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The Creepy Clintons

January 27, 2008 @ 09:25

I watched the South Carolina primaries last night and was very happy to see Barack Obama destroy the Clintons.

Notice I didn’t say Hillary Clinton, because the race for the democratic ticket has become ugly with Bill Clinton playing an unprecedented role in this election. Never before has a former President got to campaign in such way, because never before has a former President had a spouse run for the office.

Bill Clinton has got into some nasty politics over the past week attempting to draw Obama into the gutter while hopefully turning the South Carolina primary into a contest of racial pride. Clinton was hoping that by making race the issue in a state with a large black population, the white vote would come out strong and support Hillary.

But it didn’t happen.

Although Obama captured 80 percent of the black vote, he also captured 25 percent of the white vote in a three person race. Hillary and John Edwards split the other 75 percent. That’s an excellent showing over-all and could definitely give Obama the push he needs heading into Super Tuesday on February 5th.

But all that aside, it still gets back to the same old thing for me.

Given the choice between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, I don’t see how any American could be undecided. It should come down to a question of integrity and in that case the Clintons are big losers.

Bill let an intern wash his hog in the oval office while probing her unnaturally with a Cohiba, and Hillary let him get away with it.

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Christine Nunziata

January 21, 2008 @ 08:03

The story in yesterday's Toronto Sun is almost too much to comprehend but it sure gives us an idea of how the public sector can work against us.

There aren't too many jobs in the private sector, probably none, where an employee could screw around with their expense account to this extent and not get fired for it.

Ward 6 York Catholic school Trustee Christine Nunziata has had quite the time at taxpayer's expense, using public money for personal vacations to the Dominican, Cuba and other places.

Not only that, she's run up huge cell phone bills for non work calls, she bought jewelry on her expense account, a five hundred dollar visit to Canada's Wonderland, lingerie, a one hundred dollar Wal-mart gift certificate and a digital camera.

Trustees get $18.500 in salary, and then another 18 thousand for work related expenses, but there is little or no accountability. It wasn't until the Sun got tipped off and went after this spend-thrift that the enormity of her extravagance was uncovered.

And man does she like to eat. There were several bills from restaurants where she didn't pay till after midnight. At Thai restaurants, high end Carman's Steak House and bars where she charged alcohol even though that's especially forbidden.

And Christine Nunziata really loves her fast food as well. She charged her morning coffee and doughnuts at Tim Horton's to the taxpayer and wracked up hundreds of dollars at McDonalds, Swiss Chalet, Harvey's and Pizza Pizza.

I guess this explains why another one of her bogus expenses was a shopping spree at a plus size woman's store.

There's some good news though, Nunziata is the niece of form MP John Nunziata, and he's still around, so obviously she hasn't tried to eat him.

In most other jobs this would grounds for dismissal, no questions asked. But so far, that hasn't even been mentioned in the Nunziata case, only repayment - but that isn't nearly enough.

It's pathetic.

Meanwhile you have to wonder how many others are doing it while schools continue to be under funded by the province.

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Meet The Mayor

January 15, 2008 @ 10:26

That voice with an echo is that of Mayor Miller who’s once again talking with head stuffed up his ass.

Turns out Saturday’s murder of a man who was caught in crossfire in front of the Brass Rail was shot with a registered gun and its prompted Miller to call for a complete hand gun ban across the country.

In this case the Mayor argues that it’s ridiculous that a 22 year old man could legally have a gun. “Why would he need a gun” asked a bewildered Mayor and on those counts he’s correct.

The problem is that’s where Miller always stops his response to Toronto’s gun predicament.

The vast majority of gun murders are by unregistered guns, which means they’re already illegal. In other words, if a gun isn’t registered to anyone and has the serial numbers shaved off, it’s already banned. But it still exists, it’s still out there and regardless of what the federal government does, they’ll always be out there.

I’m one of those freaks who think that guns don’t kill people; people kill people and as long as we’re inflicted with bad ass punks who’ve never had the benefit of a decent upbringing there will always be a demand for guns and a steady supply.

For some reason the Mayor never wants to identify the problems that lead up to a young man wanting a gun.

In Toronto the profile of those who commit gun crimes is so consistent, so predictable and obvious, it’s aggravating.

But the Mayor refuses to acknowledge it or deal with it. It’s like he’s afraid of something.

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Tears Are Not Enough

January 9, 2008 @ 10:03

No they weren't, tears weren't enough to knock Hillary Clinton out of the race for the Democratic nomination.

She won a close battle with Barak Obama in New Hampshire last night that surprised even the most astute political pundits including myself. Only kidding.

Times change and I guess and emotional display in 2007 is received much different that it would have just a few short years ago. Hillary was expected to suffer from Obama momentum and her choke-up in the coffee shop on Sunday.

But it didn’t. She won a key primary last night and now has her own momentum heading into the Michigan primaries.

Instead of showing weakness, Hillary’s emotional moment was perceived as softness and lucky for her it was.

