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Election - Week Three

April 16, 2011 @ 11:11

"Enough politics, five of the last eight posts are political. I get more then enough of that shit on TV and newspapers. I'll come back after the election and if you don't have trailer posts this year I'm done. The site has got very boring over the last year."
Ted Webster

Teddy, I'm with you. Most of yesterday I was thinking about and likened it to a dog chasing its tail. At some point you've got to say, what's the use?

Unless there's a "legitimate" scandal coming down the pipe, I think we all know where we're heading on May 2nd. The usual suspects have pretty much thrown all they can at you know who, and all that seems to be happening is a rise in the polls.

If anything, I'm proud of my fellow Canadians for seeing through the bullshit, realizing what really matters and making mature choices. The vocal / selfish minority will always be heard and given a voice by certain media outlets but obviously it's not resonating with those Canadians who have work to do.

So yea, that's it. I'm not going to post another political blog until May 3rd. I know it will be difficult to hold off, I'll probably go through some kind of withdrawal, but really, it doesn't matter what I say or do or write, it's not going to change anybodies mind.

I just hope that a couple of postings I wrote this week made some people realize how ridiculous they look when they insist on picking at a scab that isn't there. That's what turns people off politics.

The last comment I'll make before May 3rd is this.

If Stephen Harper doesn't get a majority, he should resign on the same day and walk away with his head held high.

No use beating that head against a wall.

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Comments We Like - Lorne Gunter

April 15, 2011 @ 18:29

Social media does not bring down governments or win elections.

"Because of something that could be called Harper Derangement Syndrome, lefty Twitter fans and reporters have begun to convince themselves that enough 140-character smartphone messages can bring down the Harper government.
Harper Derangement Syndrome - or HDS - is an ideological hatred of Prime Minister Stephen Harper that is so acute its sufferers' ability to reason logically is impaired."

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April 14, 2011 @ 17:39

If you read this blog enough you know that my buddy Toronto Mike doesn't like the Harper Conservatives.

Like most on the far left, he can't give you any tangible reasons why we should vote for someone else, he just attacks Harper because he doesn't like him. Mike buys into all the bullshit about hidden agendas, and hating the poor and being in the back pocket of big business. eating babies and killing kittens.

It really is tiresome, because if guys like Mike took the time to actually scratch below the surface and realize that in a big person's world, everything isn't as simple as it looks, and sometimes shit happens, they'd conclude that Stephen Harper has been a pretty good leader for this country.

By the way, Mike will vote NDP or Liberal, whatever he strategizes to be the best way to prevent a Harper majority.

And you know what, all of that is cool as long you balance it with some degree of rationale. Of course my detractors will argue that I'm not balanced, but hey people, my guy's in charge and the country's in great shape and the polls say Harper is heading towards a majority. That's all I need.

The other side would have you believe that there's a better solution, and that's what scares me, and in this case deeply concerns me about my sad friend Toronto Mike.

On his website Mike has posted something called "Shit Harper Did". It's a collection of headlines about the horrible things Stephen Harper has done over the past five years. It's ridiculous actually, because if you go beyond the headlines provided and read the stories behind them you'll realize the site is designed for you to take things out of context and jump to conclusions. That's what's clever (?) about it.

I assume they want you to go to the site, read their hysterical headlines and then not bother to read the linked story. It's a slimy tactic.

But that's not what bothers me the most. This does.

At the bottom of the website "Shit Harper Did" there is a banner that reads, "There are better options this election" and then it has the logos of all the other parties, including the Bloc.

Is that what it's come to Mike for you and your whimpering whining bunch of anti-cons. You'll endorse a website that actually endorses the Bloc Quebecois over the Conservative Party of Canada?

Are you that selfish in your unfounded hatred of the Conservatives that you'd actually endorse a party that stands for the break-up of your country?

Is your NDP cocooning that thick that you'd link to a site that not only pronounces things like "Stephen Harper doesn't know the difference between people from India and First Nations people" but also allows that the Bloc is a viable alternative?


