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The Rational Man

January 27, 2009 @ 19:29

As for the budget, I don't know what to say.

The Conservatives were forced into by the whack job threat of a coalition, so they were forced to do some things probably didn't want to do.

But that's politics.

We should kiss the ground that Stephen Harper walks on because his compromise has probably saved us from a coalition that features separatists and socialists.

I fully expect Michael Ignatieff to support the budget because he it's really the only thing to do.

Ignatieff has probably spent lots of time considering the consequences of sharing power with Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe and being of sound mind and body has decided to side with the rational man.

Not only that, but I'm sure he likes the idea of letting the Conservatives govern during a deep recession.

He can blame it all on them.

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Comments We Like - Mike Stafford

January 21, 2009 @ 16:23

The speech.

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Under Pressure

January 20, 2009 @ 08:20

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the Fox News channel and they interviewed several black people in New Orleans and the question was simple.

What does an Obama Presidency mean to you?

The answers were frightening. For tens of thousands in New Orleans, where life still isn't back to normal for poor people after the floods, Obama offers hope, but it's a false hope.

There are those in New Orleans, and apparently millions across the rest of the USA who think this man is going to perform miracles.

Based on the run up to his election, and the unrealistic expectations placed upon him, there are people in the United States who feel their lives are going to change dramatically starting today.

Some of the responses in New Orleans were mind numbing. Some feel having Obama as President will mean jobs and homes and prosperity almost instantly.

The African American President will be expected to change the lives of African American citizens simply because he's African American.

Unfortunately, the poor and uneducated in the United States, which by the way includes all races, expect the most of the new President but they don't seem to know how the system really works.

They've either been shutout of the process or they gave up on it long ago.

But now that some of that hope as returned it means punishing pressure for Obama. Even if he was able to accomplish half of what's expected of the man, he would still come up terribly short in the eyes of those who are going to depend on him the most.

It's not Obama's fault.

As someone running for President, he's got to deliver a message of hope and change, but it applies to all Americans in general. The problem is, it's been received by America's most vulnerable in a twisted way.

They feel because of Obama's race and the nonstop comparison to Martin Luther King, the message of hope and change is directed at them in particular.

Barack Obama inherits a country that's in woeful debt because it's currently fighting two wars in a world that's experiencing a severe economic downturn.

People are losing jobs and homes and assets at an alarming rate and that has to be his first priority.

Last night while watching CNN there was a panel of prominent black Americans that including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, it also included a black activist University Professor whose name I honestly didn't catch.

They were talking about what the Obama Presidency will mean to African Americans and the Professor's response was startling,

Not only does he expect Obama to put the welfare of African Americans at the top of his list, he claims all the "brothers and sisters" will hold him accountable.

In other words, black America could be the first segment to actually turn on Obama.

Changing the plight of black America to the extent so many black Americans expect him to, is totally unrealistic.

After all, a President can only serve two terms.

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Abject Failure

January 20, 2009 @ 08:19

Meanwhile, as the United States looks toward s hope and change and prosperity, no matter how superficial, here in Canada we have the likes of Jack Layton.

Is there anyone more pathetic in Canadian politics than this man?

Despite having failed to move his broken down party one inch forward during his leadership, Layton continues to mouth off about next week's Conservative budget while attempting keep alive his desire for a coalition.

Layton said yesterday that the NDP will not support next week's budget under any circumstances, even though he hasn't seen it or heard it.

Layton continues to hold on to the position that Stephen Harper can't be trusted and the only way for Canada to break out of the world wild economic slump is for the NDP / Liberal coalition to take over.

He fails to mention the Bloq, even though the Bloq was the original deal maker.

Meanwhile, Michael Ignatieff, to his credit, remains non-committal. Being a man of character and pride, he'd prefer not to enter into a coalition. He'd prefer to take power the honourable way, through an election.

You see, that's the difference. Jack Layton with his 12 percent approval rating knows he'll never be able to win power the conventional way, and given his failure as leader of the NDP, he sees this as his only window of opportunity. A coalition is his only passage to glory and actually having an official say in government.