Further to the perception of Hillary, Bill Carroll made a good point on his show yesterday morning. He’s not a fan of Clinton’s, but it has nothing to do with what happened on Sunday.

Carroll says he lost a lot of respect for Hillary during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

He feels Hillary was too soft on Bill and by so readily forgiving him; it set a bad example to other women of all ages.

It showed weakness.

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Double Standard

January 8, 2008 @ 09:48

Hillary Clinton did herself no favours yesterday when her voice cracked and she almost started to cry during a campaign stop in New Hampshire yesterday.

She was asked how she’s keep with a grueling schedule.

There was nothing wrong with her reaction, I saw the segment on television many times yesterday and I really think it was genuine, but unfortunately in this situation that doesn’t matter.

It’s allowed conservatives in the States to jump all over her and claim a woman’s not up to the job of running the most powerful nation in the world. If she’s capable of breaking down over a question in a coffee shop, what will she be like on the world stage when things get tough?

Again, that’s not what I think; it’s what all those who oppose Hillary will say, including those in the Democratic Party who don’t support her.

How is it a double standard? This way.

I truly believe if it was one of the male candidates who reacted the same yesterday, he would have been applauded for showing emotion, simply because men don’t usually do it and aren’t expected to do it. Some would say it shows the soft side and the office needs a soft side.

On the flip side, knuckle dragging chauvinists and in this case, the enemies of having a women in the White House, and Hillary in particular, will tell you that most women are just blathering weaklings and shouldn’t be running world powers.

It’s wrong and unfair and doesn’t explain what happened yesterday. But this is politics and it can be nasty and Hillary will probably pay for it.

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Only Time Will Tell

January 4, 2008 @ 10:02

I gave up on the useless Maple Leafs early in the third period last night and then flipped between CNN and Fox News to watch the Iowa Caucus results.

Fascinating. The victory by bible thumping former evangelist Mike Huckabee on the Republican side was surprising enough, but the victory by Barack Obama in a state that couldn’t be any “whiter” is a stunning statement.

Obama wasn’t expected to win here; in fact many believed he would finish third behind Hillary Clinton and John Edwards and then hope to fare better in the primaries. But he captured Iowa and the momentum could easily carry him through to the Democratic nomination.

And if that happens we’re going to learn a lot about the United States of America.

Back in 2000 the US was shamed by voter irregularities in Florida and most of the missing or damaged ballots were in black voting stations and the inexplicable problem of unusual and tedious lineups at voting stations were in black neighbourhoods.

African Americans tend to be Democrats and its no secret if that even half the black vote in American bothered to cast a ballot, they could control the outcome of an election.

In Florida in 2000, black people were prevented from voting in Florida and result was four years of George W. Bush. As it was, Al Gore won the popular vote, but in a shady and concerning turn of events in Florida, the wrong man became president.

And that’s what makes me look ahead to next year if Barack Obama wins the Democratic ticket. If he wins for the Democrats he most definitely will become president, but only if the election is on the up and up.

This may sound far fetched and impossible in the United States of America, but don’t kid yourself.

If Obama runs for president his initial strategy will be to reach out to black America and make sure they come to the polls, and chances are, with a black candidate they will probably turn out in record numbers.

Then it all becomes the responsibility of the system. Will black America be given the same access to voting stations and ballot boxes that the rest of the country gets?

Will the same attention to detail be given to those areas of the United States that are poor and desolate?

You’d like to think so, and you’d expect that the Democratic Party would make sure, but it’s still a huge unknown. An African American has never run for President before and we saw what happened in 2000.

We might find out that America the beautiful ain’t so beautiful afterall.

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Good Stuff On 'RB

January 4, 2008 @ 10:00

Leslie Roberts started his show with a story about his daughter and it was gripping and totally relatable to anyone with a grown daughter.

A couple of years ago Robert’s daughter Lauren who was living with her mother in Montreal, decided to come to Toronto and live with her father.

She sold the idea to her dad claiming it would be a great way for them to bond and get to know each other and make up for lost time.’

Well it wasn’t long before she convinced Leslie to let her boyfriend move in and Roberts managed to look the other way during many of the incidents that ensued and the bonding plans never really happened.

A couple of months ago after an internship, Lauren got a full time job and announced to her dad that she was getting her own apartment – with her boyfriend – and she’d be moving out over the holidays while her dad was away.

Leslie had many concerns starting with her ability to pay because her boyfriend was in school and didn’t work. Dad didn’t feel any better when Lauren revealed her boyfriend was planning to take some time off school.

Meanwhile, over the holidays Lauren moved out of the house and when Leslie returned he found a mess in her room and bathroom that from his description turned your stomach.

He went on to say how he felt betrayed and used and he questioned her lack of respect and you couldn’t help but wonder if Lauren was listening and what she was thinking if she was.

We soon found out when Leslie had his producer phone Lauren and put her on the air.

It was great, spontaneous, real radio and we don’t get a lot of that these days.

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Dion On Oakley

December 21, 2007 @ 10:13

I just caught Stephane Dion’s interview on the John Oakley Show and it provides another reason why I think so much of Oakley.

