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Bend Over Canada

September 12, 2008 @ 07:07

The price of oil dropped to one hundred dollars a barrel yesterday, but when you drive to work this morning you'll notice the price of gas in Ontario jumped by close to thirteen cents a litre or fifty cents a gallon.

How's that for the Canadian oil companies ramming it where the sun don't shine.

The excuse this time is so feeble, so ridiculous and so pathetic that it leaves you shaking your head to the point of bruising your brain. They blame the hurricanes that are sweeping through the southern United States.

How bizarre.

When the world price of oil goes up, the price at the pumps goes up immediately, but when the world price goes down, it takes a little longer to make it to the pumps.

But in this case, with such a dramatic drop in the world price over the past several days, you'd think the hurricane excuse would at least make us break even at the cash register.

And to make matters worse, where the oil refineries are located, where the storms are having the most effect physically, in the United States, prices will not rise nearly as much as they have in Canada.

The oil company collusion in this country is perverted and corrupt and something has to be done about it, and it should become an election issue.

In some ways, it couldn't have come at a better time because it will (or should) put pressure on all the parties to come up with a solution. Of the course the easy thing to do would be to blame the Conservatives, but this bullshit has been going on in this country for way longer than the Conservatives have been in power, and before then, the Liberals did very little to combat the oil companies.

Needless to say, there's not much we can do about it today or tomorrow, but maybe over the long haul we can fight back in other ways. By refusing to use gas station convenience stores, car washes or coffee shops.

Phone the oil company you use the most and voice your displeasure and refuse to buy or support anything they sponsor. But most of all, phone your MP and scream into the phone, and if its a Liberal or NDP MP don't let them pass the buck and blame it on the Conservatives.

Tell your MP that you want "them" to do something about it. Voice their opinion in Parliament on your behalf or contact the oil companies directly. It's all we can do.

The behaviour oil companies in this country is ruthless and heartless. They know that gas is a necessity and that Canadian families are being severely affected by it, but they don't care.

Meanwhile there are a bunch of fat ass pricks at the top making more money than they'll ever be able to spend in a lifetime.

They aren't buggers, they're bastards.

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September 9, 2008 @ 07:01

I know of lot of you will come here to get my impression of the upcoming federal election, but so far I haven't been able to generate enough energy to convey how I really feel.

Let me put it this way. How anybody in this country could put an "X" beside the name of a Liberal is beyond me.

They've done nothing to prove they've changed and they offer very little compared to the Conservatives who've done a commendable job of governing this country through the past two and a half years.

Elections are won and lost in Ontario, and there's nothing to indicate that this no-mind province has shaken its blind Liberal love. It means the best we can hope for is another Conservative minority, but at the end of the day, what will that prove?

Hopefully the people of Quebec will have enough brains to shun the Bloc and throw their support behind the Conservatives.

It's the only way to counter-balance the idiocy of Ontario.

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No Excuse

August 22, 2008 @ 07:52

Mayor Miller's excuse for not attending the funeral of firefighter Bob Leek doesn't wash with me.

Miller claims he flew back to Vancouver for his daughter's birthday, and he put it this way.

"I think everybody understands that as a father you have to be with your daughter when she's turning 13."

I don't.

If your daughter's birthday falls on a Tuesday, you can celebrate it on a Wednesday or a Thursday. The kid doesn't care as long as the gifts are there.

I know at 13 my daughter would have understood me not being able to be at her birthday if the reason was valid. Thirteen year olds can reason pretty well these days.

And what's the big deal about turning thirteen. Unless, as Sue-Ann Levy wrote in the Toronto Sun yesterday- "the mayor converted to Judaism when no one was looking? If turning 13 is such a big deal to him, did his daughter have a Bat Mitzvah?"

Regardless of what Miller says, or what the cult of left wing loonies that follow him around say, he should have been at the funeral of firefighter Bob Leek.

Leek died on the job and that should have taken priority for the Miller. Yea, the timing was bad for the Mayor and it screwed up his plans, but it comes with the territory and its one of those sacrifices you make when you take on the job of running the largest city in Canada.

