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Guest Columnist - Mark Irvine

November 13, 2010 @ 09:52

Always love the Fred P rants on Dalton because Fred you can't see the forest for the trees.

What you should really be concerned about is the long slow economic decline of the Province of Ontario. Ontario is now a "Have Not" province & Newfoundland is a Have province. Governments AND CITIZENS of Ontario have spent too much time basking in their own arrogance while Rome was smoldering. Toronto's jobless rate is now higher than Montreal & St Johns. Ontario's largest industry (cars) is on life support & needed a huge public cash infusion just to stay afloat. The Great Lakes region has the capacity to produce enough wind generated electricity (offshore) to power all of the United States. But that can't happen because people are too worried about "the view" or dead birds (ignoring house cats kill 10 million birds a year). Don't like that wind turbine view? Have no fear, that rail car of Fort Mac tailing sludge is on the way.

How many years have we heard that Ontario needed to expand it's markets beyond the USA? That refrain was loud when I graduated business school. Now, the USA is mired in a decade long recession and Ontario has no one to sell their goods too. NOT to mention Ontario based it's competitiveness on having a Canadian dollar that was undervalued. That low dollar is not coming back. The Canadian dollar is now a petro currency.

And now we have a mayor of Toronto threatening to rip up street rail. Brilliant. I guess he didn't look at the oil price yesterday or the RBOB gas prices. We're heading for triple digit oil prices again. How is Toronto and Southern Ontario, the bastion of driving, supposed to cope with that? How is the auto industry who makes most of it's profit's on big trucks supposed to deal with 1.25 litre gasoline? Even if they produce the same number of cars they'll be making much smaller ones which = lower profit. That's money out of the system.

Another nickel on a can of beer is the compelling issue? Or paying a tax to dump a paint can? Your ENTIRE province is falling on it's economic knees & no one seems to get that.

What everyone seems to miss is that Toronto & Ontario are on the same path that Montreal & Quebec were on in the 70s. Long, slow economic decay that isn't going to stop. This isn't a recession it's a fundamental shift in the economy of a once powerful province. I can't help but note how many Ontario plates I see in Calgary. It's not even a boom and people are still moving to the West.

And so what if Hudac wins? What plans does he have? Does ANYONE in Ontario politics have any vision? Hudac's answer seems to be "cut taxes and cut services". Minor tax cuts are NOT going to lure business to Ontario given it's structural & deficit issues. What's going to lure business to Ontario is a long term progressive business plan & an actual energy policy that ignores morons that worry about the view or dead birds

But no one in Ontario has vision. It's going to be interesting watching the low, slow painful decay of the East. I expect to see lots of Ontario plates out here in Calgary.

Note from Freddie P. - All very compelling Mark, but I think the point of my posting was McGuinty's lies and deception.

I think your point is that McGuinty has played a significant part in destorying the province and David Miller has done likewise to the city of Toronto.

If you read this blog, I think you'll realize I'm in that echo chamber.

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Guest Columnist - Argie

October 21, 2010 @ 12:03

Some random thoughts from the one and only Argie. I know what most of you are thinking: "Who the hell cares what Argie has to say?"

That's Okay, since Fred has opened the mike to amateurs like me its only fair that I give it a shot. I hope you like me, I really do......

Firstly, it's starting to bother me that I'm not annoyed anymore my see Justin Bieber's name whenever I go to a so-called news website. I suppose he's just growing on me. God, that's bothering.

Secondly, is it to early to start making Col. Russell Williams jokes? What's the accepted time limit on bad taste? Let me know, because I have a bunch.

Next item, the killing by Islamists around the world continues but God forbid a lonely pastor from burning a Koran. I know, it's an old item but the hysteria over an insignificant issue was mind boggling. Even Fred's hero Stephen Harper got involved. I expected the anti-Christ Obama to wade into it - and he did not disappoint - but Haprer giving his 2 cents was stupid. It also illustrated the mob mentality of that religion - 'whenever someone criticizes us, we'll kill him!!!' Get the lighter fluid and a US flag.......