Most guys talk a big game on the radio but when they sit face to face with the people they criticize on a day to day basis they turn into suck holes.

Not Oakley.

He went after Dion about Kyoto and Bali and although he got nothing but Liberal mishmash in response, it was refreshing to hear Oakley challenge Dion at every turn.

I’m sorry, but I for the life of me can’t understand how some Canadian’s are so unwilling to give Stephen Harper a chance when they’re faced with a weakling leader like Stephane Dion and a Liberal party with such a long history of lies and corruption.

Oakley challenged Dion on China and why that country should be exempt from any agreement that Canada enters into. It’s a valid and sensible argument that seems to escape a large number of people in this country who refuse to consider anything Conservative.

Dion’s response was typical. I’m not really sure what he said, but from what I could gather, he still wants to expose Canada for a sucker punch. Have us follow Kyoto to the letter of the law while the rest of the industrialized world snickers at us behind our back.

I was going to make the point that the Liberals would probably be better off “not” having Stephane Dion do any radio or television interviews. Just keep him behind the scenes and let the anti-Harper propaganda do its job.

But it really doesn’t matter. The Liberal party could have a baboon as the leader of their party and that would be fine with their blind followers and uninformed peckerheads who don’t look beyond the headlines.

Sad but true.

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Your Next Prime Minister

December 20, 2007 @ 08:55

Chalk up another victory for the environment and the hysterical over-reaction this issue has created since Al Gore produced his award winning fantasy flick “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The latest Canada poll results reveal the governing Conservatives have plummeted in the polls and their environmental policy is being blamed.

Believe it or not, the wishy-washy Liberals with their limp dick leader have now passed the Conservatives in popular opinion.

The Liberals, who had 13 years to establish and act on an environmental policy – but didn’t – have 32 percent support while the Torys have plunged six points in the past week to thirty percent.

In shameful Ontario it's even worse with the Liberals holding a ten point lead, 41 to 31.

I’m not surprised because it was just over a week ago when I heard the results of another poll that said the environment has clearly become the number one issue for Canadians.

What a joke.

The only reason most Canadians say the environment is the most important issue is because it’s easy.

When asked, it’s easier to sound like a hero and blurt out “the environment” than it is to take the time to actually learn about other issues.

The environment is sexy and makes you sound like you care even though you probably take no measures to help the environment yourself. You’ve seen Gores cool movie and it made you mad at all the polluters and you want to make a statement.

You pick up newspapers like the Toronto Star and listen to people like David Suzuki and when you’re told that Stephen Harper is an enemy of the environment it makes the choice rather easy when asked what party you support. You choose Liberal.

You don’t take the time to really understand what the Prime Minister is trying to accomplish or take the time to appreciate how he’s looking out for the best interests of your country. No, that’s too hard.

Instead you just read the headlines and take from it that Stephen Harper wouldn’t sign an environment deal in Bali so he must be that rotten guy that everybody says he is.

The environment! I can only shake my head and laugh.

It’s such a bullshit issue when it comes to political polling. It’s just so fluffy. It allows people who pay no attention to politics on a day to day basis to actually feel informed and important when asked about it.

And given the extreme left wing media influence in this country, especially in Ontario, people are led to believe the Prime Minister doesn’t care about the environment, when it reality he’s actually trying to do more for the planet than the previous government did in well over a decade.

And to all those people who don't buy into Harpers strategy, and then claim he doesn't have an alternative policy - save it - because he does. It's a plan with realistic standards that holds all major polluters accountable.

Stephen Harper wants a deal, but he wants the right deal for both Canada and everybody else. It’s the right way and the only way to attack this issue.

But he’s painted as an environmental villain and it’s played out in the polls and puts us right back where we started.

In "la la land" with the lyin' Liberals.

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Romy's Blog

December 12, 2007 @ 10:38

I direct you to Paul Romanuk's blog this morning. Paul writes a nice piece about Al Gore and his acceptance of the Nobel Prize.

In the past, Paul has accused me of being a "goose stepping" conservative, buying into everything and anything Stephen Harper stands for.

It's not true, I'm poised and ready to jump when Harper comes even close to committing the horrendous acts that are "anticipated" by the left, but until then I choose to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and support him as my Prime Minister.

And I especially support him when it comes to his stance on global warming and protecting the interests of Canada.

It's interesting that in his column Romy claims that all the wonderful things that Gore is doing now, couldn't be done while he was in office. Well surprise, surprise.

When you're in office you have to deal more in realities than promoting yourself as some world saviour who stands behind some suspect data compiled in a feature film that borders on fiction.

Even if Al Gore did have these feelings towards global warming when he was in office, (which I highly doubt he did) he didn't act on them because there's a lot more to the issue than showing some overly dramatic pictures and claiming we're all going to fry while padding your bank account.

There are economies to consider, jobs to consider and then you balance that against the data, the hysteria, and the willingness of others to help tackle the problem with you.

That was the position Gore was in while he was in office and like it or not, that's the position Stephen Harper is in right now.

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