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Comments We Like - Kelly McParland

December 3, 2008 @ 17:30

Eleven critical questions.

And if you like the following article, then go outside and burn a Canadian flag.

If it's good for Parizeau, can it be good for Canada?

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Enemies Of Canada

December 3, 2008 @ 07:58

There's not a lot to say here. Just listen.
It's a clip of Gilles Duceppe speaking to the media in Ottawa yesterday.

After listening, if you still back the coaltion, then maybe you're no better than a seperatist.

Wake up Canada!

Hats off to Liberals John Manley and Frank McKenna who have decided to put Canada first and reject the coalition. They refuse to align themselves with seperatists.

And wasn't it hilarious to see Elizabeth May bound back onto the scene yesterday. The Green Party earned zero seats in October's election. Talk about the loonies taking over the asylum. Next thing you know David Suzuki will be named to cabinet.

Wake up Canada!

It should also be known that Toronto MP Gerard Kennedy "worked the phones" all weekend to help structure the coalition with seperatists. A fine Canadian.

Wake up Canada!

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December 3, 2008 @ 07:40

I received a lot of response to my postings yesterday and as usual there was no censoring.

There is a mechanism on my site that blocks certain comments until I can review them, but rarely do I choose not to post them.

This one came in yesterday and it's a fine example of how some people, in their pathetic attempt to defend the seperatist coalition, will stop at nothing.

The men who fought in the World Wars were fighting for freedom. To say that they were fighting for Canada is a bit naive. When you get right down to it, they were fighting for their lives. Fighting for the hope of seeing their loved ones again. To try and wrap the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag around these guys, when the Flag hadn't yet been introduced is laughable.

I highly doubt that my Great Uncle who fought in WWII gave a rat's ass about the future of Canada and Quebec's stance in the dominion.

Poor argument Fred.


Hey Kram, if your uncle is still alive, go ask him what he fought for, and if he's not, you should go to his grave today and apologize.

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Power And Treason

December 1, 2008 @ 22:07

It's rather simple, the coalition government that was formed Monday could not have happened without the support of the separatist Bloc Quebecois.

Therefore, anyone who supports this coalition in any form should no longer call themselves a Canadian.

Jack Layton and Stephane Dion could not have put together their plan to overthrow our government without calling a separatist into a room and offering him something.

If you agree with what happened on Monday afternoon, everything our fathers and grandfathers fought for means nothing to you. It can't. You agree that a separatist should have a say in our government, and don't kid yourself, he will.

Jack Layton and Stephane Dion may have dressed it up nicely but nothing could have gone forward without Gilles Duceppe getting his slimy treasonous hands on some degree of power.

Anyone in this country who agrees with any part of what happened in Canada on December 1st, 2008 should be ashamed of themselves; you gave up on your country today. You should no longer call yourself a Canadian.

Meanwhile, if this deal with the separatists goes forward, at the very least it should go to a vote. If the Liberals and NDP really feel that they're read to govern then we should go back to the polls regardless of the cost.

And to take it one step further, I totally agree with Ryan Doyle of CFRB who made a great point on his show Monday night. We should go back to the polls and Layton and Dion should run on a coalition ticket.

The NDP and Liberals should band together and run against the Conservatives straight up.

Of course they probably wouldn't want any part of it now because they've pissed off so many people across the country, Harper would probably get the majority he deserves.

Watching Monday's press conference was extremely amusing. Several times the three Back Room Boys were asked to put a precise price tag and a time table on their plans that will supposedly save the country, but they wouldn't. They wouldn't because they couldn't and they couldn't because none of them has any idea how to run a country.

Stephane Dion gave the Liberals their worst showing in 141 years, while the socialist Jack Layton has failed to move his fourth place party ahead by one stinkin' inch during his leadership.

Part of me would like to see Layton thrown into power so we could actually see what would happen. I'm sure it would be similar to the disastrous reign of Bob Rae's Ontario Socialists in the early 90's, probably even worse.

If anyone out there thinks for one minute that what happened to Canada on December 1st, 2008 had anything to do with the economy, or was done to help or save the country you are sadly mistaken.

This was a power grab initiated by Jack Layton who knows he could never be voted into a position of power in Canada, so he jumped into bed with a Liberal who was overwhelmingly rejected by Canadians just six weeks ago, and he jumped into bed with a separatist, a man whose sole purpose is to break up our country - and let it be known that Layton had initial coalition talks with the separatist the week following the election, long before he got to use the "state of the economy" excuse.

If this makes you happy then you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

And one last point. The Kooky Coalition, without details or timetables is floating the idea of an expensive stimulus package.

To do this before we get Barack Obama's economic plans and the American government's plans for the big three auto makers is absolutely, positively irresponsible.

But then again it's not about Canada. It's all about power..... and treason.

I urge all "Canadians" to get off your ass over the next few days and contact your member of parliament and voice your displeasure.

You can also contact the Governor General and at the very least demand another election.

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Comments We Like - David Frum

December 1, 2008 @ 22:06

Only the losers will survive Ottawa's game of competitive suicide

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November 30, 2008 @ 11:29

The socialist readership of will love this.

Right here and right now, I'm accusing the Harper government of a flip-flop. I'm accusing Stephen Harper of saying one thing and then doing another. It was a dramatic flip-flop, from one freakin' day to the next.

