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Canada's Comedy Show

May 29, 2011 @ 09:53

I'm sorry but I can't do anything else but laugh at Jack Layton and the NDP. Jack is like a rat backed into a corner and his followers have their heads stuck up their asses.

Yesterday morning Jack held his first farcical council meeting in Quebec and vowed to aggressively defend that province in the House of Commons.

What Jack and the rest of his cult don't seem to realize is that all those consolation votes he got in Canada's malcontent province may be the worst thing that ever happened to him.

Because he got 59 bogus seats in a bizarre protest vote, Jack is now obligated to try and please people who can't be pleased, and he's got to do it with a whack of inexperienced children who will probably spend most of their time texting friends or listening to tunes when the House is sitting.

For every move Jack makes in defense of Quebec he's going to piss off the rest of the country royally, and when the next election happens, he's going to be fried because all those Quebecers who parked their vote with his funny little pretend party will be long gone too.

If there's an upside to this, it could be the end of this party once and for all.

Part of me gets pissed off when I hear NDP supporters pretend what happened on May 2nd is actually legit, but a bigger part of me just chuckles.

Take away those 59 silly seats in Quebec, and the NDP is no further ahead as a National Party than they were before the election. But now they've actually got to work against National interests in order to support all those Quebecers who deep down could give two shits about Jack Layton or the NDP.

Get it through your heads people. When children are elected, and bar bartenders and strippers and other people who didn't campaign or even visit their ridings, its nothing more than a farce that holds absolutely no water in the real world.

NDP cultists argue that having these young MP's is a breath of fresh air and it will bring a new attitude to government. No it won't, because that's not why these peope ran in the election. They did it for a lark. For something to do. None of these people were aspiring politicians who wanted to make their mark. They filled out nomination cards and won by default because nobody else was interested in running.

It's far from refreshing, it stinks!

Layton says he will propose practical measures defending the language and culture of Quebecers. He will strengthen language laws.

That's all fine and dandy Jack, but when the next federal election rolls around, and the fine people of Quebec have jumped on another band wagon, what are you going to do about those other paltry 44 seats you have across the rest of the country?

What happens when you piss them off by pandering to Quebec?

This really is a comedy of the highest form. Jack pretends he actually accomplished something, his socialist followers pretend it actually means something, and the people of Quebec probably forget by now who they voted for.

The best line I heard all week was this. Jack shouldn't hold his meetings in offices, to make his Quebec caucus feel more comfortable, meetings should be held at a McDonald's... with a Playland.

Does everybody out there realize how fortunate it was for Stephen Harper to get a majority?

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Put Them To Work

May 27, 2011 @ 08:49

I guess it's safe to say the provincial election campaign officially got underway yesterday with Tim Hudak's announcement that if the Conservatives are elected, inmates will be put to work.

It was the first hot button issue that's been raised and it was fun to see how quickly the loonie left began to scream bloody murder. The Toronto Star led the way as usual, immediately comparing the sensible work program to Alabama chain gangs.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. It wouldn't bother me one bit to see a whack of inmates chained at the ankles cleaning up the filthy highways and off-ramps in this province.

Of course in 2011 you can't do that. You have to be humane and make sure you don't upset anybody, so a work program would have to be conducted in such a manner that the unfortunate poor souls who ended up in prison keep their dignity.

Even if they took the dignity of others during their crimes.

It's amazing how some whack jobs out there think. If it comes from the mouth of a Conservative, it's immediately wrong and cruel. Thank god the left seems to be depleting in this province, something that was proved by the recent federal election.

But really, what a great idea, get inmates off their asses and out into the community. They don't need to be chained together with today's technology. They could have GPS devices strapped to their ankles so they'd be easily apprehended if they run.

Imagine thousands of inmates out along the road sides making our environment cleaner, it would be extremely productive on both sides. The inmates would have a purpose and the province would benefit as a whole.

Of course the loonies are yapping about all kinds of things. Calling the idea regressive, and declaring that jobs should be to the unemployed and not to the incarcerated.

But there's a problem with that. First of all the province can't afford it, and the status quo ain't cleaning up the streets. Next time you take an off ramp in the GTA, have a look at the water bottles and Timmy cups that are lying in the grass. It's deplorable.

