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Not Much Of Anything

March 20, 2007 @ 09:12

Yesterday's budget certainly was an interesting piece of work. A Conservative budget that was very un-Conservative with an avalanche of spending in some well intentioned places, but spending that probably won't have a lot of impact.

Even though the Conservatives claim this was a budget for hard working Canadians I'm not so sure it really helps that big lump of people known as the middle class.

Roughly 50 percent of the tax breaks assist those Canadians making less than 37 thousand dollars a year, but event then; it doesn't amount to more than a few hundred dollars a year.

The middle class won't really see much of a difference either. A family with two kids might realize a tax break of 620 dollars a year, but that's only 51 dollars a month. Middle class Canadians deserve more than that.

Hell, 51 dollars a month is being gobbled up by the wretched oil companies right now, and there was nothing in the budget to address those thieves.

Some might argue the lifting of limits on RESP's will help the middle class, but an RESP is no good unless you can contribute to it and a lot of middle class Canadians have trouble doing that.

There's no doubt the Conservatives were caught in a tough situation with this budget, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. They were forced to buy votes in Quebec with a huge equalization consideration, and they got sucked into the environmental trap by proposing several standards that could severely affect the North American car industry.

Over-all it was a budget that sounds better than it actually is, and represents just another step in the Harper government's quest to position themselves for a majority government down the road.

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Meet The Mayor

March 20, 2007 @ 09:09

Before we leave the budget I have to admit I was extremely happy with one thing Jim Flaherty said yesterday. He more or less told David Miller to shut up and go away.

Miller who seems to be having a tough time figuring out how to run a city was one of the first to start bitching about the budget yesterday, looking for more handouts.

Flaherty basically said this - "it's about time other levels of government in Canada learned to handle their own fiscal responsibilities."

Bingo - but you have to wonder if Miller is capable.

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New Shoes

March 19, 2007 @ 09:27

It's going to be a weird day for the Liberal Party of Canada - you just know they'd love to dump all over today's federal budget no matter what it says, but they can't

The Liberals don't want an election right now, they can't afford an election right now, and they definitely don't have an adequate leader to take them into an election right now.

At the same I have a feeling the Conservatives have crafted a budget with the intent of antagonizing the Liberals to some extent. They'll deliver a budget that might contain just enough to make the Liberals do something stupid and trigger an election.

If that happens then the Conservatives will have pulled this off beautifully, because Canadians will probably blame the Liberals for having to endure another election and that just might provide Stephen Harper with the few percentage points he needs for a majority.

If there's a negative side to all this, it's what it may do to middle class Canadians should the Liberals show restraint.

Budgets delivered by minority governments in this situation usually ignore those Canadians who work the hardest and give the most.

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March 19, 2007 @ 09:24

I had one of those TV moments last night when I sat down to watch the CTV National News with MILF candidate Sandi Rinaldo.

Turns out yesterday was chosen as a day of protest right across the continent against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There were protests in Los Angeles and New York, and Halifax and Toronto, just to name a few.

It was the protest in Halifax that really pissed me off. I have nothing against protests, I think they're healthy and I'm proud that we live in a country that values freedom of speech.

But sometimes that freedom of speech can get downright ridiculous. As I watched the protesters do their thing in Halifax one walked by the camera and screamed;

"Harper, stop the genocide."

Talk about over-kill. When I got up this morning I searched out the word "genocide" and here's what I got.

genocide - the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

I think it's safe to say that when we think of the word genocide we think of helpless or innocent victims who are being slaughtered for no apparent reason, and that would be the impression you got from the protester who used the word yesterday.

But in this case Canada is doing its part to systematically exterminate the Taliban for crying out loud. An oppressive regime with direct ties to terrorism.

Stop the genocide? I say step it up.

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One Thousand Words

March 17, 2007 @ 09:29

I received this e-mail yesterday from frequent visitor Trish.

"I've been meaning to say this for a while now - this revealing photo of Dion is representative of all the reasons why he'll never be PM. It's priceless!"

Yea, and how about this one Trish. It's something I put together right after the Liberal Leadership Convention.

Is it Stephane Dion or Dana Carvey?

