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The Only Way To Go

April 22, 2010 @ 08:09

Hey everybody, I agree with the Premier. Ontario's king sized-liar, who on a day to day basis can't be trusted as far as you can nudge him, has it nailed when it comes to sex education in Ontario.

McGuinty wants kids as young as eight years old to start learning about wangs and va-hoo hoos and all the neat things you can do with them. He thinks kids are better off if they're equipped with the knowledge of the potential danger of hand jobs that can lead to humpin' at a very early age.

Before kids leave Junior High they'll know all about sexual orientation, back-door fun and risks of putting somebody's private in your mouth.

It's a lot for a large segment of the population to swallow, pardon the pun, but in the era of the new media it's something has to be done.

Granted, it's too bad it's come to this, but what's the alternative. It's either get to the kids early with accurate information or ban every computer in the province, but of course that isn't possible.

I'll admit, I'm thrilled my kids just missed the computer age when they had young impressionable minds, we didn't have to worry about what they were looking at behind closed doors or what kind of smut they clickin' on when we weren't home.

Now it's a whole new world and kids are being exposed to things that I didn't know existed until I was well into my teens, and that's no exaggeration.

I think the biggest mistake parents can make today is to think their kids are different than everybody else's. I often hear parents claim that their kids are "good kids" and they're pretty sure they don't surf the net for porn or experiment with sex. They're not like that.

Yea sure.

The problem is, in the pre-computer era sexual development was on a different time table. It was on more of a natural schedule. Now, kids are exposed to all kinds of weirdness at a much earlier age which adds to more pressure within their peer groups.

They're tuned in to sexuality at a much earlier age and I can only assume, judging by how kids are reaching puberty earlier, that they're getting those "feelings" at a much earlier age.

Yes, it would be nice to ignore all this and wish things were just like they were in the old days, but that would be naïve and dangerous.

Several so called family groups and Christian groups have already come out against McGuinty's plan claiming that sex education should be left up to the parents. Again, that would be nice in a perfect world, but in today's fast paced world, and with computers playing such a huge part in our lives, it's just not possible, or in many cases, comfortable for parents to take this on.

It's 2010 and it's a new world out there and we have to face up to it. It can be ugly, unsettling and scary, but to put our heads up our hoops and ignore it would definitely be the worst case scenario.

I really can't believe I'm saying this, but here it goes, good job Premier!

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She Don't Lie, She Don't Lie, She Don't Lie

April 11, 2010 @ 09:15

I've received several e-mails from readers asking my opinion on the Helena Guergis / Rahim Jaffer situation.

I find it amazing how Liberals are so willing to over-look lies and deceit and proven theft by their own party, only to salivate when it comes to something juicy with the Conservative party.

I guess it goes with the territory. The Prime Minister has done such a good job of running the country, Liberals will leap at any chance to point at something.

Having said that, I'm totally disgusted by the Guergis / Jaffer affair and I think the Prime Minister should have acted sooner. I made this point in a posting from March 10.

Give the Prime Minister credit for doing what he did on Friday by firing Guergis from his cabinet, but the optics are bad. It appears he didn't move until his back was against the wall, and there are still some serious unanswered questions regarding Jaffers laughable sentence in an Orangeville court last month.

On the upside the Prime Minister has agreed to get the RCMP involved, and unless you're so paranoid you believe that Stephen Harper is such a control freak that he even controls the RCMP, this should help clarify a few things.

There are two ways to look at this. Give the PM credit for finally acting, or scratch your head about the whole affair since the night Jaffer was charged with drunk driving and drug possession. I'm somewhere in the middle, leaning towards scratching my head.

As for the bizarre behaviour of Guergis and Jaffer over the past few months, I not saying they're connected, but remember, there is one word that can often explain why people have stepped outside their norm and all of a sudden become erratic and careless.


She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie.

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Real Racism

April 11, 2010 @ 08:25

Over the past month or so the subject of racism has been discussed on this website and my spin has been consistent with what I've written on this site for going on four years now.

The word racism has been horribly abused in recent times with the politically correct lunging at any opportunity to use the word to make themselves feel better, and too often it's carelessly used by supposed victims as a means of gaining an advantage.

When this happens it takes away from legitimate cases of racism and clouds its true meaning.

