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Show Us The Money

September 10, 2007 @ 09:34

If you read this blog with any regularity you know how I feel about casinos. If it was up to me I'd close them all down tomorrow.

I find them creepy and desperate and sad, filled with people who have no business being there. It's sickening to look around those big noisy rooms and see people in the process of ruining their lives.

This may sound over the top, but it's true. Casinos in Ontario have provided a lot more pain than gain, yet the suckers keep coming back for more willing to dump more and more into a system that never really tells us where the money is going.

Where is the money going?

A couple of weeks ago when my father was in Milton District Hospital he needed cat-scan so they loaded him into an ambulance with a nurse and two attendants and they went to Oakville.

The ambulance waited for my dad and then transported him back. I have no idea what that would have cost, but it was probably several hundred dollars, and apparently this is common practice, and according to his doctor has been going on for years.

According to the doctor, they've transported so many people between Milton and Oakville for cat scans over the years; they could have bought eight machines.

Apparently Milton is on the verge of getting their own machine finally and everyone is jumping up and down and spitting freakin' nickels. But you have to wonder, what took so long?

And why is it that MRI machines are so scarce in the province? They're so scarce that unless you're an athlete or a politician you have to wait months to get an appointment.

Why, with millions of dollars being sacrificed at Ontario casinos every day we should have a shortage of cat scans and MRIs in the province.

An MRI machine is worst about a million dollars, with a cat scan worth about half that.

Do you know how quickly a million dollars in profit is wracked up at an Ontario casino?

I'm willing to bet it wouldn't take twenty minutes. Day after day after day millions of dollars are being sucked out of the pockets of pathetic people and the province gladly takes it.

But what the hell are they doing with the money?

I imagine with the right system and the proper appropriation of funds, an MRI machine could be put into every hospital in Ontario by the end of the year courtesy of the casinos alone.

The casinos were supposed to supply new found money to Ontario when they were first proposed and it seemed like a great idea.

But several years later, what are we left with?

A bunch of questions and ruined people.

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The Mulroney Memoirs

September 6, 2007 @ 09:48

Over the next few weeks you're going to be hearing a lot about the Brian Mulroney Memoirs which will be released within the next few days.

I know I'll read them because I've always been frustrated by the unfair legacy that's been laid upon Mulroney.

While results dictate he may have been one of our best Prime Ministers, making tough decisions and implementing them, history hasn't been so kind.

Thanks to the strength of the Toronto Star and Montreal's La Presse, and the vocal left wing weasels of this country, Mulroney has taken a pounding since he left office.

Conversely, one of the most arrogant, damaging and cowardly men ever to be Prime Minister has enjoyed a lovely legacy built on apparent good looks, charisma and dating movie stars.

But that's all about to change.

In his memoirs Mulroney takes dead aim at Pierre Trudeau and it's about time somebody did.

Trudeau was bad for Canada for so many reasons and it's mind boggling to think he could rise to the highest office in Canada given his communist sympathizing and his indifference to the holocaust.

In his memoirs Mulroney reminds us that Trudeau although in his mid 20s and in perfect health refused to go to war to fight the Nazis. In fact while Hitler was slaughtering six million Jews, Trudeau became an activist against Canada's participation.

It should be a fascinating book which hopefully will improve Mulroney's image while correcting the great Trudeau myth.

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Shame Shame Shame

August 24, 2007 @ 10:33

There are so many ways to measure a sitting government, but more often than not you judge them on the grass routes issues.

How the hell can Toronto's police services "not" put "support our troops" decals on police cars.

Chief Bill Blair, obviously in cahoots with Toronto's dangerous and damaging mayor has decided not to allow the "free" decals to be placed on police vehicles.

It's frustrating that it's come to this, but its even more frustrating to not know "why."

The socialist whack jobs on Toronto city council don't have enough guts to come out and give a definitive answer as to why.

Why Bill Blair, why David Miller.

Miller in particular should be ashmed of himself.

But then again he shows no shame in his obvious inability to run a large North American city so why should he care about this.

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Dirty Tax

July 19, 2007 @ 08:34

David Miller has used the "C" word. On the heels of having his taxation plan deferred at city council on Monday, Miller has become of a fountain of ideas on how to make-up Toronto's fiscal shortfall and a casino is one of them.

Personally, I hate casinos. I think they're creepy places that attract too much of the wrong people and when I refer to the wrong people I mean people who have no business throwing good money after bad when they can't afford it.

