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And The Loser Is

October 3, 2008 @ 08:16

I'm surprised violence didn't break out during the Canadian election debate last night. While watching, I kept expecting someone to reach across the table and smack Jack Layton upside the head.

Even Elizabeth May, who could probably kick the shit out of all the guys.

Layton was at his "I can't be elected so I'll say all kinds of ridiculous and outrageous things" best.

When you're as much of a flake as Layton is, and you lead Canada's third and not rising political party, you can sit there and say whatever you want and poke holes in everything everybody else has to say.

You can sit there with a smirk on your face and talk about the Prime Minister's love affair with big oil and George Bush and you can tell all kinds of tales about how wonderful the world would be if there were ever enough goombahs to elect you.

To be honest, I have no idea how Stephen Harper would let himself be talked into a debate with this format. As the incumbent, you really can't win. You're under attack constantly but there's really no substance to the attacks and if you don't have a very strong moderator you're cooked.

Harper didn't look very good to me last night, but it could have been a lot worse if the other people around the table had anything to offer. He still came off as the most competent and most rational.

A lot more could have been accomplished if the debate had been more traditional.

Lucky for Harper, Layton is so aggravating; most Canadians probably came away from the debate not thinking about the winner, but rather thinking about the big loser - who was sitting between little Stephane Dion and that wretched, treasonous bastard Gilles Duceppe.

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Politics For Morons

October 1, 2008 @ 20:28

There's a radio commercial currently running that features an obviously older woman talking about her financial portfolio. She talks about a 20 percent drop and then proceeds to blame the Stephen Harper Conservatives.

It's a Liberal ad of course, and it's so far off base, so wrong, so ridiculous, to believe it you either have to have your head up your butt or you're a first degree moron.

That's what the Liberals are hoping for of course. That the same followers who gave the Liberals a thirteen year run through the 90's and into the new millennium will fall back into line and swallow their unbelievable bullshit.

To pin the current world economic situation on Stephen Harper is laughable. To blame him for the Wall Street greed and near collapse of the American economy is such a stretch; to buy into it means you haven't taken one second of your precious time to face reality.

If anything, Stephen Harper should be commended for keeping Canada in good shape while the pinheads south of the border flirt with economic disaster.

No doubt what happens down there will eventually affect us, but it has nothing to do with Stephen Harper and for the Liberals to attempt to make that connection shows how desperate they are and how screwed they are to have such a limp dick leader.

I understand that politics can get dirty, and the accusations can fly quite freely, but in this case it's downright deceitful. But then again, that's the Liberal way. They lied and connived and literally stole from the Canadian public for thirteen years. They assume, by producing fantasy ads, the same group of simpletons will come back.

Are you one of them?

One more point. I love the way the Liberals always like to publish pictures of Stephen Harper and George Bush shaking hands or smiling at each other.

Now tell me, if Stephen Dion ever gathered enough morons to elect him Prime Minister would he refuse to shake hands with the sitting American President.? Would he refuse to smile?

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Seperating The Issues

October 1, 2008 @ 07:20

I've got to admit I'm somewhat disappointed with the reaction on this website over the past few days.

I guess when you get right down to it, there's a problem with my writing. It's not clear enough.

Not once during my handling of the Heather Mallick controversey did I endorse or support Sarah Palin the politician. What I did was support Palin the person, who suffered a ridiculous attack through the website of Canada's public broadcaster.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I could care less about Sarah Palin or the Republicans and to be perfectly honest, I actually want the Democrats to win.

I know that may come as a surprise, but I've said this before as well, a Canadian Conservative probably has more in common with an American Democrat than they do a Republican.

But even that is getting off base because politics played no part in what I wrote about Heather Mallick. It was simply a case of right and wrong. It could have been any politician of any political stripe.

What Mallick wrote about Palin was wrong and defending her from that aspect was right.

It went over the line and went to far and there was no better proof of that than the release of yesterday's report by the CBC Ombudsman.

Still, for some frequenters of FreddieP. that wasn't enough. They preferred to overlook the the report and continue to defend Mallick strictly for political reasons.

I'm not stupid, I've done this blog enough to sniff out the weasels. I know the crew who can't stand anything Conservative, those who will find any excuse to jump on the right, even if it means having someone and their family attacked personally.

It's pathetic actually, and to pretend Mallick's piece was written as satire is moronic.

I sound like a broken record but I'll say this again as well. When it comes to the issues, everyone is fair game and can be attacked accordingly.

Take this video for example. (Thanks Bill L.) Sarah Palin sounds like an idiot and proves quite conclusively that she probably isn't up to the job as Vice-President of the United States.

But it has nothing to do with her daughter, her husband or her apparent resemblance to a porn star.

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I'd Love To Love The Corp

September 30, 2008 @ 07:11

Let's get something straight, I don't have a hate on for the CBC. I have a problem with the way it's run.

Ideally I think there's a place for the CBC in Canada and I'd love to see it function in a proper, balanced and fiscally responsible way.

But that's the problem. It's a bulky, expensive mess that's been infiltrated by a legion of whack jobs who've literally stolen it from the Canadian public.