However, if one needs a clear cut example of what racism really is, we have to look no further than our neighbours to the south and witness their vicious debate on health care.

A couple of weeks ago it went to another level when a protest turned extremely nasty in Washington. Several black members of Congress had to endure racial slurs as they entered the Capital building.

Because they support President Obama's health care plan, they were called the "N" word.

That my friends is racism. Pure and simple. Clear and the point. Ugly and mindless. It wasn't all the protesters who reduced the health care debate to this, but enough of them to expose what is really at the basis of the battle that's currently taking place in the good old USA.

Here's the deal. About 30 million Americans wake-up every morning without health care and live on the edge of staying healthy or experiencing financial disaster. Of that 30 million a vast majority are visible minorities.

Therein lies the real dilemma. The extreme right in the States can attempt to paint any pretty picture they want, and anti-health plan protestors can pretend their motives are pure, but it's all bullshit.

They hide behind increased taxes and excessive government, but really its something else.

At the very root, health care in the United States is white against black. It's a frightenly significant portion of the white establishment not wanting to sacrifice anything for the poor, and most of the poor and un-insured are black and brown.

Frankly, I've found the battle in the States to be puzzling. To think that a single person could be prevented from seeing a doctor, or brought to financial ruin because of health care in the world's supposed richest country is shameful. I'd like to think any decent, logical thinking person knows the United States should have more accessible health care, it should be a given, but this is where the racial aspect comes into play.

Those opposed, like those who rant and rave at tea party gatherings, are Americans who are well looked after. They're insured through work or they can afford to finance their own health care. The people their protests are directed at are the disadvantaged and poor, and again, we all know what colour most of them are.

Not white.

When an issue of this magnitude is tackled there is always going to be conflict and arriving at the final literature is always going to be difficult, but there seems to be no co-operation what so ever in the American health care debate. Just cold insistence from the nay-sayers that health care should be left to the free-market system and that things are just fine the way they are.

Well that's ridiculous. Things aren't fine. Too many people are suffering, and too many are being left behind in a country that ironically prides itself in being the world's keeper.

There are legitimate arguments against welfare, hand-outs and expensive social programs, but you can't argue against giving anyone access to a doctor - unless of course you have ulterior motives.

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Clear The Air

March 10, 2010 @ 12:39

Every citizen of Canada deserves a thorough explanation regarding what came down in an Orangeville courtroom yesterday.

You want to talk about dirty optics, well how about this one. Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer got the deal of his life when drunken driving and cocaine possession charges against him were dropped in a plea bargain. He got with a simple case of careless driving and a five hundred dollar fine.

These things happen all the time. Whether we like to admit it or not, even under our precious system money talks and way too often people with coin walk away from things that the average guy would pay dearly for.

But there's an added dimension to this one. Jaffer is married to a sitting Conservative, junior cabinet minister Helena Guergis. How's that for a shitty smelling rat?

Hey, this may be completely above board and be one of those situations where the police, or the courts or the judge blew it. But we have to know. We have to know without a doubt that this isn't one of those slimy inside jobs that was orchestrated because somebody knew somebody who knew somebody.

This is serious stuff. Drunk driving is a crime against humanity and cocaine possession ranks right up there with the worst of the worst. The Harper government has been huge advocates of get tough legislation and transparency in government so they better put their money where their mouths are on this one.

There is nothing more humiliating for the average citizen than to see the so-called privileged given a different set of rules than the rest of us.

How does drunken driving and cocaine possession turn into a five hundred dollar fine and a simple slap on the wrist? We deserve to know and it should be spelled out clearly and concisely.

If it's a valid outcome then tell us how it was arrived at. Let us know that this isn't just another one of those arranged outcomes to look after the welfare of someone who's attached to a sitting government.

And before all you Harper haters get too carried away we can hang part of this one on the provincial Liberals as well.

What took place yesterday took place in a "provincial" courtroom which means if this is such a travesty of justice the provincial government should look into this and explain it right along with the federal government.

It's our right to know.

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The Budget And The Anthem

March 5, 2010 @ 08:33

I know what you're thinking. If Patterson's writing about the budget and the anthem it will be another stroke job on his bum chum hero Stephen Harper.

Pretty much.

I've maintained over the past couple of years that I fully endorse the job the Conservatives have done while steering us through a global recession with a minority government. I think the budget is sensible and right for the moment.