To me, casinos are a legal form of theft. Look at the odds, look at the opulence and look at the profits. People may win from time to time at a casino, but that's a rare exception to the rule.

Most of the time casinos are stealing your money while praying on your desperation and naivety. Casinos have caused untold heartbreak in many families and created addiction where there was none before.

But beyond that you have to wonder where all the money goes. Like lotteries, casinos in Ontario were designed as a form of taxation with proceeds going to specific projects. But somewhere along the way we lost sight of all that.

The money raised can't really be traced to anything specific with most of it ending up in "general revenue" to be pissed away like regular tax dollars.

So even if Toronto does get a casino, who's to say Torontonians will ever really benefit from it or that the money will end up where it should - and is having a this form of taxation where senior citizens literally connect themselves to slot machines the way to go?

You can be sure that sooner than later signs and billboards will be posted for those suffering from a gambling addiction, much like they have in Niagara Falls and Windsor.

Some might argue that casinos are no different than cigarettes and alcohol, two other forms of taxation that can cause pain and suffering, but there's a distinct difference.

It's too late to ban cigarettes and alcohol, but it's not too late to stop building casinos.

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Bad Timing

July 11, 2007 @ 09:37

It doesn't happen very often, but I find my self agreeing with Toronto's destructive mayor David Miller.

In recent days there has been some noise about Toronto making a bid to host the 2016 or 2020 Olympics and Miller has said no. It's no the time.

I agree with him. It's not the time.

I've never been a fan of Toronto hosting the Olympics because unless its done precisely correct, it's usually a money losing nightmare, and considering Miller leaves impression he'd have trouble balancing his own cheque book, the timing isn't right.

Granted, by 2016 Miller will probably be a long and horrible memory, but I'd be very reluctant to move forward on any level while this man is mayor.

So you're right David. It isn't the time.

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Walking Talking Arshole

July 4, 2007 @ 12:42

This may sound drastic and little over the top, but I really think the citizens of Toronto should explore all possibility of removing David Miller as Mayor.

There must be some mechanism in place that allows the electorate to reverse a bad decision and save their city before its absolutely ruined by an incompetent socialist who can't solve any problem without crying poor and taxing the living shit out of anything that moves.

What David Miller proposes for Toronto could drive it into the ground. You can't place the burden on the shoulders of the people to this extent and expect any good to come of it.

Garbage tax, liquor tax, entertainment tax and exorbitant increases to land transfer taxes are an invitation for people to move out of the city and for tourists to stop coming to the city.

Municipal politics are a unique beast. Like no other level of government a city has to be run like a business and from what we can gather, David Miller would have trouble running a kool-aid stand.

I'm sure all the citizens of Toronto are sick and tired of hearing him pass the buck and blame everybody else for what ails Toronto.

He knew what the situation was when he first ran for office. It was a new landscape with new rules and new responsibilities and he knew what he was getting into.

Unfortunately, once in office he proved he wasn't capable of doing the job and if that wasn't bad enough, he ran again and was re-elected by the left leaning loonie element that dominates Toronto.

It really is a tragic turn of events.

Back in 2004 Toronto had the opportunity to elect a real business to run the city like it has to be run - but John Tory was rejected because he was considered too conservative.

Looking back it was a horrible mistake and the incompetent Miller still has more than three years to go on his current term.

The people of Toronto must revolt and explore every avenue of removal, and if its possible they should move to do it.

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Boob Cancer Ain't Funny

June 25, 2007 @ 07:57

Over the past several months there has been a lot written and said about Belinda Stronach and unfortunately for her, it comes with the territory.

When you're rich, attractive and you hook up with a married local hockey hero some things are going to be said and human nature dictates that not very much of it is going to be nice.

I had a lot of fun with the Stronach/Domi relationship on this website and I took several shots at Belinda for jumping to the Liberals.

But today I feel for the woman. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and over the past week had a breast removed and underwent breast re-construction.

It's a humbling experience for all. For Belinda, who at times must feel like she owns world and can control any and all things, and to the average person who can plainly see that cancer is not selective.

Belinda deserves credit through this. Her decision to go public with this horrific scare is commendable because when something like this happens to someone like her, people listen. And obviously, she's not doing it for political gain.

Stronach is given an excellent chance of beating this beast and she wants all Canadian women to know, early detection was the key to her experience.

She discovered the cancer through self examination.

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The Buck Stops Here

June 20, 2007 @ 09:03

The controversy surrounding the magnetized decals that support our troops could have been ended quickly by one man. David Miller.

