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World Wide Radio

January 6, 2009 @ 08:49

It was the most joyous of Christmas's thanks to my kids.

Every year they become mildly annoyed when Christmas approaches and I don't give them any ideas about what I want for Christmas.

I usually come up with the usual dad thing and say "nothing, save your money for something important."

This year was a little bit different, while driving back and forth between Brampton and Peterborough I kept hearing a Bay-Bloor Radio commercial on the Edge talking about "internet radios'.

I found this intriguing and I wanted one and I let it be known.

I spend a lot of time checking our radio stations on line from all over the world. I think it's so cool to be able to call up any station anywhere, and within seconds be listening to it.

The problem is, or was, that do this you have to be by a PC or have your laptop open. Even the mobility of a laptop made listening to internet stations a bit of a chore because you have to find the station, then click on the listen live feature and then stream the player.

With an internet radio, there's none of that.

It sits on your night table and remains ready for action either manually or with a remote.

For it to work, you have to have wireless capability in your house, but that's the extent of it.

You simply configure the radio like you would your laptop. You lock onto your network, punch in your WEP and the radio is ready to go, and when I say ready to go, I mean ready to go.

You can choose a country by scrolling through literally every country on earth, and then you can choose a genre. Thousands of radio stations are at your disposal without having to use a computer.

Somehow this wonderful little box by-passes everything and takes your directly to any radio stations streaming system. It buffers like it does on a computer but in makes cases it takes mere seconds and offers eight pre-sets which allows you to move quickly and freely between your favourite stations.

I love the bloody thing.

Since Christmas I've listened to live talk radio out of Jerusalem, following the on-going conflict over there.

Saturday night I found a sports radio station out of San Diego that was celebrating the Chargers victory over Indianapolis.

I enjoy listening to talk radio out of New York on WABC, the Fox Radio Network and hundreds of other stations spread across this earth.

It's also handy for my work situation. While in Brampton I can listen to The Wolf and The Kruz, and while in Peterborough I can listen to Toronto radio stations. Every stinkin' one of them.

When I opened this wonderful package on Christmas morning I was "tickled pink" to begin with, but since then my love for this contraption has increased tenfold, and sometimes I just look at it and stroke it without even turning it on.

And sometimes I wonder where the saying "tickled pink" came from.

Anyway, if you're a radio junkie like I am, and you love to surf the radio net, this is the thing for you, and from what I understand, Bay-Bloor Radio is about the only place you can get them right now.

Mine is a Sanyo.

Thanks Mel, thanks Dan - you made Christmas the most joyous occasion.

Who uses the word "joyous" anymore?

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Today With Jeff McArthur

January 5, 2009 @ 09:55

Fighting in hockey.

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Today With Neil Morrison

January 2, 2009 @ 19:27

Year end review..

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Today With Bruce Barker

December 30, 2008 @ 08:50

Long time Toronto broadcaster Bruce Barker is now the morning man at Q13 in Southern Alberta, smack dab between Calgary and Medicine Hat. I join him every Tuesday morning to talk about stuff. Today - World Juniors, 2008 and The Air Farce.

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A Marsden Christmas

December 24, 2008 @ 17:57

Maybe I shouldn't do this because I work for Corus Entertainment, while David Marsden works for a competing broadcast company.

But what the hell, it's Christmas and I feel like giving. Giving you the heads up.

David will perform his annual Christmas Show on the 94.9 The Rock at 7pm

Marsden started doing these Christmas shows on CFNY back in the late 70's, and if you've never caught one, do yourself a favour and catch one tonight.

A great mix of Christmas music, regular music and classic Marsbar.

94.9 The Rock

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Today With Bruce Barker

December 23, 2008 @ 08:55

Long time Toronto broadcaster Bruce Barker is now the morning man at Q13 in Southern Alberta, smack dab between Calgary and Medicine Hat. I join him every Tuesday morning to talk about stuff. Today - The weather, Christmas cards and turkeys.

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Today With Neil Morrison

December 19, 2008 @ 17:09

Giving Vancouver a reality check.