Needless to say Stephen Harpers detractors are painting it as a vicious right wing document that attacks societies most vulnerable, but that's par for the course. In their eyes the guy can't do anything right.

Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton did their jobs yesterday. They attempted to poke holes in the budget and came forth with the predictable crap. The problem is neither one of them, but especially the Liberals, can offer up anything better.

Ignatieff represents an interesting problem for the Liberals. While the party enjoys an undeserved popularity across the country, especially in Ontario, Ignatieff is like a large stinky coiler hanging around their necks.

The longer the Liberals keep this lame duck around, the worse it's going to be for them. People talk about Harpers stiffness and lack of personality but what about Ignatieff? Every day he remains as leader, is another chance for Harper to look better.

Canadians in growing numbers are rejecting this guy and eventually it's going to affect the Liberals over-all status. Screw the polls, I really think if an election was held today, the Conservatives would get their majority and Ignatieff would be mostly responsible.

What does this have to do with the budget? This. If Ignatieff thinks the document is so bad, why doesn't he make another move to bring down the government? Why doesn't he roll out something better that the other two parties simply can't resist?

Answer - because he can't, because he's afraid.

And now the anthem. Was it a diversionary tactic, designed to get people talking about something else just before the budget was handed down? Maybe. I know a lot of people would like to think so, but what in the budget was so terrible that Harper would need to go to such great lengths to divert attention?

Why would he want to take attention away from freezing MP's salaries, or the scaling back of big government, or the freeze on foreign aid, or increase in research and development?

Taxes aren't going up; old age pensions aren't being touched our Olympic athletes will continue to be supported.

If anything, I think the anthem issue was raised as a feeble attempt to appease women on the heels of a two week patrotic love-in.

Funny thing is, I don't think enough women give a shit.

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Prime Minister Super Fan

March 2, 2010 @ 13:12

One of the most surprising aspects of the Olympics to me was how the Prime Minister came out of it relatively unscathed.

He really seemed to enjoy himself while spending a good portion of the two weeks in Vancouver supporting our athletes.

He was everywhere, at hockey games, the speed skating track, the curling rink and the ski slopes. He always had a smile on his face, was dressed in red and white and seemed genuinely involved.

I kept waiting for the shit to the hit fan. I kept waiting for all the Harper Haters to come out of the woodwork looking for reasons why this was a bad thing, but it really didn't happen.

I expected he'd get roasted for being in Vancouver while Parliament was prorogued, and be accused of watching sports rather than running a government.

But what do know, it seems patriotism ran so deep for a couple of weeks that Liberals laid off and gave the guy a break.

Of course now that the party is over, the Toronto Star is back on the attack.

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Riding The Pink Rocket

February 9, 2010 @ 17:24

Maybe it's a generational thing. Since the story broke this morning that TTC Chairman Adam Giambrone has trouble keeping his pecker in this pants, I've heard differing opinions.

The younger set seems to take the attitude that he's only 32 and he's not married, so what the big deal. But remember, this is a generation that's pretty well given up on the political process and all the deceit that's involved.

They're numb to this stuff.

The older crowd, of which I'm a part, looks at it somewhat differently. Commitment comes to the forefront and you correlate commitment with honesty and you hope that's the over-riding quality in anyone let alone someone who wants to run for Mayor of Canada's largest city.

But let's face it, today that's rather naïve. Lately it seems "whoring" politicians are more the rule than the exception. If they'd not screwin' around, they're screwin' the public with bold faced lies and double talk that helps them slither through the next moment.

It should be interesting to see what the future holds for Adam Giambrone. If he's an NDPer, something I don't know, then in the city of Toronto he'll be cut a lot of slack for what he's done. It seems to be extremely important for Toronto to have a socialist Mayor.

If he was Liberal, he'd be cut some slack, but not as much as an NDPer.

If he's Conservative, he's done. He'll be roasted, fried, sliced and diced between now and election time.

According to one of the tunnels that Giambrone has been putting his subway into, Adam thinks David Miller is a God.

At this point, I don't know if that means he's smart or he's stupid.

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Rick Mercer is Naive

January 6, 2010 @ 12:35

Proroguing is for children.

