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Romy Returns

June 8, 2007 @ 09:11

Freddie -

"Sadly, Bono and Bob Geldof have done more, in their own way, to further
awareness of big issues like debt forgiveness for Third World nations,
helping to raise awareness (and raise money for) world hunger, and so on,
than Prime Minister Harper could do in back to back elected majorities. By
the way, nice to see that with Blair retiring, Bush seems to have found a
new lap dog.
"Here Stephen, up... good boy."

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Beautiful Day

June 7, 2007 @ 08:47

I realize that in the eyes or many it makes you a horrible person to support our Prime Minister, but goddamn it, I do.

I feel nothing but a sense of pride that Harper has refused to meet with Bono at the G-8 summit. Finally we have a leader with balls who won't buckle under to outside pressure and do things he really has no obligation to do.

Paul Martin gave Bono lots of time because I honestly believe he thought the imaging was cool and he wanted to appeal to younger Canadians.

Harper has no time for pompous celebrities how love to hear themselves talk, he's got a country to run.

Don't get me wrong, I love U2 and Bono the musician, but I have no time for these self appointed world "politicians" who more often than not just get in the way.

I mean really what is Bono doing at the G-8 summit and who does he think he is?

It doesn't help that President Bush met with Bono earlier in the week, but again, given Bush's reputation around the world I think he did it strictly for imaging - he too thought it would look cool.

Well Stephen Harper doesn't buy into that crap and he probably remembers Bono actually chastising Canada on a couple of occasions for contributions to African Aid.

And on that note, Bob Geldof is another whack job who's hanging around the summit and earlier this week he attacked Canada for our foreign aid record and accused the government of blocking specific commitments at the G-8.

The charges are unfounded, but it doesn't matter. Bob Geldof said it, so it gets attention and I think that's precisely why our Prime Minister refuses to give these people audience.

Instead he'll waste his time meeting with the likes of Vladimir Putin and other people who were actually elected.

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Stop Screwin'

June 6, 2007 @ 08:43

The Toronto District School Board has called in an independent advisory panel to take a close look at safety and security, with big shot human rights lawyer Julian Falconer leading the way.

With Falconer at the helm many believe this will turn into another blame game. Systemic racism will play a big part and everyone will be blamed for something except those who really deserve the blame.

Those who spread their legs without considering the consequences, and those who don't take responsibility for the result.

There are no bad schools. Just bad parents.

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Paul Romanuk Checks In

June 4, 2007 @ 09:33


"You're just wrong here mate. Plain and simple. The science is
there - look it up.
The U.S. is by far the worst offender, even worse than China, which has, let me see, about FOUR TIMES the population (source,Global Carbon Project, US Energy Information Agency). I'm ashamed, as a Canadian, that out PM is taking up residence on this issue in Camp Moron
along with President Barney Fife rather than every other western nation in the industrialized world. It's sad.
If you really don't care, than at least be honest about it. Call it like it is: "I'm a selfish prick and I really couldn't care less about the long-term future of the world's climate because I'm going to be deadanyways."
At least that's honest. just don't give us "the science is inconclusive" garbage."

Hey Paul

I've never really questioned the science, I'm well aware that the planet faces some huge challenges.

What I question is Kyoto. It's wrong for Canada and generally unfair right across the board.

There are better ways to address the problems without getting sucked down the tubes of this bogus political football.

As it stand, Global Warming is a scam. It's become a fashionable catch phrase that's being used by too many hucksters and politicans.

Search "Kyoto" on my site and you'll appreciate my position.


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No Big Deal

May 31, 2007 @ 09:23

Meanwhile, I think we should cut Mayor Miller some slack.

There seemed to be quite the backlash to Miller agreeing to sign a peitition sponsored by Scotia Bank that officially declares the Senators "Canada's team."

Many believe this is a slap in the face to the Maple Leafs, but really it's not.