(if you want to see the site "Shit Harper Did" google it yourself. I've got too much pride to link to a site that endorses the Bloc)

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Clear Cut Winner

April 13, 2011 @ 08:34

I assume those people who thought yesterday's posting was serious will be the same ones who will argue that Stephen Harper didn't win last night's debate.

It was a slam dunk.

As the incumbent in a debate your left wide open, you're being attacked for what you've done, while it's difficult to counter because the other guys haven't done anything.

In the end, Stephen Harper handled the debate like he's handled the country for the past five years.

Steady, straight ahead and rational.

It's amazing. If the so-called scandals that Harper is being accused of are anywhere near the magnitude of what the opposition and Toronto Star would have you believe, why couldn't any one of the three stooges deliver a knockout punch last night?

It was the perfect set-up. The debate format allowed for full fledged attack but we got nothing more than a few feeble attempts - some minor pushing and shoving.

And you know why that is? Because all of them have skeletons in the closet and political maneuvers that they aren't necessarily proud of. Open another man's can of worms and he could open yours.

Here's the bottom line. We know what Stephen Harper is all about and we know what he's accomplished as Prime Minister. Along with that we can balance the bad stuff and come to a pretty clear cut decision about the man.

Now tell me, after last night what do you know about Michael Ignatieff? He spent way too much time attacking instead of telling. After last night's debate I still don't know what he stands for.

Although I must say, for a guy who doesn't show up for work a lot of the time it was weird for Ignatieff to bark about contempt of Parliament. You can't get any more contemptuous than not showing up.

The other guys? Whenever Jack Layton talks about being Prime Minister I piss my pants.

Gilles Duceppe? He's a turn coat treasonous prick, but in a weird way, a likable one. I often wonder if he wasn't a traitor, and actually loved his country, what kind of a leader he would be?

Probably a good one.

Not surprisingly, the most sensible thing that was uttered last night was uttered by the Prime Minister.

"What we are asking -- in an election we didn't want, in an election Canadians didn't want -- we're asking Canadians to make the decision: Do you want to have this kind of bickering, do you want to have another election in two years? Or do you want a focus on the economy?"

Conservatives heading for a massive majority.

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Ignatieff Insults Canadian Navy

April 12, 2011 @ 08:25

In a shocking turn of events in the Canadian election campaign, Liberal leader Michael Iginatieff took a swipe at members of the Canadian Forces.

While commenting on the draft of an Auditor General's report, which officially won't be confirmed or finalized until after the election, Ignatieff said the following while referring to the Conservatives.

"We knew they'd been spraying money around like drunken sailors."

Obviously when referring to a Canadian issue we can only assume Mr. Ignatieff was also referring to Canadian sailors. This is a blatant case of stereotyping an extremely proud segment of our military.

By using the term "drunken sailors" Mr. Ignatieff is assuming this is a general trait of those brave men and women who sail the high seas in protection of not only our borders but our extremely high standard of living.

Needless to say this is odd behavior on the prior to the first National Debate where Mr, Ignatieff will undoubtedly be attacked for his profound indifference towards thousands of noble Canadians who put their lives on the line on a daily basis.

This comes on the heels of Mr. Ignatieff's objection to the purchase of state of the art fighter jets for the Canadian Forces.

Ignatieff has made it clear that he'd prefer Canadian soldiers continue using second rate equipment in the defense of the world's greatest country, and coupled with his latest insult towards the navy one is left with the question......

What does Michael Ignatieff have against our soliders?

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Good Thinkin' Fellas

April 10, 2011 @ 12:54

While I was giving birth to a Hab fan this morning and just before I reached for the Cottonelle, a thought came to my mind.

How freakin' stupid are Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and that traitor prick who hides in Quebec?

Whoever gets elected you want them to at least have a brain in their head and if nothing else be a decent politician.

What does it say about the three stooges that they'd bring down the sitting government while it has a huge lead in the polls and...... the Stanley Cup playoffs are about to begin.

Starting Wednesday night there will be hockey on TV every goddamn night until long after the election. This is Canada baby and that means big time diversion.