It was unbelievably selfish, and for Miller to use the excuse that he talked with Leek's wife before going back to Vancouver, and she said it was cool for him not to be there, is ridiculous. What else is she going to say in that situation?

It should have never to come to that. It should have been a no brainer. He should have been at the funeral and then got back on a plane and celebrated his daughter's birthday. When you think about it, how much of a disruption would that have been, six or eight hours?

It's pathetic. Just another pathetic example set by a man who's systematically ruining a great city.

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Choke On This

August 15, 2008 @ 10:02

Yea, choke on this all you mindless fools who returned David Miller to office in 2006.

The man you elected to ultimately destroy your city, won't be attending the funeral of firefighter Bob Leek today. Instead, the Mayor will continue a holiday with his family up the British Columbia coast.

Personally, I really can't believe it, and its got nothing to do with my preposition that he's the biggest screw-up in the history of Toronto politics.

It's got everything to do with what's right, and the Mayor of Canada's largest city should be at the funeral of a Toronto firefighter who died while serving the people of the city.

It's a no-brainer with absolutely no valid explanation or excuse.

The problem with Miller is, you never know where he's coming from. He doesn't like people who disagree with his bizarre method of governing, and he doesn't like a lot of things that don't fit into his twisted view of the world. Like cars.

So who knows why he won't be there today. It's such a formality that the mayor should be front and centre at today's funeral, there must be another reason why he won't be there, and if there is, it's probably some petty dispute he's had with someone within the firefighting ranks.

Today there will be firefighters from all over North America attending the funeral of civic hero Bob Leek, but the freakin' mayor of the city in which he died won't be there.

I sit here and write the words, but I honestly can't believe it's true. While Bob Leek is being honoured for his heroism, David Miller will flitting up the coast of British Columbia, probably with a clear conscience.

What could possibly be that important that the Mayor can't hop on a plane again and pay his respects to a civic employee who paid the ultimate price.

Apparently having to return from B.C. last weekend to show his phony face at the blast scene was a large enough pain in the ass for the Mayor and he couldn't wait to skip town again once he had pointed fingers and laid blame at the feet of everyone else.

Instead of sticking around like any reputable Mayor would, instead of being on-sight daily to show concern and offer help, he's not only ignored the situation, he's buggered off to the other end of the country.

And here's the real kicker, not even the Deputy Mayor will attend today's funeral. Joe Pantalone is having a grand old time in Italy, and had no intention of interrupting his holiday for the funeral.

Of course that begs the question, what's the use of having a Deputy Mayor?

When Bob Leek died for the people of Toronto, he was on vacation but priority drew him to the scene of the disaster.

David Miller apparently has different priorities.

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Where's The Mayor

August 14, 2008 @ 09:15

If we needed any more proof of the useless waste of time that David Miller is, the aftermath of the propane explosion in Downsview says it all.

Talk about a lack of leadership.

It's bad enough that the city is crumbling around him while he leads a dysfunctional council that has a twisted sense of priority, but his lack of leadership through Sunday's disaster is downright shocking.

Where has he been, and what is he doing?

It's at times like this that a mayor has to step forward and lead the way, even if a good measure of it is window dressing.

The people of the affected are have to feel like the man who leads their city actually cares about their plight and is working overtime to make sure they're looked after.

Much like Rudy Giuliani did during 9/11.

This should be a piece of cake for Miller. He should be in that neighbourhood every day, talking to the people and reassuring them the city will do all it can to get their lives back to normal. It's a chance to shine.

But so far, he's done nothing.

He's blurted a few words about "not laying blame", but that was more designed to cover his own ass as it was to be fair and rational through a difficult time.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. David Miller is not only bad for Toronto, he's downright dangerous.

His politics, attitude and personality are the last thing Toronto needs at this point in its history.

He's got to be stopped and the people of Toronto should investigate any and all legal ways to have him removed before his mandate ends in three excruciatingly long years.