As it stands, the current paid work force can't keep up with it and the province isn't about to start hiring a bunch of people at 30 bucks and hour to change it, so the idea of using inmates is brilliant.

We can only hope that Tim Hudak sticks to his guns and goes through with this should he be elected.

We can only hope we don't have a repeat of "workfare", another great idea that was sunk by the bleeding heart left.

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Funny Little Pretend Party

May 4, 2011 @ 07:52

Out of the box let me say this, what I'm about to say can't be construed as sour grapes because the election is over and my guy won.

But if I hear one more person claim this was a breakthrough election for the NDP I think I'll scream.

Yea, on the surface it was, but once you look inside it's nothing short of a mega-farce, and explains why I call the NDP the funny little pretend party.

I don't know what was more pathetic yesterday, looking at some of the people who ended up winning seats in Quebec, or listening to Jack Layton attempt to justify it with a straight face.

Yea, and he was getting a therapeutic neck massage that night at the Velvet Touch. I'll believe that when I find the neck on my own pecker.

No doubt about it, democracy is a wonderful thing when anyone can rise from anywhere to become anything, but usually attached to that is hard work, paying your dues and earning respect. None of this applies to what happened in Quebec.

The NDP literally threw kids at ridings in Quebec to simply fill out the ballot and have representation. Most of them didn't have to be nominated in their ridings and few of them, in their wildest dreams, thought they'd be elected.

On Monday they were caught up in a wave of anti-Bloc dissent, a lucrative wave I might add, and now we're all supposed to think that Jack Layton is some kind of a miracle worker who struck a chord with the people of Quebec.

It wasn't Layton who struck a chord, it was Gilles Duceppe, and Layton was simply the benefactor of Bloc rejection. Take away the 58 seats in Quebec and the NDP is still the funny little pretend party.

The next four years should be fascinating. Layton now has to go to Ottawa and fight for the wants and desires of Quebecers, because a lot more than half of his seats are the consolation prizes he got on Monday night.

Wait till he gets a good dose of that good old sense of Quebecois entitlement. He'll be run so ragged by those who can never be satisfied that he'll piss off the paltry 44 seats he has in the rest of the country.

The way this is being played out is just further anti-Harper sentiment. Very few really want to look inside this bizarre story and call it for what it is.

An embarrassment.

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So Sad It's Funny

May 3, 2011 @ 12:48

CanadianThinker can't wait till some of these jokers actually have to start answering some big people questions. Thank goodness they're harmless.

"A massive team of new NDP MPs are coming to Ottawa from all over the province of Quebec, including many who simply allowed their name to stand on the ballot with no expectations of victory."

NDP candidates didn't expect to win.

Ellen Brosseau campaigns in Vegas

The NDP sweep in Quebec also saw three current McGill University students and a recent graduate elected as Members of Parliament in the federal election.

Two of them are co-presidents of the NDP McGill: Charmaine Borg, who won the southern Quebec riding of Terrebonne-Blainville with 49 per cent of the vote and reportedly does not own a cell phone, and Matthew Dubé, who won Chambly-Borduas.

But the McGill students weren't the youngest in the bunch of newly elected.

That title goes to NDP candidate Pierre-Luc Dusseault, 19-year-old Universite de Sherbrooke student, who will forego a summer job at a golf course to represent the Quebec riding of Sherbrooke in Ottawa. He breaks a nearly four-decade old record held by a Liberal MP, Claude-Andre Lachance, who was elected at the age of 20.

As with all the newcomers headed to Parliament Hill, Dusseault will earn a basic MP's salary of $157,731. Not bad for a novice.

Now tell me that majority wasn't heaven sent.

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Rational Country Elects Rational Man

May 3, 2011 @ 08:35

First of all, let's keep this in perspective. When you really think about it, what did the NDP really accomplish last night?

Of their 102 seats, 58 were captured in Quebec. Stolen from a bunch of pissed off separatists' who did nothing but park their votes as a protest. If anybody thinks there will be any long term love affair with the NDP, they're sadly mistaken.