There, I said it.

And now I'll go on to explain why he flip-flopped on the "subsidies" issue. He did it to save his own ass, no doubt about it, but more importantly he did it to save us from a coalition government.

Say what you want about Stephen Harper, but give the guy enough brains to realize what would become of this country if Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and a goddamn separatist were given control.

I realize there's a whole whack of you out there who would love to see the end of Stephen Harper regardless of the means, but just step back for a second and think about what you want. Your pathetic anti-Conservative stance could see three of the biggest dipshits in Canadian political history take control of your lives.

For one second, stop dreaming up things to pin on Stephen Harper and think of how incompetent Stephane Dion was during the election. Think of how mindless and unreasonable Jack Layton is, and then take it one step farther, close your eyes and think about a Canada that has Gilles Duceppe calling some of the shots.

Once you consider all this, its no wonder that Stephen Harper flip-flopped. But instead of being criticized for it, he should receive a medal of goddamn honour.

And let's back up a bit. Harper found himself in this situation because he had the audacity to put forward a bill that would stop taxpayers from funding the aspirations of political parties to the tune of thirty million dollars a year. Going forward, he wants you and I to stop subsidizing the likes of the Bloc Quebecois.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

And before the likes of Mike from Lowville start hammering back, I'm well aware that back in 2004 Harper moved forward on a proposed coalition to unseat the Paul Martin's Liberal minority.

But the time, Harper would have led the coalition and the sitting Liberals were in total disarray. Compare that to now, is there any of the opposition leaders that you'd feel comfortable with in control of your country?

If the answer is yes, then you better get your head out of your ass.... and now that you've done that, appreciate that Stephen Harper has been low key on the economy.

That's exactly what we need right now. Even my CBC lovin', socialist swingin', tree huggin' friend Dan Duran agrees, what's fuelled a lot of this so-called economic crisis is negativity in the media that has filtered down to the masses.

The American election ended and the media needed a new story, so they took a bad situation and made it decidedly worse by dragging everyone into a deep depressing hole

Check out the Toronto Star which is literally rejoicing in the fact that a troubled world economy is coinciding with a Harper government.

There are people out there who are freaked out and they don't even know why. They've got money in their jeans but they don't want to spend it because they keep hearing of impending doom, doom that probably doesn't exist and will probably never happen.

Give Stephen Harper credit for taking a calm, level headed approach to what's before us. Give him credit for not jumping onto the freak-out train like the opposition parties and scaring the living shit out of everyone.

It's the last thing we need right now. That, and the return of Mats Sundin.

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The Family Day Myth

November 16, 2008 @ 09:53

There's no doubt that Ontario needed another statutory holiday, and it was a good move to place it in February during the dead of winter, where previously there was no holiday between Christmas and Easter, but where the McGuinty government really blew it was by calling it Family Day.

Family Day leaves the wrong impression.

It leaves the impression that Ontarians would actually use this day for family reasons. You're left with the image of mom and dad getting up and gathering the kids together for a day of family togetherness. Everything is pushed to side so that Mom, dad, Johnny and Suzie can go off and spend quality time that otherwise wouldn't happen.

Bullshit. You just know that in 99 percent of situations, Family Day is just another day off. Another day that mom and dad can stay in bed for another hour or so, and another eight to ten hours that most kids can spend in front of a computer or video game.

The concept of Family Day sounds nice, but all it's done is open a big can of worms.

As the city of Toronto moves towards contract talks with its employees, Family Day has become an issue. The city would like to withdraw it because it feels workers already get enough time off in a year. There are nine required statutory holidays, but in the current contract with its workers, the city grants eleven holidays, plus two float days.

Last February the city took a 2.3 million dollar hit to staff the holiday, so this time around they'd like to avoid it by giving employees the option of using a float day for Family Day.

Considering the average Joe doesn't get nearly as many days as a city worker currently gets it seems like a reasonable request.

But CUPE plans to fight this to the limit and of course part of the spin will be to use the Family Day angle. Make it look like the city is depriving its poor overworked employees of spending more time with their families. They'll use the word Family to argue their case hoping it makes the city back down.

An extremely amusing attachment to this is the position of firefighters. No doubt firefighters earn their dough and we can never forget that they run into a building while others are running out.

However, as it stands, firefighters only work seven days a month. Granted they're seven 24 hours shifts, but it means there are 24 other days in the month that they can spend with their families. Their insistence in maintaining this holiday seems a little weak.

I'm not arguing against this holiday. On the contrary, I think it was long over-due, and I don't blame CUPE for arguing the case, why wouldn't they, but it was intended for those people who are held to only the required yearly stats. In the world of public employees it's a whole different ball game and at some point, given the current economic situation, the city has to push back.

Remember, Family Day wasn't David Miller's idea.

City employees get eleven days where most others get nine, but they also get two floater days which I believe includes their birthday.

That's more than enough time to take Johnny and Susie to the zoo.

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Comments We Like

November 16, 2008 @ 08:49

After 5 years, Miller has failed to seal the big deals

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Let's Be Doing It - Again and Again

November 7, 2008 @ 18:44

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Comments We Like

November 7, 2008 @ 18:25

Toronto finds more new ways to make itself look ridiculous

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