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Haul Them Away

March 5, 2008 @ 10:52

Not that I’m complaining, but its been quite a while since the whacked out goof balls from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty have done their thing.

Yesterday they converged on city council with more misdirected concern that shut down business for over an hour.

This time they were barking about Robert Maurice, who was found frozen to death in a downtown stairwell last week. No doubt a terrible tragedy, but far from a case of homelessness and government neglect that OCAP claims it is.

Apparently, Maurice had a rooming house, so police are trying to piece together why he was found in the stairwell and what the cause of death was. It doesn’t appear he was a starving victim with nowhere to go.

But the facts don’t stand in the way of OCAP who like to shit disturb whenever they can, while attempting to make successful people feel guilty for looking after themselves.

I heard a few sound bites from city council and it was the usual crap.

OCAP spokesman Gaetan Heroux, thought it was perfectly acceptable to disrupt city business, but found it totally unacceptable for police and security to attempt to remove him.

“Get your hands off me” could be heard on tape as I’m sure Heroux deep down was hoping chaos would erupt because that’s the way OCAP likes to operate.

Meanwhile, the city claims there are more than enough hostel beds in the city and routes right back to the problem the city has always had. A lot of so-called homeless people don’t use them, and the reason they don’t use them is because there are mental illness issues.

And that takes us back to the long standing issue of forced shelter which goes counter to the beliefs of OCAP and Toronto's left leaning council.

When the temperature plunges to a certain level, the city should have the right to drive around in cube vans and literally scoop people off the streets to protect them from themselves.

It might prevent some frost bite and at the very least, put some of those hostel beds to use.

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Free Pass

March 5, 2008 @ 10:51

Last week provided a great example of how the media handles news along partisan lines.

The George Smitherman story went away pretty quick didn’t it?

The Health Minister of the Province in a condescending and insulting manner offered to wear adult diapers in response to the shameful neglect that’s going on in Ontario’s old age homes.

This smart ass prick offers to wear a diaper to check its absorbency so he can better judge what the provinces elderly are going through, and he gets away with it.

A week later it’s a non-story. It’s more or less gone away. The only updates I’ve read are that’s he retracted the offer. But that’s it.

I can only image what the reaction would have been if Smitherman was a Conservative.

It would still be front page news, especially in the Toronto Star, and there would still be calls for his resignation from every half baked socialist group in Ontario – and it would be a feeding frenzy for the Liberals.

But when it comes to the media in Canada, but especially in Ontario, there are two sets of rules and this issue magnifies it.

Even if Smitherman made the offer with the best of intentions, which I don’t think he did, he would still be involved in a major controversy if he was Conservative.

It seems to be the mind set of this province that we want Conservatives to be heartless, we want them to be uncaring and there’s significant cooperation from the media.

Meanwhile, the most untrustworthy and deceitful government this province has ever known gets a free pass.

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Move On

March 4, 2008 @ 10:00

Not a very good day for the Liberals.

When the Chuck Cadman story broke last week it seemed a little odd based on the fact a million dollar life insurance policy had been offered to a dying man.

Anyone with a brain had to ask the question at that point – who sells a life insurance policy that covers a man with terminal cancer?

That’s why I was hesitant to comment on the story before getting more of the facts, and yesterday we got more of the facts.

Cadman’s wife Dona claims she asked the Prime Minister point blank after her husband died whether he knew of an insurance policy bribe, and PM denied it.

"He looked me straight in the eyes and told me he had no knowledge of an insurance policy offer. I knew he was telling me the truth; I could see it in his eyes," said Cadman.

It also explains the bogus telephone call the Liberals have been trying to use against the Prime Minister. In it, Stephen Harper tells author Tom Zytaruk that Cadman had refused an offer from two members of the Conservative party, but it wasn’t an offer of an insurance policy Harper was referring to, it was an offer to rejoin the party.

"Chuck liked, respected and trusted Stephen Harper. I like, respect and trust Stephen Harper. If I didn't believe in my heart, that he was telling me the truth. ... I wouldn't be running as the Conservative candidate for Surrey North," said Cadman.

That was another burning question that begged to be answered all weekend.

If Stephen Harper was such a rotten and ruthless guy why would Dona Cadman be interested in running for the party?