Take away the 58 seats in Quebec and you're left with 44, granted, better than the NDP's showing in 2008, but not a whole hell of a lot to scream about when you really think about it.

Don't get me wrong I'm that the Bloc got their asses kicked, and having those seats in the hands of the NDP is way better than the old way, but come on people, owning Quebec doesn't make for an "NDP wave sweeping across the country" like the Toronto Star would have you believe.

Yes, the NDP made some gains elsewhere, but they pale compared to what the Conservatives accomplished last night. Like Ontario, where the people finally woke up. Unlike Quebec, Ontarians didn't park their vote, they used it.

Now let me get to the inevitable. I've heard it already.

Harper only got a majority because of vote splitting.
- No doubt it played a big part, but welcome to a system that features more than two parties. I didn't hear any complaints from the left in the 90's when the Alliance was splitting votes with the Conservatives.

Sixty percent of the country didn't vote for Harper.
- Again, what do you expect when you have no less than five parties involved? The popular vote gets splintered. 70% didn't vote for Jack. 80% didn't vote for Iggy.

Harper's attack ads worked.
- I'm amazed that the morning after the election nobody noticed the Liberal and NDP attack ads. They were just as bad. Jack's were probably the worst.

Canada is now in the hands of a dictator
- I love this one. But if it turns out to be true, which it won't, vote the guy out in five years. You can do that in Canada.

Now for some CanadianThinker observations.

Thank goodness Harper got a majority because there are a lot of NDPers who woke up this morning as MP's but totally unprepared to govern. A lot of them ran for the fun and didn't even campaign because they never thought they could win. One candidate went on holidays during the campaign. Can you imagine if Layton had been in a position to create a collation with these Yahoos?

Don't count the Liberals out. In 1993, the Conservatives were reduced to two seats, and look at them now. There are trends and swings and eras. It won't take Canadians long to wise up to the fact that the NDP isn't a realistic alternative.

Having said that, if the NDP and Liberals merge, this country will never see another Conservative government at least as long as I live. I know that will make a lot of people happy and good on ya, I guess.

It would be nice if the hysterical left gave Stephen Harper a chance. As I pointed out on this blog many times over the past four years, running a minority government is not easy and you often have to play a game that you don't necessarily want to play. Now we get to see the real Stephen Harper and a real Conservative government. Again, if you don't like it, vote it out in five years. I will. We can do that in Canada.

Bottom line. For all you frightened people, who hate Stephen Harper, think about this. The people you actually wanted to win called this election, in their ultimate wisdom got together and decided that Canada wanted change and now was the time to bring down the government. And look what happened. Talk about bad planning, bad forecasting and literally fuckin' things up.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad such wizardry isn't running the country this morning.

Another reason I'm glad it's a Conservative majority - when Layton congratulated Harper, the room was filled with boos, I assume from the usual suspects who despite their ecstacy know they won't be getting their hand outs. When Harper congratulated Jack, the room was filled with cheering. It said a lot about the people involved.

Hey everybody, what happened last night is good for Canada in 2011. It's whole new economic world out there that simply can no longer provide the safety nets and government support that a lot of you expect. It just doesn't add up.

Canada grew up a little last night.

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Vote, But Vote Smart

May 1, 2011 @ 11:19

Yes, it's true. If you don't vote you lose the right to complain. But it's as complex as it is simple.

This election, more than any other in the history of Canada will be a social media election and while that's exciting, it's also frightening.

We all know who's more inclined to use social media and it's probably for this reason the NDP has received it's popularity surge over the past week.

It's great that more young people might actually come out and vote, but like any other age group; we can only hope they're informed.

As said it many times before on this blog, NDP at 20, Liberal at 30 and Conservative at 40.

To those who use social media the most, the idealistic NDP message of free stuff for everybody resonates well. Why wouldn't it?

Better health care, make the rich pay, cheap education, make the rich pay. eliminate poverty, make the rich pay, reduce funding to the military, make the rich pay, increased wages, make the rich pay, and comfortable pensions, make the rich pay - all sound pretty good to someone who hasn't live a lot.

Most people in this age group have never balanced a budget or haven't lived long enough to fully appreciate the consequences of spending way more than you bring in.