Finally, (yes folks I'm finishing up here) I will pray for Christopher Hitchens. Yes he hates Catholics but he also hates other religions around the world that are truly evil. The world needs more of Hitchen and less of that wanker Richard Dawkins. At least Hitchens has the nerve to criticize Islam and is damn funny to boot.


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Guest Columnist - Craig Venn

October 21, 2010 @ 07:43

Hey Fred,

Here's my submission for guest bloggers on CanadianThinker.

I've definitely thought I was "SuperDrunk" before, but it was more of just a "FEELING".

The government never had to stepped in and officially confirmed that I wasn't just drunk, but "SuperDrunk". Well . . . the state of Michigan has taken the guessing out of it. The lawmakers there have created a legal definition of the phrase "SuperDrunk." Seriously.

Starting on the 31st, any drunk driver who has a blood alcohol level of 0.17 or higher will be officially classified as "SuperDrunk", not just drunk.

To be just plain old drunk, your blood alcohol level has to be between .08 and .16. And if you're caught "SuperDrunk" driving, all the penalties are higher. Even first-time offenders could get $8,000 in fines, double the jail time, mandatory rehab, at least 45 days without driving, and a breathalyzer lock installed in their car.

For the average person, a 0.17 blood-alcohol content means you're drinking just over two drinks per hour. I guess I have been "SuperDrunk".

Anyhow I thought I would try and find some real gross drinks to get ya "SuperDrunk"..

How about trying the Bloody Tampon - Blend together whiskey, tequila, vodka, lemon juice, Bailey's, and V8.

Lets order the 'Cement Mixer' - Hold a shot of Bailey's in the mouth; sip lime juice; swirl the two together.

Ask for this at your favorite bar, the 'Horse Jizz' - 1 part beer; 1 part milk. Get a big mug. Pour in one ingredient, then the other.

I wish Taco Bell had a liquor license, I would order a 'Hot Mexican Hooker' - 1 oz tequila; half-ounce Tabasco sauce; liquid from a can of tuna.

Kids might enjoy this, A 'Mac & Cheese Jell-O Shot' - Contains Cheese Rum, milk, macaroni, and Velveeta.

The 'Motor Oil' - Jagermeister, Peppermint Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps, and coconut rum. I would rather drink Castrol. Under doctors orders.

'NyQuil' - 1 shot Grenadine; 1 shot Sambuca; double shot of Triple Sec on ice.

This would have me barfin'. The 'Prairie Oyster' - Bourbon, Tabasco sauce, and a raw egg, mixed in a blender. Sorry I was wrong, this will.

The 'Smoker's Cough' - Pour 1.5 oz Jagermeister into a shot glass; add a spoon of mayonnaise.

These are the type of drinks you wanna order to avoid being... "SuperDrunk."

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Guest Contributor - Dorenda McNeil

October 20, 2010 @ 12:31

Hey, Fred:
It's a good sign you're busy!
This isn't a full posting, but a hilarious (short) video of Gordon Pinsent reading from Justin Bieber's memoir.
Hope you like it!

Lovin' ya...

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Guest Columnist - Buffalo Mike

October 20, 2010 @ 12:30

Fred, I have to post a little something about the Bills, I don't have a good picture to go with it if you want to slap up a nasty Bills picture up there you are the master of picking photos to go along with the post.
A Warning to Toronto: The Bills Suck, Don't Waste Your Day

The Buffalo Bills will be returning to Toronto on November 7th. Heed this warning Toronto....Don't Waste Your Time.

So far this season all this team has been is a huge waste of our time and knowing what the ticket prices are, if you can still get rid of them for a fraction of their cost, do it and go to the Hockey Hall of Fame or buy a beer and watch a real football game but don't bother with this team.

Its been 11 years since this team even touched the playoffs and they look like they are another 11 years away. Ralph Wilson has said that they intend on fixing it within three years but I have to be honest, it will take them three years just to make the offense look halfway decent.

With the mismanagement of draft picks I don't see how this team can get better in that time frame. From Marshawn Lynch to Brandon Flowers to Aaron Maybin, this team has missed on every major draft pick besides Lee Evans who honestly doesn't contribute because they don't have the talent at quarterback to get the ball to him.

Today was trade deadline day and instead of trading for a slew of draft picks and trying to rebuild this team by maybe trading some veteran guys who might still be worth something they did nothing.

