last nights 7-1 loss to Washington.

That was quite the display at the ACC wasn't it? I'm sure we'll be drifting back to that old pile of bullshit about the Leafs having trouble winning at home.

We're not talking about children here; we're talking about grown men who are professional hockey players and I don't think any fan has the patience to waste time wondering what's up with their psyche.

We can talk about how well the Leafs played in Pittsburgh and New York, and then wonder why they were so horrible last night, and then attempt to analyze the reasons and solutions, but what's the freakin' use?

The answer is simple, they're just a bad hockey team and more and more I'm wondering how well they're coached.

I feel bad for all those suckers who paid huge dollars to watch debacle last night. Not so much the jokers in the platinums who can either afford it or suck off the corporate tit, I'm more concerned for the poor bugger who scrapes up some extra dough and stretches himself to the limit so he can take his kid to a game.

Those are the people who deserve an apology.

And how about this story? Another example of how MLSE treats the people who helped them return 22% percent on their investment last year.

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Today On The Bill Watters Show

October 23, 2007 @ 10:03

Hey people! Check out the Bill Watters show between 4pm and 7:00 pm this afternoon.

Freddie P. has been asked back to host the show and it should be compelling. It's game night against the Atlanta Thrashers, and the city seems to be a tad upset with their hockey team right now.

The Bill Watters Show, 4pm till 7:00 pm on the home of the Leafs, am 640.

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Tomorrow On The Rock

October 23, 2007 @ 10:03

Just a reminder I'll be doing my weekly bit on the Rock with Craig Venn and Matt Dumouchelle tomorrow morning at 8:40

We'll be talking about all kinds of neat stuff.

After leaving the Derringer Show, Craig moved to Windsor to front his own show on 100.7 The Rock, which has a repeater in Chatham at 95.1

You can listen live. Please do so.

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Monday On The Hawk

October 21, 2007 @ 09:30

Once again I'll join Jeff McArthur and Face on The Hawk Monday morning.

It's a regular bit now. Every monday morning at 7:15 we talk sports, politics and whatever else happens between now and then.

The Hawk is in London and McArthur and Face are very nice and extremely intelligent fellas.

Monday morning on the Hawk - 7:15 - you can listen live.

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Bill Cosby On John Oakley

October 15, 2007 @ 10:28

Bill Cosby was a guest on the John Oakley Show this morning and it was refreshing to hear the man talk about fatherless homes in the African American community.

Give Oakley credit for tackling this issue from time to time and how it relates the black community in Toronto, but every so often he needs someone from the black community to back him up or of course he leaves himself open for the "R" word.

In the United States it's now estimated that seventy percent of all black children are born without a father in the home and according to Cosby it represents the root of what's wrong with black America, the crime, the drugs and the killing.

Without paternal guidance the chances of a child going astray are greatly increased.

On the Oakley show Cosby admitted that the black community refuses to face the problem because it means the selfish men, who in Cosby's words "drop their sperm and disappear", might have to change their ways and they don't have the courage.

Cosby points to the epidemic of African American households that feature a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother but no men.

To Oakley's credit he's the only radio guy in town with enough guts to cut the bullshit and talk about the issue and how it relates to the black community in Toronto.

It's not the only problem facing the black community, and fatherless homes are not exclusive to black people, but within that community it's a pressing problem that's simply not being addressed.

Good radio as usual on the Oakley Show.

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