Attacking the banks and big business may sound cool, but at the end of the day, is it really the best way to go in a free market system?

And forget big business. A good friend of mine who owns a small business told me yesterday, he looks at the NDP platform and he has no idea where he's going to come up with the money to satisfy his employees under this Jack Layton fantasy. It would put him under.

To a businessman who's been through ropes, what Jack says is just plain silly.

I also spoke with an NDP candidate in Peterborough on Friday, and when I asked him what happens if big business threatens to leave Canada, he said "we'll nationalize it."

I'd love to sit here today and say this NDP threat will pass and cooler heads with prevail and come tomorrow night the country will still be safe, but just like we're dealing with a new world economy and new global economic realities that make us all more vulnerable, we're also dealing with a new communication system that could result in the largest voter turn out ever.

And it could sink us.

Jack Layton's hidden agenda

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Toronto Sun Endorses Conservatives

May 1, 2011 @ 09:38

Sun backs Stephen Harper

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Jack On Jack Off

April 30, 2011 @ 09:04

First of all, I could give two shits whether Jack Layton was found in a rub and tug 15 years ago. If the poor bastard needed a yank that bad, I don't feel distain for him, I feel pity.

I will say this however; it flies in the face of all bleeding heart bullshit he spewed during his days as a city councilor. On one hand (job) he was defending the type of person who may or may not have cuffed his carrot as poor, unfortunate and abused - yet on the other hand (job) he may have taken advantage of their questionable expertise for his own pleasure.

Not only that, but he was a thorn in the side of the police back in those days, criticizing every move they made, so I guess there's a bit of irony to this story that it comes back to haunt him this way it has so many years later.

A retired cop went back to some old police reports.

But really, I don't care if Jack got jerked or not, although I find humour in his statement last night about a smear campaign. His TV commercials have been just as vicious as the other parties and I'm sure if it had been Harps or Iggy suspected of having their chicken choked, Layton would have been all over it.

But again, I really don't care about that stuff. What I care about two days before the election is my country. Or as Jack might say, cuntry.

This NDP surge is ridiculous short sighted and reckless and I we can only hope it doesn't transform into actual seats on Monday night.

Anybody who is actually thinking about voting NDP better do some quick home work.

I know a lot of NDP support is a lost cause. Those who think they're entitled to other people's money, those who are jealous of the rich and those who think the government should be responsible for raising their kids and making sure they're guaranteed a hefty wage even if they don't deserve it.

I know there are far too many people in this country who really think that an NDP government will somehow make their life easier by strengthening unions, increasing their pay and pensions and protecting them for the evil man who actually signs their pay cheques.

But we can't worry about them.

What I'm concerned about are those, who in the past week, have somehow become fans of Jack and his whacked-out promises and are considering voting for the guy. They obviously haven't looked at the history of the man, his party and their policies.

Maybe they think Jack will allow tugs to fall under OHIP.

I'm not about to list NDP fantasy now, because that's part of the problem. Lists and headlines are too often the extent of resources used by voters to make decisions. Voting is a big responsibility so you should take the time to dig in and make informed decisions.

Running a country is big business that comes with a lot of tough choices and sacrifice.

It's not some little game that allows you follow whims with no consequences, and believe me, if Jack finishes second to a Harper minority on Monday night, there will be consequences.

This country will be thrown into turmoil like we've never seen before and I'm not exaggerating. If Jack somehow gains control through a coalition Canada is in big trouble and it could take decades to recover.

The NDP is not prepared to govern. Their promises don't add up and they don't make sense. In a new world economy, whether we like it or not, we all have to work harder and take more responsibility for our own welfare. It's a tough pill to swallow, but that's the way it is.

How tragic that just when Canada is considered to have the most rock solid economy in the free-world, a strong banking system and a 21st century attitude, we're about to throw the car keys to a ten year old.

Think about it Canada.

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National Post Endorses Conservatives

April 30, 2011 @ 09:03

Conservatives a clear choice in uncertain times

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Toronto Star Endorses NDP

April 30, 2011 @ 09:02

Toronto Star endorses NDP

While they're at it, they might as well endorse drunk driving as well.

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