As it stands, the decals that grace all emergency vehicles in the city must be removed by September but the reason is murky.

Some at city hall claim it's was only a one year program and one year is up on September 4th. Others say it's all about protocol and others claim it didn't get proper approval from city council.

However many believe the real reason is because Toronto city council leans heavily to the left and the war in Afghanistan is something they don't want to acknowledge, even on the level of supporting our troops.

Needless to say it's another embarrassing situation for Toronto. This pathetic mayor and his no mind council which was given a second chance just a few short months ago obviously have a bizarre agenda that flies in the face of all rational thinking people.

The war will not be over on September 4th, so regardless of how the decals first got there, why would anyone even think of removing them before the troops come home.

It's a slap in the face to the men and women who are half way across the world doing a tough and dirty job.

The mayor really blew it yesterday when he failed to come out immediately and declare the decals would stay on the trucks as long as our soldiers stay in Afghanistan, instead he said this.

"This issue is not a simple one; for many the ribbon is a symbol of a "very controversial" military operation going on in Afghanistan that has no place on city vehicles. There are calls from people saying, `Why are you expressing support for war in Afghanistan?'''

Sadly this is consistent with the behaviour of Miller and his band of milk toast idiots at City Hall.

This afternoon this issue will actually go to a vote.

Deep down you know Miller and his meatheads hate the war and that's fine, I think we all do. But not supporting our troops because you don't support the war is a major disconnect and not fair to those who are risking their lives in Afghanistan.

David Miller is unquestionably the worst thing that's every happened to Toronto, and by not taking the lead yesterday only highlights what a huge mistake the voters of Toronto made last fall.

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Dan Duran Checks In

June 8, 2007 @ 09:14

Ironically, I was going to write about this disappointing story today but then I received this e-mail from my good friend Dan Duran.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Hey Fred:

"I find it interesting that your Golden Boy Mr. Harper sat down in the 'good old style politics chair" and did exactly what his Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. McKay said 3 weeks ago that his party would not do; "We will not throw a member out of caucus for voting his conscience. There will be no whipping, flipping, hiring or firing on budget votes as we saw with the Liberal government."
So the moment Conservative Nova Scotia MP, Bill Casey, votes no on the budget because he feels that it screws with the Atlantic accord (of which I have no opinion on) walks out of parliament he is kicked out of the party.
What a disappointing load of crap. I thought that the conservatives were taking the high ethical road here. But no. Harper is starting to take pages out of Jean Chretien's 'my way or da highway' book and it bugs me. True stripes are starting to show.
I voted for my MP to vote for my community's interest and that should be respected by the party they are part of.
Isn't that what this whole democracy thing is about?"

Dan Duran

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Robbie J. Argues Real Good

June 8, 2007 @ 09:13

Yesterdays posting "Beautiful Day" got some good reaction. I got this e-mail from Rob Johnston, who's the Creative Director at the Edge.


"The funny thing about whatever slagging may take place is that he and has
band have been doing this since day 1...30 years ago. It's part of their
punk beginnings which was to challenge authority. Joe Strummer et al.
Take a look at their past and you'll see it has always been there. The
October album, War, Unforgettable Fire and especially Joshua Tree and
onwards. This isn't a new thing but part of who they are, and therefore who
Bono is.
Amnesty International tour in '86, Live Aid in '85, JT and it's Africa and
Central America undertones.
During the Zooropa tour in 93 they did friggin satellite uplinks with
Sarajevo during the concert because no one in Europe wanted to acknowledge
the genocide happening in Bosnia. Sure not everyone liked it but they did
something to bring awareness to a place imploding.
I've seen and been around a ton of bands in my career but none come close
U2 for professionalism and honesty. In 97 we flew to Winnipeg and did an
interview at 1am after the show and you couldn't shut Bono up. Edge has the
flu but did the interview because as he said "it the least I can do since
you came all this way".
The thing with Bono is he so much passion for what he believes in that he
can't stop. He says it's the Irish in him. Like it or not, campaigning the
G8 is just an evolution of everything he and U2 have ever done. Mind you
there are times I wish Bono would just shut up and sing, but that's a small
price i'm willing to pay for someone to stand up for what they belive in.
He's someone you can never accuse of "opportunism".
Oh, and his wife of 26 years helped establish a charity fund for the
Children of Chernobyl to help them get the aid they need, so maybe he gets
it from her. And all royalties from "The Sweetest Thing" go to that

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