This was a non story from the get-go and if an offer was made, it was made by a couple of over-zealous party members without the knowledge of the Prime Minister, but what makes even this angle lose steam is the fact that Chuck Cadman refused to name anyone before he died.

Nice try Liberals, now shut-up, there's a country to run.

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We Need More

February 29, 2008 @ 08:47

I’ve received several e-mails wanting to know by opinion on the Chuck Cadman story.

He’s the BC Independent MP who passed away in the summer of 2005 from skin cancer.

There’s a story swirling around that the Conservatives offered him a million dollar life insurance policy to vote against a teetering Liberal minority before he died.

I’m going to take some time before I comment on this one. Get more of the facts, like how does a dying man get a life insurance policy?

As I listen to the Stafford Show right now, there’s an insurance guy explaining how that’s pretty much impossible.

Was there a bribe of another sort? Maybe, but we’ve got to wait and find out.

Meanwhile, enjoy the writings and rantings of Liberals who are blowing huge wads of groin glue over this one while forgetting about adscam, bribing Belinda Stronach with a cabinet position and that little 1993 bribe of eliminating the GST.

But maybe, just maybe the Liberals have jumped the gun on this one and maybe they should have done their homework first, like I plan to do.

And believe me, if there's something to this, then then Harper should have his ass nailed to the wall, very much unlike that crook Jean Chretien.

Meanwhile, if you want to jump right into this thing, you might want to visit Toronto Mike who not surprisingly uses the CBC as a source.

The CBC, now there’s a source of balanced reporting.

Mike is a man torn between the NDP and Liberals, but I still love him.

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February 28, 2008 @ 10:47

I just heard Mike Stafford mention on am 640 but his reference was not entirely correct.

While talking about Caledonia Mike said that I had tried to contact my local Liberal MPP Linda Jeffrey to discuss the issue three or four times over the past few months.

No Mike, more like ten times – with absolutely no reponse.

Coincidently Mike just happened to mention this on a morning where I had placed yet another call to Jeffrey’s office where I finally got to talk to someone.

Mike Chaddock is Linda’s filter and his job is to make sure calls are safe enough for Jeffrey to answer.

The conversation didn’t go too well. It became somewhat heated as I got the usual runaround and claim that no messages from Fred Patterson had been received by the office.

I raised several issues with Mr. Chaddock including the two postings below, but I didn’t get far. In the end, he promised to pass my concerns and phone number to my MPP, and she would hopefully return my call.

I won’t hold my breath.

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The Ongoing History Of A Crime

February 28, 2008 @ 10:23

Meanwhile, today marks the second anniversary of the unlawful occupation of the housing site in Caledonia, and still no substantial action from the Premier.

Yesterday he passed the buck again, claiming the Prime Minister is responsible for the domestic terrorism taking place in Caledonia, but that’s simply not true.

Upholding the law in the province is the responsibility of the OPP and that falls under the province.

Yes, land claims are a federal issue and there is no excuse for the foot dragging that’s taken place over the past half century, but the issue at hand is blatant lawlessness in Caledonia that is going unchecked.

A land dispute is no excuse for breaking the law.

It’s been established that there are two sets of rules in Ontario, one for aboriginals and another for the rest of us.

Theft, physical assault and trespassing are common place in Caledonia but the OPP through the directive of Commissioner of Julian Fantino, which I’m sure filters down from the Premier, stand by and watch it happen.

Apparently natives will hold a pot luck dinner at the housing site today as some kind of a celebration and there’s an ill-advised protest planned for Fantino’s neighborhood on Sunday.

Gary Mchale, who’s emerged as the leading activist against what’s happening in Caledonia will take a mob to Fantino’s house on Sunday for a peaceful protest.

It’s wrong.

Fantino’s personal life should be left out of it and McHale stands to do nothing more than tarnish anything he might have accomplished to this point.

I guess McHale feels it’s important to give Fantino a little taste of what occupation of personal space is all about but it won’t go over too well.

In Ontario only aboriginals are allowed to that.

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Ho Hum

February 27, 2008 @ 09:51

I’ve had several e-mails from people who want to know my take on the federal budget that was handed down yesterday.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot to say.

It was a boring and uneventful, much like Canadian politics are right now. That’s what happens when you have a minority government.