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Further To Yesterday

March 16, 2007 @ 09:30

News Item

OTTAWA-Prime Minister Stephen Harper is better understood in his second language than Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is in his, according to a new Angus Reid poll that put the politicians' skills to the test with voters in French and English.

About 81 per cent of the francophones who watched a clip of Harper giving a speech in French rated him "good" or "very good" at the language. By contrast, among the anglophones who watched the clip of Dion explaining policy in English, just 56 per cent gave him a passing grade.

Interesting that this poll should come out the day after Dion visited the GTA and had a tough time communicating.

This just highlights the paramount job he has in front of him. It's going to be pretty hard to win the next election with almost half the country having no idea what you're saying.

And when they can understand you, you've got nothing to say.

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Tied With The Greenies

March 14, 2007 @ 08:37

It's interesting to see what's happening to the "irrelevant party" of Canada.

While Jack Layton and his wife Olivia run around the country making ridiculous statements and supporting stupid causes the NDP is plummeting in the polls.

Jack Layton has done such a bad job of leading this party; it has now sunk to an all tie low in the polls tied with the Green Party at 13 percent.

How's that for failure? The Green Party doesn't have an elected member and for years they've been regarded as Canada's party for flakes, but they're tied with the NDP which has occasionally over the past four decades given the impression of a "real" political party.

But Jack has taken the NDP so far in the wrong direction that now some members of the party are making noises about moving towards the centre. Like Winnipeg Centre MP Pat Martin, who's even suggested creating a coalition with the Liberals.

And nobody should be surprised. Layton's position on the war on Afghanistan, and his obsession with single mothers and professional lay abouts has turned a lot of people off.

It gets back to the same old story. Socialism doesn't work and the more you press it the more people reject it and quickly realize the best way to look after yourself… is to look after yourself.

Layton's reaction to the dissension within his ranks is predictable. He denies it and claims with the growing gap between rich and poor in Canada, the country needs a strong NDP more than ever and he doesn't see a need for change.

Give it up Jack, nobodies listening.

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Enough Is Enough

March 14, 2007 @ 08:36

News Item

The Six Nations community has to sort out its internal differences before talks aimed at ending a year-long aboriginal occupation in southern Ontario can get back on track, Ontario's aboriginal affairs minister David Ramsay said Tuesday.

Government negotiators broke off talks last week after Six Nations Chief David General - who has spoken out against the occupation of a former housing development site in Caledonia, Ont. - was barred from attending the negotiations by several aboriginal community members.

I really can't understand this bullshit. What does an internal difference within the Six Nations community have to do with the occupation?

The occupation should have been over long ago. The Ontario Provincial Police should have moved in and physically removed them from the site.

On Tuesday I sat with a guy who's got good friends who border the occupied land and none of us have any idea what these people have gone through. It's heartbreaking.

Nobody feels safe, nobody can sell their homes and nobody has any faith in the government.

Six Nations broke the law, continue to break the law and there's nothing being done about it.

It's all fun and games for the Natives, it gives a lot of the young, yahoo assholes something to do with their time but in the meantime, hard working, law abiding Canadians are having their lives turned upside down.

Once and for all the occupation has to end. So what if it's a major confrontation and somebody gets hurt, that's life in the real world. End it now!

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Visibile Minority

March 8, 2007 @ 08:45

News Item

Canada's use of the term "visible minorities" to identify people susceptible to racial discrimination came under fire at the UN yesterday - for being racist.
The world body's anti-racism watchdog said in a report on Ottawa's efforts to eliminate domestic racial discrimination that the words might contravene an international anti-racism treaty.

Wow, it wasn't long ago that "visible minority" was adopted as a politically correct term for identifying non-white Canadians. Now it's racist.

In Toronto this offers a bizarre twist because we're actually beyond the tipping point.

In Toronto a "visible minority" would be a white person and as we all know, white people can't be the victims of racism.

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Last Laugh

March 8, 2007 @ 08:38

It's been quite the week for my friend Dan Duran who went head to head with several readers over a political issue from last week.

I wrote a posting called "Security Breach" and Dan responded to it, and following that I invited readers to respond to Dan and the results speak for themselves.

To be fair, Dan's been a good sport through it all, and regardless of what the rest of us think of his position on the issue, at the end of the day Dan has something that most of us don't.

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