Frequent reader Frank the Tank sent me this article. I guess its supposed to have some impact but its mostly ironic. It's a childish column with goofy analogies written by a rim licking Liberal who's actually biting the hand that feeds him.

I'm sure Rational Man would love prorogue the CBC..... with no end date.

The following is another comment that was sent to me, and it's so true. It addresses the bullshit that proroguing isn't democratic and exclusive to Stephen Harper.

"Jean Cretien parogued parliament a total of four times while enjoying three majority governments. One was obviously to avoid the upcoming Adscam report.
Just because the House isn't sitting doesn't mean that the government has stopped working. MP's are in their ridings, the executive is functioning and the buerocracy is still working every day."

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NDP At 20, Liberal At 30, Conservative At 40 - Yea, You Grow Up

January 1, 2010 @ 12:40

Check out the crap going on over at Taliban Mike. I really don't know where to begin with this stuff.

We have a rational Prime Minister whose done a solid job of guiding us through these unique times but he's been hampered by what I call the "weasels in the woods". The anti-cons who don't look at results or history, they look at nothing beyond the party and they can't stand losing their grip on their socialist needs and nothing, not even the welfare of their country and/or military will stop them from pouncing on and then eating their own.

The Prime Minister's recent decision to "prorogue" government again, is not only within his right and part of our democratic process, we should be glad it is when you consider the disgusting opposition in this country.

"Prorogueing" saved us from a useless election last year, and this time will help protect our military from getting poked full of holes by the likes of the spineless Jack Layton, and a host of Liberals who can't run a fuckin' party let alone a country.

The "wood weasels" will tell you that the Prime Minister has "prorogued" Parliament to avoid pointed questions about the Afghanee detainee affair. That's partly right, he's done it so turn coat, two faced political pigs can't critisize a brilliant miitary that has been forced into some tough decisions.

Because it's war. Because it sucks. Because that's the way it is.

Don't pretend for a goddman minute that you care about a single Afghani detainee, all you care about is an opportunity to slam your Prime Minister because he's Conservative.

In his naive posting, Taliban Mike actually quotes Liberals and NDP wanks.. like that's supposed hold any water. Like they're going to say anything that even comes close to the real feelings of the average level headed Canadian.

And let me make this abundantly clear.. again. If the roles were reversed in this situatiion I would support the Liberals for putting our country and our militray ahead of politics. That's what you do in the grown up world, you put country first. You don't salivate waiting for the next promised socialist program that somebody else will pay for.

Face it lefties, the world has changed. You're never going to get a government that hands you everything on a silver platter. It's not possible, it's not rational. An NDP government will not feed your family, raise your kids or cut your grass every Thursday. They may promise it, but it will never happen.

Look what this mentality has done for the once great city of Toronto. And Mike is actually proud of his city for shunning the Conservatives?

And if you want to get sucked into another perversely corrupt Liberal government, that's your choice, but remember, we all have to suffer the consequences.

To jump all over the Prime Minister for this latest, completely democratic "prorogue" of government is to ignore the reality of the situation and side with the bad guys.

The Taliban thanks you.... and oh yea, grow up!

And oh yea yea... the PM is dead on with so-called climate change as well.

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Doing What's Right

December 19, 2009 @ 10:38

I guess it's a tough day for all those bleeding heart Liberals who like to link Stephen Harper to George Bush Jr. and make him out to be some kind of a horrible beast.

Harper jumped into bed with Barack Obama in Copenhagen yesterday, and to that I say good on ya.

I've said all along that Stephen Harper is the "rational man" and he proved again over the past few days by not getting sucked into some damaging climate change deal with the world's flakiest countries.

Harper puts jobs, families, the economy and Canada's future ahead of questionable scientific reports about the world heading towards climatic disaster, and when you get right down to it, that's his job.

What can the bleeding hearts say now? Barrack Obama, the world's saviour who represents everything that's right and just in the world is on the same side as our Prime Minister.

The reasoning is simple. Because the countries that are pushing for extreme measures have the least to lose, and before anybody with half a brain jumps into that pool they better make bloody sure it makes sense.

That's why Obama and Harper have taken the route they have by reaching a compromised deal, and to some degree it's actually pushed things ahead faster. China and India jumped on board and will sign the deal.

There's still a long way to go, but It's a sensible beginning.

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