I know the city of Toronto may want an NFL team but as a good neighbor Im warning you, you don't want this franchise. Petition the NFL for your own expansion team try getting another team to move up there, one with more talent and better management. But trust me, you don't want the agony that this team will put you through. Just when it seems like there is no where to go but up, this team finds a new low.

They have had some 7-9 and 8-8 seasons over the last 11 or so years and don't get me wrong they have had their share of excitement over the years but as soon as they get you excited they find a new and embarassing way to lose, whether its Drew Bledsoe coming in and looking like a dominant NFL quarterback for a half season before falling flat on his face or Trent Edwards guiding them to a 5-1 start a few years ago and missing the playoffs altogether.

This year they are 0-5, finally doing what everyone thinks should have happened a few years ago, bottoming out. Only problem is that are they bottoming out? They could go 0-16 but with this management and this owner they will find a way to make it even worse than that for next year by squandering draft picks and making all sorts of horrible decisions.

So, don't go, stay home and thank me later for saving you the four + hours of your life and allowing you all to do something else like floss with barbed wire, poke your eyes out, light your hair on fire, anything but watch this team play an NFL game. You guys have it good, you have the Argos who by my estimation, would give the Bills a run for their money.

Buffalo Boy Mike

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Guest Columnist

September 17, 2008 @ 16:30

Yesterday I asked if anyone would like to be a guest columnist and "Craig the Shark" and answered the call. So here ya go ya buggers.

Euro's vs. USA Ryder Cup

Every two years a golf event happens that puts the best of the European golf players against the best the USA has to offer. They alternate playing it across the pond or in the US. Anyone that has played or watched golf knows its an individual sport. You may play in a team format, but in the end, you swing the club, you hit the ball.
But for some strange reason the Euro's somehow always come together and become one entity out for a few pints, a few moments of comraderie, and a common will to beat the Americans down.
This Friday September 19th thru Sunday the 21st, the battle begins. The US for some reason always comes across as a bit elitist, out to do their own thing and take home the money in a tourney. Give them the opportunity to play as a 'team' with no prize money at stake, just national pride and they fold.
If they lose, this will be a record fourth time over eight years that they do. Tiger is not in this one. On one hand missing the number one player in the world kills them, but since his record in ryder cup is pretty spotty, this gives the other US players a chance to prove they are all skilled and there is more than just one player.
....they're still going to lose I say.....still think the Euro's just get too big a kick out of sticking it to them....but I do think this one is tight...and a bit more competitive...Let us golf fans have something that goes nervously down to the wire...and I for one will be in my glory.

Craig The Shark

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Neighbour John Too

September 17, 2008 @ 16:29

This has been a sore point for Neighbour John for a long time, so he took up the offer as guest columnist to get it off his chest.

Icing ahhhhh, how hard is this?
When we were kids and played hockey and were out of breath and needed to change lines, we shot the puck at the opposing goalie and made the change while the goalie tried to play it with no icing,
The new attackers went on with lots of breath. No whistle, no stoppage, no over-run TV time. Game on!
Now we have these so called parallelogram trapezoidal lines, (excuse the spelling), that the goalie can't play the puck in.
Simple solution - if you ice the puck toward those lines it is not icing. Game on!
Players can clear the puck from their end, change, the goalie can play it, the attackers can attack and the defenders can defend. No broken legs, no delays, just a fast pace.
Come on how difficult would it be to institute this, and what's the downside... too much action?
This bugs the hell out of me! Anyone else?

Neighbour John

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Good Job Ya Buggers

February 25, 2008 @ 09:30

Thanks to Donna Skelly, Mark Hebshcer, Mike Stafford and my mother for contributing to last week.

And that’s to Mike Boon of who made sure everything contributed ended up on the site.

Everybody did a fabulous job and the response was obviously fantastic.

How about that Junie? She’ll be 82 in this spring but she still thinks and writes like someone half her age. I’m gonna talk the old blister into starting her own blog.

Thanks again everybody!

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Guest Columnist - Junie P

February 22, 2008 @ 08:47

I’m Fred’s mother and as you know he is in Florida so he asked me to write something for to-day.