"Public" is the key word. It's the public broadcaster which means it should be "fair and balanced" - to steal a slogan from a private American cable network, which as well, is anything but fair and balanced.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is partly supported by the tax dollars of Conservative Canadians, but they have absolutely no voice on the network and that just isn't fair. The CBC has been literally taken over by an element fixated on rejecting anything "right".

Their programming is so slanted to the left it's downright perverted and it's gotten to the point where something has to be done to literally wrestle it away from the current regime that allows Canada's network to speak for only part of the country.

I also have a problem with the excessive spending habits at the Corp, and having worked in private broadcasting for most of my life I realize where it takes seven people to produce a radio show at the CBC, a quality product could easily be achieved with half that many or less.

After all, in many cases quality radio is produced by private radio with only one or two people producing the show.

Times and situations change, but for some reason the CBC hasn't caught on. You have to do more with less in today's society, and although it's tough to swallow sometimes, and it's not always the best route, often it's just plain stinking reality.

The reality that should be facing the CBC right now is downsizing and fiscal responsibility, not to mention a balanced approach to political reporting. But nobody has the nuts to tackle it.

That's why it was so encouraging to hear the Prime Minister address excessive arts spending last week. Maybe, just maybe he'll have the nuggets to do what has to be done if he gets a majority.

Some of you keep making the point that I would "take a job at the CBC in a minute."

That's half true. Way down the road I would definitely consider a job at the CBC and I would be proud to play a part in the development of a "new" CBC. I'd consider it an act of patriotism.

But it would take more than a minute to consider, because as it stands, I would find the place nothing but bloody frustrating.

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This Says It All

September 29, 2008 @ 17:05

I thought it extremely odd that so many people who participated at defended Heather Mallick last week.

Yesterday's report issued by the CBC Ombudsman (please read) puts everything into the proper perspective. The Mallick article was vicious, over the line and definately did not belong on the CBC website.

I hope those who were so ready to defend our often perverted public broadcaster read this and then give their heads a shake.

Mallick was wrong, the CBC was wrong and looking ahead, maybe the Corp. can do something about its one sided, almost childish position on Canadian politics.

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Harper Connects

September 24, 2008 @ 08:11

Stephen Harper continues to wipe the floor with his opposition in the current election campaign, and yesterday he forged ahead even further in my mind by having the balls to say what so many others think.

Ordinary folks don't care about arts funding.

Harper should be commended for having the guts to say it, because as a politician its one of those places you don't usually go. You avoid it because every whiny freeloader will come out of the woodwork and you leave yourself open to the scrutiny of other spineless politicians who don't mind dumping millions into pointless arts programs.

The Prime Minister will be criticized for this of course. He'll be taken out of context and be accused of attacking the arts in the general. But that's not the case, Stephen Harper like myself, has nothing against the arts, it's the attitude of some so-called artists that he has problem with.

For much too long money has been thrown at things in this country with no accountability, no purpose and no reason and it's got to stop.

Harper hits the nail on the head when he talks about ordinary folks. While ordinary folks try to come up with creative ways to pay the mortgage, the food bill and their next tank of gas, they have little or no interest in having their tax dollars handed over to somebody who wants to throw paint at a wall and call it art.

Ordinary Canadians don't have anything against the arts, but they have a big problem with waste and so does the Prime Minister.

And cut the PM some slack. He's not ending arts funding all together, (which wouldn't be a bad idea) he's cutting back after actually increasing the Canadian Heritage fund by eight percent.

What he did was review the books and make some tough choices on where he could save a few bucks for the taxpayer. Unfortunately, for those who think they have a god given right to our tax dollars so they can pursue a hobby, the party may be coming to an end.

Meanwhile, the totally irrelevant Jack Layton came out barking yesterday, using the Conservative hidden agenda argument, claiming the Prime Minister will probably sell off the CBC if wins a majority.

We can only hope.

*when you click on the link, notice the headline in the Toronto Star. They leave out the word funding. Conveniently.

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How Some People Think

September 23, 2008 @ 07:03

Yes, it's amazing how some people think.

Yesterday when I wrote the posting "Pig" I wrote it with a certain purpose that I'm convinced that I accomplished.

I believe in freedom of speech and I believe politicians are fair game for just about anything. I also believe that Sarah Palin is surrounded by a lot of questions marks and might prove to be a disaster if the Republicans are elected.

What I don't believe in is taking personal shots that go beyond the issues at hand, and I especially reject taking shots at a politicians family, people who are on the peripheral. People who are on the peripheral and didn't choose to become targets in any form.

It's interesting that so many people who responded yesterday missed the point. So ready to jump on anything Conservative they immediately aligned themselves with Heather Mallick and defended the bullshit she wrote.

They descried the piece as clever and funny and intelligent when in reality, it was none of that.

It was left wing vitriol that attacked a woman for her looks and insulted her family for their apparent lifestyle. It had nothing to do with politics and had everything to do with a woman (Mallick) who is a frustrated feminist who is uncomfortable with Palin's combination of success and attractiveness - and, of course - her political stripe.