What do you think the average wank is going to be doing come Wednesday? Following the bullshit that's coming out of the mouths of the politicians, or following their playoff pools and roster developments?

Talk about a tactical boner. Did the three stooges not discuss this beforehand? Did they not think that maybe, just maybe the Stanley Cup playoffs could pose a problem in their already hopeless attempts to knock off the leader who already has a king sized lead?

Say what you want about Stephen Harper, but if nothing else he's a good politician. I'm sure that's been part of his strategy to keep a low profile and deflect confrontation and controversy until the playoffs kick in.

It's brilliant actually and a great answer to the dummies that have so little foresight they couldn't see this coming.

Come Wednesday, the election is going to be pushed out of the minds of millions of Canadians. Not that that's a good thing, its sad, but more than anything else its reality, and when you have a big lead in the polls it's just what the doctor ordered.

Yea, great move Micheal, Jack and Lizard guy. It's that kind of thinking that makes me want you knuckleheads to run the country.

Meanwhile, one last point; I heard a great piece on the Roy Green Show yesterday about Pierre Elliot Trudeau, arguably the worst Prime Minister in this history of this country.

It was pointed out that he used the same tactics as Stephen Harper in every one of his re-election bids yet Trudeau goes down in the minds of the feeble minded as some kind of a Prime Ministerial god.

I'll give Trudeau this, like Stephen Harper he was a good politician. But unlike Stephen Harper he was a bad Prime Minister.

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Election - Week Two

April 9, 2011 @ 08:47

As a Conservative supporter, I've got to admit that I'd feel a little better if Stephen Harper answered more questions and if the Conservatives weren't so particular about who attended their rallies, but neither issue is a game breaker for me and I don't think it should be for any one else either.

It was another great week for the Toronto Czar, attempting to do what ever it could to muddy the waters with things that don't resonate and that's too bad because the Tories emerged with a few solid policy statements that should be the real focus.

Helping University kids, committing to the environment on a sensible level and slashing the deficit are all things that actually affect us. And say what you want about the Tories, they almost always do what they say they're going to do. You might not like it, but if they say it, you know its coming.

Conversely you have the Liberals who introduced another Red Book. Where they get their nerve I don't know because the legacy of Liberal Red Books in this country is one of broken promises and pie in the sky proposals.

Look it up, google it, use your own memory - the Liberals have been cooking up these books for years and the percentage of let down has been enormous and that's why it bothers me when so many nit-pik about the Prime Minister.

If you can look at yourself in the mirror and say that Stephen Harper controlling the number of questions you can ask him at a rally is more important than the economy and several issues that affect you on a day to day basis, then by all means take your chances with the Liberals.

If you weigh it all out and the Bruce Carson affair means more to you than the stability of the country and our current strong standing in the world then go for it, roll the dice and hope this time the Red Book ain't a fairy tale.

It's all about balance people. Of course no government or leader or party is going to be perfect, you can't even pretend to be in this era of attack politics and social media because there's always going to be someone to uncover something.

In the end, it all comes down to being selfish. Look at what's on the table, analyze it and then determine what is going to have the most affect on you long after the campaign questions have been answered, the amplified scandals have been forgotten and government has been elected.

Use your brain and then make your decision. And then good luck to us all.

If there was anything positive that came out of this week's campaign it was yet another significant drop in the polls for Jack Layton and the NDP.

It makes me proud that this country has at least got that part of it right.

Layton shows strain as polls suggest he is odd man out.

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What A Sweet Woman

April 6, 2011 @ 08:00

Wow. I realize that I said I was only going to talk about the election once a week, but I can't help but throw my two cents at this one.

The question begs to be asked, what made Heather Mallick such a frustrated and bitter bitch?

I hope what's left of the Toronto Star still has a benefits package that can get her the help she needs. There's some deep seeded shit in there.

You know the Prime Minster must be right track when he's attacked this way. Mallick and her sort can't attack his policies or his sensible platform or his track record, so she resorts to a column that pretty much calls him a bad dressing woman hater who dislikes Toronto and the French.