It's a goofy little Ottawa Senator style "suck ass" campaign to get the whole country behind this vile hockey team.

Miller's a Canadian politician, so how could he "not" sign the stupid thing. The Leafs are long gone so what's the big deal?

I wouldn't sign it, but Miller is sort of caught between a rock and hard place.

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Schwarzenegger's In Town

May 30, 2007 @ 08:10

Steve Nease is a syndicated cartoonist whose been very kind to He sent this to me yesterday, and it just about says it all.

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More Bullshit

May 29, 2007 @ 10:11

I'm just lovin' how the whole "global warming" scam is taking over government right across the planet.

It's extremely entertaining.

Sitting governments are in the tough position of having to bring some sense to the demands being made by opposition parties using the future of our planet as nothing more than a political football.

And no where is it worse than in Canada.

The Prime Minister is trying to maneuver through this thing to protect the long term interests of Canada but he's being badgered to do things that other parties probably wouldn't do if they were in power.

What has lost me is the whole idea of green "credits" or carbon credits. If somebody goes overboard they can make themselves feel better by purchasing credits from those companies that fall under set quotas.

It's all part of the gobblee goop that makes up this whole nauseating mess.

While Canada and other countries are held up as world examples other countries have no intention of doing anything - and probably never will.

While reading this article, keep in mind that China has several thousand coal burning plants.

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Danger Man

May 25, 2007 @ 07:18

This may sound a little extreme, but I think David Miller is dangerous.

And when I say dangerous I mean from the standpoint of Toronto's future. He's going to run the city into the ground.

This guy is so lame, so leftwing and so milk toast it's frightening.

His reaction to Wednesday's high school shooting was so typical of what this guy is all about. Always ready to blame someone else and never willing to face a problem head on.

Miller says hand guns should be banned. He says we have to get them off the streets. He says the federal government has to do more to stop hand guns from coming across the border.

It makes me want to bang my head against the wall. As it stands hand guns are illegal if you don't register them, so the only people a ban would affect, is law abiding people.

What low life creep registers a hand gun? If anyone thinks banning hand guns means they still won't be available is dreaming in Technicolor.

Marijuana is banned. So is cocaine and crack. But is there any shortage of those things on our streets? Nope.

Anything's available if you want it badly enough and guns are no different.

Once again, it's the easy way out for Miller. It's easy to blame it on guns rather than point the finger and a certain community, a certain culture in our city that is virtually turning it upside down.

And it all goes back to what I said yesterday. If Mom and (Dad) raise their kids properly, there's an overwhelming chance they'll never want a hand gun.

Miller needs to be impeached. Can you impeach a mayor?

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Meet The Mayor

May 24, 2007 @ 09:21

Mayor Miller made a profound statement on the Oakley Show this morning.

When Oakley asked the mayor if absentee fathers were connected to gangs and violence Miller said no.

He said it was more a problem of over-worked mothers. Say what?

You know how I stand on this issue. The experts can look for every excuse they want, but it all comes back to the home.

People must take responsibility for thier actions the second sperm meets egg - and that means both people.

Don't blame the schools, don't blame guns and don't blame society. Blame mom.... and dad - if you can find him.

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Kabul Senators

May 24, 2007 @ 09:18

Yesterday when I made this posted this picture next to a story about the Prime Ministers visit to Afghanistan, I wasn't aware of what exactly was going on.

I knew the Prime Minister was presenting Afghan President Hamid Karzai with a gift, but I wasn't aware of what it was.

Well, it turns out the PM gave the Karzai and Ottawa Senators jumper for his four month old son.

An avid Leafs fan, this must have been hard for Mr. Harper but what else is the guy going to do? He's the goddamn Prime Minister, of course he's got to look like he's pulling for the Senators. (however deep down, if he's a real Leaf fan, he wants Anaheim to win)

Ultimately this could turn out to be quite the embarrassment. If Karzai puts the jumper on his kid, he could end up choking on his pablum.

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