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Today With McArthur And Face

March 10, 2008 @ 08:40

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Today With Derringer

March 6, 2008 @ 15:30

I really don't know where to begin.

Not only did John Derringer have me on his show today, he gave me close to nineteen minutes of air time and it was a lot of fun.

Not a bad little boost for, which by two o'clock this afternoon had more than quadrupled its regular traffic. No wonder they call it the Mighty Q.

Today will break all records for

Derringer was fantastic. He recommended we do the rapid fire thing and it couldn't have worked out better. I felt prepared and extremely comfortable considering how long I've been away from the morning show thing.

John Derringer is a pro, which explains his huge ratings.

I can't begin to tell you how great it felt to get up this morning with somewhere to go, how enjoyable was to drive downtown with a radio station as the destination, to go up the elevator and soak in the atmosphere, to sit behind a microphone and do what I love to do.

It truly was a fabulous day and it didn't end at nine o'clock. I didn't leave the building until almost noon, spending the better part of three hours catching up with several old colleagues.

There's a good bunch of people down at One Dundas W, and I really do miss them.

Over the past few days I've received several requests from people wanting me to post the audio from this morning Derringer Show because they weren't going to have the chance to be in front of their radios.

Well here you go. It's in three segments. Simply click through them.

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Bonus Time

March 6, 2008 @ 15:29

I left the house this morning about 6:15 because I didn’t want to risk a traffic screw up that would make me late. I got downtown about seven o’clock, but I wasn’t scheduled for the Derringer Show until 8:35.

I grabbed a coffee at the Eaton Centre then popped my head into the Edge to say hello to the Blundell Show.

Jason Barr is my neighbour you know.

Dean, Todd and Jason greeted me warmly and then sat me down in my old chair and turned on the microphone. Impromptu they welcomed me back to the studios and let me plug my appearance with Derringer.

I don’t have to tell you what it thrill it was to find myself back on the Edge as well. It just added to a great day.

Here’s the audio from the Edge.

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Today With Matt And Craig

March 5, 2008 @ 10:52

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This Morning On Q

March 4, 2008 @ 09:57

I was listening to Derringer this morning and John mentioned this story about crotch grabbing, or bag adjustment or pecker placement in Italy.

Apparently it’s been a big problem in Italy with historical ties to superstition and death.

Italian men like to grab their fellas when a hearse drives by as a method of warding off the grim reaper. Whatever.

John went on to predict that such a law would probably find its way to North America, and that concerns me. Can you imagine having to be always conscious of touching your gems?

There are so many things that come into play, underwear, sweat, hair and chafing.

Size plays a part as well. A guy with a shorty that sticks straight out must go crazy having his pecker head take the full brunt of day to day life.

And what about guys who’ve been cursed with a big fella?

It’s not all its cracked up to be and to think occasional adjustments would become unlawful is downright ridiculous and scares the shit out of me because it would seriously affect my bocce game.

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Today With McArthur And Face

March 3, 2008 @ 08:50

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One Hour In Hornby

March 3, 2008 @ 08:47

On Friday I mentioned that I'd be traveling to the outskirts of Milton to guest on a podcast called Leafs Central at Lunch.

It was a farm house at the end of a long lane and I was greeted by five great guys, a nice young woman and a three legged dog.

The dog gave me shit, Laurend gave me smart food and the guys, Chris, Wayne, Brian, Jamie and Dave gave me beer - although they weren't too happy with having to buy Bud Lite.

If you've got an hour to burn, check it out.

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Wilbur Wiped Out

March 1, 2008 @ 10:40

Over the past four decades the Toronto Maple Leafs have a done a lot of things that have been insulting to their fans.

To dissect and name would take too long, but thanks to their incompetence it can be summed up rather easily with four numbers. 1967.

But of all the screwy things they’ve done, this has to rank right up there with the worst.

Leaf management has ordered all reference to Bill Watters be taken out of the ACC because they think he’s too critical of them on his radio show.

None of the posters or banners or billboards that referenced the Watters show inside the building had anything critical written on them, it was just promotional material, but the powers that be, and you know who that is, decided they should be removed.

It’s the usual buck-passing, MLSE claims it was a decision makes by “marketing people”, but that’s a load of hooey. I’m sure it was made by a few incompetents at the top who can’t stand to be criticized.

In a way, this is a mild form of communism. Stifle the critic by snuffing the messenger, and I find it hard to believe that of all the problems they have, this seems to have taken priority.

I’m sure very few people who sat in the ACC and looked at Bill Watters Show promos made the connection to his criticism of the hockey team, but now that management has brought attention to it, everybody will know.

It’s very Peddie, er petty.

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Thursday With Derringer

February 29, 2008 @ 08:49

I'm happy to report another breakthrough for

Next Thursday I'll be the guest of John Derringer on the Q-107 morning show.

John has been a fan and regular reader of for the past several months and has sent me a few thoughtful notes complimenting its content.

Now he'd like me to visit the best morning show in Toronto and shoot the shit about this, that and whatever else I've been writing about on the website. I'll be in-studio which makes it even better because I just love being in a radio station.

It's a huge compliment and a fabulous gesture by a guy with a massive audience.

Please be listening next Thursday morning at 8:40.

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Mr. Bingo

February 29, 2008 @ 08:48

I got a call from Bingo Bob today and my pseudo son is doing quite well these days, loving his gorgeous wife Laura and his brand new job.

Yes, Bobby has been named program director of Proud-FM

Not bad for a nice young fella who wondered into the Edge studios about ten years ago looking for work.

Bob delivered the goods as an intern, then a technical producer, then a morning show producer and then an assistant program director.

And now he's the big cheese at a young and growing radio station.

I couldn't be happier for Bobby. He deserves every goddamn thing he gets.

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