Snake like.

Meanwhile, Ignatieff realizes if it doesn't happen for him through a coalition, his opportunity will come down the road. He can sit back, direct a good opposition and then pounce during the next election.

The honourable way.

Layton meanwhile, the conniving whack job, can't take the honourable route because he doesn't stand a chance

So he takes the slimy way.

Hopefully we're in the final chapter of this man's abhorrent political career.

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Comments We Like - National Post Editorial

January 15, 2009 @ 08:53

The beginning of the end for crazy Jack - we can only hope!

Flogging the coalition dead horse.

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Navistar Nonsense

January 14, 2009 @ 08:50

This week's Harper Bash deals with an American company called Navistar.

Last week they gave 500 layoff notices to workers in Chatham, yet this week they announced they had signed a deal a 254 million dollar deal with the Canadian government to build a bunch of army trucks at their plant in Texas.

My goodness, how heartless can this Harper government be?

Can you imagine allowing Navistar to layoff a ton of people in Canada and then turn around and hand this company 254 million dollars to build military vehicles in the States.

It sounds so bloody ridiculous there's got to be an explanation. The point is, there is, but it depends on what side of the Harper Hater line you fall on whether you want to accept it.

If you hate the guy, regardless of what he does, you want to believe that Stephen Harper is a puppet of the Americans and is willing to sell us out at any cost. You want to believe he doesn't care about Canadian workers and its just another dumb decision along the way.

On the other hand, if you want to be rational, and accept the whole story based on the facts, you're willing to listen long enough to find out that the Chatham plant is not equipped to produce the trucks, and that as part of the deal the government carved with Navistar is to have a regional benefits clause that requires Navistar to match the $254 million contract with equal investment in Canada.

These little tidbits were lost on a lot of people. But you know what people - Harper Haters.

This is one of those stories that gets the juices flowing when you read the headlines, but it makes sense as read down the columns.

No doubt there are those within the CAW who are furious about this, but that's their job.
They're paid to make noise and overlook the fact that the Chatham plant would have to be totally retooled for this job.

On the other hand, I was talking with my boys Craig and Matt on The Rock in Windsor this morning and they said most of the feedback they got from listeners who work at Navistar in Chatham was level headed.

They were well aware that the military truck contract didn't make sense for their plant. It was almost a non issue.

But that's no good for Harper Haters. No way. They'd prefer to present the story like our Prime Minister is an out of control madman who'd prefer to give this contract to Americans over Canadians, just because he's stupid.

Let's get a grip. I'm sure as it stands it was hard for the government to make this announcement given the current economic climate, and I'm sure they knew the optics were all wrong.

But they went ahead with it because they had to, because our military needs trucks. So they cut the best deal they could, which again, involved a 254 million dollar investment coming back into Canada.

The Rational Man comes through again.

And one more note. Dean DelMastro is the MP for Peterborough. He's a Conservative and he made a great point on the Kruz Morning Show with Mike Melnik and John Badham this morning.

We shouldn't be so quick to get our knickers in a knot when we guy something off the Americans, because they buy a lot more off us, than we do them.

Funny thing though, Harper Haters don't like to mention that.

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Bad News For Harper Haters

January 11, 2009 @ 09:58

Yes, I'm sure this will come as discouraging news to Harper Haters. Barack Obama plans to make Canada the location of his first state visit after becoming President.

Damn! Why couldn't he have snubbed us? That way it could have given Harper Haters something to point to. They could have blamed the PM for all sorts of things and used them to explain why Obama wasn't coming to visit America's best friend first.

They could have used Harpers stature, his looks, his demeanor, his policies, his cardigans or his preference for hockey over football.

But now they can't because yesterday it was officially announced that Obama would come here first.

Apparently it was a no brainer for Obama. Coming to Canada for his first state visit was never in-question. He likes Canadians, he appreciates our friendship and he wants to get to know the Prime Minister.