So here goes.........this will be about anything that pops into my mind (which isn’t working as well as it used to).

Be aware that there is not a hint of me being an intellect... (not like the great people that did Fred's blog this week)

First of all what do you really think of Hillary Clinton... Do you think you could ever sit and watch a State of the Union address given by her..........well I couldn’t...her shrill voice and buggy eyes give me the creeps. I’m sure that is two things that made old Billie stray. I will admit she is pretty smart but, she picked the wrong time to run. It must have knocked her socks off when all of a sudden a gorgeous black man came into the race...........I sure would watch him give any speech. I don’t know whether he is seasoned enough to take on the job, but who cares he’s great to look at.

Last Thursday was Valentines Day and guess who forgot...yes you are right Dickie did (do you think I will ever let him live it down NO WAY.....but the poor old bugger is 82 now so I guess that is a good excuse. He always remembered (really I didn’t let him forget for about a week before) and he always got me chocolates (which my butt never did need) and flowers..........I was always looking for something from Fredrik’s but I guess I really never have been the sexy lingerie type......and he said they didn’t sell plus sizes. It’s a wonder he is still able to walk.

I am not a sports fan at all, but this hype over Clemens and his B12 shots has me wishing I could get some...I have a better solution though I say give them a large tumbler of rye on the rocks just before every sure makes me feel like I could go nine innings...........Did you ever think about senior citizens and our little pills boxes....well if it wasn’t for that most of us would be on the other side of the grass, but no they are all legal drugs........some to keep our hearts going some to make our blood pressure go down.......I could go on and on. I’m afraid to go to the doctor anymore because whatever your complaint is he knows just the pill to help......and then we just add another one to our the hell do we know if they will all get along. Getting back to Clemens.......don’t you think he knows that he will suffer someday because of what he did........I hear his wife took some too...well......if I could get some of it and look like her I would throw away my little pill box and say come on baby bring them on.

I was reading in the paper and on Fred,s blog about the man from Brampton that doesn't want to ride his motorcycle with a helmet, I say.........ok as a trade off sign a paper that says if anything happens while riding your bike, he will let the doctors harvest all his body parts........except his head.....oh my god, no not his head. Smarten up pay your bloody fine and wear a helmet. On the John Oakley show AM640 they had a big response from people of his culture and they all agreed that he should downsize his turban and wear a helmet. Is he just trying to be a smartass...well I think so.

On a lighter note, I read in the Mississauga paper a column written by Rafiq Ahmed who was born in India and came to Canada to live and he wrote "we are so lucky to be living in Canada, enjoying every possible freedom and savouring every possible culture.....way to go Rafiq we love our Canada too.

Last Sunday was special to us.....Melanie (Fred' daughter) and her friend Josh came to visit and we played cards . We had a lot of laughs and a lot of cursing (I taught her well). I always hate it when it's time for them to go home, but she doesn't leave much time in between visits, which we are grateful for.

Now I could go into a long story about all our grandchildren and greatgrandchildren but I will spare you that. They are all special.

Now I must get back to playing poker on the internet (only fun money)

Loving you

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Guest Columnist - Donna Skelly

February 21, 2008 @ 12:43

Hello folks... Donna Skelly filling in for the tanned and buff Freddie P...

One of my favourite male stars is the handsome, talented actor George Clooney. Like many women my age, "George" epitomizes everything good about the male species, tall, dark, gorgeous and apparently intelligent. But my heart was broken recently when I came across a picture of my beloved with a young, very young woman.. apparently his latest squeeze. How could my George betray his more mature fans by falling into the arms of this leggy beauty? And why, may I ask, are men so enamoured by women half their age?

Seriously, what is it about a young woman that causes a man to lose control of his faculties? My colleague Lawrence says these men are simply attempting to capture their lost youth. My co-host Mark says it's an ego boost and a fun one at that. But do women seek the same reaffirmation? I have only one friend who has ever dated a younger man and she says it isn't by choice . Rachel says the only men interested in her are much younger because they are looking for financial security and experience. Or is age even a factor in 2008. Perhaps but I still can't imagine being attracted to someone two generations apart. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'll take an older, sophisticated, confident man over a young buck any day.

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