Jump all over Sarah Palin for all the things she deserves to be criticized for. Her position on issues and her track record as a mayor and governor. Criticize her for policy and trustworthiness, but don't criticize her for the thickness of her lips or the image of her husband and children. That's just petty, dirty and most of all, piggish.

I'm especially disappointed in those readers who defended Mallick's piece yesterday by describing it, or comparing it to a Saturday Night Live piece.

What a joke.

Mallick's purpose was not to be funny or cute or irreverent. It was to attack someone she hates for being nothing more than good looking and Conservative.

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September 21, 2008 @ 21:43

I wanted to write about Heather Mallick last week, but I honestly couldn't find the time. It wasn't until Sunday night, sitting in the tin palace, that I got to sit in front of my laptop and express the outrage I have towards this woman and the CBC.

I honestly do want my money back. I want someone to sit down with a calculator and figure out how much tax payer money goes to the CBC every year then divide it by how many tax payers there are, and then give me that much money back. I don't want one cent of my tax dollars going to support what's become a left wing loonie bin.

Even before Mallick's disgusting and vicious diatribe against Sarah Palin I didn't like my tax dollars supporting the wasteful CBC, but now I'm adamant. I don't want any attachment to what amounts to a national embarrassment.

The CBC is a big time waste of taxpayers money to begin with, and that's bad enough, but when it supports frustrated feminists like Heather Mallick, who write from a position of jealousy and hate rather than relevance and reason it becomes downright maddening.

The CBC is a left wing hell hole, we all know that, and we can take its constant clawing at anything Conservative as long as it plays within the rules and speaks with some rational. But Mallick's attack on Palin was immature and terribly unfair and we should expect more than that from out so called national broadcaster.

It became way too personal and petty and went into areas that expose Mallick as an unstable bitch who rather than get space on the CBC's website, should get space in a psychiatric hospital.

And this has nothing to do with support of Sarah Palin. I could care less about Palin and to some extent I agree that's she's not qualified, but nobody has the right to go where Mallick went in her personal attack on Palin and her family.

This story made big news in the United States and although I don't usually care what Americans think of Canadians, in this case I'm a tad embarrassed. There's no defense for it, and it makes Canada look ridiculous having such comments come from a public broadcaster during an American election campaign.

Last week on her FOX News show, Greta Van Susteren called Mallick a pig.

If that's the case, then the CBC is the sty.

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Forgot My Laptop

September 16, 2008 @ 16:32

Actually, I forgot my wife's laptop.

It's what I use at the tin palace to update, but when I left the brick palace yesterday morning I drove away without it.

That's good for Delyse, because now she gets to curl up in her cosy little bed and surf the net at night. When I have the laptop she misses those moments.

Anyway, that's the deal, but it's OK. Between the radio bits that I do over the next couple of days and the odd thing that I can post from the fabulous radio studios of Corus Entertainment, I should be able to make it through the week before my little darlin' arrives on Thursday night with my/her/our laptop.

Meanwhile, if there are any readers out there that would like to write a guest posting for the site, feel free to e-mail me with a picture that I can attach to it.

You got it, ya buggers.

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Vote For The Space Cadet

September 13, 2008 @ 17:07

I'm tempted to vote NDP in the upcoming election.

No, I didn't suffer a severe head injury that would make me say such things, it's something that often crosses my mind when I hear Jack Layton make ridiculous statements generally, and even more ridiculous comments during an election campaign.

Today he's promising to do something about gasoline prices in Canada if somebody ever gives the entire country a frontal lobotomy and elects him Prime Minister.

As wonderful as that sounds it's just plain silly. For an apparently seasoned politician to make such a statement is either a blatant lie or an extreme case of naivety, simply because, it can't be done.

We've been through enough with the gouging and ruthless oil companies in this country and its obvious there's not much any of us can do about it except stop using gas.

I won't get into formula of how oil prices are set in this country other than to say, it's not nearly as above board and honest as they say it is. It's not. It's greed plain and simple, but given our dependency on oil, and the way the supply is strictly controlled by a select few, the only way the government could ever combat the collusion would be to build its own refineries, and of course, that's never going to happen because they're way too expensive.

I don't like the fact that Stephen Harper or any other Prime Minister can't do shit about the price of gas in this country, but at the same time, I realize that's the way it is and it will always come back to the same thing.

If you don't want to get screwed by an oil company, stop using their product.

Impossible I know, but unless you think along those lines there's no use getting revved up about the price and what its doing to your standard of living.

Government can't do anything about it without screwing up several other things, so we can only hope somebody invents a practical electric car and gets it on the market before experiencing a mysterious death.

We're screwed when it comes to the price of gas in this country and for a politician to stand up and say he can do something about it is mindless.

Unless of course you represent the NDP and know you have no chance of ever winning the election and you can say any stupid thing you want.

And that my friends is why I might vote NDP. I'd love to see Jack have to deliver the goods on some of his whacky statements and promises.

It might be worth the four years of hell.

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