Imagine that, Barack Obama wants to get to know the Prime Minister that so many loony left Canadians accused of being a bum boy for George W. Bush.

These are the same Canadians that earlier this week basking in the glory of Obama choosing Mexican President Felipe Calderon to be the first world leader he would meet in Washington. Actually, that's going to happen Monday, before he's Obama even takes office, but that didn't matter to the bird brains.

There were those who suggested this was a slight against Canada, against the Conservatives and against Harper for his apparent love and devotion of George W. and the screw-up during the American election when some NAFTA documents were released in Canada that embarrassed Obama, an issue that never really became an issue in the States.

Meanwhile, Harper Haters chose to ignore that it's a long standing tradition for the Mexican President meet with the U.S. President-elect before inauguration. It means absolutely nothing.

But that didn't stop the usual suspects from crawling out of their holes.

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar - "I guess it shows what happens when you interfere in someone else's affairs."

Green Party leader Elizabeth May - "Mr. Harper's people tried and did interfere with the Democratic nomination race in a way that was damaging to Mr. Obama's campaign, so I think the prime minister of Canada is going to fall to the bottom of a fairly long list of priority meetings."

Wrong and wrong.

Sorry to disappoint you, and if Stephen Harper and Barack Obama actually hit it off, I'm sure there will be professional councilling available for anyone who needs it.

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January 11, 2009 @ 09:18

We're less than three weeks away from the resumption of Parliament and still the Prime Minister has heard nothing from the opposition regarding ideas or suggestions for the upcoming budget.

Remember back to November when the three hacks tried to take control of the government through the back door? They claimed to have lots of ideas then, but where are they now?

Big Man Jack is always the first the step forward with all the answers when he knows they'll never be used. Where are his ideas and policies now that they could be used to save us all from hell?

Same with Michael Ignatieff, he's offered a lot of posturing and superficial comments, but as far as concrete solutions go... nothing.

After parliament was perogued the Prime Minister said he was open to suggestions, and the offer was readily accepted.

I guess we can assume one of two things.

They're holding their cards close to their chest so they can save us all with a Bloq backed co-alition, or, they have no idea what the hell to do.

I suspect the latter and that's why I think the Conservative government will survive.

There are no clear cut answers at this point and the opposition parties will step back and hope the Conservatives drown in a world wide dilemma not of their making.

That's politics for ya.

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Full Steam Ahead

January 7, 2009 @ 08:56

If you've got eyes in your head and you have the opportunity to read the Toronto Star on a regular basis, you know the paper is on a mission.

Over the past month, the Toronto Star has kept a negative tone to their economic reporting and I'm convinced I know why.

It's aimed directly Stephen Harper and his upcoming budget and subsequent vote of confidence.

It's amazing how you can look at the Sun, the Post and even the Globe and there's an air of optimism in what they write. Not all of it, at least they attempt to look for a bright side.

Not in the Star. It's a steady stream of doom and gloom spiced with a good measure of anti-Conservative pleasure.

The Toronto Star doesn't want the economy to get better because they don't want Stephen Harper to remain in office, and by maintaining a tone of negativity in their economic reporting they're hoping it sticks to the Prime Minister even though he's got relatively nothing to do with it.

Today is another blatant example. Yesterday the TSX had its sixth consecutive day of positive growth but there headline is this. "TSX rising, but bear lurking."

Through the month of December the Toronto Star provided a steady stream of bad news that is some cases was literally over the top. All it served to do was freak out people who had no reason to be freaked out.

But that's the Toronto Star for you and you can expect more of it right up until the end of the month because this paper is on a mission.

A mission to remove the Prime Minister.

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Comments We Like - David Frum

December 27, 2008 @ 11:34

"Harper's senatorial appointments do seem to have met the single most important qualification for the job: They have all agreed to serve a fixed term and to co-operate when the time comes for reform."

Canada's Senate -- unredeemed and unreformed.

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