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January 10, 2007 @ 11:28

I was hoping it wouldn't happen but in the back of my mind I knew it would. Justin Trudeau plans to run in a Montreal riding for the Liberals in the next federal election.

Just what we need, another nauseating Trudeau.

I'm old enough to remember "Trudeaumania" back in the late 60s. And this may sound sexist, but the women of Canada were to blame.

While they fell in love with Pierre Elliot Trudeau because of his charm and charisma and a fun loving image, they overlooked the fact he was bad for Canada and we're still paying the price for his economics.

He was the father of the Canada's national debt, while unemployment and inflation soared under his watch. But no matter what this asshole did, including building a deep and embarrassing friendship with Fidel Castro, he remained the darling of far too many Canadians.

Trudeau was also the architect of Canada's multicultural society. I know it's politically incorrect to have problems with multiculturalism, but there are those who are of the belief that we might be better off as a melting pot.

Canada needs people and should welcome people, but it might be nice if more of them put Canada first.

And let's not forget, Trudeau is also responsible for all those bilingual road signs you see outside of Quebec. Money well spent.

But that's all water under the bridge and now we are faced with the prospect of having another arrogant Trudeau to deal with. If you watched the Liberal leadership convention you may have noticed what a chip off the old block Justin is.

But worst of all, he's good looking. Very good looking.

And in this country, that more than anything else could eventually make the guy Prime Minister.

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July 29, 2006 @ 16:46

News Item

MONTREAL -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen to "support intolerance" by refusing to attend an international gathering of gay athletes, singer K.D. Lang said yesterday at a press conference.

Lang was critical of her fellow Albertan for failing to support the World Outgames, which is expected to attract up to 13,000 gay, bisexual and transgendered athletes when it begins today.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest, interim Liberal leader Bill Graham and Bloc Quebecois's Gilles Duceppe are all expected to attend.

What is it about certain minority groups, that the second they don't get their way, they lash out and accuse people of vicious things that are difficult to defend yourself against?

The Prime Minister has chosen "not" to attend the World Outgames, so that immediately makes him a supporter of intolerance.

In other words, according to KD Lang, because Stephen Harper won't show his face at a goofy little get together in Quebec, he's intolerant - and therefore - anti-gay.

That's a pretty harsh accusation to direct at a world leader simply because he might have something else to do.

Who knows, maybe he doesn't have something else to do. Maybe he's like a lot of people and has decided not to support something so divisive and exclusionary as a gathering of gay athletes.

Why is there a need for the World Outgames? Are gay athletes not allowed in the Olympics or Commonwealth Games? Well of course they are.

Is there any International Track Meet that excludes gay athletes? I think not.

Now, let's twist it around. Are heterosexuals allowed to compete in the World Outgames. Well judging by their very description, I don't think "straights" are welcome.

So tell us KD, you stunned witch - who's chosen to support intolerance?

I have a tough time relating to people like KD Lang. I guess you could say the only thing that we have in common is that neither one of us would swallow a one eyed whale.

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