I often hear it said that Canadians like minority governments because it keeps the sitting party honest. They can’t do anything radical because they can be toppled by the other parties.

Well there you go, yesterdays budget was a minority government budget so there’s no use complaining about it until somebody is given a clear mandate.

I’d love to see the Harper government given a majority but I think it’s too late for that now. The unfounded Conservative hysteria that exists in Canada won’t allow it.

I’m sure come the next election Canada will play it safe and re-elect the Liberals.

We get what we deserve.

Having said all that, I will comment on one aspect of the budget. The tax-free savings account. The government will allow Canadians to save up to five thousand dollars a year out side of their RSP's in a savings account that is exempt from tax or capital gains.

Seems like a good idea, but already the its under fire.

I've heard complaints on the radio this morning that the average Canadian can't afford to save any money so this will only benefit those who can save money, in other words, the rich.

There is no hope.

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Tiger Leads The Way

February 25, 2008 @ 09:26

As I watched Tiger Woods win another golf tournament over the weekend I got to thinking about Barrack Obama.

Obama owes a lot of his success to Tiger. I know it sounds crazy, but follow me on this one.

Obama has become the first black American to actually be taken seriously in a Presidential run. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were nothing more than token candidates, but Obama has not only been taken seriously, he’s also taken a sizable lead in his battle with Hillary Clinton.

Americans have accepted the idea of a black man leading their country and I really think that Tiger helped ease them into it.

When Tiger turned pro in 1996, golf was still and predominantly white sport, dominated by white players and run by extremely white establishment.

This wasn’t basketball, football or baseball. This was something much different with a much different attitude.

Then along came Tiger who took ownership of the PGA tour. Nobody would admit it, but in the beginning it made a lot people of uncomfortable because it represented a dramatic change in the profile of the sport.

But not only has it survived under Tiger’s reign, it’s also thrived. The sport of golf has never been bigger or more popular and Tiger Woods is the reason. A black kid from California has made a lot of money for a lot people and needless to say he’s been widely accepted by everyone involved with the sport.

And I really believe Barrack Obama has been a benefactor of this.

Tiger proved to a twisted and generally intolerant American society that the sky won’t fall and the world won’t end if a black man takes control of a white institution.

I realize its only golf, and it’s hard to compare it to the highest office in the world but I truly believe they’re connected.

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I Beg To Differ

February 13, 2008 @ 08:00

I appreciate all the input I get for and I’m reluctant to criticize any of my contributors, especially one with the loyalty of a guy named “Argie”.

But I have to question something he wrote yesterday about Barack Obama in the Rush Limbaugh posting.

Argie wrote this:

"How about a story that is worth discussing? How about the fact America appears to on their way to electing a guy with virtually no political experience, a suspect background and apparently no stance on any of the issues?"

I’ve heard this argument before but it falls on deaf ears, it just doesn’t make any sense to me and it’s all because of one man. This man.

If the United States of America could hold an election in 2000 and sit back and watch the loser of that election take office, and then re-elect the same man after he’s literally driven the country into the shitter, and survive that, then the United States of America can withstand anything.

Nothing anyone can claim or makeup against Barack Obama can come close to what has been inflicted upon the American people over the past eight years, and if Obama represents anything he represents refreshing change and new direction.

If George W. Bush represents experience then maybe it’s a good thing that Obama doesn’t have any.

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Say Something Stephen

January 30, 2008 @ 09:20

I realize we can't expect our politicians to be all things to all people and solve every problem that our society encounters, but if there's anything we should expect it's to have our Prime Minister step forward when our citizens are dying abroad.

It's reached the point now where Canadian deaths in Mexico should be addressed by Stephen Harper.

It might be different if there were clear cut reasons and explanations why Canadian tourists continue to die in this backward country, but there isn't.

I realize politicians have to be diplomatic and not step on the toes of authorities in other lands, but this is out of hand.

Too many Canadians have died around suspicious circumstances and its time for the leader of our country to step forward and speak on our behalf. He should demand answers.

But so far we've heard nothing from the PM and even our foreign affairs department has been next to useless through the last four deaths which have happened within the last two years.

Personally I'm not thrilled that diplomacy with Mexico ranks above the well being of Canadian citizens traveling to a corrupt country.

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