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Peterborough Gives

December 19, 2008 @ 12:16

Since I became Program Director of the radio empire that is Corus Peterborough I have to say one of the more impressive aspects of the job has been the people.

The people at the station are great, but so are the citizens of Peterborough, and their willingness to give was played out in two ways this week.

This morning The Wolf and 980 Kruz hosted the annual Three Loonies simulcast, a fund raiser for Kawartha Food Share, held out on the street, out in the cold.

The Three Loonies are three local businessmen who "shake down" the city every December to raise money for the food bank.

This year they raised 75 thousand dollars with a lot of that coming this morning during the radio broadcast hosted by two fine morning men, Jay Sharp and Mike Melnik.

But that's not all.

You may have heard in the news earlier this week about a fire in Peterborough last weekend. Several families lost their town homes and one of those families lost a child. It was horrible.

But once again, Peterborough came to the rescue. Last night at the Peteborough Petes game, in conjunction with the Wolf and 980 Kruz, close to 14 thousand dollars was raised in support of the Herbert St. fire victims.

And then to cap it off the two Canadian Tire locations kicked in another three thousand dollars.

Not too shabby. In these tough economic times the city of Peterborough managed to give 90 thousand dollars to the needy in the past 24 hours.

Way to go Peter Patch.

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The Good Old Days

December 19, 2008 @ 12:15

I was working out of the Brampton office this morning as I monitored the fine two radio stations that I program in Peteborough, and I also took the opportunity to spin the dial and check out Humble's Christmas Show on EZ Rock 97.3

I call it Humble's Show for two reasons. First of all it takes too long to list all the people he works with now , and secondly, I know what happened on EZ Rock this morning was probably Howard's brain child.

A Christmas show was always very important to Humble, something we initiated way back in the early 90's in the CFNY studios in Brampton. Howard had the idea to invite our families and close friends into the studio one morning and it grew from there.

Eventually we were doing the show from our satellite studio at Bathurst and Bloor, and from there it went to the Horseshoe Tavern.

We changed locations because every year it grew. The Barenaked Ladies were the first band to hop on board and to their credit, even though they became a huge North American act, they never forgot the Humble and Fred Show and always made an appearance.

They even made an appearance at the two Humble and Fred Christmas Shows while we were at the Mix, but we'll forget about those shows because like everything else that happened at the Mix, they were a mere shadow of what Humble and Fred were all about.

Somebody paid us not to be us. Go figure.

Instead of an earthy bar and passionate fans crammed into the venue in a fun way, at the Mix we ended up at a pretentious nightclub with a more than lovely breakfast buffet of healthy stuff and an indifferent crowd that made it quite apparent they were there more for the free stuff than the "spirit" of it all. One guy fell asleep.

In the eyes of our faithful we had compromised. But I digress.

Listening to Humble's Show this morning I had to smile. It was warm and fuzzy in the usual Christmas way, Howard did a great job and it was fabulous for EZ Rock, but the texture was sure a lot different than the Edge days.

The last CFNY/Edge Christmas Show we did at the Horseshoe, which was in 2000 I do believe and it featured a packed room of passionate fans of all ages, pounds and pounds of wings and ribs, The Barenaked Ladies, the Headstones and if I'm not mistaken, Sloan, along with our good buddies the Doo-Wops.

These shows were down to earth, planned, but with a spontaneous feeling and warmth that would be hard to duplicate now a days because things are different.

Don't ask me how or why they're different. They just are.

I'm sure Humble didn't have a problem with a guest refusing to go on stage this morning unless he got a beer and a joint. That happened at the Horseshoe.

You know what they say, you can't "go" back. But you can sure "look" back.

Pic 1 - Humble and Fred listening to the Ladies. (92)
Pic 2 - The Ladies with my family. (92)
Pic 3 - Ed Roberton with my daughter Melanie (92)
Pic 4 - The Humble and Fred Mobile (not sure of the year / found the picture and thought I'd share it.)

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Today With Craig And Matt

December 17, 2008 @ 08:51

Sundin and Mulroney.

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