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Trouble For Toronto

July 10, 2008 @ 09:34

When you get right down to it, I guess the citizens of Toronto should be glad that David Miller has announced he’ll run again for mayor in 2010.

It gives them lots of time to figure out a way to prevent another victory.

When asked on Tuesday whether he’d defend his crown in the next municipal election, Miller offered nothing more than a “yes” but it was enough to sound off the alarms and let every know that Toronto needs to be saved from this guy beyond the current term.

The city is dirty, mismanaged and carries a staggering three billion dollar debt.

Since Miller has become mayor you can’t point to one progressive or beneficial thing he’s done He’s blind socialist who’s leading Canada’s greatest city into the abyss and somebody’s got to stop him.

Toronto needs a realist. A straight shooter who will run the city the way it needs to be run.

Like a business.

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The Star Delivers

July 10, 2008 @ 09:33

The Toronto Star sure didn't disappoint with its handling of Stephen Harper's performance at the G8 Summit in Tokyo.

They bashed him at every turn and made sure they got lots of pictures of him with George Bush. It's what the Star likes to do.

Forget that our Prime Minister stood on the world stage and wouldn't back down or buckle under to pressure from those who'd like to suck Canada into a bad environmental deal, the Star's mandate is to pulverize Conservatives and it doesn't seem to care about the consequences.

Stephen Harper showed strong leadership in Tokyo and acted in the best interests of the country that he was elected to run, and for that we should be thankful.

The Toronto Star meanwhile went out of its way in a half-baked attempt to make the man look foolish. And for that it should be ashamed.

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The Rational Man

July 9, 2008 @ 10:15

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we should be proud of our Prime Minister’s stand on climate change.

Whenever you elect a leader, you expect that person to put country first and act in the best interests of the long term. That’s what Stephen Harper has done, and that’s what he’s doing at the G8 summit.

To get sucked into some bogus plan that doesn’t include the large developing nations would be disastrous for Canada, and the Prime Minister won’t stand for it.

I really can’t see how anyone could look at it any other way. As the Prime Minister says,

"The argument that we should do more is an interesting argument, but it can't be made by those who aren't doing anything, so I think the pressure will be on them to do something. Over the coming years, developing countries will account for the majority of the world's emissions; as a result, their participation in any climate deal is indispensable.”

That says it all.

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You're Wrong Mr. Prime Minister

July 3, 2008 @ 10:50

I disagree with the Prime Minister on this one.

He doesn’t think Dr. Henry Morgentaler should have been awarded the Order of Canada because abortion is such a divisive issue and he’d prefer the Order of Canada to bring Canadians together, not pull them apart.

To that I say nuts.

Just because Morgentaler tackled an issue that was downright explosive at times, doesn’t mean he should be any less worthy than someone who fought for a woman’s right to vote.

Morgentaler was a pioneer who showed immeasurable guts, commitment and determination through his fight to earn women the right to make decisions over their own bodies.

You can’t draw a line down the middle and say one accomplishment is more worthy than another just because one is a hot potato.

That would cheapen the whole process.

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Don't Apologize For Me

June 12, 2008 @ 09:16

While trying not to sound too cruel or hard, I’ve got to say, it bugs the shit out of me that the Prime Minister offered another apology yesterday.

This time its for something that happened almost eighty years ago. The National Residential School Survivors' Society saw native children taken from their homes and forcibly assimilated with the general population.

Like the Chinese head tax, wrong, but so easy to say so many years later.

At the time, decisions were made with the best intentions, so I wonder, does anyone of this generation have the right to apologize for those who made those decisions.

Maybe those responsible would be against apologies. They could argue that at the time and under the circumstances and not having a crystal ball, it was the right thing to do, and having someone apologize for them almost a century later, when hindsight is 20/20, would be an insult.

Such apologies serve no purpose other than to re-open old wounds and from my perspective look cheap and patronizing.

It's better to forget and move on. If not, it leads to things like this.

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