Oh, I should qualify one thing. Mallick does talk about one issue. The fighter jet issue.

What I'd like to see, is all the people who reach for this one to sit down in a room and tell all of Canada's military personnel why they should go into conflict or battle with second rate equipment. Why should we be willing to sacrifice their lives, but not sacrifice a few billion (its only money) to make sure they have a fighting chance?

I almost don't want to link this article, but I will. Give it a read and tell me it doesn't say more about Heather Mallick than it does about Stephen Harper.

Mallick: Six questions for Harper

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Election - Week One

April 2, 2011 @ 19:18

I thought rather than hammering away at the election every freakin' day of the week I'd give a weekly update, so here's week one.

Not surprisingly the most amusing part of the campaign is the Toronto Star. I guess their strategy goes something like this - the Liberal Party is in a shambles, the leader is full of shit and the polls don't look good so we better go into over-drive.

The Star's blind and shameless support of the Liberals doesn't really bother me any more; on the contrary, I find it entertaining. Every day I go on line to see what else they can come up with.

Today they've printed their first editorial endorsing Michael Ignatieff and I'm sure it will be the first of many. This one is all about the wonderful things he has said in the past week even though there's no real explanation of where the money will come from.

There's another piece from airhead Susan Delacourt who writes about an Ottawa area Liberal candidate who had his campaign signs vandalized with a bull's-eye.

Delacourt must have thought she died and went to heaven when this happened. She immediately made the correlation between this and what happened in Tuscson a few months ago, eagerly pulling Sarah Palin and the Republicans into the story with the desired affect I'm sure of hoping Star readers leap to Canadian conclusions.

It's evil actually.

What about the other guys? Not the greatest week for Stephen Harper. When you're the incumbent you have to play a different game and with key members of the media attempting to fry his ass, it's tough to stay on track.

One thing is for sure however, Harper should answer more question on the campaign trail. I understand his reluctance given the media slant in this country, but by not answering more questions he's playing right into their hands.

From my perspective the big picture hasn't changed. Harper still has his record to stand behind while Ignatieff pulls stuff out of thin air that he knows he'll probably never have to enact.

And speaking of spewing nonsense that you'll never have to deliver, there's Jack Layton.

Whenever I see Bullshit Jack on TV I feel like telling him to pack it in and go home. Talk about a waste of time, energy and money. The only benefit to having the NDP campaign is the money it's pouring into radio and TV ads. I know its good for the company I work for.

Elizabeth May? She should be able allowed to take part in any debate that Bullshit Jack gets to take part in. Both are irrelevant, so why not let them both have a podium.

Gilles Duceppe? I sat with an old news veteran this week and he summed it up nicely.

Only in Canada would a turn coat treasonous traitor bastard be allowed to run in an election while cashing paychecks from the country he wants to destroy.

As the old vet said tongue in cheek, Duceppe shouldn't be heading for the hustings; he should be heading for the gallows.

That's it for this week.

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Too Late Ruby

March 27, 2011 @ 10:18

Well it didn't take long. The election call came at nine o'clock Saturday morning, and by one o'clock Saturday afternoon I received a recorded phone message from my MP, Liberal Ruby Dhalla.

Dhalla won the last election in Brampton- Springdale by a slim margin, so this time around it's expected she's going to join a whack of other Liberal MP's and get the flush.

And from my perspective she deserves it. On four occasions since 2008 I've called her office to talk about issues and not once did I receive a return call. Not even from one of her handlers to explain why.

That's why I found yesterday's message so ironic. It talked of working together and being accessible. Bullshit. How do you work together when only one side is willing to pick up the phone?

Of course you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Ever since nannygate back in 2009, Ruby has kept a low profile. Check that, she popped back into the news later in the same year with immigrant-seniorgate. But since then, I often wonder if she has left the country.

Anyway, I didn't hesitate to return the call yesterday, and what do you know, there was actually someone at her office and they were quick to tell me that Ruby will be happy to get back to me if I needed to talk.

Sorry, too late.

You might have a nice ass Ruby, but I want to see it kicked into orbit.

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